Belt and Road Summit Distracted with #WannaCry Ransomware Epidemic

By now, the #WannaCry ransomware attack has made itself to the global consciousness, and may have made money for the CIA who got it from the NSA, and most important of all, eclipsed the historic event now happening in Beijing, at least for the mainstream media audience.

Malware Tech, a botnet tracker, reports that, as of Sunday, some 227,000 computers had been infected with the worm-like virus, which encrypts files and demands victims pay a ransom to release them.

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) was particularly badly hit, with patient data and other administrative information reportedly affected. At least 16 NHS organizations have been infected by the virus, the health service confirmed.

London’s Thames Valley Police have urged people to avoid “opening unknown email attachments or clicking on links in spam emails.” RT

While Western media are focusing on regressive subjects amidst the formal shifting of global control of the East, Chinese media are discussing how the Belt and Road is showing huge potential on how peace can be forged through economic cooperation and cultural exchanges.

The Belt and Road Summit, dubbed as the “”Project of the 21st Century” is poised to dictate the trajectory by which the world’s economy will proceed from here on.

So, if you’re looking for some positivity in the global news today, try the China Global Television Network channel…

Let us help spread hope for mankind, and let the ongoing development across the vast lands of Eurasia be made known throughout the West.

The East #DontWannaCry.

12 thoughts on “Belt and Road Summit Distracted with #WannaCry Ransomware Epidemic”

  1. I’m just throwing this out. My fear is that this “shift”, is planned by the ((( usual suspects ))). Putin is said to be a member of the tribe, thus, as Netanyahu said: “When we’ve squeezed America dry, we’ll throw it away like a dirty rag”.

    The “West” is a mere shafow of its former self, so with mass immigration, loss of economic and fiscal importance, they are readying to show their helpful and friendly side to the Eastern hemisphere. We must creat a system within a system.

    1. I somehow think that you are right. During the 2008 worldwide recession I noticed that money was being pumped into China from the West – this is what presumably caused local businesses to collapse in the west, not forgetting that many corporations were overvalued like some are still today.

    2. I somehow think that you are right. During the 2008 worldwide recession I noticed that money was being pumped into China from the West – this is what presumably caused local businesses to collapse in the west, not forgetting that many corporations were overvalued like some are still today.
      I am not sure where Putin fits into all this though and I think that he is not sure either. What if China are playing a game with him and the one road one belt project is to the advantage of the ‘tribe’ as you would put it? – perhaps not, as there appears to be peace and sanity returning to the far east at least for now.
      What I do know as a former oil worker, there are many western oil workers currently working on Russian rigs – so what about the sanctions imposed????

  2. “Treason” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Sunday – May 14, 2017


    Lifetime cabal assets have no soul. None. Zilch. They’re demons in the flesh.

    Bottom line now is Trump’s been caught red handed serving his Mossad master BiBi Netanyahu, again, over the US Constitution by delaying the RV via his sudden reversal to submit his public resignation this last week.

    That’s treason by any name or definition.

    Trump had previously agreed to leave power after the new budget was extended a week then signed on Friday May 5th, whereby he secured an addition $3.7B for Israel until October 1, 2017 (in addition to the $38B Bibi has previously secured with Obama).

    Now it’s reported Trump simply refuses to leave office. That’s also the deeper reason why Comey was fired–to buy time and leverage more American money for Israel.

    So the Republic is left to transition away from Trump–forcefully right now–and get to a Republic Administration as painlessly and quickly as possible.

    Remember, Trump helped create the false radical Muslim storyline after 9/11 when he did several post attack interviews which served his Mossad master over the USA.

    Treason. Treason. Treason.

    Plan B also includes Comey testifying publicly before the Senate Intelligence committee this week and also releasing UST special division financial records.

    Trump’s lawyers are rushing the renegotiation of his new exit deal we are told. This has been happening in real time all day today.

    Chris Wallace of Fox News Channel earlier said on-air of Trump’s administration that they were “playing a very dangerous game with the currency of the credibility of the President of the United States.”

    We believe Wallace was speaking indirectly about the RV which was scheduled for midnight Sunday sometime.

    We also understand the press death blow is about to be stuck deep into the heart of the bull.

    That is the latest of 16:00 EDT and hopefully all we are waiting on now that the French nuclear codes were verified and transferred to Macron earlier today.

    Not sure what the hard release timeline is but before opening bell tomorrow morning 09:00 EDT Monday feels about right or even by opening bell in China tonight which is their Monday which would be 09:00 CST (21:00 EDT Sunday).

    The smell of orange rubber hitting the road is Trump getting thrown out of the White House with Elder and Republic authorization.

    God is with us.


  3. The above is such typical troll fare. “Putin is said to…” Um, no, he’s NOT said to be a member of the tribe, except possibly by trolls or troll-believer-dupes. This is how they’re doing it. Every time you hear a phrase like “Putin’s part of this too” (speaking of some kind of evil or other) but then the subject is just dropped, NEVER backed up, never justified, never proven – THAT’S CABAL PROPAGANDA. Please don’t help their lying genocidal ways by effing REPEATING such completely unsubstantiated slander.

