From Dealmaker to Butcher, to War Profiteer Trump

Donald Trump has added a new title to his presidential resumè – war profiteer, after he provoked North Korea with his “powerful armada,” and forced his THAAD installation into South Korea because the latter needs it right now more than anytime in the past.

The strongest motivation behind the forced missile defense installation is only beginning to unravel — that Seoul must pay a hefty price of $1 billion even though the US still owns and operates the installation… ultimately against China.

The same exact formula has been used effectively to bleed Japan since its surrender to the US in 1945.

When Japan decided not to submit to the extortion anymore in 2011, tsunami conveniently struck the country, while an Israeli security company threatened to blow up the remaining reactors with embedded nukes at the Fukushima nuclear facility.

The South Koreans have seen this scenario a long time ago, and they have expressed in more ways than one that the THAAD installation should not push through.

A U.S. military vehicle which is a part of Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system arrives in Seongju, South Korea, April 26, 2017. Kim Jun-beom/Yonhap via REUTERS

To Pay or Not to Pay: Seoul in Hot Water as Trump Wants

17:52 28.04.2017

South Korean experts remained at odds over US President Donald Trump’s latest move: to get Seoul to pay one billion dollars for the deployment of elements of the US Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system in South Korea.

Earlier on Friday, US President Donald Trump said in an interview with Reuters that he wanted Seoul to pay for the one-billion-dollar US Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system stationed in South Korea to shield it from a possible missile attack by North Korea.

The THAAD agreement was reached by Seoul and Washington in July 2016, and March 2017 saw the beginning of the deployment of THAAD elements in South Korea.

The move came amid growing tensions spurred by North Korea’s recurring ballistic and nuclear missile tests.

Commenting on Trump’s decision to make Seoul pay for THAAD deployment, South Korean expert Lee Seong-hyeon of the Sejong Institute warned against jumping to conclusions.

“Considering Trump’s style and the fact that he has repeatedly made provocative statements, South Korea should wait and see how the American side will comment on its position on the matter in detail,” Lee told Sputnik Korea.

He recalled that “THAAD is weaponry which is mainly owned and used by the US military”, saying that it will be senior US officials who will be placed in an “absurd position” due to Trump’s statement.

Cheong Seong-Chang, Director of the Department of Unification Strategy Studies from the Sejong Institute, for his part, said in an interview with Sputnik Korea that Trump plays into the hands of South Korea’s presidential candidate Moon Jae-in by urging Seoul to pay for THAAD.

“The new approach to the problem of THAAD opens up the opportunity of talks for South Korea, and creates a very beneficial situation for Moon Jae-in, who proposes resuming negotiations in a triple format, involving the US, South Korea and China. The possible talks on THAAD may help Moon Jae-in approach the issue not only from the point of view of security, but also in terms of economic interests,” Cheong said.

He also recalled that “there is a competition in the military sphere between the US and China, whereas there is no such rivalry between Seoul and Beijing, which is why South Korea has no reason to look into the strategic assets of China.”

“It will also be easier for China to accept the fact that in taking control of THAAD, South Korea does not pose a threat to Beijing’s strategic interests,” he pointed out.

“One billion dollars is a very big sum, but upon paying it we will be able to spend less on other types of weapons,” according to Cheong.

“We are already losing 12 billion dollars a year because of China’s retaliatory measures, and there could be an economic benefit,” he said, referring to Seoul’s possible move to pay for THAAD.

“The proposal met a positive reaction from Chinese experts, but there are big doubts that the US is really ready to sell THAAD to South Korea,” he added.

Kim Yeon-ho of the Minjoo Party of Korea in turn insisted that first of all, it is necessary to prove that South Korea really needs THAAD.

“First and foremost, we need to make sure whether THAAD really resolves the problem of protecting South Korea’s 50-million-strong population from North Korean missiles,” he said, urging the new South Korean government to complete the check-up of THAAD’s effectiveness.

“The government should not only consider the issue of legitimacy related to the deployment of THAAD, but also assess its feasibility given latest reports about the purchase of THAAD at the expense of the state budget,” Kim concluded.

Meanwhile, the South Korean Foreign Ministry’s representative said on Friday that Seoul has not received US demands to pay the costs of the THAAD system stationed in South Korea.

“A notification from the part of the United States [government] regarding this issue has not been obtained,” an official from the South Korean Foreign Ministry said, as quoted by the Yonhap news agency.

As reported earlier, businessman Donald Trump has vested interest in the military industrial complex.

Meanwhile, his supposed Russian friendly State Secretary Rex Tillerson is adding fuel to the fire.

