Gamechanger: India, Pakistan & Iran Joining BRICS Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Pakistan and India are two nuclear countries locked in decades of Western induced political intrigue. That may become history soon as the two traditional enemies begin rubbing their elbows with the rest of the members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

The China-led Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is one of those organizations which are implementing the humongous “One Belt, One Road” project, which aims to revive the ancient Silk Road that facilitated the peaceful exchange of goods and culture across Eurasia, between 120 BCE – 1450s CE.

BRICS is consist of countries, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

Considering that the “B” in BRICS has been compromised by a Wall Street coup a year ago [here], the group can only extend its membership through the SCO, and for the group to provide a mechanism for India and Pakistan to talk about how they can cooperate from the standpoint of mutual benefit is a welcome development indeed.

Lavrov believes accession of India, Pakistan to SCO will ‘make history’

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

ASTANA, April 21. /TASS/. The accession of India and Pakistan to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) will make history and increase the organization’s global influence, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday following the Astana meeting of the SCO Foreign Ministers Council.

“We have considered a package of documents to be committed to the heads of state for approval, first and foremost, these documents concern decisions on completing the membership process for India and Pakistan,” the Russian top diplomat said. “It would be no exaggeration to say that it will prove to be a historical event which will increase the organization’s global influence. After India and Pakistan become members, the SCO will include as many as 43% of the world’s population while its member states will account for 24% of global gross domestic product.”

Lavrov said that Friday’s meeting had been “the decisive stage of the preparations for the next SCO summit” scheduled to be held in Kazakhstan’s capital of Astana on June 8-9.

The Declaration on the Establishment of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization was singed in China’s Shanghai in June 2001 by six founding states – Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Afghanistan, Belarus, India, Pakistan, Iran and Mongolia currently enjoy observer status while Sri Lanka, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Cambodia and Nepal are dialogue partners. The membership process of India and Pakistan began in 2015.

Russia’s top diplomat says Iran fully meets SCO membership criteria

ASTANA, April 21. /TASS/. Iran now fully meets the criteria of Shanghai Cooperation Organization membership, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said after a meeting of the SCO foreign ministers on Friday.

“Iran is next in line (for SCO membership). Many said so today. It has settled all issues related with UN Security Council sanctions,” Lavrov said. “Now it is in full compliance with SCO membership criteria. We hope that the heads of state will be able to consider the beginning of the procedure to make Iran a full-fledged member (at the SCO summit – TASS) in Astana in June.”

Among other documents discussed by the SCO foreign ministers, Sergey Lavrov singled out a draft convention on countering extremism. “This is a very important and innovative document, which formulates for the first time the tasks to counter extremist ideology, extremism as a phenomenon that undermines countries’ stability,” he said. We hope that this convention will too be approved by our countries’ leaders.”

Aside from countering extremism, which involves sharing intelligence data and taking coordinated actions against those who are behind terrorism in every member state, the sheer size of their economies and population would be a formidable force to reckon with.

Kazakh president speaks in favor of admission of India, Pakistan, Iran to SCO

 President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev © Mikhail Metzel/TASS
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev © Mikhail Metzel/TASS

MOSCOW, June 23. /TASS/. Possible admission of India, Pakistan and Iran to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is an important step in the development of the Eurasian Economic Space, President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev told TASS.

In an interview with First Deputy General Director of TASS Mikhail Gusman the Kazakh leader said: “The Shanghai Cooperation Organization is a very important organization across the Eurasian space … Now it is a very important step – in Tashkent, we will admit new members: India and Pakistan. After it we are going to consider the terms of admission of Iran … It is a response to the challenge of the times.”

Political intrigue has been rendered ineffective now that the geopolitical giants are talking to one another, peacefully.

This is not good for the Grand Chessboard of Zbigniew Brzezinski who prefers the Balkanization of Eurasian states, so that the Khazarian Mafia could exploit the massive gas and oil reserves in the region.

With China and Russia initiating peaceful collaboration and protecting this region from Western exploitation simply means the complete collapse of Western hegemony.

Add to that is the highly coordinated move to dump the fiat dollar, and the West will have a perfect storm.

These are the reasons behind the continuing #RussiaDidIt Western media hysteria.

Trump, on the other hand, is torn between cooperating with China, and calling it the currency manipulator. His closest adviser Ivanka Trump, whom he admitted to have prodded him to drop Tomahawk cruise missiles on Syria, has a possible conflict of interest working in the White House and having business with China, all at the same time.