    1. I believe you are right, I smell arat, with his posts, the Trolls work on your slight doubts, ofcourse they are always there, with sooo much Jew BS around, I think Putin by his actions are proof enough, we will see where the Belt n Road project goes, God knows we need an alternative to the Cabal, Un, Nato, Imf SCUMS!

  4. The BRI is the most exciting project of the 21st Century. It’s great to be alive today. I thank my blessings and send out hope and love to all the innocents caught up in the old world turmoil and manipulation. Prosperity will bring peace. Thanks for the info about CGTN.

  5. Jim Stone Freelance published a comment, a day or so ago, on the RANSOMEWARE attack and it includes a referencee to BITCOIN.

    Jim Stone quote….”it is extremely probable the NSA ran the entire attack to discredit and get rid of bitcoin”.

    The following comment is courtesy of Jim Stone Freelance…….


    I am going to call this one – supposedly a 22 year old “IT expert” back engineered NSA malware within a few hours, found a back door, and shut it down. I’m not buying it.

    First of all, there are many types of malware out there, and not one has ever been shut down by anything other than virus/malware scanners that identify unique code sequences and therefore recognizes the virus. Second of all, if the NSA did have the back door to one of their toys that went wild, they’d be the one to shut it down. If it did get shut down, the NSA did it.

    Second of all, as I said before, it is extremely probable the NSA ran the entire attack to discredit and get rid of bitcoin. Where did this attack originate? BRITAIN, where the Rothchilds are working on their own crypto currency. No doubt they hate Bitcoin. No doubt their influence runs deep in the NSA, which has bases all over the world, including Europe.

    The story would have been far more believable absent the miracle boy fixing it like a champ. That stinks to high heaven and my guess is that the NSA and whoever else chickened out when they found out they could be sued to oblivion for having it get into medical computer systems first. It looked like an attack on Britain’s medical system at first, because it so dominantly showed up there first.

    Supposedly there is a wanna cry 2.0 already out, with the fix removed from it. I doubt that, it will take a couple weeks for “the bad guys” to remove that and actually have it fully tested and working. If things move faster than that, expect it to be the NSA all over again, out there discrediting Bitcoin. Stuff like this does not happen overnight, and magic fixes to cryptic NSA code don’t get discovered and remedied in hours.

    Interesting it is that this came out of the blue, right when Bitcoin topped $1, 700. I smell a rat with this one, it stinks to high heaven.
    Interesting it is that the NSA still won’t tell anyone the mode of infection! The NSA won’t tell anyone how it actually infects computers, because that’s classified! You know, like that CORE V PRO BACK DOOR! Evidently Microsoft invented a patch for this, and released it in like what? a few hours? YEAH RIGHT. That’s BULLSHIT right there, unless they worked hand in glove with the NSA and had the patch written up 5 years ago, and released it when asked to! The patch obviously won’t close the back door, it will just stop the operating system from acting on commands the malware sends . . . . perhaps . . . . . . . .


    1. The reference to BITCOIN & RATsCHILD is an interesting one….aka…..Bitcoin v. so-called “Central Banksters”.

      German Central Banker Warns Not To Use Bitcoin As It Is Not Backed By A Central Bank

      HOW SECURE are the “reserves” in the …CARE OF…..the RATsCHILD Central BANKS ? ? ?

      $9,000,000,000,000 MISSING From The Federal Reserve SHOCKING FOOTAGE

      AND here is a… Reuters/RATsCHILD ?…report on how RATsCHILDs Federal Reserve “misshandled” the Bangladesh account to the tune of $101,000,000

      The SWIFT hack
      How the New York Fed fumbled over the Bangladesh Bank cyber-heist


      1. So…..Jim Stone Freelance is of the opinion that RATsCHILD may have been complicit in the RANSOMWARE attack…which is a fascinating, and not wholly unsurpising CONCEPT Imho !

        THREE POINTS to sum up
        1. Bitcoin….Central Banks are not in on the action, hence the article ‘German Central Banker warns bitcoin not backed by Central Banks….the banksters are PEEVED !
        2. Rothschild …ashkeNAZI khazar… Central Banks …HAVE FAILED in THEIR DUTY of CARE….reference DEPOSITS placed with them …and the ……..”CLAIMED”…..cyber/ELECTRONIC….THEFTS.
        3. It seems the ….MOST COMPREHENSIVE……Cyber/ELECTRONIC …MACHINE…on the Planes of Earth….AND……MOST CAPABLE of “hacking” Banks…is….. OPERATED by the ashkeNAZI khazars ….INFESTING Palestine.

        * * * * * *
        Is the Ransomware attack, simply MUNCHAUSEN’s FINANCE; ashkeNAZI khazar style ?
        “Sequestrating” currencies from their OWN Banks.
        Holding individuals and large organisations to RANSOME in order to bring in the SHEKELS ?

      2. Its not backed by them. They just wanted to move us onto untraceable elctronic fiat currency where there is no power to reverse the damage they have done.

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