The Real Reason Why Erdogan is Seeking Peace with Putin Now

Days ago, Turkey dictator Recep Erdogan apologized for his downing of one Su-24 fighter jet and the murder one Russian pilot late last year in letter to Vladimir Putin, and has expressed his willingness to reestablish peaceful relations with Russia.

Vladimir Putin is reported to be calling his counterpart today for his response to Erdogan.

MOSCOW, June 29. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin, as planned, will call his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday. That will be the first conversation between the two leaders since Turkey shot down a Russian Sukhoi Su-24 aircraft in the sky over Syria last November.

“A conversation between President Putin and President Erdogan will be held tomorrow (on June 29) on the initiative of the Russian side,” Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday, adding that the conversation will take place approximately in the middle of the day.

Putin’s call will be his answer to Erdogan’s letter, in which he apologized for the downed aircraft and expressed interest in resolving the situation. The message was sent to the Kremlin seven months after the Su-24 incident.

On Monday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that Recep Tayyip Erdogan sent a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin saying sorry for shooting down the Su-24 jet and stressing “readiness to make every effort to restore traditionally friendly relations between Russia and Turkey.”

Relations between the two countries sharply deteriorated after a Turkish Air Force F-16 fighter jet downed a Russian Su-24M bomber in the sky over Syria on November 24, 2015. Pilot Oleg Peshkov was killed by militants from the ground after ejecting. Ankara claimed the bomber violated the Turkish airspace near the Syrian border. The Russian Defense Ministry said the warplane was flying over Syrian territory and had never violated Turkey’s airspace.

On November 28, Putin signed a decree imposing special economic measures against Turkey. On January 1, 2016, the bulk of sanctions against Turkey came into effect. Russia imposed a ban on imports of fruits, vegetables, poultry, flowers and white salt from that country. Besides, some business activities and services of Turkish companies, employment of new staff from Turkey were either banned or restricted. At the same time, Russia introduced visa restrictions and banned sales of package holidays to Turkey.

Why is Erdogan seeking peace with Putin at this time?

A few hours ago, the Istanbul airport was attacked and has left 36 people dead and more than a hundred injured. The perpetrators are said to be ISIS terrorists.

ANKARA, June 29. /TASS/. The Istanbul airport attack has left 36 people dead, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim who has arrived at the explosion site said on Wednesday.

“Today (on Tuesday – TASS) at around 21:22 explosions occurred at the Ataturk international airport. According to the latest data, 36 people have died. Many people were injured. They were taken to various hospitals,” he said. According to the prime minster, “the majority sustained minor injuries, but some are severely injured.”

Yildirim also noted that foreigners could be among the victims. “Our citizens have been affected, but, probably, there are foreigners among those injured as well,” he said.

Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag earlier said that 147 people were injured in the blasts.

Members of the Islamic State terrorist group (IS, banned in Russia) could be the perpetrators of the Istanbul airport attack, Turkish Prime Minister said.

Now, why would ISIS terror friends of the dictator attack his airport at the time when tourism is at its lowest in decades considering the Russian economic sanctions?

Is Erdogan under threat from his terrorist friends for not sharing as much bounty like they had expected, or is he not supporting them enough at the battlefields in Syria?

Bilal Erdogan

Did he fail to divide the Syrian pie equally among his NATO benefactors, before Russia ruined the whole oily party?

Or, was it just a false flag operation blamed on ISIS for purposes of creating a pretext to reestablish good relations with Russia, and sacrificing highly expendable ISIS terrorists, to save his own ass at the time when the European Union continues to collapse post Brexit vote, instead of Germany and the EU giving him more funds for his refugee flooding extortion?

He tried to request for more funds from the EU on at least three occasions so he could house those fleeing into Europe inside Turkey refugee camps, but what he got instead is the German Parliament’s recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the Ottoman Empire in 1915?

Undeniably, Erdogan has isolated himself, through his arrogant attitude, from the international community, and even from his supposed friends, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United States. Such countries are not addressing his economic concerns resulting from Russian sanctions beyond mere lip service.

In contrast, Russia continues to enjoy international respect and trust as manifested by the recent fully packed attendance of the 20th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

Whatever reason he might have in trying to reestablish peaceful relations with Putin, it should be very profound, but we are pretty sure, Putin will impose preconditions before formal relations are reestablished.

One of those preconditions would be the establishment of an independent Kurdistan right at Turkey’s border with Syria near Aleppo and Raqqa, so that the systematic murder of the Kurds inside Turkey will end.

At present the White House is supporting the Kurds by arming them and by embedding US troops with the Kurds supposedly fighting
ISIS. And Syrian President Assad is said to have agreed on the establishment of an autonomous Kurdistan province inside Syria.

A desperate Erdogan should be amenable to the establishment of an independent Kurdistan just so he could insulate himself, and his dreamed revival of the Ottoman Empire, from his rouge ISIS friends who are now trying to survive, and are battling it out with Syrian Armed Forces that are enjoying the help of Russian surgical airstrikes in Syria, and against the Iraqi forces in the City of Fallujah, Iraq.

That would be the positive scenario. Any other scenarios are always possible with a shrewd personality deluded by ambitions of grandeur.

Self-preservation is still the most basic motivation.

Although not for his fanatic friends who were brainwashed to believe that they will be reunited with Allah in heaven with their “heroic”  self immolation .

“Upon approaching the shooter, the security officer appears to notice the explosive, and turns to run shortly [before] the detonation occurs.

According to Turkish authorities, two attackers opened fire with a rifle at the x-ray security checkpoint. Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has also confirmed that there were three attackers, with all three opening fire before blowing themselves up.”

Update 7:58 GMT+8:

Putin Instructs Gov’t to Start Talks With Turkey on Restoring Ties

President Vladimir Putin ordered the Russian government to launch the process of restoring cooperation with Turkey, including in the spheres of trade and economic ties, after phone conversation with his Turkey counterpart earlier in the day, the Kremlin said Wednesday.

… The Russian president expressed hope in the phone conversation with Erdogan that Turkey’s investigation of the killing of the Russian Su-24 pilot will be objective.

Commenting on the Putin-Erdogan talks, the Kremlin press service said that “the conversation was constructive and aimed at restoring the traditionally friendly nature of the bilateral cooperation in many spheres.”

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2 thoughts on “The Real Reason Why Erdogan is Seeking Peace with Putin Now”

  1. Considering Erdogan’s use of false flags previously, I assumed this was his doing again. But, I could definitely see it as infighting. Though, it seems weird that Turkey would be courting the EU and looking for Russian help too, seems like they’ll need to pick a side at some point.

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