Mayor Duterte is Not Genocidal, The West is. Here’s the proof…

Many Westerners cannot reconcile the negative claims of their own institutions to the Philippine population’s landslide vote and continued support to a “self-confessed murderer.”

There are probably hundreds of reasons why the Western portrayal of Philippine president Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as genocidal will fail for its absolute lack of merit.

Without being exhaustive, this article will present a few of those verifiable facts of why the Filipinos, a sizable 90% majority of them, love their president.

  1. Duterte’s Kitchen. Bridging the gap between those who go to sleep with a full stomach and those who cannot afford a meal to survive any given day; as a way of directly mitigating poverty in the early stages of the pro-poor Duterte government. More than that, it has inspired volunteerism among service workers who willingly share their skills, e.g. barbers, teachers, absolutely for free. Reading, writing, music appreciation, counseling and free haircut are a regular part of the curriculum and service… Other financially capable donors would just drop by with sacks of rice, cake, or offer a property where a Duterte Kitchen can be constructed in the future. However, they won’t accept cash donations, and the donor must spend time watching as the children are fed. The whole idea is to eliminate hunger without creating any appetite for corruption.
The Saturday lunchtime crowd at Duterte’s kitchen

“In many ways, it’s like a fiesta. There is food. There is laughter. There are little children running around, and grownups trying their hardest to catch them.

But this is no fiesta… instead of ladies and gents dressed in their finest, guests came as they were, in garments that had seen better days. Instead of pomp and pageantry, there was chaos and confusion. Guests made themselves comfortable where they can, on the floor, by the wall, or out on the street. Volunteers hurry out to serve plates of food. And every now and then, there is the sigh of sweet relief as a starving belly is once again warmed to satisfaction.

Welcome to Duterte’s Kitchen!”

Manila Bulletin

More info at Duterte’s Kitchen FB page.

  1. Allocation of P1 Billion medical assistance for those who can’t afford to buy prescription drugs. The health secretary has also studied on location the Cuban healthcare system as the template for the delivery of health services in the country;
  2. Another P1 billion for the rehabilitation of an estimated 1 million drug addicts/surrenderees; A 10,000 bed capacity rehabilitation center was recently inaugurated in Nueva Ecija courtesy of one Chinese philanthropist; More megasized rehabilitation centers are undergoing construction and will come online by next year; Said rehabilitation centers are being built inside military camps so that health workers are secured and physical training of the drug patients are conducted strictly to facilitate early recovery and reintegration to society;
  3. Establishment of Tawag 8888 for any complaints against government officials. This facility provides a direct line to the presidential staff who will act, or direct the issue to pertinent government agency soonest possible for every problem raised by the citizenry. This measure grossly reduced corruption in the delivery of public services at the executive department;
  4. Establishment of a One-Stop Shop for Overseas Workers OFW, a center for the centralized processing of employment papers which was the milking cow for corrupt government workers and “fixers.” The center also saved the OFW time and money while traveling from one agency to the next. The OFW community contributes $20 billion annually, or roughly 1/3 of the yearly national budget. It is only fitting that they enjoy the best from the government;

  1. Establishment of Central 911 for emergency assistance request, free of charge. Still on its early stages, but has greatly reduced the deaths and destruction of typhoons as bad as Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. The nationwide Central 911 has its humble beginnings in Davao City, the president’s hometown;
  2. Total elimination of “laglag-bala” or bullet planting at the international airports on 1st day of office. This has been a major cause of humiliation abroad when airport security personnel planted bullets into the baggage of departing passengers, effectively delaying their flight unless payment is extended. Duterte government solved this by allowing every passenger caught carrying ammunition to take the flight after the contraband is confiscated and the event logged for future reference;
  3. Banning of household service workers for the Middle East. Amidst reports of employer abuses of female domestic helpers, the government is banning new contracts for them in favor of highly skilled workers and technicians;

