Saudi Arabia Switching to BRICS in Response to US Congress 911 Blackmail

After realizing that the US Congress’s move to allow the filing of charges against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its supposed role in the “terrorist” attack on New York in 2001 could be Washington DC’s way of putting the House of Saud on notice — that it, too, is not exempt from its two-faced foreign policy, and could be a future target for a regime change once it ceases to be a willing subject to systematic extortion, like what’s being done with Japan for decades right after the Second World War, the House of Saud continues to engage Russia for a possible common ground.

Russia is responding positively to the Saudi initiative, and already the two are defying the pressure from the latter’s long-time “ally.”

Russia Calling the Shots on ‘American Playground’ in Middle East

Sputnik / Evgeniya Novozhenova

Russia continues to develop relations with Saudi Arabia, Washington’s longstanding ally in the Middle East. In addition to the ongoing cooperation in the energy sphere, the two countries are expected to launch lucrative investment projects and probably start working together in the defense sector.

Russia continues to compete with Washington on the US’ traditional “playground” in the Middle East.

On April 6, the Russian Foreign Ministry made an important statement on the Palestinian-Israeli settlement, recognizing East Jerusalem as the capital of the future Palestinian state and West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Commenting on the issue, Israeli political analyst Avigdor Eskin told Sputnik that Russia has surpassed the US by recognizing West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

“The current statement regarding the recognition of West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel reflects a warm and friendly atmosphere [between Russia and Israel]. This is highly appreciated,” the Israeli political analyst underscored.

“Russia is much closer to the region and has a deeper understanding of the situation. If Trump remains ‘under siege’ and doesn’t prevail for the rest of his term, we might expect a stronger Russian influence,” Eskin predicted.

But that is not all.

On Monday a Russian parliamentary delegation, headed by Federation Council Chair Valentina Matvienko, concluded its visit to Saudi Arabia, Washington’s other key ally in the Middle East.

Assessing the results of the summit, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said that contacts between Moscow and Riyadh are expanding at various levels.

“Indeed, there is a deepening of mutual understanding between our countries; contacts are taking place at all levels,” he said during a meeting with the head of The King Salman Center for Humanitarian Aid and Relief.

As expected, the cooperation in the oil and gas spheres had become the centerpiece of the negotiations between Russia and Saudi Arabia. Moscow and Riyadh continue to take steps to reduce oil production to balance the market.

The countries have fully complied with all their obligations under the agreement between OPEC and other oil-producing countries.

“Russia and Saudi Arabia acted as guarantors of the implementation of this agreement, and I am sure that this cooperation will continue, because no one is interested in a chaotic development of events [in the oil market],” Matvienko said, as quoted by RIA Novosti.

Interestingly enough, following the oil price slump, there was speculation that Washington had persuaded Riyadh to dump prices to spite Russia. However, Moscow and Riyadh are currently successfully working together to establish an equitable pricing strategy in the energy market.

Furthermore, although Riyadh remains close to the US, the Kingdom didn’t support anti-Russian sanctions imposed by other Washington’s allies, including Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

In addition, the Russians and their Saudi counterparts discussed the prospect of cooperating in the defense sector. While the details of the talks have yet to be disclosed, it is known that in late 2016, Saudi Arabia showed interest in potentially purchasing Russian S-400 Triumf air defense systems.

“This has been stated by Saudi Arabian representatives themselves when they visited multiple exhibitions, presentations and shows where Russia showcased these systems, such as the exhibition in Abu Dhabi [the International Defense Exhibition and Conference, IDEX] and events organized in Russia, so there is nothing new here, there is an interest,” Russian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Oleg Ozerov told Sputnik in early November 2016.

In February 2017 Industry and Trade Minister of Russia Denis Manturov confirmed that Russia and Saudi Arabia were discussing Riyad’s prospects for acquiring Russian military aircraft and “land weapons.”

It is no secret that Washington has long been Riyadh’s key arms provider and the country boasts an annual defense budget second to only that of the United States and China. Recent developments show that Russia is beginning to compete with the US for the Kingdom’s lucrative military contracts.

