Good to be back!

We will be resuming our operations starting tomorrow.

We’re almost finished upgrading our backend system after the Gods of Darkness responded with a 6.5 magnitude quake [8.0 at the epicenter] to our soft launching of the Covert Hybrid WW3 Series.

A similar event, i.e. Typhoon Haiyan, occurred in 2013 when we all were successful in pestering the Vatican, leading to the resignation of Pope Maledict, months before.

Rest assured we will continue on, along with other resistance groups, to expose the dark side of geopolitics, the medical cartel, and the Great Usurper itself.

Thank you very much for keeping this site alive.


5 thoughts on “Good to be back!”

  1. I am delighted you are back in circulation.

    At one particular stage I thought you had been compromised by the KM.

    Best wishes and keep up the excellent work

    Robert Newey

  2. Sure am glad to hear your back ! I’m so spoiled by having something of a strong reality with my coffee and need my daily fix!

  3. Good to see you are back, I thought it was my end that had been sabotaged! It will be great to read some truth for a change 🙂

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