  1. Local employers have heeded the call for an end to contractual employment beyond 6 months, except only for seasonal jobs. Security of tenure to the first regularized 38,000 employees are now secured;
  2. Strict implementation of “Nose-in, Nose out” in all provincial bus terminals, among many radical measures, along EDSA which greatly reduced traffic clogging in the largest avenue of the capital, even during this holiday season. The traffic in EDSA is costing the economy $2 billion annually according to a JICA study;
  3. Mass transit facilities are repaired and upgraded. Dilapidated Metrorail Transport System, an object of massive criticism for constantly bugging down in between terminals are now being upgraded, and all non-working elevators are repaired and functional;

  1. The Duterte government is allocating P9 trillion for infrastructures for the next 6 years dubbed as “The Golden Age of Infrastructure” in the country. Already, unemployment has gone down with its accelerated infrastructure spending for the first 6 months of the government using a budget crafted by its predecessor;

  1. Executive Order on Freedom of Information covering the entire Executive branch of Government. The Duterte government has effectively preempted Congress’s constant dilly-dallying of the transparency measure for decades now. Everyone can now request any information pertaining to government spending and policies, purposely to curb graft and corruption through public participation. Exceptions to the measure are those which concerns only with “national security”;
  2. Significant 80% reduction of corruption at the Bureau of Customs, resulting in a massive increase in import duty collection surpassing the target set by the previous administration. Reforms cost one life of an investigator. No more unauthorized opening of OFW boxes, greatly reducing pilferage and extortion. Installation of CCTV inside personnel office, and implemented a no-contact policy, direct bank payment of duties, and x-ray scanning of cargo trucks to facilitate and reduce importation processing time;

  1. Terminated 100s of LTFRB personnel in charge of issuing transport licenses and franchise, and corrupt government workers from various agencies. Driver licenses are now being issued after a year delay due to endemic corruption within the transport agency. No more bogus franchise being issued after the internal syndicate was neutralized and removed recently;
  2. Reduced processing time of Business Permits and Approval of Foreign Company Requirements nationwide to 3 days and 1 month, respectively. This radical measure is attracting more direct investments in the country;

  1. Peace talks with the Communists led to reciprocated unilateral ceasefires and zero sporadic armed encounters in the countryside;
  2. The good rapport of the president and his sincere and concrete engagement with the Moro Secessionist groups yielded good atmosphere for the resumption of peace talks between the government and the people in Muslim Mindanao. The passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law, which covers an expanded area of Autonomous Muslim Mindanao is expected soon. This will form part of the articles in the initiated federalism movement to politically reconfigure the country according to ancestral and tribal domains;
  3. Initiate constitutional changes on the form of the government from presidential to federal-parliamentary, which should give the regions enough authority to chart their own course for the future, and;
  4. Recently inaugurated “Negosyo para sa Kapayapaan sa Sulu”, or Entrepreneurship for Peace in Sulu, which is a business community and government collaboration to end the war, poverty and terrorism right inside the lair of the ISIS-affiliated Abu Sayyaf in Muslim Mindanao.

If there’s one video that you need to avoid watching let it not be this one.

This never before seen cooperation between the government and the Oligarchy could very well be the watershed moment that the country has been waiting for, that time when all sectors of the society agree to work together to finally lift the country from its economic mediocrity.

The Elite may have found the Duterte presidency as the most opportune time to atone for their sins, e.g. not paying their workers the minimun living wage, land grabs, political interference in connivance with foreign imperialists, and outright economic sabotage through import smuggling.

“Why are we in this situation? We are here because we have not solved our internal problem of fighting each other … incidentally, this is what President Duterte is primarily addressing.” – Jose Almonte, former National Security Council adviser and Godfather of the RAM Officers who helped topple dictator Marcos in 1986.

