Confronting the US-based “Resistance Movement”

As you might have realized already, the global resistance movement is a loose alliance of global activists of all types and persuasions. Most of the known personalities are claiming to have privileged access to intelligence sources embedded within the White Hats community who are said to be in the process of taking down the Khazarian Mafia.

The most active of this resistance movement, as far as we can verify, is the BRICS Alliance.

However, there are other groups that are claiming to be operating behind the scenes:

  1. White Dragon Society – a coalition of intelligence officers, martial arts organizations, financial insiders, white hats in the military, etc. This group started with Asian Secret Societies and is represented by their spokesman, Benjamin Fulford since 2007;
  2. The WhiteHats – most of the updates we received from this group are of financial in nature which, incidentally, solicit for us some form of legal intimidations from offended parties of which we refused to bow down;
  3. Anonymous Collective – global computer hacking community which include civilian, intelligence and military hacking groups;
  4. Sovereign Movement – resource-based economy and Common Law advocates;
  5. Alternative Journalists, whistleblowers and whistleblowing websites, etc.

It is also an established fact that many of those claiming to be part of the alternative media and the resistance movement in general are proving to be disinformation agents protecting a particular interest group, or groups.

We have been monitoring these groups for some time and every time we notice a disconnect to our own principles we either unsubscribe, or ask for clarifications immediately.

Ben Fulford’s weekly updates are still posted on this website due to persistent demands, but we are beginning to question the validity of The Keenan Group’s updates, and for some good reasons we thought we were the last ones to do so.

There have been some “feel good” news written in recent years about RVs already starting and yet nothing has come out of it. Rumors of a Gen. Dunford, or a Gen. Ham, or a Gen. Sausage, taking the helm of the United States government keep propping up.

We have dismissed those rumors as they were, mere rumors. But, this most recent “intel” about Gen. Dunford came not from the unreliable BeforeItsNews conspiracy site, but from Neil Kennan’s website.

Earlier on, Keenan expressed his disagreement to the BRICS banks establishment for being just the same as those of the Rothschild’s.

Not only that. His group also emphasized that the Elders wanted to have the humanitarian packages  released on the first day of this year. He said he could do that much earlier.

What curtain?

In particular, we take notice about his PR team’s evasive maneuvers about our legitimate questions through an article, not to rain on his wonderful parade, but to seek clarification during these critical times. Instead, we just learn that we are not the only ones asking the same questions.

Here’s an open letter posted by a friend of ours, Norie, as addressed to the three kings of the Western-based “resistance movement.”

An Open Letter to sirs Thomas Williams, Drake Kent and Neil Keenan

Great Men of Freedom, Sirs:


Western intel vs. Asian intel? It seems.

The problem here is we NEITHER see what you see
NOR hear what you hear.

You have your insider sources. We don’t.
When we cant’ find it anywhere else, we just depend on your inputs.

And we came love you all for those intels.
Even if we do not know you personally,
most of us gave you our wholehearted trust and support.

Sometime ago we were fed with intels to like BRICS or the Eastern Alliance and hate the US Nazi faction.
Sometime ago we were told Putin was the guy and Obama was not.
Sometime ago we were told things will roll out in two weeks.
Not just once.

Now intels have change.
Now your inputs clash.
And our heads are blown wild and our hearts torn apart
as to who to believe among you who became close to our hearts.


I belong to a progressive organization in our country.
In our organization we have a core group where I am a member.
When we differ in ideas, we argue, we dabate.
We clash.
However, we only go out to the members at large when we have arrived at a…


We have to unite first before we can ever unite our members.
When we do not follow this simple guideline,
and argue and fight before our members,
everything explodes in our faces.
Trully the “shit hits the fan.”
Those times were embarassing and regrettable.

We believe in this guiding principle:

We chant it in our rallies or street protests.
The cabal knows this strength so they resort to dividing the masses in order to easily control them.
We all know this – Divide and Conquer tactique

So then,
which is more valuable, the grandeur of our intels or the liberation of this Planet?
Which is more desirable, our factions or the unity and healing of humanity?