WASHINGTON — The Trump family has vowed to keep its vast financial interests separate from the government. But on Tuesday, a possible conflict of interest came to light involving the president’s daughter and top adviser, Ivanka Trump.

China gave her business potentially lucrative provisional trademark approvals the day she and President Trump were having dinner with the Chinese president at the Trump estate in South Florida.

Not only that, Trump himself has financial interests in China, too.

BEIJING — President Trump has won preliminary approval to register 38 new trademarks in China for industries including restaurants and advertising, business interests that could add to criticism over potential conflicts.

As a businessman, Mr. Trump has amassed a vast portfolio of trademarks around the world, as he seeks to protect his brands and his products. Those trademarks, at times, clash with the vision of a populist president who has espoused an “America First” strategy.

China has been among the biggest targets for his business prospects. Including the latest batch, his companies have filed for at least 130 trademarks in China since 2005 for restaurants, bars, hotels, brokerage services, advertising and management consulting.

The man is all over the place. He just profited from the rise of Raytheon stock value after the massive bombings in Syria.

We can forgive all of that if only he had pursued his “draining of the swamp” right off the bat. But until now, only those die hard Trump fanatics continue to dream that that is really the case “behind the scenes.”

But that is not what’s happening right in front of our faces.

‘No doubt’ Our Villain of the Season has  Weapons of Mass Destruction

Mattis: ‘No doubt’ Syrian regime has chemical weapons, April 21, 2017

There can be no doubt in the international community’s mind that Syria has retained chemical weapons in violation of its agreement and its statement that it had removed them all. There is no longer any doubt,” Mattis told reporters.

Full text of Dick Cheney’s speech, August 27, 2002

Simply stated, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction. There is no doubt he is amassing them to use against our friends, against our allies, and against us. And there is no doubt that his aggressive regional ambitions will lead him into future confrontations with his neighbors …

“Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” ― Edmund Burke

The American Dream lives on.

22 thoughts on “Gamechanger: India, Pakistan & Iran Joining BRICS Shanghai Cooperation Organization”

    1. Frankly you should pay more attention to the fact Pakistan & India are joining Shanghai………….Pakistan & India have been at war since the independence of both nations ’47. Pakistan aggressively pursues terrorism in central Asia using taliban & mujihidin as cover who in turn grow and peddle Oppium. Iran & Saudi use Al Queda, Hezbollah & Hamas both nations support terrorism. Proxy war Sunni vs Shia fought on European & US soil. Both are continuing to pursue 7th century ideologies are totally irrational politically! Question is, can Russia & China jointly control these four extremist factors of ISLAM? Trump is no Jew. Where you get the idea Jews are behind all that is demonic in the world staggers me? Simply shows your lack of geopolitical intelligence! Don’t you follow what is happening world wide at the behest of ISLAM? Have you any idea how wealthy the so called Saudi Royal family is? The personal portfolio of the sheikhs is $640 billion. The Rothschilds are small potatoes by comparison as is Soros! Both probably do business with them as well as many western Investment Banks namely HSBC, MSC, Citi, etc, branches in Saudi and all do very well out sharia banking practice! This is where the OIL is! The Jews hey day went out with WWII. Now today it is the wealth of the middle eastern and central Asian Islamic countries. Iran is so cruel I am surprised she isn’t selling all her domestically owned dogs & strays to China – for the up & coming ceremony 21st June celebrated by eating dog meat. China I have to say is taking action in a number of areas and animal preservation both wild and domestic is one of them as well as dealing with climate change. Suggest you watch Japanese, Chinese, & Russian to get a broader picture. China CNC & CGTN – RT Russia – NDTV India & NHK Japan, surprisingly Africa is not as impoverished as it would have us think. An hourly program of News on Africa CGTN including money markets. Before making such silly generalizations about Jews get an education!

      1. China and Saudi Arabia do not have any gold. The central bank of these countries, which is privately owned by the BIS, may have some small amount of gold.

        The governments and people of China and Saudi Arabia are beyond the threshold of bankruptcy, just like the rest of the countries on earth. 90% of the monetary gold on earth is held by proxy in The Bank For International Settlements, who, by the way, creates every currency on earth.

        I can safely assume that you have no idea what the Bank For International Settlements is. (BIS)

      2. There is objective data and sound conclusive evidence that the Rothschild’s own over 55% of the world’s assets with a personal worth of multiple trillions. The “terrorists” you speak of are nothing more than contracted mercenaries, hired to destabilize specific geographic regions, by either Western forces or Eastern forces.