Even prior to his presidential campaign, Duterte is already showing a good example of what a government should be. He conceptualized and implemented the following programs in his humongous hometown city of Davao:

  • Development Code [City Ordinance 5004] – a comprehensive and integrated approach to protecting women in his city; empowers women to have equal number of slots in the local government offices;
  • Comprehensive Anti-Smoking Ordinance – strictly prohibits smoking in all public places, except in carefully designated smoking areas;
  • Anti-discrimination Ordinance – prohibits discrimination against PWDs, Lumads [natives], Muslims vs. Christians, gays and lesbians;
  • Firecracker and Gunfiring Ban – prohibits the manufacture, sale and use of firecrackers, and gun-firing in celebration of holidays, etc.
  • House of Hope which caters the needs of the sick, abandoned and maltreated housewives and children…

People in Davao confessed that even though Duterte might be tough on criminals during his 23-year mayoralty, but it is in the House of Hope which he established early on where his heart bleeds whenever he visits the facility, and;

Davao’s pride Central 911 Emergency Response Team
  • The Central Communications and Emergency Response Center, or simply Central 911, is dubbed as Asia’s best emergency response team for its well-equipped, well-trained personnel. Any resident in the City of Davao can call for any emergency assistance for free.

During the onslaught of Typhoon Haiyan, Duterte’s Central 911 was one of the first responders in Tacloban. The rescue team was able to bring in doctors, medicine, water, etc., much earlier than the national government at the time.

All of these progressive measures will be strictly implemented nationwide.

Foul-Mouthing Western Exceptionalists

Interspersed between the aforementioned developments is his regular anti-drug lord, anti-corruption and anti-NWO rhetoric which is the only thing that the Western media love to blow up, and for which he doesn’t really care as much as the value of the message he wants to impart to the public about the true gravity of the situation and to tell the people who specifically are responsible for the dire conditions prior to his incumbency.

He banters on the inability of the Khazarian puppets to understand that threatening criminals is not a crime in this part of the world. His admission to actually killing criminals is one of those threats that without hard evidence would not land him to jail.

His prosecutorial experience allowed him to understand the mind of a criminal. He can speak in their language. More than that, he fully understands that the war on drugs could never be won with police actions alone, but with the full, active cooperation of the family and the entire community.

… as much as he understood that the Muslim secessionist movements and terrorism will not end with the power of the guns alone, but with the help of the business sector and the entire society.

The private sector is cordially enjoined to help the government rid itself of corruption by not bribing government workers for whatever extra-legal services they can render.

Above all, the Duterte government is giving the people the opportunity to dream again for a better future, a respite from 30 years of Oligarchic Rule which forced the parents to work abroad.

That is not how a genocidal mind works.

However, the evidence that the Duterte accusers in the West are culpable of the worst human rights record throughout history, is far too many to even be fully accommodated in this modest page. Their crimes against humanity have been committed throughout Asia, in the Middle East and even in Europe and America where these noisy institutions emanate from.

Western Atrocities Around the World

So, while the High Commissioner of Human Rights orders an investigation about Duterte’s killings as mayor of Davao City, the same UN Commission on Human Rights failed to explain to the world as to why they have accepted Saudi Arabia as a member and Chair of the UN Human Rights Council while the Arab country is busy bombing Yemeni children with US/UK-made cluster bombs.

Indeed, there is no escape against their atrocities.

The manner by which these atrocities are perpetrated ranges from the use of bullets and bombs, to weaponized food and medicine, weaponized broadcasts of false and fabricated information, and through outright coercive geopolitics.

The agencies and organizations which perpetrated these atrocities are assembled in multi-layers of sophisticated predefined functions, yet compartmentalized enough from one another to avoid anyone from seeing the “big picture” or the ultimate object of the whole enterprise.

The Philippine ancestry was not engaged in cannibalism as portrayed in some journals authored by the West at the turn of the 20th century. Instead, there are direct first-hand witness testimonies and video accounts that the West is practicing cannibalism as part of their Satanic rituals, e.g. Svali, Leo Zagami, and many others.

Basically, pedophiles are running the Western world according to a few courageous Western investigative journalists themselves.

This satanic arrangement goes all the way to the top of the Vatican totem pole.

If for a Duterte, death threats are dirt cheap, for the West, life disappears without warning.

National budget gone up in smoke without full audit and accounting.

