Russia will target U.S.-backed fighters in Syria if provoked

The United States’ highly illegal operations in Syria has caused the delay of freeing civilians trapped in the remaining ISIS occupied territories in the country.

After the combined forces of the Syrian Army and Russian special forces are targeted by the terrorists recently, a Russian general held a meeting with his US counterpart purposely to warn the latter of the grave consequences should its operations be hampered again.

American commandos are embedded with the so called “Syrian Democratic Forces.”

MOSCOW/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Russia warned the United States on Thursday it would target U.S.-backed militias in Syria if Russian troops again came under fire, as the United States disclosed an unusual face-to-face meeting between U.S. and Russian generals meant to avoid such clashes.

The Russian warning underscored growing tensions over Syria between Moscow and Washington. While both oppose Islamic State (IS), they are engaged, via proxies, in a race for strategic influence and potential resources in the form of oilfields in eastern Syria’s Deir al-Zor province.

The Russian Defence Ministry said the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) had taken up positions on the eastern banks of the Euphrates with U.S. special forces, and twice had opened fire with mortars and artillery on Syrian troops who were working alongside Russian special forces.

“A representative of the U.S. military command in Al Udeid (the U.S. operations center in Qatar) was told in no uncertain terms that any attempts to open fire from areas where SDF fighters are located would be quickly shut down,” Major-General Igor Konashenkov said in a statement.

“Fire points in those areas will be immediately suppressed with all military means.”

In a sign of the high stakes as both forces come in increasing proximity, U.S. and Russian generals held a face-to-face meeting this week in an effort to avoid accidental clashes, U.S. military officials said on Thursday.

“They had a face-to-face discussion, laid down maps and graphics,” said Army Colonel Ryan Dillon, a Baghdad-based spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition, adding it appeared to be the first meeting of its kind.

Dillon, addressing a Pentagon briefing, disclosed few details, including who participated in the meeting or its precise location.

A U.S. military official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the participants included both U.S. and Russian generals.


The Russian Defence Ministry this week accused U.S. spies of initiating a jihadi offensive against government-held parts of northwest Syria on Tuesday.

The ministry, in a Wednesday evening statement, said 29 Russian military policemen had been surrounded by jihadis as a result and that Russia had been forced to break them out in a special operation backed by air power.

“According to our information, U.S. intelligence services initiated the offensive to halt the successful advance of government troops to the east of Deir al-Zor,” said Colonel-General Sergei Rudskoi.

The Syrian army, backed by Russian war planes, has captured about 100 km (62 miles) of the west bank of the Euphrates this month, reaching the Raqqa provincial border on Wednesday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

Syrian troops also crossed to the eastern side of the river on Monday where the SDF, an alliance of Kurdish and Arab militias fighting with the U.S.-led coalition, has been advancing.

The convergence of the rival offensives has increased tensions in Deir al-Zor.

The U.S.-backed militias said on Saturday they had come under attack from Russian jets and Syrian government forces, something Moscow denied.

On Monday, the SDF warned against any further Syrian army advances on the eastern riverbank, and Russia’s Defence Ministry said on Tuesday that the waters of the Euphrates had risen as soon as the Syrian army began crossing it, suggesting this could only have happened if upstream dams held by the U.S.-backed opposition had been opened.

Andrew Osborn, Phil Stewart

10 thoughts on “Russia will target U.S.-backed fighters in Syria if provoked”

  1. It is terribly unfortunate that American special forces fighting against the forces of the Syrian government are brain-washed into thinking they are “supporting” Americans. They are supporting the historical tribe of nomadic terrorists to whom the UN Land-Grant of 1948 was awarded, and who fraudulently named the Land-Grant, “Israel”.
    All USMilitary forces in Syria and the Middle East who support ISIS terrorism are violating their oath of allegiance to the United States. All USMilitary in Syria are violating the USConstitution and contributing to international terrorism.

  2. Its now totally obvious to the “REST OF THE WORLD” America, Run by Jews is nothing short of a TERRORIST NATION, Where is the UN ??? WHERE?? One can “ONLY” Assume they are ALSO a corrupt Terrorist phony organisation !
    They will be shut down along with Rothschilds Illegal state & Banks!

  3. The funny thing about that whole so-called “Nation of Israel” is that the REAL people that once dwelt there have long since been spread among the world, and the original Israelites were NOT fair skinned (White) people at all.
    Evidence is piling up that THEY were of African skin color (Black!)….making the entire concepts about WHO there are a bad joke.
    Yet through ALL the LIES we have been spoon feed by the “Khazaranian Mafia” for centuries via the Vatican are being exposed daily.
    That whole country is a “Living Lie”, and believe that there was NEVER such a thing as “God’s Chosen People”.
    THAT was another lie created by the so-called “Fallen Angels” (Negative ET’s) the were responsible for what happened to “Atlantis”.
    THEY were the ones that created what we NOW know as RELIGION & GOVERNMENT…BOTH of which represents “Mind-Control”.
    As for the so-called USA…It is a STOLEN country from the original “Indigenous people” that once lived here…which they still disrespect to THIS Day!
    THEY are the “Terrorist/Evil-Empire” on this planet.

    1. THANKS, for the Tip brother…But check out THIS video at:

      Its entitled: Tribe of Judah NEGROS 100% Proof…Vatican has FAKE White Jesus…WHITE Jews FAKE!
      Truly the BS media has been lying their ashes off for 1000’s of years!

  4. @Shaplemau
    Do a search via youtube; “Tribe of Judah Negros 100% Proof” and if that doesn’t work YOU will UNDERSTAND…WHY it was taken off.
    I have it bookmarked on my device
    As much as THEY are trying desperately to hide the TRUTH…THEY ARE DESTINED TO FAIL!

    1. Thank you Kenneth, I will try sourcing it that way. I can see positive changes are happening in this world – but not happening fast enough. Keep well and good luck.

  5. Another and very disturbing book is The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine by Ilan Pappe

    And Dresden by David Irving

    Userfruct. I think you should do more reading before you promote BRICS.

    Trump gets worse by the day

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