The Covert Hybrid WW3 Video Series

We are creating videos for the proper interpretation of the geopolitical and geo-economic events in the hope that when more people understand their true significance, they will be able to supplant the motives of those who are taking them for fools!

The Covert Hybrid WW3 Video Series will be a pivotal stage in our effort to help inform the world about what makes them vulnerable to unwarranted power in the hands of the worthless, and truly genocidal individuals.

This will be for the long haul, and we appreciate everyone’s support.

If you wish to be part of this humble endeavor, we have joined the Patreon platform if you wish to be our avid patron.

As always, we’re glad to be of service to you.

4 thoughts on “The Covert Hybrid WW3 Video Series”

  1. Covert Government requires covert Revolution. “Trained Hands” make light work for professional operators.

  2. Yes I am all for this progress, this is moving forward a movement that is similar in design to the UBUNTU movement that is growing around the globe.

  3. The key to understanding the globalists’ strategy in implementing the New World Order is to understand that there are actually two NWOs: a Western-fronted decoy New World Order and a BRICS-fronted real New World Order. Once you understand how and why the globalists created them and played them against each other, all of the confusing information floating about the mainstream and alternative media will start making sense.—-more here

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