Is the US Really Capable of Shooting Down North Korean Missiles?

Some American analysts are now asking why the North Korean missile was allowed to pass by a Japanese island with ringing alarm bells as the only response.

“According to some analysts, Americans may be overly confident in our military’s ability to shoot down North Korean missiles if the country were to attempt to strike. Maybe the reason we haven’t shot down North Korea’s test missiles is that we can’t. While we all certainly hope that our military would be able to successfully defend the country against incoming missiles, we need to be prepared for any possibility.

According to an article by Joe Cirincione of Defense One, the reason we don’t shoot down North Korea’s missiles when they fire them over Japan is because…

We don’t have the capability.

Joe Cirincione is the president of Ploughshares Fund and the author of several books about nuclear weapons, including Nuclear Nightmares: Securing the World Before It Is Too Late.

According to Cirincione, when Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said, “We didn’t intercept it because no damage to Japanese territory was expected,” this was only partially true. It wasn’t a threat, but they didn’t have the capability to shoot it down due to the altitude.

Neither Japan nor the United States could have intercepted the missile. None of the theater ballistic missile defense weapons in existence can reach that high. It is hundreds of kilometers too high for the Aegis interceptors deployed on Navy ships off Japan. Even higher for the THAAD systems in South Korea and Guam. Way too high for the Patriot systems in Japan, which engage largely within the atmosphere.

All of these are basically designed to hit a missile in the post-mid-course or terminal phase, when it is on its way down, coming more or less straight at the defending system. Patriot is meant to protect relatively small areas such as ports or air bases; THAADdefends a larger area; the advanced Aegis system theoretically could defend thousands of square kilometers. (source)

Well, that’s unsettling. So, what if we engaged the missile before it reached that high?

Cirincione says that too is unlikely to be successful.

There is almost no chance of hitting a North Korean missile on its way up unless an Aegis ship was deployed very close to the launch point, perhaps in North Korean waters. Even then, it would have to chase the missile, a race it is unlikely to win. In the only one or two minutes of warning time any system would have, the probability of a successful engagement drops close to zero. (source)

But don’t take Cirincione’s word for it. In his article, he cited other experts who echo his sentiments.  Jonathon McDowell. an astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, tweeted in response to someone questioning why we didn’t shoot down NK’s missiles:

As well, he quoted Jerry Doyle, deputy business editor for Asia at The New York Times:

“It’s actually virtually impossible to shoot down a missile on the way up. Midcourse or terminal are the only places you have a shot.” (source)

While I’m not sure how a business editor has special knowledge of our nuclear defense system, all of these sentiments certainly raise the question:


If we attempted to shoot down a North Korean missile and missed, it would be a major propaganda coup for Kim Jong Un.

When our military practiced this, they managed to shoot down 2 out of 3 missiles.

A lot of people are putting a great deal of hope in American missile defense systems, but it’s important to note that a couple of weeks ago in a test over the Pacific, our defense system failed. This was subsequent to a previous success.

A medium-range ballistic missile was launched from a test range in Hawaii at 7:20 pm local time, but the interceptor missile fired at sea from USS John Paul Jones, a guided-missile destroyer, missed the target.

“A planned intercept was not achieved,” the statement said. (source)

That’s disconcerting. After the failed test, there was a third test which was successful, but it’s very important to realize that our military isn’t infallible. If our rate is 2 out of 3 missiles shot down, that means that 1 out of 3 still gets through and wreaks destruction.

So, could we actually shoot down a missile “gift package” as Kim Jong Un creepily calls it?

The unsettling answer is, maybe.

Maybe, if we were expecting it, if the conditions were right, if we were close enough, if it was low enough, if we were in a perfect position.

There are way too many “ifs” in there for me to feel fully confident in our ability to shoot down North Korean missiles before they strike the mainland, which experts now believe they have the ability to reach. We also know that North Korea also possesses the ability to create hydrogen bombs. And as I’ve written before, if you believe this is all a big set up for a false flag event, that would hardly matter to those nearby if such a thing were to happen.

