Can We Separate the Jews from Apartheid State of Israel?

Criticize Israel and you will be labeled anti-Semite. Talk about the 125 million Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Animist, and Atheists, who died during the Second World War, and you’ll be called a Holocaust denier because you intentionally omitted the special deaths of the Jews – “6 million” of them.

So, how special are these people really are?

During the massive bombings of Gaza back in 2008-2009, the Jews were watching in awe as their US manufactured and paid for warplanes were diving for the kill, and reduced the buildings in the enclave into rubbles.

The smoke from phosphorous shells would continue to burn days after. Trillions of US taxpayers’ money well spent. But that’s anti-Semitic.

More are still coming in for the Special Jews from governments of the first black president and the first anti-establishment president, post-JFK era. The superior Jews are already in place where they are supposed to.

So, Apartheid Israel has no other choice but to continue to exercise exceptionality over their Palestinian subjects by shooting them on the streets, in a whim. The State of Israel will, of course from time to time, succumb to global pressure and must punish one of their own, ever so lightly.

Jewish supremacists, on the other hand, would rather hold a barbecue party just outside where the Palestinian prisoners are in a hunger strike!

Israeli activists ‘thought it nice’ to hold BBQ near Palestinian hunger strikers — RT Op-Edge

22 Apr, 2017 12:15

There is a major civil rights catastrophe underway in Israel, with increasing human rights abuses being committed against Palestinian prisoners, many of whom are mere children, political commentator Mo Ansar told RT.

On Friday, Israel’s Border Police fired stun grenades at Palestinian protesters in Bethlehem, who had come out in support of thousands of Palestinian hunger-strikers in Israeli prisons.

Demonstrators were also calling on Israel to end the imprisonment of prisoners without trial. Amnesty International says at least 500 people are being held in administrative detention without charge or trial.

Earlier, activists from an Israeli right-wing movement had thrown a free barbecue outside a military prison in the West Bank, where Palestinian inmates are currently taking part in a mass hunger strike.

RT:  What do you make of the actions of the right-wing group that threw barbeques near the prisons? It makes the lives of the hunger-strikers more difficult, doesn’t it?

Mo Ansar: Yes it does. [Marwan] Barghouti, who has been in Israeli prisons for some 15 years, who triggered the hunger strike originally, said that “hunger striking is the most peaceful form of resistance available. It inflicts pain solely on those who participate and on their loved ones, in the hopes that their empty stomachs and their sacrifice will help the message resonate beyond the confines of their dark cells.” And, in response to this, Israeli activists thought it would be nice and funny and clever to inflict more cruelty on these people who are starving to death in prisons by wafting smells and aromas, cooking in front of them, mocking them.  It is abhorrent. There is a major civil rights and human rights catastrophe in Israel with increasing human rights abuses against Palestinian prisoners.

Barghouti wrote an op-ed in the New York Times just recently where he talked about deaths, tortures, inhuman treatment, removal of family visitation rights; the fact that lawyers are unable to defend their clients. Let’s remember some of these clients are 10-, 12-, 14- year-old kids; kids who have been imprisoned for what? Throwing stones at tanks, throwing stones at armed military police? So there are major questions being asked by Amnesty [International] and others around the world about the increasing human rights violations against these Palestinian prisoners. We need a solution.

RT:  Do you think more pressure needs to be put on the Israeli authorities to improve conditions?

MA: I think conditions are going to have to improve. The difficulty we have is that we can’t take the treatment of Palestinian prisoners in isolation. When you look, for example, on treatment of Israel with Gaza, Gaza is effectively a 25-mile by four-mile strip of land [40 x 6.5km]; 1.6 million people are living there. It is an open refugee camp. Israel has a particularly harsh, some would go so far as calling it ethnic cleansing, which has been going on in Palestine over the last 60 years. Even prisoners who were due to be released after the Oslo Accords haven’t been released. We’ve got something like about 20-odd journalists that are in Israeli prisons at the minute. We had outrage when we had freedom of speech and press freedom being curtailed around the world.  We’ve had outrage when we’ve had prisoners who were journalists in Egypt and in other totalitarian states. So it is odd that we’re not seeing more of an outcry about journalists who are being imprisoned as part of this raft of human rights violations in Palestine.

