Start of BRICS Gold-Backed Trade Pushing Deep State Desperation at All-Time High

It appears that the real reason why Trump capitulated to the Deep State so quickly is the final BRICS leadership’s decision to start the dumping of the fiat dollar in matters of mutual trade and economic cooperation between the BRICS member countries.

This latest counterattack against the Khazarian banking dynasty is definitely putting Donald Trump’s most ambitious campaign promise of “Making America Great Again” through economic recovery and military upgrade in grave danger, as the BRICS Alliance starts requiring the US government to pay for BRICS resources with real, hard currencies only.

Recently, Russia and China move ahead with the establishment of reciprocal clearing centers in Moscow and Beijing.

China Opens Moscow Clearing Bank for Handling Transactions in Yuan

17:12 27.03.2017

The creation of the clearing center enables the two countries to further increase bilateral trade and investment while decreasing their dependence on the US dollar. It will create a pool of yuan liquidity in Russia that enables transactions for trade and financial operations to run smoothly.

Rubles and yuans

In expanding the use of national currencies for transactions, it could also potentially reduce the volatility of yuan and ruble exchange rates.

The clearing center is one of a range of measures the People’s Bank of China and the Russian Central Bank have been looking at to deepen their co-operation.

This highly coordinated dollar dumping was initiated 10 years ago, to give the West enough time to adjust to the new reality that the East could no longer sit idly by as the other side continued with its regressive foreign policies. Such offensive was capped with a massive display of cultural strength meant to correct the false technological claims of the West, during the Beijing Olympics, a year later.

Incidentally, what was to be a gradual move from fiat to gold-backed currencies still resulted in the 2008 Western financial crash, massive resignations of the banking CEOs in 2012 [here], Libor and other interest rigging investigations, and finally, the unprecedented Papal resignation of Benedict XVI in 2013.

Considering the sheer size of the BRICS economies, this decision to dump the dollar should put the Khazarian Mafia where they should be, i.e. into the dustbin of irrelevance.

Good as Gold: Why Russia and China Are Busy Buying Bullion

“Market watchers believe even that amount of gold in China’s central bank vaults is being politically vastly understated so as not to cause alarm bells to ring too loud in Washington and London,” Engdahl remarks.

Yekaterinburg Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant

… “The currencies of Russia, China and other Eurasian countries are moving to become as ‘good as gold,’ a term applied to the US dollar some six decades ago. The fact that Russia also has an extremely low debt-to-GDP ratio of some 18% compared to 103% for USA and that of the EU Eurozone countries of 94%, of Japan more than 200% of GDP, is a fact that Western rating agencies engaged in the US Treasury’s financial warfare against the Russian Federation conveniently ignore,” Engdahl concludes, stressing that Russia’s is currently more healthy than that of the Western developed countries.

The China-Russia enviable cooperation covers agriculture, trade and finance, to military and energy. The first $400 Billion energy project between the two countries alone has rendered all offensive mechanisms and economic sanctions of the West irrelevant [here].

So that, it did not come as a complete surprise when Vlad himself boldly proclaimed in 2015 to dump the dollar.

In contrast, the Western oligarchy, with its deteriorating global influence, has to survive with its imaginary wealth that are existing only in computer bits and fancy paper formats, while maximizing the use of their military firepower, like what they are doing now in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Central Africa.

In Yemen, while the House of Saud may be cooperating with the Khazarian plan to weaken Iranian influence there, King Salman is also busy diversifying his kingdom’s portfolio by investing in East Asian countries, with only few takers. This it does as a desperate follow up to its failed “Samson Option,” i.e. massive increase in oil production to bring down all of its competition, Russia, Iran, Venezuela and the US, more than a year ago.

What this means is that the House of Saud is ready to switch sides at any moment’s notice. But like China, Russia can only give the Saudis its calculated engagement in much the same way that it deals with Turkey. After all, Russia is already assured of its economic survival within the BRICS alliance, and through the enhanced engagement with its far eastern neighbors, the ASEAN community.

This long awaited move to trade exclusively in sovereign currencies is meant to put a choke hold on the rouge serpent from the other side, end all wars of aggression, and put all the planet’s resources towards prosperity for all. This desire certainly goes off tangent with the Dark Side’s wishes for mankind to eliminate themselves.