One thought on “From Dealmaker to Butcher, to War Profiteer Trump”

  1. “Pin Cushion” – Geopolitical Overview – Friday – April 28, 2017


    All member access platforms have been “game tested” and are considered “ready-set-go.”

    As of Thursday 22:00 EDT, each participating member bank had reported in successfully today as to currency conversions of all types and denominations.

    Yes including ZIM … at sovereign rates … with structured payouts… blah, blah, blah…

    So Yo, what’s the wait now? Well, nothing actually, D-Land!

    General Dunford still has operational control over the RV release, with oversight over all 15,000 redemption centers bank, off site or military base/annex; but former President Obama now is back in charge of making the political peace between Republic Republicans and Democrats, and has masterfully requested an extra week to accomplish health care and tax reforms, plus set the 2017 budget until November–which will include the USN gold backed currency law which had long been written and passed.

    But that was always his master plan and why he suddenly showed back up the week of a potential government shut down.

    Remember, Obama is still the leading Democratic figure for a host of reasons. So as he decides to lead the party, so goes the restored Republic because there’s a 60 vote threshold in the Senate to pass a law per the Constitution.

    And just maybe, all these many months and years of what looked liked random cabal delays weren’t. But they were scheduled traps to catch remaining cabal minions buried in the entrenched deep state system. Which ends after the Obamas second term and French Presidential election — which was why we needed a temporary or burner President!

    Translated, everything is right on schedule and always has been–to go after the second post shadow Mercury Retrograde of 2017.

    Make sense? No. Ok. Let’s dig a little deeper.

    Remember back on Wednesday, the entire US Senate and House of Representative Leadership (Majority and Minority) was briefed on this very fact, and how the upcoming monetary and governmental transition plan would roll out and when.

    There were specific dos and donts brought up and post RV talking points discussed, as well as a full review of their congressional amnesty and SKR currency packages.

    Any violation will require the immediate public termination and resignation from office. Thus, the meeting had zero to do with North Korea.

    In fact the whole North Korean nuclear weapons ruse is just a misdirect by Chinese military intelligence to alert the world community that the PROC now intends to deal with the Pyongyang problem once and for all.

    This was done as a courtesy to Asia, especially South Korea, Japan and Russia who all boarder North Korea and must prepare to handle an almost certain refugee crisis if they’re not willing to surrender.

    So yes, the American battleships are there to serve as warnings to the Kim Jong Dynasty that surrender is their best option–but the Republic Navy is really there to get paid handsomely for sailing into the Korean Peninsula and appearing to be a threat, not actually be one.

    Yup, the Syria airfield tomahawk attack also a Russian/Syrian ruse that served as a warning shot over Israel that something similar could easily happen on their soil if they do not succumb to the UN Security Council’s two state solution.

    That same UN Security Council has been using Trump to absorb their bad sovereign nation reorganization press. Boy, where have we heard that one before Mr. and Mrs. Restored Republic!

    “The Donald” sure makes for one amazing bad PR pin cushion. And it only took 100 days to burn his Presidency. Well played, Donna. Well played.

    Don’t worry, its being paid handsomely too for the destruction of said “yuge genius reputation;” yet from its view, all publicity is good publicity and the Presidency is a mammoth helping of free global publicity he couldn’t get otherwise.

    French elections must also complete next Sunday (May 7) to legally ensure UN Security Council harmony. They’re all on the same page despite what Nicky Haley or Rex Tillerson barks at the State Department.

    All this talk heading heads are acting–badly I might add. Mix in an acting or improv class next term guys.

    Emmanuel Macron is the French version (or Chinese Elder hand picked selection) of America’s Paul Ryan, Canada’s Justin Trudeau and Mexico’s Enrique Peña Nieto.

    All are young. Idealistic. Good looking. Moral. Stable. With 8 to 10 years of good governance in front of them.

    They are the North America and European Faces of the future. All male too. Just saying. It is the divine feminine age.

    Expect one more fresh face to come in the U.K. after the Brexit negotiations have completed.

    Mike Pence will remain VP when Trump is removed / resigned for potential legal emoluments conflicts of interest against the Constitution… which will be the global distraction covering the international financial system reset and currency revaluations.

    And while the world will be rejoicing at the death of DJT, the money will be flowing in unprecedented amounts and all nations will be catapulted into another abundant reality together.

    Even Israel and the Ukraine will be forced into riding this undeniable wave of universal momentum. As their only other option is complete annihilation — and the rest of the world knows it. Sobeit.

    God is with us.


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