We don’t think that any of the Khazarian Mafiosi are willing to die for their own wicked objectives. They are used to using proxies to fight the war for them, all this time.

Along with constant threats of war is the delivery of useless weapons to Japan and South Korea. That’s their primary objective at this point. That’s the only option they have in order to financially survive.

In short, now would be the best time to rise up against the Corporate Cabal if the self-proclaimed patriots really have the guts.

6 thoughts on “Is the US Really Capable of Shooting Down North Korean Missiles?”

  1. “now would be the best time to rise up against the Corporate Cabal if the self-proclaimed patriots really have the guts.”
    …Let me remind you youre talking to AMERICANS. Whom are now called ameriCUNTS by nearly 60% of the planet… They wont get up from their self induced orgy of debt, porn, and guts full of gmo food.
    The only difference between americans, canadians, european commies, soviets, and farm animals is that the propaganda is so much better in jewmerica. As long as you give them a gun to shoot some cans in the backyard and the constant reminder that theyre “the bravest, freest, most godly and masculine and proud ppl on the planet god bless you amen” then theyll sleep easy.

    This site even admitted a post or two ago that “american exceptionalism is dead”. What you failed to note is that PATRIOTISM and the WILL TO FIGHT and achieve is also included in that “exceptionalism” cos thats what built america. So you said it yourself.

  2. – Friday – September 22, 2017


    John McCain is using the life and death health of the American people as a leveraging tool against the Republic and for Israel (cabal).


    The “war hero” has long been at war with the American people and everyone else that is human the world over.

    I’m told his “brain cancer” will suddenly get the better of him. Finally.

    As a result, the illusion of a freely elected and enlightened US Congress will soon be known as a complete fraud all in service of Israel, who was in service of the dark nobility, but now acting on their own through Trump and other minions.

    But you knew that.

    What you don’t know is that the Republic will be taking over all matters related to US governance permanently now–which means publicly–which means the implementation of the USN currency & UST over the money supply and tax enforcement.

    It also means a latent but potent Republic military force will now be taking a leadership position for all homeland security operations–publicly–which is a nice way of saying martial law.

    They will root out whatever obstructionist elements of the cabal that remain in government, military, courts and banking.

    This is the end or the beginning depending on which side you’re on. And while you will get wealthy this weekend, you will be such a small number that will do so worldwide it is your moral and human responsibility to serve the masses.

    Not go sit on some sandy beach for a month. Ironically many of those were washed away in the multiple hurricanes that went through the Caribbean. So start there if you need motivation.

    The RV is also not about enjoying ultra high net worth amenities in support of the rich over the poor like advising fine wine investment purchases.

    People are freaking starving to death! And you’re ok driving a new Bentley down to the local Wells Fargo Advisors office to pick up your freaking case of imported Italian Pinot?

    Who resonates with this? Seriously?

    Does anyone really believe you’re getting this unlimited blessing to refine a wine collection or drive a luxury car?

    This about survival of the damn species and fixing all that is broken as quickly as Human possible. Not vacation!

    The RV is about being given the tools to HEAL THE SOUL OF THE WORLD AS A HUMAN ANGEL!!!!!!!!!

    There are selfless and selfish ways to act Post RV… and the benevolents are watching each of us–in a highly chalked way.

    This is not a threat. It’s a truth told forcefully but lovingly to allow you to make an informed decision about the events of the day.

    Donald Trump was and is a Mossad operative on 9/11/01 and still is on 9/23/17.

    Hillary Clinton was a dark nobility high priestess that worshiped a religion from Saturnalia (Saturn aka Satan).

    And every one that voted for either binary candidate was and is (most likely) oblivious to the war playing out before your eyes.

    That’s not a criticism. It’s a fact shared for all who care to awaken by choice (selfless) versus going back to bed (selfish).

    Keep in mind most federally elected politicians are allowing health care, tax reform and infrastructure bills to fail, which keeps the sovereign Republic government from becoming GESARA compliant which the cabal plan to keep the USA out of the new financial system.