I thought we were to decide and act as ONE to avoid the mistakes our forefathers did to the Dracos 26,000 years ago.

Now, what I see is we are forced indirectly or unconsciouslly to support one faction and drop the other.

I feel it is not easy for us to decide just that.
IMHO, the giving of intel entails responsibility.
It is given to (1) unite support and (2) enflame the passion to crush the common enemy.

We love you all sirs/mams Drake, Thomas and Co. and Keenan and Team K
You are not the remaining illuminati factions, are you?

You are our core group.
I pray that you “sit down.”
Before our “shits hit the fan.”
And when you are READY with your consensus,
inspire us and lead us to freedom.

Battles have leaders.
You are our “command” here.
But if our command is broken and arguing,
you will be leading us to slaughter.

You told us this our last stand.
Let us therefore finish this with HONOR!

Sorry I have to say this.

This might help.

And if I am wrong, my apologies gentlemen and women.

With respect,


These are the responses from the Cosmic Voice facebook page,

Thomas Williams:

Thanks Norie for post, yes it is a little bit off on what has taken place but that is ok.

Rest assured we tried and tried to correct things from this end, but if other side will not listen to all and sundry, what can one do?

Neil cut me off last summer for having the audacity to question him, and tell him to quit attacking and taking the piss out of Drake.

Good people like Michael Dunne, Peter Ayre, Rob Miller, Dr. Naidu, Duncan O’finian and others have all tried, all failed as the man thinks he is beyond and above all else.

It is now May 9th 9-10 days after all these alleged things took place and there is still zero evidence that even one of those items is correct.

I couldn’t sit back and watch good people have their hopes elevated again and crashed into a sea of despair yet again, kicking the can down the road has become all too familiar, and I for one could not hold back any longer.

Apologies if it has upset some, was not easy for me either, but sometimes timing is just right for these things.

Norie Estorninos Sabayan:

Thank you for your response sir. Hoping for a calm after the storm.

Thomas Williams:

it will Norie it always does, would rather it not happened and sad really, but we will come out stronger for it.

Drake Kent :

Well Now…  I seem to be a controversy all on my own.
Some ‘guests’ think they are in control.
– Peetie, you have offered up very bad intel/info on several occasions and your validity never recovered.
– Neil, due to the facts, I am now questioning your ‘Validity’.

After all the continual ‘promises’ you have failed to produce anything you have ‘promised’ would take place.

Therefore, the numbers of those agreeing with you is sliding faster with each of these BS posts.
I arranged a test of validity for a group who says they are really in charge. They passed, exactly as requested.

I note the take down directed toward Tommy and the support Drake right behind all that.
I personally chose Tommy because of those who recommended him, and, my own personal ‘read’ of the man.

I still support Tommy on that basis.

CV is a place where the reality of Freedom hits the road.

And, yes. I have been in contact with those who are taking the cabal down. They are very different than those ‘others’ say are part of their ‘loop’.

Several of us have tried to warn people of whom they were/are dealing with, BUT, their ego’s were screaming so loud they couldn’t hear.

No one can be ‘in charge’, be a ‘ruler’, or hold dominion over the people.

This just keeps coming up, so Listen Up:

The RV are groups of nations agreeing to ‘valuations’ within their group. There are many such ‘groups’.

Yes this will affect currency value, and a lot of other things as well.

‘We’ (mankind) have most of the planet in agreement with the ideas of these ‘groups’.
So, yes there is the real RV and it is taking place now.

– Then there is The Problem.
The US is in control of a majority of world finance, which means The Cabal is in charge.
Our efforts have diminished the cabal abilities to rule. The ‘status quo’ in political parties has failed one of two tests. The second test is coming soon.

I heard a ‘rumor’ that the TPP had passed and was signed. With nothing in MSM I’d have to say, BS.

The TTIP is still in failure, as more than one country refuses to agree.