As they said, we cannot lump all “Israelites” together because some of them are moderates, secular and don’t really care about racism. Not to mention the recent discovery that the Askhenazi Jews are actually of Khazarian descent who earlier converted to Judaism to hide their sordid history.

But isn’t their collective silence an unspoken consent to their government’s action?

Or, that their protest actions were not enough to influence the character of the State of Israel?

Because, in the final analysis, we can only evaluate and judge from the actual results of such actions, and not with what has been said, or any of their abstract intentions.

Mainstream LATimes says,

Does the term ‘apartheid’ fit Israel? Of course it does.

… “Apartheid” isn’t just a term of insult; it’s a word with a very specific legal meaning, as defined by the International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid, adopted by the U.N. General Assembly in 1973 and ratified by most United Nations member states (Israel and the United States are exceptions, to their shame).

According to Article II of that convention, the term applies to acts “committed for the purpose of establishing and maintaining domination by one racial group of persons over any other racial group of persons and systematically oppressing them.” Denying those others the right to life and liberty, subjecting them to arbitrary arrest, expropriating their property, depriving them of the right to leave and return to their country or the right to freedom of movement and of residence, creating separate reserves and ghettos for the members of different racial groups, preventing mixed marriages — these are all examples of the crime of apartheid specifically mentioned in the convention.

Seeing the reference to racial groups here, some people might think of race in a putatively biological sense or as a matter of skin color. That is a rather simplistic (and dated) way of thinking about racial identity. More to the point, however, the operative definition of “racial identity” is provided in the 1965 International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (to which Israel is a signatory), on which the apartheid convention explicitly draws.

There, the term “racial discrimination” is defined as “any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, color, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life.”

A few basic facts are now in order.

The Jewish state (for so it identifies itself, after all) maintains a system of formal and informal housing segregation both in Israel and in the occupied territories. It’s obvious, of course, that Jewish settlements in the West Bank aren’t exactly bursting with Palestinians. In Israel itself, however, hundreds of communities have been established for Jewish residents on land expropriated from Palestinians, in which segregation is maintained, for example, by admissions committees empowered to use ethnic criteria long since banned in the United States, or by the inability of Palestinian citizens to access land held exclusively for the Jewish people by the state-sanctioned Jewish National Fund.

And so it goes in all domains of life, from birth to death: a systematic, vigilantly policed separation of the two populations.

Jewish residents of the occupied territories enjoy various rights and privileges denied to their Palestinian neighbors. While the former enjoy the protections of Israeli civil law, the latter are subject to the harsh provisions of military law. So, while their Jewish neighbors come and go freely, West Bank Palestinians are subject to arbitrary arrest and detention, and to the denial of freedom of movement; they are frequently barred from access to educational or healthcare facilities, Christian and Muslim sites for religious worship, and so on.

Meanwhile, Palestinian citizens of Israel must contend with about 50 state laws and bills that, according to the Palestinian-Israeli human rights organization Adalah, either privilege Jews or directly discriminate against the Palestinian minority. One of the key components of Israel’s nationality law, the Law of Return, for example, applies to Jews only, and excludes Palestinians, including Palestinians born in what is now the state of Israel. While Jewish citizens can move back and forth without interdiction, Israeli law expressly bars Palestinian citizens from bringing spouses from the occupied territories to live with them in Israel.

The educational systems for the two populations in Israel (not to mention the occupied territories) are kept largely separate and unequal. While overcrowded Palestinian schools in Israel crumble, Jewish students are given access to more resources and curricular options.

It is not legally possible in Israel for a Jewish citizen to marry a non-Jewish citizen. And a web of laws, regulations and military orders governing what kind of people can live in which particular spaces makes mixed marriages within the occupied territories, or across the pre-1967 border between Israel and the occupied territories, all but impossible.

And so it goes in all domains of life, from birth to death: a systematic, vigilantly policed separation of the two populations and utter contempt for the principle of equality. One group — stripped of property and rights, expelled, humiliated, punished, demolished, imprisoned and at times driven to the edge of starvation (down to the meticulously calculated last calorie) — has withered. The other group — its freedom of movement and of development not merely unrestricted but actively encouraged — has flourished, and its religious and cultural symbols adorn the regalia of the state and are emblazoned on the state flag.

