Trump’s Showdown with the Deep State

If Donald Trump is allowed to occupy the White House without any hitches, e.g. Electoral College sabotage, or a false flag operation to be blamed on Russia, prior to his inauguration, and he can deliver, within 6 months thereafter, a few signs of “Making America Great Again,”

… then perhaps we can say that all of these very high profile drama is for real, i.e. the American reformists really have the upper hand and are now running the show.

Otherwise, all of the showdowns we are witnessing today are just part of one big charade.

Trump’s Showdown with the White House

It is unprecedented for American democracy to blame a foreign power for influencing an election and use that as a tool to overturn the democratic process, experts told RT.

The White House has made some new allegations against President-elect Donald Trump over his supposed ties with Russia.

“It was the president-elect who refused to disclose his financial connections to Russia. It was the president-elect who hired a campaign chairman with extensive, lucrative, personal financial ties to Russia. It was the president-elect who had national security adviser on the campaign that had been a paid contributor to RT, the Russian propaganda outlet,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told the daily briefing on Monday.

These claims come after the CIA accused Moscow of hacking the Democratic Party in an attempt to influence the US presidential election.

Trump’s Showdown with the CIA

The CIA – America’s foremost intelligence apparatus set up after the Second World War by then President Harry Truman – is supposed to be the guiding light for occupants of the White House on all matters geopolitical.

And here we have aspiring White House occupant Donald Trump telling the CIA to shut up.

Over the last week, the spy agency was quoted by both the Washington Post and New York Times as having informed anonymous government officials that there was “high confidence” that Russian-sponsored hackers had interfered in the US presidential election in favor of Trump over his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton.

The alleged modus operandi to sway the election was the leaking of private emails to whistleblower site Wikileaks which implicated Clinton in big business corruption and fomenting foreign wars, among other scandals.

It’s a sensational claim, especially given that the CIA or its unnamed official conduits quoted by the US’ two most prominent newspapers have provided zero evidence to support their contention of Russian malfeasance. Russia has flatly denied the accusations. As has Wikileaks.

In effect, the explosive insinuation is that Trump’s election last month is invalid because voting was marred by foreign manipulation.

In his subsequent slap-down of the CIA, Trump was clearly implying that the supposedly prestigious spy agency was far from competent. He said that the hacking of the Democrat party’s emails could have been carried out by anybody, including “someone sitting in their bed somewhere”. He also expressed skepticism on the specific claim that Russia was to blame. His campaign team went even further in its dismissal of the CIA, saying: “These are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.”

Adding insult to injury, Trump also disclosed that he is reducing the daily briefings customarily received by presidents to weekly meetings. “I don’t need to hear the same words every day,” he said, adding that “when something changes” then the CIA and can call him.

In a previous edition of this column it was speculated that the CIA and its secretive Deep State networks might pull off a “digital 9/11” on the day of the November 8 election to scupper a Trump victory. During the long run-up to the ballot, it was abundantly evident that the US political establishment, including the CIA and mass media, favored Clinton to win. Her belligerent foreign policy towards Russia was certainly something that former CIA officials were endorsing.

As it turned out, Trump’s election blindsided the US establishment. The latter were sure Clinton was a shoo-in. The bolt from nowhere may be why the powers-that-be appeared slow to react on Trump’s election.

The latest dredging up of allegations about Russian hackers getting Trump into the White House seems to be part of a retrospective action by the Deep State to call the presidential election in the way that it sees fit.

It is worth noting that from a constitutional viewpoint Trump’s inauguration as 45th president is not finalized. Legal challenges are underway aimed at forcing the decisive Electoral College to overturn earlier votes for Trump.

If enough brouhaha is whipped up over alleged Russian interference in the US election – and large sections of the US corporate media seem all too willing to do that – then a critical number of Electoral College votes might be revoked in Clinton’s favor.

Trump appears to be aware of this stealth agenda. As well as lambasting the CIA’s “Russian hacker” claims as rubbish, he also said that it was a brazen partisan effort by his Democrat rival and her powerful backers to overturn an election result that they did not accept. In short, Trump is inferring an electoral coup attempt.

But even if the CIA and its spooks fail to thwart Trump in taking the White House, an alternative, less controversial option is to smear the next president as a Russian stooge. That charge has already been made during the election campaign when Trump was denigrated by Clinton and media pundits for being a “puppet” of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Following Trump’s election victory, those charges notably disappeared from public discourse.

However, the recent resurfacing of CIA claims that Russia interfered in the election serves to recall earlier smears. That in turn seems designed to curtail Trump’s stated foreign policy objective of normalizing US-Russia relations. In particular, Trump has said he wants to work with Russia on resolving the Syrian and Ukrainian conflicts.