– Then there is the NATO BS in Europe. Those 4 thousand troops are being countered by 30 thousand from Russia.

The countryside is growing missiles faster than weeds!

– IS is at its very own self destruction point. Watch for most Islamic things, dress, etc. to be Outlawed.

Very few, and no reason for all those ‘refugees’. No good reason to leave wife and children to suffer.

– None of the Generals has been chosen for executive office, so forget that bad rumor…
Fulford, find those who are auxiliary to your present sources and be ready for a surprise!

I hope this helps clear the air a bit.

Again, all of us here at CG would like to emphasize that we are not after any financial rewards, or anything of that sort, for what we do. In fact, we are more deeply concerned about our fellow Asians’ assets going to Western interests again for naught, just like we lost ours.

We just want to be left alone, and our country be freed from foreign interventions and looting. We know we can compete with the rest of the world on equal footing.

We want America to be great again without bullying other countries. Are you really working towards this end?

In deep contrast, RT’s persistent hosting of independent candidates’ debate [here] is far more consistent with Russians’ quest for a better America than those Americans claiming to be working about it.

Your not supporting independent candidates on November elections begs the question,

Are you really moving towards freedom, or the preservation of the status quo?

17 thoughts on “Confronting the US-based “Resistance Movement””

  1. Why do we still need leaders ? Why do we need persons to admire since the spirit leads us all the right way to freedom ? Why do we need a king on earth while we have a king in heaven ? Why must we bow down to a foreign king like Elisabeth II or a jewish king ? Give the king what belongs to the king and give GOD what belongs to GOD, that is enough work to do.Blind leaders can lead us only to the grave and we all fall blindly into their traps.

    1. Nicely said.We are headed on a timeline of total destruction and will have to wade through the greed of the ones that led us there to the path we should be at. We were given every tool from day one around us and God left it in our hearts.

  2. I am not sure how I feel about this article, I am a one man force, i operate in the open and have exactly the information I need ,based on my own situation, i dont need any intelligence other than what you or anyone else can ask or see for yourself.

    I am being targeted , oppressed, and I know exactly how they do it and can tell you what your situation with these groups are, . you may ask my situation but wont due to what confuses you.Over the past two years i have acomplished significant achievements and filmed these. I continue to film at will what most may think impossible. however this brings me to a shocking discovery sir.

    Regarding the society in which we live. The subject matter of my work and ongoing interactions which are indeed the “authorities” have control over a lot more than you will realize.In fact i amcertain right now as you read this some key words have triggered the program installed tn your brain to tune me out or ?? I can prove anything i say, better yet demonstrate it. I operate transparently and encourage any challenge openly.

    I haven’t got an intelligent question yet. if any question at all. which is absurd. And very telling about the reality I know you do not yet realize. I am setting to fix the problem by myself because the only person I trust at this time is myself and considering the subject matter and its direct link to 13 bloodlines
    its not surprising to hear of these wanna be groups. They certainly dont have any credible experience or we would have heard of one another.

    If you find yourself in need of an individual you can trust look me up. that goes for anyone. I dont seek anything in return except understanding that were going to have to have a jailbreak.

    1. I believe u are right all of them think they know what is going on, I have a feeling it is deeper it isn’t just the cabal and Grays, reptilians thou they all answer to fighter dark light they may call this Satan. I believe he could be in their mind , is it him or fighter intelligence that want to conquer the universe. My intuition is they are manipulated as are we.

      They will be used then destroyed too that source don’t trust no one that is the tragedy, instead working for good of the planet they value things and wealth they will cease to exist it will destroy theme do might himself.

      Don’t know why I feel this u can take ether way, don’t know I believe I had to write this post to u. I know this u will do better by yourself than bunch of this guessing folks. They mean well they are all thinking they are doing the wright thing they are way off.

      There is someone that u should contact he is in your caliber or higher light we will win , all I got he is visible sometime but nobody know this. I have any power at all, sometime I feel different bout things going bad that is all . What I said please I thank u very much I think u have in u power more than u know, use it in a good to our humanity and especially to our mother SOFIA – Gaia I love to call her Sofia she is the most beautiful of them all.