Every government policy is crafted and done in utmost secrecy. The Corporate Media and the police are completely conscripted towards a fascist dictatorship, where truth becomes fiction, and individual privacy, the innocent victim.

The madness does not end there. They can also kill some of their own, just to get the rest of the entire population to act and behave in a certain way.

Now, the American people are ready to support any invasion against Muslims and Arab countries that are not willing to open their lands for exploitation. The Imperialists have chosen these countries, at least 7 of them, which must be destroyed within 5 years for the glory of the Empire.

The World Trade Center controlled demolition in September 11, 2001 was not the first one they have done this. Nor, will it be the last. For as long as they continue to control the United States from behind the State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency, the level of mayhem can only get worse.

Will a Donald Trump succeed where John F. Kennedy failed to “break the agency to pieces”?

Will he ever attempt to do so in the first place?

Crafting the Future

The president likens the Philippine economy to “an airliner taxiing on the runway at full speed, yet cannot lift itself off the ground” due to government corruption.

The recently signed General Appropriations Act of 2017 reflects the socially-inclined mindset of the Duterte administration, and his government fully commit that every cent of it be spent accordingly as appropriated and mandated by law.

President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday signed into law the P3.35-trillion national budget for 2017, his first appropriations measure as the country’s Chief Executive.

Republic Act No. 10924 or the General Appropriations Act (GAA) provides for allocations that are 11.6 percent higher than those in the 2016 general appropriations act that cost P3 trillion.

“Higher than last year’s budget, the 2017 budget of P3.35 trillion includes a sizeable increase in allocation of infrastructure projects, free education for state universities and colleges, universal health care, rice allowance for the poor, free irrigation subsistence, allowance for prisoners, pension for war veterans and centenarians that should directly benefit our citizens,” Duterte said in his speech after signing.

The Department of Education (DepEd) will receive the biggest chunk of the budget with P544.1 billion, as mandated by the Constitution.

The national budget also includes P58.72 billion for state universities and colleges and P18.7 billion for Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

“The GAA affirms the national government’s commitments to support the needs of our people to enhance basic social services and projects,” Duterte said.

“As the first budget of my administration, we ensure that it will be pro-people, pro-investment, pro-growth, and pro-development,” he added.

“The signing of the GAA affirms the national government’s commitments to support the needs of our people to enhance basic social services and projects,” Duterte said.

With a promise to make Duterte’s term the “golden age of infrastructure,” P454.7 billion was allocated to Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and P53.3 billion for Department of Transportation (DoTr).

To continue the efforts against illegal drugs and improve peace and order in the country, the 2017 budget will include P148 billion for Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) and P137.2 billion for the Department of National Defense (DND).

The Duterte administration granted P128.3 billion for Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

Department of Health (DOH) was given an allocation of P96.3 billion. Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) will get P53.22 billion from the national budget.

The National Irrigation Administration (NIA) will also get P2 billion for the farmers.

“Farmers will no longer have to pay irrigation fees with P2 billion allocation for National Irrigation Administration… I’ve been wondering all these years why we have to pay for water,” he said.

The ceremonial signing of the national budget for 2017 was witnessed by lawmakers, business leaders, and development partners. —NB, GMA News

The circumferential road in the Abu Sayyaf lair in Sulu is now under construction and upgrade.

We are expecting that the Duterte Kitchen will also be enhanced and expanded next year as the first Duterte national budget comes into effect, and as more people become aware of the humble endeavor and volunteer their free time to the program.

It is also worth mentioning the positive responses of China to the peace initiatives of the current government in spite of the Hague Tribunal’s UNCLOS verdict in its favor, which tone down the rhetorics pertaining to the West Philippine Sea, or the South China Sea, and instead extended $24 billion worth of economic assistance without the Western style “carrot and stick” strings attached.

Aside from the Chinese government that is more than ready to provide financial support to the country’s massive infrastructure projects with easy-to-pay long term loans, and even supply arms to the government, Chinese philanthropists are also making their presence felt especially in the rehabilitation of 900,000 drug users who submitted themselves to the government.