The question is not whether the term “apartheid” applies here. It is why it should cause such an outcry when it is used.

Saree Makdisi, a professor of English and comparative literature at UCLA, is the author of “Palestine Inside Out: An Everyday Occupation.”

Apartheid Israel should provoke an outcry because that’s the whole idea. If the global population is focused on evil Israel, then they won’t have the time to see how their bank accounts are depleted systematically, bit by bit over time.

So, we would be remissed in our task indeed if we will not close this article with the bigger picture that the Jews, just like the Russians, the North Koreans, President Assad, the Atheists, the climate change marchers, revisionists, and tarot readers, are all part of the multi-layered dialectics between bogeymen, who may only differ from which side they are fighting on, but they are all useful distractions in the larger scheme of things, just the same.

The Rothschild’s Khazarian Mafia, the Jesuits and its Knights of Malta legionnaires, Freemasonic lodges and their fraternity clubs down the line, all united in their common vested interests, are all properly served, well compensated and recognized, as people scrambles only for crumbs ‘neath their tables.

The status quo must be preserved, at all cost.

Our limited choices are between playing the hunger games, supplant the current order by revolting from within, or leave it all behind.

But, to where?

19 thoughts on “Can We Separate the Jews from Apartheid State of Israel?”

    1. Oh lord you really have a thing about the Rothschilds. The Rothschilds made their money in Russia wheat. There were six boys, now in various European nations, one in Israel. The Rothschilds also backed the Napoleonic wars for the British Crown. Guess who funds Britain and Europe today? Saudi Petro dollars. UK is up to its neck in debt and favors from Saudi Arabia. Why do you think the UK are flogging arms to Saudi to beat Yemen? And I’ll give you a bit of inside knowledge, a woman genius real time IT operative was paid £10,000 over three different occasions to teach the bloody stupid Arabs how to fly their war planes and operate strategic targeting! So what do the bloody Arabs do? Kill civilians and get into their fighter planes with extra padding to protect their dicks so they can enjoy the pleasures of 72 Virgins per man in paradise! How old are fighter pilots generally? Between 18 & 25 tops. Aren’t you the guy who believes China has no Gold reserves? Bet you think China still lives in the dark ages. I expected so much more from an alternative information service. As I said before, mostly Gangsters & Banker’s including Arafat’s widow earning huge commissions (not to the tune of Soros) bank their money in Basle. China is too cool to trust any western bunch of bankers, though there are plenty Western Bankers based in Saudi. Haven’t you heard HSBC (no longer Chinese) moved it’s investment arm there as has Citi (Citicorp Investment previously based in the Strand London ’84) MSC etc. Does the US federal Bank still hold her bullion at Fort Knox? I would think so.

    2. Rothschild are Vatican Bankers, as all Bankers are…Controlled by the Jesuits..
      Vatican controls all monies on the Planet. If you want to tell the TRUTH.

  1. The story of world hero, Mordecai Vanunu, who risked his life to reveal in 1986 the secretive nuke program of “Israel”, underway at Dimona since 1957, reveals the sinister, “Israel”. Evil Harvard law professor, Alan Dershowitz reveals Judaism´s insider story, www eutimes net/2017/03/it-is-our-right-to-influence-and-control-america-with-the-media-dershowitz/
    Dershowitz is included on the passenger list of “Lolita Express”, the airliner used by international paedophile, Jeffry Epstein, to shuttle customers back and forth from his private, paedophile island. Details at, http //gawker com/flight-logs-put-clinton-dershowitz-on-pedophile-billio-1681039971