      If u could do something do for her she is struggling with all this chem. That are poisoning our planer. And I feel pressure in my head as I always write against the oppressors. Love to u from mother, wife, and 4 granddaughtes. That love the planet and every one in it not fond of snakes but they have use too I guess. Hahaaa

  3. Neil Keenan Group K website

    The painting of a Wizard of Oz scene at the Neil Keenan Group K website has in the lower right-hand side corner an ouroboros with its tail in its mouth facing counterclockwise. It is a green snake or dragon with red eyes and four orange spikes on its head and upper back and three spikes on the side of its neck like a collar.

    Also, the Tin Man, like a knight in a suit of metal armor, has painted on his back a large, stylized Green Dragon facing to the left-hand side with a long, green spear-point tail and a long red tongue-flame of fire, swinging a green war-axe with its right-hand claw or talon above its head and its left-hand claw or talon rampant, and the Dragon is mounted on a large silver-colored Cross in the shape of an unfolded cube with geometric designs on the four unequal arms and a single-eye, a large black-and-white right-hand-side eye, staring directly at you from the center of the middle cube-face of the cross.

    The world is proximately (not ultimately) controlled by The Serpent System with its symbols and magic and hidden grammars or grimoires. The Serpent System worships Lucifer, which is the title of the position at the top of the hierarchical pyramid. Lucifer represents “illuminated knowledge” based on alphabet languages (grimoires) in contrast to real knowledge based on first-hand, individual, personal, direct, immediate (unmediated) existential experience.

    The Serpent System, under numerous guises and manifestations, reportedly has existed since before the invention of human written language alphabets. The identifying criterion of a manifestation of the Serpent System in a Serpent Cult with the Serpent Culture is absolute exclusive group-sovereignty with no individual-sovereignty in contrast to absolute inclusive individual-sovereignty with no group-sovereignty. No human is free and sovereign unless every human is free and sovereign. The two systems can be described as Collectivism in contrast to Individualism, as properly defined. Individuals are connected “as one” but they are not “One.”

    Every division of humanity into conflicting groups is an instance of the Serpent System application of the Hegelian dialectic (Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis) and the Diocletian method of Problem-Reaction-Solution. Every conflict between human groups is a planned, scripted, staged puppet show with the puppet master behind the curtain and the owner of the puppet theater behind the behind.

    If you take any side with any Serpent System cult group, then you are on the wrong side, and you have taken the bait and fallen for the ruse. Divide-and-conquer is the means to control and exploit both sides of every conflict.

    Unfortunately, if all of the major world governments are secretly controlled by rogue infiltrators, then the only viable remedy at this stage of human development on planet Earth may be a bloody revolution. Pacifism as a government policy is fascism, just like Pax Romana, a forced peace under the control of a tyrant. The United States of America, as it was originally constituted, may be the last possible remedy to the problem of the Serpent System.

      1. Rev. Scott Priestap

        I find your reference to Archons or, as I like to think of them Aarg-goons intriguing.

        There is a truth seeker who posts youtube videos, in an attempt to unravel/expose the malign nature of the current situation and the perpeTRAITORS of the worlds ills.

        His name is ….Mr Cati.

        On one of his most recent videos, I am unable to post the link as to do so would mean me leaving this site and then trying to re enter.
        I have been unable to enter this site for 3-4 days and previous to that, what I have posted has “dissapeared”.

        I do not believe my “troubles” stem from, I suspect my issues relate to spooks not liking what I post…….

        References to the….. SYN-THETIC nature and ARTIFICIAL CONSTRUCT of entities such as “government” and CORP-orations devoid, in reality of LAWFUL power.

        It is mankind and manKINDs possession of UNALIENABLE SOVEREIGN rights gifted by the Prime Creator, who are the TRUE possessors of power on the Planes Domains and Dominions of Earth….Imho.

