12 thoughts on “Here’s a Message to Donald Trump from Nazionist Bush, Sr.”

  1. Bush is such an evil man and head of the khazarian mafia. What he did shows his true colors. Trumph is an exceptional person and candidate. I pray for his safety, he knows what he is doing and I don’t believe he can be bought as other presiden’ts have done or been murdered. When Disclosure reveals to more American ( and other people) crimes committed by the khazarian mafia ( including JFK and his son) there should be no where to run or hide for the evil Bushes and the entire Khazarian mafia). I already understand George St. is letting his son George Jr. go down in history as responsible for 911. Nice man ?!!!! History will show what diabolical people they really are and they should be imprisoned and never come out. This is just my opinion but they are responsible for so much corruption and so many awful murders.

      1. I strongly disagree. If it were true his repubs wouldnt be so afraid of a Trump President

      2. DEAD-ON…Charlie watts….This crap didn’t fool ME for one second…Trump is nothing more than the SAME Chit-Different-Approach…WAKE-UP PEOPLE!!! HOW?, are you continuing to being so “NAIVE” to keep buying this crap?!?!

      3. Oboy….!! Have you ever been misled Charley, better do more research and look at whos who.

      4. As far as Hitlary, she is another Obama ready to take over where he left off. The Bush’s, or their real name of (Sharif) are the worst of the worst Kazarian Nazi Criminals on this planet, next in line would be the Clintons crime family, all claim worship to Satan their Savior!!

    1. Hello, Your comments are Spot On ! George Bush Sr AKA King of the Pedophiles & His Evil wife The Wicked Witch of Texas Are Scum . They need some Texas Love ! Get A Rope !

  2. Hello Folks

    Listening to the candidates both red and blue, I am amazed at the self evident doctrine that plays out on the platform. So please accept my comment as a person who is not a citizen of the USA, in the spirit of friendship.

    There is the carcass of a DEAD DEMOCRACY forcefully issuing itself from out of the mouths of serious contenders for the Presidency of the USA. It is a well dressed carcass. Even whilst the USA understands itself to be a democracy, THE IDEAL DEMOCRACY, the candidates accept that it is their GOD GIVEN RIGHT to conspire against, bully, and kill the leaders of foreign nations. On platform, even before TV cameras, candidates for the Presidency of THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA speak about murder as if it were a saintly virtue.

    Whatever happened to the much vaunted values of Liberty, Fraternity and Equality (for all) and not just for citizens of the USA.

    The USA, as I have demonstrated is no longer a democracy, it has unwittingly become the quintessential supporter and exporter of GLOBAL FASCISM. Mind you, dear reader, the USA is not alone in this willing, holier than thou, self-blindness. Return to your virtues America.

    Anthony P Healy.

  3. Hello folks

    Having read the written words of my fellow commentators, one of the comments makes much of the Indo-European Kazarian Jews, and their link to Zionism. There is also a remark that refers to the kazarian Jew as a worshiper of the “God Satan”.

    This Indo-European worship of Satan as ‘The Lord God’, represents a split in the ranks of two brothers. It is a re-spin, a later version of a much older story, namely the Nefalim, or those who from heaven fell. The story focuses on the contested right of inheritance. Satan/Enki is the rightful matriarchal line inheritor of the Over Lordship of humanity. Whereas in fact, Jahovah or Enlil who is not the matriliner inheritor of the Overlordship, is awarded the Over Lordship of Humanity by their Father in Heaven, God the Father or ANU.

    This is a contest between Jahovah and Satan that predates Abraham as the original patriarch of the Jews.

    Who is right, only “God the father” knows, but its hotly contested by his (senior wife) ANTU. They are all Annunaki.

    I hope this helps give an insight into the worship of the Indo-European Kazarian Jews.

    Anthony P Healy.

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