All wars must go on, Mr. Trump.

Fundamentally, it is the West which reneged on that solemn pact agreed upon between the two sides, more than a hundred years ago, that the latter will use its technological expertise for the collective advancement of humanity using the mineral and human resources of the East.

Recall that the move to turn away from the real economy was made by the West. It was meant to force Western economic independence from the resource rich Asia, after they have secured a sizable amount of sovereign wealth from Asia, during the time of John F. Kennedy.

JFK and Sukarno during the signing of the agreement for Asia to finance global development using Western know-how.

Since US President Nixon unilaterally abrogated the 1944 Bretton Woods Treaty in 1971 the US dollar has been no longer backed by gold; however, gold still remains as a store of value which paper money cannot compete with.

“In times of world financial crisis as in the 1930’s, gold is preferred by central banks and ordinary citizens as a store of value when paper money loses value. We are approaching another of those times when the accumulated paper debt of the dollar system is debasing the worth of paper dollars. What’s highly significant in this light is to see which central banks are buying all the gold they can get,” American researcher, author and strategic risk consultant F. William Engdahl writes in his article for New Eastern Outlook.

They have overplayed their card. Instead of using their technological advancements for the good of all, they continually engage themselves in external regional conflicts that their own agencies have cultivated years prior.

Any attempt by the US controlled economies to return to their sovereign currencies through gold repatriation from Federal Reserve, were either met with economic hitmen, outright executive assassins, and color revolutions.

There’s also a growing concern that the Federal Reserve, which has refused to be audited since 1953, actually don’t have the sovereign gold bullion in its possession.

The continued use of US military firepower is also meant to destroy the American reputation around the globe, while at the same time adding to the financial muscle of the military industrial complex owned by the same bloodlines sucking everyone’s blood, no exception. Protestant America must be destroyed, along with other renegade governments, at all cost, for the glory of the Vatican Vampire, and the Khazarian Pyramid of Cartels.

The silver lining about all of these is that the people by now should have enough data to evaluate for themselves which system is better, what other geoeconomic concepts need to be tested and implemented, and which geopolitical faction will likely fulfill their wishes and aspirations.

Not that the multimedia cartel is not doing all it can to subvert the Great Awakening.

Tech giant Google has rolled out a new feature that can purportedly discern fake news from fact… Dr. Robert Epstein from the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology about this feature and the dangerous implications of corporations having the power to define reality.

Epstein explained that Google has long been experimenting with different ways by which it can manipulate search results, even before the concept of fake news became popular during the last election.

They can always try, but the cat is already out of the bag. But who knows they might succeed still, considering the amount of attention that the Flat Earth theory is gaining. Yes, the mainstream media have now gone 180 degrees with their silly brand of conspiracy theories, e.g.

… in much the same way as the Western fiat financial machinery has gone full reverse from their own brainchild known popularly as capitalism.

During the last Davos Summit, no less than Chinese President Xi Jinping made what amounts to a victory speech when he professed the virtues of capitalist globalism, as the West is moving towards socialism with their own pilot “cashless society” and universal basic income [UBI] projects, in the midst of China’s continued removal of its remaining protectionist policies. In short, China today is far more capitalist than the West, financial experts noted.

What this means is that the Western Oligarchy has been defeated in its own game, but it must remain in power with the use of imaginary private wealth that it can use to fool its own citizens and prevent a total societal collapse.

The move towards digitized imaginary currencies lends perfectly to the planned dictatorship with the full application of invasive technologies, which incidentally, China is helping them bring about.

All Systems Go: China Spearheads New AI with Chip That Simulates Human Brain

Chinese researchers are developing an advanced artificial intelligence processor that is expected to help China launch its foray into the global chip market; a whopping 1.4 million dollars has already been earmarked for the purpose by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, according to Xinhua.

… The new AI processor is named after the Cambrian Period of geological history, which saw life on Earth become infinitely more diversified and sophisticated.

It is due to provide tremendous assistance in simulating the functioning of human nerve cells.