  2. Well you’re old enough to remember the six day war. So you believe Israel is the bogeyman? Couldn’t even be bothered to read the whole article or all of your comment. I was a mother of a 6 week old baby in ’67 – at the time as today it could be referred to as a proxy war. As a young mother with Russia one side & the US the other I feared WWIII. This time it was between Communist Russia & US. The Cuban Missile crisis was just five years earlier – I was a kid. There is no Palestine other than Imperial Rome’s name for Judah, Samaria & Israel. The Brits didn’t have the sense to change the name when occupying ME after WWII, I guess it just got left off the list in ’48 when the name should have been put into International statute after founding of Israel in 48. You will recall (I presume you know your history) Rome was rather pissed off with the Jews since they upset the status quo. By the way there were no Arabs apart from Bedouins in Israel at the time & the King of Israel, Herod worked with Rome under Cesar I guess you know this. Philistia & Gaza date back this far however a war between David & Gaza made Gaza Israeli. Further more Jordan invaded Israel in 48 after the treaty had been drawn up by the then League of Nations. Israel had no army to fight back just a few good men and women. Israel is legitimate go check International Law. Oh and by the way in case you don’t know and clearly you don’t the last uprising in Gaza foisted on Israel Hamas engineered, and used human shields just as they do today in Syria. I suppose you believe Assad set of chemical weapons? For a man of your mature years and academic background I am surprised at your unfounded views of Israel. There is no apartheid just Israeli’s protecting themselves from suicide bombers crossing the border patrols and haven’t you heard about the tunnels from Sinai into Israel. Covert Geopolitics my ass it is just one antisemitic rant. I will unsubscribe I expected a more honest appraisal of facts.

    1. You have a very deluded grasp of history. Dont forget, that Arab people are the true Semites. isreal isnt a real country. The Jews have no claim to the land. END OF. jewish history has been proven that they are really Khazars. From nearer modern day Turkey.
      isreal is actually a Zionist state, and has nothing to do with real Judaism. Real Jewsih people live by the Holy Torah, ask any real Rabbii. They will tell you.
      The facts are that the war mongering state that is ethnically cleansing Gods true people, the Arabs, not the fake jews of israhell. Mossad are the great evil, and behind most of the attacks in the area. Eliot Shimon, a mossad agent, is the real name of the guy who is running IS or whatever they are called this week. But hey, get on your high horse with brainwashed crap. Who was castrating British soldiers during the late 1940s? the jews. Who was behind the set up of the war mongering state of israhell? The Rothschilds way back in the early 1900s
      I have several Jewsih friends, not one of them is a bigot. And only one them likes the false state of isreal. The others express concern of the barbarity of that state

      1. @Chris

        On being Khazars: The Khazars acknowledge this fact themselves beginning in at least their 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia. Search: “1906 jewish encyclopedia article 4279” Jesus (Not an inducement or endorsement.) also mentions them, twice, and the world’s struggles with them, in Revelations 2:9 & 3:9.

        With all due respect to Ericka, but she is responding just the way she has been brainwashed to–with anger, personal attacks, and closed-off. Authority has trained her, and the rest, to only accept the authoritarian view as truth, and to vehemently reject, even with violence, opposing views. Authority does this by limiting thinking, and then by instilling within them the a false sense of having a stake in the authoritarian “truth.” They then respond as trained the way a thinking and independent person would: By acknowledging the dissonance, determining if the topic or ideas is important to them, and if so, adding to the discussion.

        Not hate. Just unacceptable.

    2. No look at those who suffered at the hands of the Nazis in Europe. Those who wnet through the Holocaust. How many have spoken out at what isreal is doing to the Palestinians? And how the fascist state of isreal condems them back.
      Not everyone is isreal is bad. There are many there who dont like what the zionists are doing. But they get treated with contempt. When people have this poor attitude of seeing others a lesser peoples, Nazis for one, we will never have a world of peace

      1. Absolutely, not all Jews support present day Zionists. And many Israelis have participated in demonstrations condemning the treatment of the Palestinians in Gaza. It is so dangerous to polarise and tar everyone with the same brush. I abhor our Tory government, just because I live in the UK, it doesn’t mean I am in favour of our leaders. I will say, that it does worry me that many are now cynical about the six million figure for the deaths of those traditionally known as Jews in WWII. I ask myself, how do we know that any of the figures for war dead in any war or at any time are in fact accurate?

      2. There was no “Holocaust” per the definition of Judaism. Documentation verifies that “Jews” were followed by IBM´s Hollerith Card system. However, documentation indicates that there were no gas chambers. The gas-chamber stories are fairy-tale creations designed to gain sympathy of Gentiles. Gentiles (Goyim) consisted largely of Christians, effusing sympathy, instead of following the teachings of Christ.
        Judaism´s fairy-tales have worked very well with naive´ Christian types.
        The lie about 6 million gassed at Auschwitz has fallen apart. There were not 6 million Jews in all NAZI, slave-labor stalags combined.
        Judaism´s “game” for forty years is to suppress investigation of Judaism´s fairy-tales, using scapegoating techniques and the fraudulent word, “anti-semitic”. Semites are the folk who remained in the Middle East, most of whom are “Moslems”.

