This System is Built to Fail & We are Still Supporting it

We complain about the failures of the current system. We protest and sought reforms that must be made, choose politicians that must be at the helm endlessly hoping that he’ll do what needs to be done.

But what if the system itself is beyond reforms?

What if the whole system is built to fail from the ground up?

What if our collective attitude is not in concert with what we believe the world should be?

Whatever we do, wherever we decide to go from here, it is always our choice.

Even our inaction is a choice for the incumbent rulers to continue doing for their genocidal goals using the existing institutions they built for us.

We cannot continue blaming others, but ourselves. We must build our own system, and get rid of corrupt and corrosive system imposed upon us.

Whatever that system will be, the choice is always ours to make.

Yes, the solution is in Science alone, i.e. science free from the influence of politics, economics and priesthood.

Science can be made a unifying backbone by which every cultures unite. Spiritual enlightenment can only be enhanced through continuing scientific pursuits.

Basic needs must never be subjected to economics, or social evolution be limited by the opinions and decisions of politicians.

All problems today can be solved with technology when those useless politicians, economists and priests are eliminated from the equation.

Technicians must, therefore, have unfettered access to resources for their responsible utilization for our collective advancement.

Certainly, this is a lot saner by which we must proceed in the interim. From there the possibilities are endless.

3 thoughts on “This System is Built to Fail & We are Still Supporting it”

  1. Perhaps an initiative to provide real free energy generators that any leman can build in their garage with parts from the local hardware store? Is the jury still out on Keshe? Will a new generation of Christianity rejectors step outside of the fear/control box in the US? Will they believe the truth about the advance science that has been electromagnetically manipulating brain function for decades?

  2. There is a war going on between the Globalists & the Nationalists for the future of the planet. Unfortunately The Globalists appear to be psychopathic criminals who will do anything for power and money.

  3. I don’t think you can ever divorce Science completely from so called unhealthy influence. Maybe in an ideal world, but that is not the world we live in. Idealism maybe a nice retreat from reality, but I don’t think this type of article is really offering us much in the way of real affirmative action. When all is said and done, Science free from restraint may not be the panacea long sort for. It takes courage to face a world where uncertainty is the rule of the jungle, and all one can do is try their hardest to live in harmony with nature and each other. That means relying on more than the scientific method and respecting what cannot be measured or put under a microscope. Besides life is far more nuanced and subtle for just one measure of reality.

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