Xinhua quoted the Chinese Academy of Sciences as saying that the Cambrian chip “is expected to be the world’s first processor that simulates human nerve cells and synapses to conduct deep learning.”

There are many ways that the Chinese could play this up. More than the financial gains that it may benefit from selling it to the West, which for far too long wanted to transhumanized its population, at a competitive price, it may also use it to actually enhance the physical and mental capability of the Chinese people to gain a considerable advantage against their Western counterparts.

Nobody should underestimate the real intentions of the real Masters of the Art of War. By extension, of course, China may also gain the ability to have a more efficient control over its 1.387 billion strong population’s behavior.

What is so glaring is that, while the West is purposely dumbing down its citizens, China and the rest of Asia are not. According to a PISA exam conducted worldwide in 2015, covering 540,000 students, the US saw an 11-point drop in average score for math [fell to 35th rank from 28th], while remaining relatively flat in reading and science. What country is at the top?

It’s Singapore, followed by Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, China, Korea, Switzerland, Estonia and Canada completing the Top 10 rankings in Math proficiency [here].

In addition to the above facts on global literacy, the BRICS members have also increased investments on its R&D,

The BRIC countries of China, India and Brazil account for much of the dramatic increase in science research investments and scientific publications. Since 2002, global spending on science R&D has increased by 45 percent to more than $1,000 billion (one trillion) U.S. dollars. From 2002 to 2007, China, India and Brazil more than doubled their spending on science research, raising their collective share of global R&D spending from 17 to 24 percent.

China’s development planning has targeted a number of scientific fields and related industries, including clean energy, green transportation and rare earths, among others. Since 1999, China’s spending on science R&D has grown 20 percent annually to more than $100 billion. By 2020, China plans to invest 2.5 percent of GDP in science research.

… and that’s only from 10 years ago.

This should dispel the notion that China is part of the “problem-reaction-solution” dictum being practiced by Western rulers.

Quite the contrary, the “One Belt, One Road” economic program that is based on the proposal of the Schiller Institute and spearheaded by China is not meant to implement and expand the latter’s own imperial ambitions, but to provide an alternative way for humanity to move forward, where everybody wins and benefits from our collective toil, scientific achievements and planetary resources.

In the end, it will be our common desires and collective willpower which will ultimately determine where this planet is really going. And it is all up to us to decide whether to just play along, or assert the sovereignty of the individual.

11 thoughts on “Start of BRICS Gold-Backed Trade Pushing Deep State Desperation at All-Time High”

    1. Wherever one finds Government one finds corruption in some measure to some degree. China is no exception.

  1. Looks like wars and rumors of wars coming to BRIC land.

    “Thou shall not undermine the Khazarian grift-machine.”

    I got in to a bar re-accommodation last night.

    1. Wonderful. The sooner these Khazarian graft-machined psychopaths run out of their Fiat fantasy warmongering and go broke the better.

      1. With all due respect, but that is NOT how the Khazarians’ grift-machine works. It works by bankrupting us, not them. Their plan then being to lord over we they’ve rendered destitute.

        Amongst other things, we Americans need to change our attitude toward the Khazarians’ fiat-debt. Fiat-debt is nothing more than that which has been stolen from WE, and then fenced back to we via what they call loans–debt. i.e. they are loaning to we that which they stole from we, with usury attached.

        “It is not we that owe them, but they that owe us.”

        An American citizen, not US subject.

  2. Whoever wrote this writes like 1958 cold war gibberish…an 80 year old ex-pat American maybe? Same subjects, same lingo.
    Some of us hoped China could be more original than copying the system that was so cruel to them in the 19th century.

  3. Muy buenas noticias para el bienestar de toda la humanidad; ya es justo necesario retornar a la moneda respaldada en el oro, y así exterminar el egoísmo, el cinismo, la codicia que nos han incubado los amos oscuros de la mafia jázara, que nos ehaba al despeñadero de la humanidad… Gracias por informar…

  4. China in charge? A communist dictatorship. In the beginning they’ll be real nice, after they get control, they’ll laugh at you if you want gold and probably harvest your organs for fun because that’s how they roll. How can anyone trusts a dictatorship? Fools.

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