        No member of mankind has authority over another and banding together into larger groups such as government etc makes no difference.

        To return to the subject of Mr Cati…. his videos can be accessed by Googling …….Mr Cati………

        In one of the recent videos….Mr C is speculating that “etherics”, whether they are so-called “archonic” or something else, may use water and waterways as their …..mode of travel….and possibly their means of ….INFESTATION.

        Spirits were “apparently” seen at the conTROLLed destruction of the Twin Towers.

        The supposition is they were there to feed off the …..FEAR & ANGST….of those who were unable to escape.

        The Twin Towers is, obviously near water.

        Mr Cati has realised that water is often near …..catastrophic deaths.
        The beheading of the “royals” in France at the time of the French “colour” revolution, took place near to the Seine.

        The same is true of the “royal” beheadings in the UK, at the Tower of London, alongside the River Thames and Charles I beheading in Whitehall, alongside the Thames.

        It seems the power of these etherics is dependent, at least in part on FEAR and DEATH and MURDER…..possibly in the vicinity of water.

        And to finish, if there is anyway us mere mortals…….aka “totes amazeballs” CREATIONS of the Prime Creator….can do anything to th-WART these scum, whatever name they assume……..PLEASE would you be so kind as to give us some ….TIPS ?

        P.S. I wish you well in your battle for mankind, I suspect many of us would like, if possible to assist.

  4. This Article – is odd to say the least… however, I have found other articles posted here to be of a soundness of common sense that continue to expose the literal FRENZIED, haphazard methods being deployed at the government level that are filtering down and FRENZYING additional institutional assets that once stood solid as particulate foundations our country stood upon… I.E.:

    Religious Guidance… once a tool to help renew and strengthen conservative resolve, now a tool used to guide the sheep into acceptance of their master’s agenda…

    Law Makers… once they dutifully passed laws that protected this country and it’s vulnerabilities, now they pass fiat titles colored by law that encapsulate the agenda destroying this country… point in case:

    making body armor illegal to possess… enabling the security defense departments to raid American life and liberty without warrant… enabled enslavement… enabled the very thieves that brought this country to it’s knees in 2008, by publicly professing to be engaged in the affairs of saving this country by bail outs when in reality passed legislation

    to aggressively take remaining financial instruments and allowing an unregulated and unrepentant organization known as the Federal Reserve to hand them over to foreign banking interests such as Deutchbank, who is currently being sued for their part in manipulation of the physical markets for a fraction of what they took… financially to the tune of 2 trillion dollars…

    If the questions about reality need to be asked, then allow me as an outsider of this organization… one who recently was released from federal prison for accusations that were investigated and proven false relative to my role during the Bundy Ranch incident… to ask one simple question here about one specific item I reported on heavily during it’s original start up, known as Occupy Wall Street…

    today, it’s occupy this and occupy that… all of which is occupied by a communist regime. Does the Covert Geopolitics group support socialists and their communist agenda? These articles linked below tell a big story about the occupy movement, but it’s not the full story, as the occupy movement is supported by several outspoken Bilderbergers, is publicly endorsed by the Communist party here in America, and

    have even been conscripted recently as trainers for Al Sharpton’s N.A.N. groups that were involved with the Ferguson, MO riots and have morphed into the Black Lives Matter movement, a movement that kills cops, assaults white people, and is aligned with the Black Panther movement, is endorsed by Louis Farrakan, is funded by globalist George Soros, as well as has had contact with ISIS…

    If you do not support Occupy, why are they listed at the bottom of your website, under revolutionaries, as the Occupy together movement (, and are listed equally under that category with organizations such as wikileaks and the disclosure project?