      3. All orthodox news in the East and the West is programming and conditioning. There is no educational value in mainstream news. Zero.

    2. The District of Columbia is privately owned and there is no objective data or sound conclusive evidence that the holocaust ever took place. I have studied the same body of knowledge that is well hidden in plain sight.

  1. Hopefully, president Trump´s experiences will presently reveal the accurate answer to the question, “are my daughter and my daughter´s husband assisting me to implement the campaign promises that led to my election to the presidency?”

    1. I checked out:, shared. Europe is under siege and we can only hope Marine Le Pen becomes President of France. A whole lot of antisemitic comments here! One wonders is the world still full of little Hitlers? As for his son-in-law and daughter I have no specific opinion other than families discuss politics around the Friday night supper table and words may influence thoughts and decisions as in any other family be it Jewish, Christian, Islamic or atheist.

      1. “The Holocaust Hoax Exposed: Debunking the 20th Century’s Biggest Lie”, reveals the details of the “Holohoax”. German documents substantiate that the Hollerith Card system was used to track “Jews”. However, German documents reveal that there were no gas chambers at any of the NAZI slave-labor stalags. Nor were the small outdoor furnaces used to incinerate “Jews”. Non-Jews who survived the NAZI stalags did not mention gas chambers or “smoke from the constantly-smoking furnaces.” The 6 million figure is a number that has been repeatedly used by Judaism to fraudulently gain sympathy of Goyim, which has historically worked, until the fraud of the Holohoax was established. (… )
        Not only were no gas chambers at any of the NAZI, slave-labor stalags, there were not six million Jews in all the stalags combined.

  2. Old foes can return to be close friends and successful partners. This is true in life. They know how ugly they can both get and where that leads them and their people.

    The eurasian region is largely misunderstood by non natives. Perhaps due to poor translation, limited coverage and transparency as well as western ignorance to other long-established cultures. But I digress!

    In my opinion it is better for these powerful nations to join and have a go at peaceful collaboration. They share some spiritual roots and India is of course mostly Hindu. The combined intelligence of some of the people from these beautiful countries is, quite frankly, of cosmic proportions. I bow down to their superior maths and physics brains! Lol.

    The people of these countries, like most people, ache for peace, fairness and prosperity. The west’s attempt at peace has proven to fail time and time again. We have grown fat and lazy thinking we are the centre of the universe and all others are here to serve us. No more, time for a new day.

    1. Forever the optimist, well good luck with this! You only have to watch the changing of the Guard at India/Pakistan border! Pakistan still practices 7th century Islam & India does her best to deal with this barbaric cult. Kashmir is a case in point, check it out. I am afraid I have no faith in ISLAMIC nations getting along with non-Islamic precisely why I made the point ‘how will Russia & China keep Islam in check’ China is civilized Russia is Orthodox and shrewd but can they both take on irrational ISLAM?

      1. You might brush-up on who and when was ISIS created, how are they funded, and which countries are they primarily attacking. Also, the “7 countries in 5 years” is a topic that would broaden your acquaintance with which “geographical entity” is responsible for the conflict in the Middle East, and more broadly, world-wide.
        A more cogent question than, “how will Russia & China keep Islam in check” is, “how is India/Pakistan related with any of the terrorism that the CIA/MOSSAD is conducting with their proxy army, ISIS, in the Middle East, that “Israel” initiated” ?

  3. BRICS banks are supported, endorsed, subsidized, and regulated by none other than, the Bank For International Settlements. BRICS Banks are branch banks of the BIS, located in Basel, Switzerland.

  4. For some of us geopolitical neophytes, it would be helpful to list out the names of the BRICS members at the outset of your article. What nation does the “I” represent?
    Just saying.

  5. Looks like India, Pakistan, and Iran may just be in possession of “WMDs” and “Niger Yellow-Cake”
    “Paging Colin Powell, paging Colin Powell, dust off your ‘mobile launcher’ photos and get to that Khazarian hive on the East River.”

    An American citizen, not US subject.

      1. Few Americans understand the function of the District of Columbia. If you are not an American and are a Holocaust fairy-tale believer, your understanding of the USofA versus the District of Columbia is most likely similar.

  6. Now that Brazil has been compromised and been replaced by Iran and Pakistan Will we be referring to this group as the PRIICS. I am sure this is what the US state department has been calling this group all along.

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