In recent days, Trump has flagged the possibility of appointing ExxonMobil boss Rex Tillerson as the next Secretary of State. The oil tycoon has extensive industry links with Russia as well as reportedly cordial personal relations with president Putin. He has publicly opposed the erstwhile US sanctions policy on Russia as counterproductive. Trump’s consideration of Rex Tillerson for the top diplomat position has provoked disapproving media headlines that such a choice is “proof” of Russia’s hand in steering the US election.

In the wake of sensational CIA claims that Russia interfered to get Trump elected, one can see how his presidency will be dogged by ongoing aspersions that his policies are somehow hostage to the Kremlin’s orchestration.

One way or another, however, whether the Deep State can succeed in thwarting Trump taking the White House or rather confines itself to warping his foreign policy towards Russia, the reality is that Trump seems to be on a collision course with his top spooks.

Trump’s brusque attitude toward the CIA over its claims of Russian subversion suggest that he is prepared for a bruising encounter. So much so that the Washington Post is reporting that personnel within the agency are anxious that Trump in office will exact retribution with mass sackings at the agency’s Langley headquarters.

There was a time when no US president would dare take on the CIA, such was the agency’s fearsome reputation for dirty tricks and political assassinations. Only one president pushed that envelope. John F Kennedy threatened to smash the CIA into a “thousand pieces and throw it to the wind” following the Bay of Pigs fiasco in 1961. Two years later, the CIA and its mafia contractors had JFK murdered in broad daylight in Dallas, Texas.

If Trump follows through on his showdown with the CIA, he will have to tread carefully. But, as with other tentacles of the US empire, the CIA is no longer the same all-powerful agency it once was.

The American public have become more attuned to how the Deep State operates through its fake news media conduits in order to propagandize and manage perception. That is partly why the US media is currently floundering from a credibility crisis.

Significantly too, the US domestic crime agency, the FBI, has pointedly declined to support the CIA’s reported contentions about Russian interference in the US election. Moreover, quite a few senior US lawmakers in Congress have expressed skepticism over the CIA claims.

The time for muzzling the CIA may be at hand.

Top US spy agency abstains on CIA assessment of Russian hack of 2016 election

U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper © Carlos Barria
U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper © Carlos Barria / Reuters

The office overseeing all 17 agencies of the US intelligence community apparently doubts the CIA’s assessment that Russia intervened to help Donald Trump win the presidential election, as Reuters reports anonymous officials saying the allegation won’t be endorsed.

Three unnamed officials from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) told Reuters on Monday that their agency does not dispute the CIA’s findings, yet it would not accept them either.

“ODNI is not arguing that the agency (CIA) is wrong, only that they can’t prove intent,” one of the officials told the news agency. “Of course they can’t, absent agents in on the decision-making in Moscow.”

The CIA has not made its findings public, but the Washington Post reported on a secret assessment by the agency. It concluded that Russian intelligence hacked the servers of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff John Podesta to help Trump win the presidency.

The ODNI was formed to ease the bureaucratic obstacles between US intelligence agencies after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Trump’s choice of Secretary of State: ‘Time to ensure that change means change’

John Wight  @JohnWight1

There’ll be opposition to Trump’s pick for Secretary of State, but there’s a lot of momentum behind the anti-establishment president, and Rex Tillerson will be seen as a part of the anti-establishment future for the US, says political commentator John Wight.

US President-elect Donald Trump has picked Rex Tillerson, the head of oil giant ExxonMobil, as his Secretary of State.

Rex Tillerson © Mike Stone
Rex Tillerson © Mike Stone

He is to become the 69th Secretary of State and will also serve as a member of the National Security Council.

RT: Trump has picked Rex Tillerson as his Secretary of State, what do you think about his choice?

John Wight: Nobody can accuse Donald Trump of being a timid man. In the midst of the full-blown campaign to delegitimize his election as president emanating from CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, he has gone ahead and selected a man for Secretary of State, who not only has no prior political experience but has long-standing positive relations with Russia and with Vladimir Putin. It confirms that Donald Trump is sincere and maintains his intent on reestablishing relations with Moscow on positive foundations. And that all goes well in that regards….All in all, it is a very bold choice on the part of the president-elect and has certainly stirred some controversy in Washington. He is not an insider, Donald Trump himself is not a political insider. And he certainly seems sincere when he maintains that he intends to embark on a new direction when it comes to governing the US.

RT: Critics say Rex Tillerson has no political experience. What kind of reaction do you expect from US politicians?

