Duterte Has Declared Martial Law in Mindanao, So. Philippines to Quell Terror

After the Maute Terror Group had struck and burned several facilities in Marawi City yesterday, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte declared a Martial Law for the entire island of Mindanao, Southern Philippines. He will also be cutting short his 5-day state visit to Moscow, and will be going home today.

Updates: Duterte has already arrived in Manila.

The Armed Forces of the Philippine has announced the deaths of 13 Maute terrorists during its recovery operations in Marawi.

In one newscast, 11 civilians were shot to death by the terrorists for being Christians. A Catholic priest, together with several churchgoers, were held hostage and served as human shield as the terrorist group started escaping from Marawi City. Their whereabouts is yet unknown at this point.


The Maute Group has sworn allegiance to the CIA Islamic State, and is also allied with another CIA creation, the Abu Sayyaf terror group, which suffered devastating loss when all their terror agents were killed in their attempt to disrupt the ASEAN related meeting in Bohol Island, last month.

The attack, which served as the tipping point for the imposition of a 60-day Martial Law, included the occupation of a hospital, city hall, part of the Mindanao State University compound, and the burning of the city jail, church, school and a college.

A priest and several churchgoers are being held captive by the terrorists, who vowed to kill them if government forces are not withdrawn.

The group continues to roam on the main city street, and has full control of the two bridges leading to the city. The whole of Marawi City has no power and Maute snipers are scattered all around the city.

This recent attack is triggered when government troops were serving the warrant of arrest to one Isnilon Hapilon, who is identified as the leader of the Abu Sayyaf terror group but has since joined the Maute group.

Hapilon was reported earlier to have sent surrender feelers to the government for being “tired of running away from government operations” in his lair in Basilan, just as his operatives were killed, one by one, during a decisive military operation against them in Bohol.

Duterte has excluded from his peace negotiation efforts all terror groups which have sworn allegiance to the Islamic State.

As of 11PM GMA+8 last night, 3 government soldiers and one policeman were killed and 12 wounded. Reinforcements from the nearby city of Zamboanga and from other areas are coming.

70% of the population in Marawi have already left the city, while the remaining 30% have chosen to protect their source of living.

Government troops guard a checkpoint in town of Pantar in Lanao del Norte after residents began evacuating their hometown of Marawi in the southern Philippines, May 24, 2017 © Romeo Ranoco / Reuters
Government troops guard a checkpoint in town of Pantar in Lanao del Norte after residents began evacuating their hometown of Marawi in the southern Philippines, May 24, 2017 © Romeo Ranoco / Reuters

Duterte’s home city of Davao has also imposed a total lockdown to prevent any possible diversionary attack from the terror group, once the full military recovery operation commences in Marawi.

Years ago, the CIA created these groups to impose the need for US troops in the Philippines. More than that, some CIA assets were also posing as treasure hunters, while conducting terror false flag in the hometown city of Duterte.

Duterte’s state visit to Moscow is meant to strengthen the bilateral ties between the two countries through an increase in trade, tourism and military exchanges. The Duterte entourage is shopping for attack helicopters and precision guided missiles for the purpose of ending the insurgency and terrorism in the South.

The Philippine government is appreciative of the effort on the part of Vladimir Putin to reschedule his appointments and see Duterte prior to the latter’s early departure.

Duterte has been scheduled to speak at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations to stress his independent foreign policy, and another engagement with the Russian business community to explore possible investment opportunities for them.

Putin has expressed openness in establishing cooperation in various areas namely: “machine building, transport infrastructure, energy and possibly military technical cooperation.”

Duterte is required by law to report to the Philippine Congress within the next 48 hours to explain his martial law imposition for Mindanao, and the latter will determine whether the default duration of 60 days is adequate to quell the rebellion, or will it be extended.

7 thoughts on “Duterte Has Declared Martial Law in Mindanao, So. Philippines to Quell Terror”

  1. Philippines is highly dependent on foreign investment and as such can not fully exercise independent national and foreign policies. Philippines has no industry in which it can build around. The overseas Filipino workers are the only ones keeping this country afloat. Agriculture should have been PH’s economic backbone but even to this day, under Duterte’s leadership, achieving this is still highly questionable.

    My only hope is that Putin was able to enlighten Duterte as to Republic’s true enemies. He must take back the Republic from the old powers that infests Malacanang and come to blows with these parasites (some of them are his closest friends). He’s got nothing to be afraid of, he has the full suppport of the Filipino people.

    1. I came across a similar scenario in Angola. Angola rich in oil and mineral deposits but guess what all the skilled labour is foreign. And as far as the west and europe are concerned that is the way they like it thus giving them total control. Duterte’s job is hard but his people need education and he needs to implement a programme equal to Costa Rico’s self sustainability practices. No WB, IMF or NGO’s thieving their resources as what is happening in the Philippines.
      I sure hope that Duterte and the people that he represents truly support each other for the better of mankind and the Philippines. Good luck guys.

      1. Same here, Philippines is estimated to be 4th richest in the world in terms of mineral resource and yet due to the 1995 Mining Act only big foreign mining firms (from US, Japan, Switzerland, Canada, China etc) are the only ones benefitting from the wealth of the land. The 60/40 sharing myth is pure bullshit, it’s 100% ownership of PH lands (and everything umder it) granted to big foreign mining firms through FTAA contracts. Duterte’s pick for the environmental secretary (DENR) Gina Lopez is a highly accomplished environmental activist and has vowed to close these big mining firms (especially open pit mines and those operating on watershed areas).

        But of course, the pieces of shit in Congress (upper and lower) rejected her appointment. These pieces of shit and I mean all of them needs to be lynched and hanged from every light post along EDSA. They are pieces of shit.

        Duterte has the full support of the people, he can do anthing here and he’ll still get the support of the people (believe me, sometimes this scares the hell out of me). It is bcuz he is Duterte that he was able to imposed a Martial Law on Mindanao. Had it beem anybody else, that part of PH would explode in revolt. There are thousands and thousand of private armed groups in Mindanao, even the citizens are fairly adept in guns.

  2. The day the US gets rid of ALL the so-called “Alphabet agencies” and the “Zionist” will she become FREE again…President CHUMP (Trump) is not helping with this…for now.
    I believe he REALLY turns on his “Controllers” by announcing his OWN guilt and involvement with the “Satanist” (Vatican/Pedogate)…He will bring the whole house of corruption down in the entire world.
    It will cost him dearly, but the TRUTH about how rotten most governments are makes it worth the cause…by doing something on that order may even act a “Protection” for himself, because it will bring EVERYTHING out in the open for the entire world to SEE.

  3. It is because they want to loot the Gold which is hoarded in the Philipines for the Khazarian Mafia. Nothing more or less. Where is the US fleet now ?

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