    3. Your dissatisfaction with the appraisal of facts is of course standard, for constituents of the religious society of self-worshipers, since facts do not include the historical fairy tales and lies that you so skillfully quote from memorization and repetition. .
      Your stance reminds of the rat-court conducted on John Demjanjuk in Germany, 2009-2012. Demjanjuk, (a polish captive of the NAZI) was accused of being “Ivan the terrible” in the NAZI stalag of Sobibor. Congressman James Traficant of Ohio uncovered concealed FBI information indicating that Demjanjuk was NOT Ivan the terrible. On the basis of the information, the supreme court of Israel granted Demjanjuk a reprieve. However, Jews of Germany used the testimony of two 90+ yr old men in 2011, who had not seen Demjanjuk since 1944 – IF EVER – to convict Demjanjuk. An innocent man convicted of alleged deaths, based on fairy-tales, which alleged millions of deaths did not occur.

  3. “You will know them by their fruits.”

    “Can We Separate the Jews from Apartheid State of Israel?”
    To even ask that question is to reveal ignorance of what the Khazarians are.

    Israel is only a symptom of the disease, not the disease. If the disease continues to go untreated it will kill the host. Or as a friend of mine likes to say, “Israel is what a world controlled by Jews would be.” And Israel is only just a part of the Khazarians’ machinations, plunder and deceit.

    As outlined in their own writings, including the Torah and Talmud, the Khazarians’ chief aims are to: 1) Plunder all they survey; 2) Destroy all that are not them: 3) Set themselves up as god on Earth. Israel is those mostly realized–take a look at their supreme court building for the last one.

    “We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. –Maurice Samuel, “You Gentiles”

    But of course, I’ll be deemed a hater because I have rejected them as putrid fruit.

    One is not a true American until resident in the ADL’s database.

      1. Thank goodness some one on this page of Pseudo intellectuals i.e KChrisC, some comments see it like it is! We have enough trouble with Islam already so fine you intellectual liberals who say I am ignorant and the rest “lets just annihilate Israel and bow down even further to Saudi Wahhabi Islam than we already have”. Oh and those who are referring to the Book of Zion this was pure propaganda, as for Khazarian’s so what if they adopted Judaism as opposed to Paganism which one must assume they were way back in the mists of early history. Maybe Christianity hadn’t reached this far, Some of you are as bad as those who dispute the origins of Saimi/Finns who lived way up in Northern Asia as long ago as 20,000 years ago. You can check it out. Every possibility Khazarian’s came South with their Pagan religion and adopted Judaism, these Jews were among the poorest. Why people believe the Jews want to rule the world is complete rubbish. Apart from Soros who is an Hungarian Jew with Nazi traits so what’s new. Not all Rothschild’s are devil worshippers. I know of one who is a Rabbi in London. There’s good and bad everywhere. But Islam takes the cake particularly Wahhabi Islam -but what do I know according to KCHRISC!

      2. Thank you Luke for being enlightened about the middle east. Seems some here who have been particularly insulting to me are rather stupid even though they appear to be intellectual. The second Ottoman Empire is about to raise its head via Turkey, Wahhabi Saudi has been funding Mosques world wide for over 50 years and there are still idiots out there bemoaning the Jewish people. Well blame the League of Nations for giving the Holy Land to the Jews in 1948.

    1. Thank you. The religious society of narcissistic self-worshippers, who call themselves “Jew”, whose historical existence is based on lies, and who blame “God” for their terrorism, can scarcely be traced back to the alleged twelve tribes. The fruit of the MSM reflects their lies and distortions. The MSM consists of six huge companies that own all major TV, radio, newspaper and publishing chains that control 96% of western world media. Details at _ In addition to evil Hollywood, they own the gambling and prostitution of sin cities around the world. This religious society claim to be “God´s chosen people” yet sponsor the sin cities of the world.

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