The first 10,000 bed drug rehabilitation center in the Philippines is made possible with the help of the Chinese philanthropist, Huang Rulun, and the donated facility was inaugurated last November 29th, 2016.

The president is running the bureaucracy using a national budget crafted by the previous administration, i.e. no budget was allocated for any drug related projects because nobody cares about the drug problem until now.

Drug rehabilitation, that should be where Western help could be directed to, if they truly care enough for human rights and dignity beyond just paying lip service to, just like they are now ignoring the plight of the Aleppo survivors, who needed to endure the terror inflicted upon them by Western funded “moderate rebels” for 5 long years.

Shameless hypocrites.

Historically, we cannot expect more from Western governments and institutions other than their endless self-righteous rhetoric, as they have yet to come to terms with their own use of psychoactive drugs in destroying Asian nations in the past.

victoria2At midnight on July 1, 1997, Hongkong, the British Crown Colony, will be restored to China. This is not only an event which will be celebrated by patriotic Chinese; any patriotic American should celebrate it as well. The British seizure of Hongkong was an aspect of one of the most ugly crimes of the British Empire: the takeover and destruction of India, and the use of India to flood China with opium. The British twice sent the Royal Navy to enforce opium addiction on China, in order to open up China for looting.

In spite of this crime, the British and their allies in the United States, are trying to use the return of Hongkong to create a scandal around alleged “human rights violations” by the Chinese, as a pretext to disrupt relations between China and the United States. This is especially dangerous because the battle to create a new economic system, to replace the collapsing one, is centered around U.S. cooperation with China. The issue at stake is not that of “communism versus free trade.” The war is between the British System and the American System.

It was common knowledge before 1921, that the British Empire was the world’s leading drug trafficker in the 19th century. Even Ted Koppel, in a recent “Nightline” special report on Hongkong, was forced to admit this.

Lyndon LaRouche’s associates published Dope, Inc., which documents how this British control has continued to this day. Treason in America, by Anton Chaitkin, documents how opium trafficking played a central role in building up the “treason” faction in America. However, this subject has been declared “off-limits,” by the defamation of LaRouche, as exemplified by the slander, “LaRouche claims that the Queen of England runs drugs.” – Opium Wars

They even have to destroy the brains of their own so they could sustain the Vietnam War.

From Drugs as Weapons Against Us – Google Books,



So, every time you hear Mayor Duterte curses these coat and tie criminals, understand that those are not just off-the-cuff, baseless remarks, but deeply rooted frustrations against the mass media, educational system and the religious institution for their own collective failure to inform the masses about all of these inconvenient facts. Worse, they even tried to twist these facts deliberately, on several occasions.

Observations on the Fist 100 Days of the Duterte Administration

The first 100 Days of President Duterte from the viewpoint of the Local Business Community…

“I have seen presidents come and go. But the first 100 days that we are experiencing today, you know, has borne more fruits.” – Donald Dee, chairman emeritus of the Employers’ Confederation of the Philippines

“We are very positive about what we’re seeing.” – George Barcelon, president of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The first 100 Days of President Duterte from the viewpoint of the Foreign Business Community…

“Is President Rodrigo Duterte talking too much?… This writer disagrees. The President should keep up his colorful remarks, not because one is fond of technicolor language, but because Duterte’s discombobulating deliveries are delivering results that immensely benefit the country. – Ricardo Saludo, “Keep talking, Mr. President”


With all the foregoing facts and many more than we could ever fit into this page, we can rightfully say that both the Philippine Oligarchy, or the business community and the people at large need a tough and patriotic leadership as exemplified by Mayor Duterte and his cabinet secretaries.

Anything less, like the past weakling administrations of Jesuit puppet Corazon Aquino, CIA stooge Fidel V. Ramos, Actor Joseph E. Estrada, Jesuit economist Gloria M. Arroyo, and the most stupid of all Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino, cannot produce the same results in just a span of 6 months.

Either by their sheer ineptitude, or outright insensitivity to the plight of the poor, all of the above post-Marcos governments allowed the country to turn into a NarcoState.