Meanwhile, Matvienko revealed that the Russian Direct Investment Fund and the Saudi Arabian sovereign wealth fund will launch joint projects worth $3 billion before the end of this year.

“The Russian Direct Investment Fund and the Saudi Arabian sovereign wealth fund are cooperating successfully. Thanks to them, projects worth some $600 million have been implemented. Before the end of the year, projects worth $3 billion should be launched,” she said.

However, there are also bumps in the road regarding Russo-Saudi relations: Riyadh and Moscow have completely different approaches toward Syria and Iran. On the other hand, the two countries have similar views regarding the resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

“Moscow and Riyadh have similar positions on the resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict,” Deputy Chairperson of the Council of the Federation Ilyas Umakhanov told RIA Novosti.

“As for Syria, we have very serious differences regarding the fate of [Syrian] President Bashar al-Assad, but Russia and Saudi Arabia agree that there can be no military solution to this crisis,” he said.

According to Matvienko, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud may visit Russia by the end of 2017.

What this illustrates is that Russia has departed from its age old policy of not taking any proactive role in global affairs, now that more and more countries have grown weary and tired of the incessant warmongering from the Western side,

… and are looking for a more positive leadership that they can only find from Vladimir Putin.

Likewise, Saudi’s growing engagement with East Asia and Russia will only result to a stronger cooperation with the BRICS Alliance and ASEAN countries, and will further alienate the kingdom from the West.

They don’t want to be used as a tool again for Western terror aggression anywhere in the world.

Just a week ago, the current chairman of the ASEAN, Rodrigo Duterte went to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for an official state visit.

The  Philippine president is known for his censor-free anti-CIA sentiments in front of foreign leaders. This occasion is no exception.

Duterte’s tour to the Middle East also included visits to Bahrain and Qatar.

The geopolitical realignment continues with the recent port call to Manila by the Russian navy.

This is the second time that the Russian Navy docked in Manila, in a prelude to Duterte’s state visit to Russia soon.

As for Saudi Arabia, 800 US families are already filing a lawsuit against it relating to the controlled demolition of the WTC towers in 2001, as directed by Dick Cheney. But the former has already made its decision to leave the deplorables on their own.

Since, this realignment is a very long process, and the deplorables are still holding great positions of power, it is only wise to expect some bumps along the way.

17 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia Switching to BRICS in Response to US Congress 911 Blackmail”

  1. Not impressive, Saudi owns most of the world through the $ the States and Europe put into its pocket. Saudi & Iran are responsible for exporting terrorism all around the world. The only way to deal with this is to stop cooperating with either nation and refusing to send weapons and buying their Oil. This will never end and now Putin is kowtowing.

    1. Your first sentence is inaccurate.
      Your second sentence is inaccurate. Check CIA+MOSSAD+FBI.
      Your third sentence is inaccurate. Remove Tel Aviv control of USGovernment.
      Your fourth sentence requires clarification. Agreed, Judaism´s enmity against “Goyim” will remain as long as Jews practice Apartheid against “Goyim”. President Putin is kowtowing to logic and common sense, not Judaism´s Apartheid.

      1. Oh and by the way the Saudi/Russia meeting only took place in the last few days and came as a complete surprise to all. I suppose you have heard Saudi has fired over 100 Imam’s? Russia is one nation along with China who bring these savages screaming and whining into the 21st Century. Indeed Saudi and the rest of the middle east have been using Oil as a weapon to wield power allbeit convertly. Look how much clout Islam has in the useless UN. You intellectual Ponce.

  2. BRICS should tell the Saudis to “F” OFF they don’t want to let the enemy in as Saudis and a British/ Saudi arms for oil slush fund finance today’s terrorism

    1. We agree RonaldR, Saudi and Iran are behind every terrorist and export of Jihadi’s world wide. I cannot believe BRICS can’t see this, what’s in it for them? As usual Saudi can afford to bribe on a monumental scale. The Silk Road doesn’t need to involve Saudi at all, in fact it runs through Central Asia rather than the deserts of Saudi. Cut Saudi out don’t let them have use of the road for transporting OIL. Now we are confronted by Ottoman Empire II there is a whole lot of Shite that is going to hit the fan. Turkey is rising faster than we can keep track of and already Turkey has blackmailed Europe to the tune of 6 billion. War is inevitable, it has to be RUSSIA CHINA EUROPE US against the middle east and INDIA is keen to join in.

