Intel Agent Reveals How NATO Planned to Tear Russia Apart

According to secret documents obtained by a Russian intelligence service, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, NATO planned to split Russia into several smaller parts, a former secret agent told Russia’s Rossiya 1 broadcaster.

After the collapse of the USSR, NATO planned to divide Russia into small parts diminishing the state to the size of the medieval Moscow principality, a veteran of the Russian “illegal” intelligence service said during the Vesti v Subbotu (“News on Saturday”) program of Russia’s Rossiya 1 broadcaster.

The program was dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the Directorate S (“illegal” intelligence service) of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation (SVR).

The interview was conducted by Vesti v Subbotu anchor Sergei Brilev. The voice, face and name of the former agent were changed due to security reasons.

“Pavel Andreyevich [the agent’s alias] says that the NATO documents obtained by him signaled that the dissolution of the USSR was only the first stage,” Brilev noted.

“And then [NATO planned] to create the Russian North-Volga Republic and then the Middle Volga Republic, and reduce the Russian state to the level and size of the Moscow principality,” the intelligence veteran specified.

“We have these documents, they are now in the archive of our [Russian intelligence] service,” the former agent stressed.

U.S. navy marines take a break during annual recurring multinational, maritime-focused NATO exercise BALTOPS 2017, near Ventspils, Latvia, June 6, 2017
U.S. navy marines take a break during annual recurring multinational, maritime-focused NATO exercise BALTOPS 2017, near Ventspils, Latvia, June 6, 2017

The idea of the partition of Russia is not new.

In his book The Grand Chessboard published six years after the collapse of the USSR, a former US national security adviser and geostrategist, Zbigniew Brzezinski, insisted that “a more decentralized Russia would be less susceptible to imperial mobilization.”

“A loosely confederated Russia — composed of a European Russia, a Siberian Republic, and a Far Eastern Republic — would find it easier to cultivate closer economic regulations with Europe, with the new states of Central Asia, and with [East Asia], which would thereby accelerate Russia’s own development,” the geostrategist claimed.

“Each of the three confederated entities would also be more able to tap local creative potential, stifled for centuries by Moscow’s heavy bureaucratic hand,” he added.

Interestingly enough, before Brzezinski, the idea to sever Russia along the Ural Mountains thus dividing it into “European” and “Asian” (Siberia and the Far East) parts, was mulled over by Nazi Germany and its allies.

In December 1941, half a year after Nazi Germany invaded the USSR, the Empire of Japan offered Adolf Hitler and Italian dictator Benito Mussolini to divide Eurasia into two spheres of interest along the 70th meridian east longitude. As observers noted, Hitler didn’t plan to seize much of Soviet territory east of the Ural Mountains.

More than a decade before the Axis powers of Germany, Italy and Japan considered the partitioning of Russia, the territory of the former Russian Empire was subjected to Allied intervention — a multinational military expedition launched during the Russian Civil War of 1918 by major European powers which backed the anti-Bolshevik White Guard.

The United States, Canada, Japan and China took part in the intervention campaign along with European powers occupying Russia’s northwestern regions, Crimea, Bessarabia, Siberia and the Far East. However, their efforts were thwarted by divided objectives, a lack of domestic support, war-weariness largely caused by World War I and the military successes of the Red Army.

As history shows, each time Russia faced severe domestic and geopolitical challenges it ran the risk of falling prey to the global power game.

5 thoughts on “Intel Agent Reveals How NATO Planned to Tear Russia Apart”

  1. A loosely confederated Russia as suggested above could be workable
    I support decentralised authority
    The EU is centralised and dictatorial
    Nazi Germany respected Nation States and self autonomy
    The problem with Europe is a group of Elite (Banksters) ruling for their own benefit and power. Climate change scam all about power of same Elite

  2. Love it, its so great to hear Jew World order Fuckups, Bringem on, ICELANDS economy going fantastic after ousting Rotschild bankers, ofcourse you won,t hear that or the success of Russia defeating Terrorist Israel on the mainstream media!