This is the most that a mainstream  documentary can do to date about Duterte’s drug war…

Al Jazerra, however, failed to account that Duterte inherited a police force already contaminated with drugs and many of those involved started cleaning their tracks by eliminating their drug pushers/assets during the transition period, i.e. between May 9th, the day he clinched the presidency and July 1st, the day his presidency was officially inaugurated. Those deaths involved wrapping of packaging tapes on the victims, suggesting they were tortured first.

More notable omission from Al Jazerra’s documentary is the Congressional hearings involving drug lords with life sentences, running the drug distribution in the country from inside their cells at the Bilibid National Penitentiary, who under oath pointed to Senator Leila Delima as their “Drug Queen” in the Philippines.

High-security inmate Jaybee Sebastian’s testimony shown below, among many collaborative testimonies from other druglords, proved that the proliferation of illegal drugs during the incumbency of the then Secretary of Justice Leila Delima increased significantly when the secretary encouraged an increased drug sale activity so she could ask for a fixed amount of protection money from each of them, purposely to fund her senatorial campaign last May 2016 national elections.

Now, Senator Delima has just been awarded “Foreign Policy Global Thinker 2016” for standing up to Duterte.

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — Foreign Policy, an American magazine that focuses on foreign affairs, named Sen. Leila De Lima as one of its 100 Global Thinkers for 2016 for “standing up to an extremist leader.” – CNN Philippines

In much the same way as Obama was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize only to subsequently wage the most vicious attacks on Syria via terrorist proxies, Western imperialist “think tank” Foreign Policy extended the said award to feed the ego of a morally bankrupt personality — one who admitted to have engaged in concubinage via mainstream broadcast.

“Frailties of a woman” as if all women are like her. No, he is not legally separated from his wife as admitted by Delima’s driver-lover-drug bagman Ronnie Dayan himself.

The same bagman also admitted to have picked up protection money from one of the drug lords testifying at the congressional hearings and has delivered the same money personally to Senator Delima on multiple occasions.

Video subtitles and translations here.

On the advice of Delima, this bagman has been hiding for several months before caught by a combined police and intelligence dragnet. Because of this, an “obstruction of justice” case was filed against the senator.

The Duterte government is now awaiting for the full disclosure and analysis of the Anti-Money Laundering body of the Central Bank pertaining to various accounts used in laundering drug money, prior to the filing of criminal charges relating illegal drugs against the sitting senator, i.e. the same senator that the Western druglords will use against Duterte.

Ugly scenes at the top echelons of the Philippine government are what angered the people for the last 30 years. Their collective frustration at the failure of successive governments to curb corruption and criminality is the reason behind Mayor Duterte’s ascension to the presidency.

Sans CIA-Jesuit assassination, or “regime change” intervention, and the ability of the incumbent president to unite the people from all socioeconomic classes and political persuasions to one common objective, the best is yet to come for the Philippines.

For the UN’s high commissioner for human rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, who recently called for an investigation to Duterte’s resolute aim at ending narcopolitics in the country, the president has this to say,

“You idiot, you do not tell me what to do. Your understanding of international law is lacking. We are the ones contributing to the United Nations. You morons! You, sons of bitches!

We pay for your salaries. Do not open your mouth there. You do not know how to behave as an employee of the United Nations.

You go and file a complaint in the United Nations… I will burn down the United Nations if you want!” – Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines

The Philippines is among the 141 members of the 193-member United Nations that have paid their 2016 dues in full. According to the General Assembly’s Committee on Contributions, which keeps a public tally, the Philippines paid its $4.11 million assessment as of March.

In contrast, the United States still owes the organization $ 1.3 billion,

With a debt to the United Nations now totaling $1.3 billion, the United States has been repeatedly attacked by other countries, including its allies, for not paying its dues. The U.S. Congress, demanding reform of the bloated U.N. bureaucracy, has passed legislation requiring that the U.S. share of the budget be substantially reduced before a substantial chunk of the arrears can be paid.