    That’s no longer a cabal option under martial law, which Republic President Paul Ryan worked around by signing into law an emergency Executive Order (not yet public) arriving the restored Republic government.

    Kurdistan is attempting to do the same in a negative way with their sudden referendum vote out of Iraq sovereignty. Amazing.

    North Korea is doing the opposite by trying to destroy their nation by threatening America with nuclear strikes. Beyond amazing.

    American cabal loyalists are doing the same here in the states threatening to freeze desperate Americans out of Medicare / Medicade health care.

    Israel is behind it all the chaos. Just as they always have been.

    And it’s time for all reasonable people who care deeply about the world to stop supporting Israeli sovereignty for any reason, biblical or otherwise.

    Common sense says that evil cannot and will not survive wherever it exists because it feeds on fear and not love. And all fear based strategies die to to unsustainable foundations.

    Israel = fear.

    Just look at the chaos that swirls around it, and everyone associated is being chalked, including all of us–consciously or otherwise.

    But human beings must awaken in mass to reverse the Ashke(Nazi) energetic curse of emotional usury.

    So it’s time to choose before the blessing arrives.

    God or not God. White Horse or Black. Love or fear.

    I cannot stress the reality of this choice enough as real and being monitored in ways you cannot yet fathom. But you will be forced too sooner than any of you are currently thinking.

    Transition not transaction. Remember that? Well it’s here–hence these unthinkable levels of chaos now rising from all directions and charges SITREPS.

    Yes the calm will come after the storm and the aftermath will be revealed. But at what cost? Your soul? Not worth the zeros.

    So be on the right side of history. Choose service or self and surrender to the miraculous changes that have been mandated by heaven to be released earth by us.

    We are they.

    Be a Human Angel or a Human Error. Your call.

    This is a spiritual reckoning not a monetary redemption! Please feel my words as your blessing becomes your burden and you think about your next, first step.

    Oh, and please choose rate wisely ZIM holders. The RV isn’t what you think. It’s a test not a gift.

    Let that one swim around in your moral fiber.

    Folks, the RV is about preservation of the soul of the world not the acquisition of sudden wealth.

    That I can assure everyone pro or con of old Yosef. Sobeit.

    God is with us.


  3. – Friday – September 22, 2017


    There are three areas of jeopardy for the current orange president:

    1) Obstruction of Justice

    The firing FBI Director James Comey.

    2) Collusion

    Illegal consorting with senior Kremlin officials to help him win the 2016 Presidential elections.

    3) Money Laundering

    Russian criminal elements feeding Trump money by buying his properties over the past 10 years.

    The deeper problem here is not about Trump however, it’s that “Crooked Hillary” was 100x worse than Trump on these same issues running a “quid pro qou” bribing system through the Clinton Foundation for over two decades.

    66 million American adults voted for Trump.

    69 million Americans adults voted for Clinton.

    Translated: An overwhelming majority of Americans are sound asleep when it comes to all things politics.

    Oblivious to reality.

    And what’s worse, a similar unfounded confidence exists in both American military and economic superiority perception globally.

    Meaning, the US population, just like the North Korean population, has little to no idea of how or why the world actually works because of a lifelong media brainwashing campaign waged against them, all be it unknowingly.

    Don’t get mad at them. Don’t argue with them. Just pray for them.

    Because as the truth of what America really is slowly reveals itself courtesy of the China, Russia and restored Republic, folks are gonna freak.

    They already are and we’re only 10% into the disclosure campaign.

    And that wake up call will be so psychologically crippling for so many millions of American lives, it pains me just to imagine the coming fallout.

    God is with us


  4. there is a possibility that the North Korean missile is not what they think it is, if it is not built on the same principles as a standard type and this is what is worrying them, lets just suppose that this type of missile splits up into three missile’s when hit, and does it’s job with more efficiency than one missile. then that would really put the cat among the pigeons.

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