JW: There is going to be a lot of hostility because he is going outside the Beltway. On the issue of experience, logic there takes that the experience that we’ve had until now has been very negative. Look at the world, look at the state of the world, given the role of the US under the Obama administration. The world is in chaos, relations between Washington and Moscow are the worst they have ever been since and during the Cold War apart from perhaps the Cuban missile crisis in 1962. And so Donald Trump quite rightly walks away from the wreckage of US foreign policy under his soon to be predecessor. It is time for a change. And it is time to ensure that change means change and it is not just rhetoric as we’ve seen so many times over the years when it comes to the US administrations.

RT: Tillerson’s nomination still needs to be approved by the Senate. How do you expect this to play out?

JW: It is not going to be smooth, that’s for sure. As I say, there is a full-blown campaign to delegitimize Donald Trump’s election with the allegation that Vladimir Putin rather than the American people, if you can believe that, was responsible for that election. Hopefully, by the time these hearings come to play all the heat has died down and calm heads are prevailing, and reason is restored in Washington. There is going to be opposition to this pick. But Donald Trump has a lot of momentum behind him. He was elected as an anti-establishment candidate. And Rex Tillerson will be seen as a part of that anti-establishment future for the US…

FILE PHOTO. June 21, 2013. President Vladimir Putin, left, and ExxonMobil Chairman and CEO Rex W. Tillerson at a ceremony to present awards to the heads and employees of major energy companies. © Michael Klimentyev
FILE PHOTO. June 21, 2013. President Vladimir Putin, left, and ExxonMobil Chairman and CEO Rex W. Tillerson at a ceremony to present awards to the heads and employees of major energy companies. © Michael Klimentyev

America today is divided right in the middle, and that is already a very significant improvement. Not too long ago, we saw how they were cheering on their infantry marching in the Middle East and Africa. Not too long ago, we saw how they applauded for every bomb hitting their intended targets, or otherwise. They are now beginning to question the wisdom behind all of those interventions.

The rise of non-preferred unorthodox personalities is vanquishing the Globalists’ hegemony that’s fostering divisions to feed their insatiable ambitions of conquest. This is just a preview of what is forthcoming.

We are beginning to hear loud acoustics of global rejection against a unipolar world dominated by the West. Soon, the people will be running the show for themselves, and not those Deep State clowns.

Multi-polarity is forcing its way through a unitary system of communication. One world working together to preserve different cultures, that’s the sweetest irony ever. That’s what makes this planet so beautiful.

Aside from the fiat monetary scam and bloodsoaked petrodollar, another significant source of funds for the Nazionist Khazarian Mafia is the “healthcare” industry which registered a whopping $3.09 trillion in 2014, and is projected to soar to $3.57 trillion in 2017, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.

We can all help the revolution by avoiding all Khazarian pharmaceutical drugs, defeat any viral attack and scaremongering, like the Zika virus, easily by knowing how to build our own comprehensive antiviral system. Find more about how we can kill three birds with one stone, right here.

6 thoughts on “Trump’s Showdown with the Deep State”

  1. As a neighbour, one just across the border, I wonder when…when the my neighbours will finally wake up to the Upset State they are living in. I as a Canadian support Trump as the lesser of two really choices that American had to make. Just because Hillary was a woman was not the only reason to vote, especially with what she allows to happen in her life, to ignore her husbands indiscretions as if they were just a normal way of being. If she could not stand on a moral value…what chance would she stand on any moral values.
    Sometimes we need a person like Trump to shake the tree and watch the monkeys fall out, sometimes we need to see who is pulling the strings behind the scenes. Regardless of the outcome of Trump stint in the White House…her is better by far than the likes Hillary…the “pay and play” regime who’s work is not exemplary for any American if they truly wish to know.
    So the list of who’s who like Sorro’s, the man pulling the string of dissent and not allowing the election to really sink in…a dangerous man and not one of the American high points.
    I stand for what I grew up with with regards to the ideals of the USA, for it is held higher any most…but American is not one of the greatest countries in the world…just one of the Nations in the world who hold higher standards as well. America in not the only ones who see farther than the bottom line of making money…regardless of the consequences reaped upon the rest of the world…like regime change wars and wars on poor people instead of wars on poverty.

    Nuff Said for now.

    1. I’m another Canadian who thinks Trump is just what was needed in the US. The CIA has been dealing drugs since 1947. Of course they don’t want the swamp drained.

      1. They certainly don’t. There are a lot of ugly secrets resting at the bottom of it. Things long hidden by the Family. It will all be dredged up if the drainage occurs.

  2. Is there some people having faith in what CIA said or is it a joke? Do you remember mass destruction weapons in Irak? What about 9/11? Please try to become adult, Americans, and stop with the rubish coming from CIA!

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