So much for that One World Government. 😉

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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  1. My Dad was a Naval officer in the Pacific war…I have always thought the Philippines an amazing place.
    However, I never understood why this deeply religious country had so much poverty and astronomical wealth as well. India has a religion that believes in karma and reincarnation…but Christians and Muslims have no excuses.
    I also feel the Pope should shutup about the environment until he categorically condemns the trade in ivory religious art that causes the slaughter of so many elephants…as well as the deaths of poachers and law enforcement. Catholics worldwide should call him out on such things.

  2. Benjamin Fulford Report: “Trump’s Chain will be Jerked” — December 26, 2016

    Message from Benjamin Fulford

    Trump’s chain will be jerked if he tries to stop the takedown of war criminal Benyamin Netanyahu

    Posted by benjamin
    December 26, 2016

    Full Report

    Donald Trump, president elect of the shallow US state, will have his chain jerked by the deep state if he tries to prevent the final takedown of the Khazarian mafia, including war criminal Benyamin Netanyahu, Pentagon and agency sources say.

    The takedown is now entering a mop up phase, Pentagon sources say. “The Cabal’s last stronghold, the vast underground base at Denver airport, was routed by a contingent of US, Russian and other troops, mopping up is in progress with more raids,” the sources say. In another operation “100,000 children and sex slaves were liberated from the underground bases of the Getty center in LA ,” they add.

    The South of Chile was hit by an earthquake weapon last week to in order to “shake up the Nazi enclave in Bariloche and Patagonia in general,” they say.

    The Khazarian stronghold of Israel is now also under unprecedented attack, as can be seen by the passing of a UN resolution condemning their illegal settlement building in the West Bank. The 14-0 UN vote, with the US abstaining, will lead to more UN resolutions aimed at forcing that rogue nation to agree to a two state solution to the Palestinian issue, many sources agree.

    The murder of the Russian ambassador to Turkey and the downing of a Russian aircraft over the Black Sea by the Israelis has given Russia both moral authority and legal grounds to pursue UN sanctions against Israel and to mount a real global war on terror by going after ISIS/Mossad assets worldwide, the Pentagon sources say.

    In an attempted counter-move, war criminal Netanyahu sent the head of Mossad to visit Donald Trump and got him to issue a statement saying he would have vetoed the anti-Israel resolution. However, with the Khazarian base in Denver being wiped out, the Khazarians no longer have the military ability to impose their will on the US government, the Pentagon sources note.

    The remaining Khazarian agents in the CIA are bracing for massive purge by Trump of the Bush faction, CIA sources say. The reformed CIA will end all drone attacks and drug flights, and will focus on human intelligence (humint), as well as open source intelligence (osint), the sources say.

    Friendless Israel is now expected to face an air/land/sea blockade and other actions to force that state to conform to international law, Pentagon and agency sources agree. The Khazarian regime in Saudi Arabia will also be forced to end its various barbaric practices, they say.

    Extra security measures have been taken for Donald Trump with Russian mercenaries and special forces sent to disarm nuclear weapons in New York and near the White House, the Pentagon sources say. One nuclear weapon under Washington has already been dismantled, they add.

    The Khazarians are also planning to counter attack by creating a major financial crisis, multiple sources, including from the Rothschild family, agree. Here is what a twitter account claiming to emanate from Baroness Hanna de Rothschild, the daughter of Baron Jacob de Rothschild, had to say about the upcoming attack:

    “Bss De Rothschild ‏@BssDeRothschild 14時間14時間前 Its going to be a frightfully dismal year for US in 2017. No jobs, hyperinflation, more debt & impeachment. Merry Christmas you fools!”

    She is also making multiple death threats against Trump and needs to be taken down, CIA sources say.

    The financial attack, which will accelerate rapidly in the New Year, has already begun with a major push to cause interest rates world-wide to rise to crippling levels. This is being done by means of a huge sell off in the bond market by the Khazarian mob families. The planned result will be to cripple indebted emerging nations’ economies and punish debt slaves in countries like the United States by forcing them to pay more for their card, car, house and other loans. The plan is to blame the engineered economic hardship on Trump, Rothschild family sources say.