    Is it to expose revolutionaries who are fighting against the establishment, no matter what their political agenda is? If that’s the case, then why not list Obama’s white house in with that listing as well, because he alone, out of every single assault that has been endured by this country to date, has done the most to destroy America from the inside out, and if America represents the globalist elite… then Obama’s communist agenda should definitely take the cake regarding America’s destruction…

    I mean really, listing occupy wall street as a revolutionary working for the best interests of the people (instead of them needing to performing those steps as required to bring down capitalism in order to usher in communism, or for that matter, what appears to be even worse than that, a statist dictatorship… ) is like telling the people that the Obama regime has America’s best interests at heart, while releasing America’s sworn enemies from gitmo,

    enacting Executive Orders that harm the American people, enacting laws that strip Americans of thier rights and freedoms, enslaving them to a taxation system that targets the very existences of the people, as we all need medical assistance in life, mandating GMO foods be served within our children’s schools, mandate an educational curriculum that turns Americas future into a dumbed down and ignorant generation of idiots…

    as well as indoctorinates into our children the righteousness of a murderous, toxic socio-political system of control that masquerades as a religion and a race… while at the same time destroying the very foundations of Christianity that this country was founded upon, and have stood upon for over 239 years before now?…

    This isn’t an attack by any means on this platform, it is a simple question that has been enhanced by facts that cause this question to exist, a question that I am making a request for you to clarify…

    Thank you for your time in reading this lengthy inquiry….

    1. Thank you for the inquiry, Richard.

      The Occupy Movement started with an agenda to expose the Wolves on Wall Street and they have successfully hammered down the “99% vs. 1%” delineation which we deem very important. We believe that those Occupy Movement people braving the grounds in protest across the streets in the US are, in their hearts and minds, genuine in their desire for change.

      The possibility that they, or any other groups for that matter, are indeed infiltrated by the Cabal is always a possibility. If you have the goods against the Occupy Movement, by all means post them here.

      However, we would like to underscore that fact that Edward Snowden and Wikileaks’ Julian Assange were being outed as NSA/CIA ops even by the likes of Ben Fulford, and yet they still can’t come home without being arrested?

      But even then, we don’t limit ourselves to any particular individual, or group. We only advocate for methods that we believe may lead us to individual freedom. Such methods as, Open Source Government, resource-based economy, Agorism, permaculture, etc., should be worth a try.

      Unlike individuals or groups, ideas are indeed bulletproof.

      We maintain our independence from everyone else by not accepting sponsorships and advertisements. That’s why we value our readers’ support which have kept us afloat over the years.

  5. Wow. This situation is so complicated it can only be called unbelievable. While we are straightening up the inequality, corruption and fraud in the world’s monetary system, so many problems arise from the greed of various factions.

    Now it is clear that it not just the love of money that is the root of all evil, but even the presence of money that drives people mad. I see this every where I look. From the smallest suffering to the biggest rats in the woodpile.

    Hopefully, a redistribution of the world’s wealth will occur soon and that will lead to the eventual elimination of the dirty substance. We all want our dignity and freedom from these invisible burdens that the monetary system has created.

    1. Redistributing the world’s wealth will not solve the problem. I don’t disagree that there’s a lot of inequality that needs to be remedied. However, it is man’s very attempt to solve these problems on his own–even with the best of intentions–that these problems continue to fester. The cold, difficult truth that we must accept is that we will continue to war with each other until the Creator–Jesus Christ–returns to right all wrongs and remake the earth without SIN. Sin is the problem that no man can solve. It is the problem that works its way into even the best of solutions that people try to implement. Mankind cannot liberate itself by itself. Only God can do that. In a fallen world such as this the best we can hope for is a system that is as equitable as possible under the circumstances…a system that the Founding Fathers of the U.S. tried to implement that has worked out better than any other system since the dawn of time. It doesn’t mean the U.S. is heaven on earth. It just means that the kind of individual freedoms and inalienable rights our Constitution exists to protect is the best case scenario until God comes to right all wrongs forever. Any other “beings of light” or ETs that come to “deliver” us from our fundamental problem of sin are simply more of the same serpent-system con-artists that have been running this world for ages. Unfortunately, most of the world is going to be duped by them…to their own destruction.

  6. If you want to KNOW, What “Money” is all about verses “Freedom” I would suggest listening to this audio on YouTube:

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