      1. What the hell has Israel got to do with it? Yeah and I know about the US Liberty, Believe Jews did not start WW1 WW11. Hitler was pissed off with Versailles Treaty, WW1 stupid Lawrence of Arabia, he was pulled out of the desert because Young Churchill could see what a dip stick he was, pandering to the savage Arabs who were pissed off with the Ottoman Empire! Get you facts straight sunshine. Rothschild loaned the British Government the dosh to beat Napoleon so what’s wrong with that huh? Bankers are Bankers and no matter whether a Banker is Jewish Italian or French {The Italians were the first bankers way back ‘Lombard Bank’ Lombard st. comes from the LOMBARDY Banking family} Medici’s coat of arms is gold balls in the centre of a shield. Go to Florence and have a look. The only trouble makers today are the bloody Arabs and they have been since they got paid off in Petro$. Well Venezuela is just about to change this. The second reserve world currency in the Chinese. read up on your damn Banking practice Bonds etc etc.

      2. Your fairy tales resemble those of the “Holohoax”, the alleged Holocaust. One wonders if you are blogging from either the Tel Aviv or DC areas.

  3. The Chinese are part of BRICS and they are friends with Saudi arabia.
    I believe the red carpet would be rolled out for the saudi’s especially at this time.

  4. Igor both Russia & China are onto the minds of Saudi’s. Belt & Road does not run through the deserts of Saudi. Cheaper for Saudi to ship its oil on the Silk Road? Who controls the Silk Road? Russia is also behind Islam, Turkey has just announced Ottoman Empire II. What is the opinion of Islam in both China & Russia? I am no prophet but in my view if anyone can annihilate the power of the Wahhabi Arabs and Shia Islam altogether is Russia & China. Could be some very interesting fire crackers over the next few years.

    1. Wars are interesting only to the subversives of humanity, the leaders of which constitute the tail that has wagged the American dog since 1948. The infiltrated UN leadership, that awarded Palestinian territory as a “Land Grant” to David Ben-Gurion and Judaism´s terrorist army in 1948, continues to reflect the subterfuge of Judaism.
      Judaism´s theoretical division of humanity into “Jews” and “Goyim” established a “Psychotic Conumdrum” that is based on enmity, resulting in Apartheid. The enmity of Judaism against “Goyim” will continue as long as Judaism maintains the Apartheid of the “Psychotic Conundrum”.

  5. Of course Saudi A turns to Russia. Who with a safe and sound mind can be allied with UNITED SNAKES of AMERICA. The worst country EVER existed on this planet.

    1. Eva in my view the victims of 9/11 have every right to demand compensation from Saudi Arabia – the Saudi’s can afford it and should be made to pay. Russia & China believe me have an hidden agenda when it comes to ISLAM, we will not know what it is until the time is right. It is the UNITED SNAKES of the Viperous poison middle east followers of savagery & barbarism.

      1. In my view the victims of 9-11, Uss Liberty, WW 1 WW 2 have every right to demand compensation from Israel, the Israelis can afford it & should be made to pay ! 🙂

      2. Your description fits the leadership of the illegal “Land Grant” that the UN awarded to Judaism´s terrorist army in 1948, which was named “Israel”, fraudulently. The current “Israel” is neither Israel of the Old Testament nor the New Testament.
        The motto, “By way of deception shalt thou do war” continues to reflect the world-wide subterfuge of not only Judaism´s spy and assassination agency, MOSSAD. It also reflects the leadership of the progeny of the Khazarian Kingdom, whose current “front man” is Benjamin Netanyahu.
        Such leadership was recently demonstrated in the well-organized massacre in Las Vegas, using a “patsy” as scape-goat. All well-read persons are aware that Las Vegas is the property of Judaism. The organized cooperation in Las Vegas is similar to the organized cooperation in Dallas, Texas, 1963, which was controlled by Lyndon B. Johnson and George H.W. Bush.
        Try using your fairy-tale skills to support instead of destroying humanity.

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