    However, there is a huge split within that family that will make this planned economic attack impossible to carry out.

    On that front, we got word from Nathaniel Rothschild who says he has not been killed, as claimed by Pentagon sources, but has merely gone into hiding.

    Here is what a source with access to Nathaniel had to say: “His family members are out to take away his position as the next head of the clan. They are not out to eliminate him, but need his signature on a specially prepared document only used by ‘the family’ that will annul his upcoming leadership ascension.”

    The source also said “The battle continues within the family. They are losing control of the world’s financial system but will still remain in the club with China at the helm, via the Shanghai gold exchange… of which they are a main player”.

    As far as the overall financial war was concerned, this is what the source, who is of Asian royal blood, had to say:

    “It seems that those with a lot of green backs ( USD) want to get rid of it and trade it for Au. This is happening all over the world. The problem is that only a handful of people can actually move it around. Unless you are talking about black Au of which there are hundreds of thousands of tons of it but only the 10 ‘authorized dealers’ will touch it because it is not hallmarked. Hallmarked Au is not just a mark for selling, and keeping track of its movement. All hallmarks also contain a ‘radioactive marker’ so it can be tracked during shipment. Remember that the Boys also did this to the Shah of Iran’s gold stored in Thailand. Many people want the real thing now, NOT the paper that says you own it, as you and I have seen so much of that fake paper going around. That is why the next month is going to be very interesting. There is a scramble for physical gold now. The off ledger Au will be slowly moved back into the official market and must be hallmarked. We anticipate that China, Russia, and Thailand will be the main players involved in this transfer as they prepare for the new Gold backed currency. Remember that China slipped the news out in their big billboard near the Bangkok airport a few years ago. The truth was put there in place sight.

    Do you wonder why there is no mention of BRICS lately? It because there is internal juggling taking place. They are repositioning their strategy now. They will need the physical Au to back their currency”.

    Here is a picture of the billboard mentioned:


    The same source said that “The intel regarding David Rockefeller [being dead] is correct. He is in stasis now at ‘The Base’…he will not be heard of or seen again… unless they hologram him…There are others in the elite club who are also there now. I am obtaining a list from our man on site and will pass it on to you once I have it. I was informed a few days ago that W J Clinton has been denied access to ‘The Base’. Henry Kissinger has a pod reserved. He will most likely go off radar very soon.”

    Queen Elizabeth II, head of the committee of 300 has also been put under house arrest, Pentagon sources say. This can be partially confirmed by the Queen’s cancelation of her scheduled public appearances in recent days. However, sources close to the Royal Family say the Queen is simply avoiding public appearances as a security precaution because they have received reports the gnostic Illuminati are targeting her.

    The other visible bloodline public figure being targeted by the gnostic Illuminati is Adolf Hitler’s daughter and Rothschild family member Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany. The Illuminati say members of the German army and intelligence services are determined to remove her from power during the coming year. The recent fake German truck terrorist attack, and subsequent media campaign pinning the blame for that on Merkel, was just the first round of that campaign they say.

    The year 2017 may also be time when the secret space program and ET folk get their long awaited disclosure. The following quote, from a source in the Antarctic base, requires more proof before I will believe it but, nonetheless here it is:

    “The cabal are all freaked out by what they found in Antarticia – It gave Buzz a heart attack. Very large “pods” with beings inside. That is why John Kerry was there Election Day. Animals and people frozen in time. 12 – 14 foot humans in the pods who were in stasis, are now awakening”.

    One thing we can confirm about Antarctica is that while the North Pole appears as part of a regular map on Google Earth, the South Pole cannot be found there, instead the map just vanishes into a point where many lines converge. We can only speculate as to why that is.
    On a final note for this week and this year, December 25th marks the first day of the solar New Year. Since the Christians do not know the actual birth date of Jesus Christ, they conflated the old pagan solar New Year festivities with his birthday celebration. So, in a holiday spirit, we would like to wish our readers a Merry-Christmas and a Happy New Year. May 2017 be the best year yet.


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