  3. One thing is very interesting here and it can be comparable to the US. Although divided into states you still got one awful government and decision makers. The same goes for the UK and ‘her’ commonwealth partners. Russia’s de-centralization is only sought after for one objective only – that is to diminish the power that Russia currently holds in world politics and of course its military might thereby making it easier to extort should this be achieved.
    I must say should the cartel realize their goals we will be sieged by a cashless society and will be come total slaves to a virtual control system.
    Gone are the good old days 😦

    1. “Gone are the good old days 😦” — No, no Shapie! — not until the fat lady sings! Or in this instance not as Putin says, Russia will have to cease to exist! Russia knows they’re dealing with a bunch of ‘full spectrum global dominance’ megalomaniacs– truly the synagogue of Satan… I mean for the Lord’s sake, Shapie– these people not only want to conquer the world and Space– but think they have already penetrated the star gates to heaven’s door…

      Blinded by the global power they wield– it reduced them to nothing but dullards–
      stupid oafs, reduced them to maniacal madness– to unheard or ever known before– a puffed up arrogance, running rogue and out of control with an ungodly conceit– they consider they own the power to challenge the Eternal Godhead itself!!

      Reminds me of a little story– Once when an elephant and a field mouse crossed a bridge. the little mouse looked up at the elephant and said, “Jeez, Mr. Ellie– WE sure are making this bridge creak fit to bust!” — emphasis of course on the ‘WE’ LOL

  4. Just wish to add… When Russia was literally invaded by the western bankster gangsters in 1917-1918– she had no one on her side… The whole bloody minded lot of greed crazed, blood lusting savages– dressed in fancy suits– dark suits, as Putin calls them (even in those days!) — took Russia over and raped her into oblivion on all conceivable fronts– tried to destroy her ancient culture, her arts, her intellectuals and especially her deep spiritual wealth– it was nothing but an orgy of mass murder by ethnic cleansing that was set upon her people and their motherland.

    But the good news is, that this great nation of the North, remained indomitable– while enduring the worst suffering any nation has ever had to bear– her soul remained unconquerable.

    Today Russia is no longer standing alone– Apart from again having become a global power of note– (much as the U.S. and the western fake news cretins scream she’s isolated) — The REAL world is laughing at these arrogant fools, for Russia is on everyone’s lips — most common sense people all over the world — admiring the Bear– her president and his stoic men and women.

    For the world has awakened to the artificial cheapskate non-status bling of the west and today people are informed about true history– of the bloody trail the US et al, since 1946 onwards wrought on– not only Russia, but so many other nations– all to attain its archaic agenda to become the Big Boss– owning and controlling every nation on the planet.

    What is however amazing, is how this positive awakening began to snowball– bring enlightenment, which long overdue, to a world in almost dire straits and desperately in need of this powerful energy of change!

    Within the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, NZ and many other nations — there are thousands of journalists, writers, political scientists and reknown global analysts– all defying their globalist controlled governments and standing at one with Russia. Is that not incredible! — It shows humanity is not prepared and never will be — to simply roll over and say “Die!”

    China and Iran too are solidly behind Russia– and even India too– all three nations, at one with Russia for global peace– the balance of power has changed — America can no longer dictate to a world who neither singly or collectively ever threatened the USA– only appealed for cooperation and a fair and just, productive and more equitably structured world — a world of harmony and prosperity.

    How easy for the US to have agreed to such a wonderful reformed global system, offered to her on a plate– no loss of face– But the global banksters besetting her, declined an offer which would rob them of their unholy profits and power to control the planet.

    Furthermore, witness the uproar amongst the peoples all over the world! Millions resisting the global agenda of the US and its Allies–which also include despot Saudi Arabia and Palestinian oppressor Israel–

    Ordinary Americans, along with the global community, are today very much more aware of global affairs and that Putin is not the bad guy– but that to the contrary, the bad guys are within the USA itself!

    So no way the global few are going to get their way this time around with Russia or Iran or Syria and even Iraq and Libya and a number of other unfortunate countries in Africa etc– may very well see a return of peace and a stable future. All is not lost!

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