More False Flag Ops as Deep State is Losing on Every Battlefront

The script has been overused for some time, but as madmen they are, they must continue to unleash their MK-ULTRA assets whenever there’s a need to sway public’s attention away from the multi-pronged offensive against their well-built institutions of dominance.

The Mandalay Bay casino active shooting today comes right after ISIS claims responsibility for the Marseille knife attack that killed two people.

This is the new normal as the Deep State is hemorrhaging financially, and losing power and influence globally:

  • 90% of Catalonia residents have expressed in no uncertain terms that they will sever their allegiance from the Spanish Empire, more so after the disproportionate fascist crackdown yesterday;
  • Citibank is packing and preparing to move out of Russia. Goodbye fiat dollar;
  • Turkey is about to switch on its Russian-built nuclear power plant. Turkey doesn’t need NATO anymore, says Erdogan;
  • Federal Reserve CEO Janet Yellen is on the way out;
Spanish police crackdown on Catalonia referendum.

After they have raided the Russian Embassy in the US, the Deep State US Congress is now aiming for RT America shutdown. Fake news media must have no competition. Likewise, Google’s Perspective API filtering will take good care of the alternative online media.

Today, mainstream financial experts are also being puzzled as to why your paychecks aren’t growing as the economy. They point to “recession hangover” as one probable cause.

  1. Could this be a recession hangover?

That’s almost certainly part of the problem. The 2007-2009 recession put millions out of work. When people finally landed jobs again, they took whatever pay was offered. Businesses got used to keeping wages low during the crisis and are now reluctant to give bigger raises, even though the labor market is tight and they complain they can’t find enough workers. Economists hope this will change as more unemployed people find work or start quitting to get better-paying jobs. Still, it’s clear that other trends are also in play, including globalization, technological innovation and the steady march of demographic change.

  1. How do globalization and technology factor in?

Over the past few decades, increasing trade and the establishment of global supply chains led to more competition from low-cost countries, such as China, especially in manufacturing. With their jobs at risk, there was less room for American workers to ask for higher pay. Technological advances also made it easier for machines to replace workers, especially for routine and repetitive tasks. Artificial intelligence is even threatening Wall Street jobs.

The truth is simply that the US government has been kicking the empty can for so long and its creditors have been pulling the ropes around its neck until it stops being the perennial bully to the rest of the planet.

There’s now a covert negotiation to establish a US National Bank, with the help of China, purposely to finance Donald Trump’s infrastructure projects. That’s the reason why the Federal Reserve is about to close down its fiat dollar manufacturing and distribution worldwide.

Janet Yellen and cohorts in the Babylonian monetary scam.

Only gold-backed and resource-denominated currencies will be honored in the foreseeable future. These are just some of the reasons why the West needs to endure more false flag operations as we go along.

The Western population must never know what’s going on with the rest of the world, i.e. how the resistance movement is gaining ground, day by day, against the empire.

Be safe.

24 thoughts on “More False Flag Ops as Deep State is Losing on Every Battlefront”

  1. I had to add … Go Catalonia Go! We are all Catalonia! You are reflective of our hopes and our thoughts and blessings are with you all– You are beyond brave, in touch with and expressing the needs of your inner beings– rising up in unity for what is fair and just– in defence of humanity’s inalienable right to freedom!

    Such an inspiration to us all, may the positive waves you’re generating along with your sacrifices, suffuse the world and become a global tsunami, become the harbinger of a better world for all…

  2. Yes, the US has kicked the empty can for far far too long indeed, which is either an incredible feat or simply bcuz the 99%ers are just too stupid to see through the ponzi scam. Me thinks its the latter. Why the fuck can a few selected individuals make money out of nothing while the rest of us have to work for it??

    In theory, (((they))) can keep kicking the empty forever. Its no wonder that stocks are at an all time high, all the time – forever. The central banks and governments at all levels will never let this fucking catastrophe unwind naturally. They will cut rates, monetize debt, bail out banks, bail in bank accounts, buy back securities, go full tilt in the media and spread even wilder propaganda than they already have, they will do whatever it fucking it takes. Do not expect this shit to end anytime soon. Its just too much smoke and mirrors for the sheeple. Sorry, nothing is gonna change or if indeed ‘change’ is to come, you can bet your ass that the ‘Chosen Ones’ or the 1%ers or the Illuminatis or whatever the hell (((they’re)))) called these days will come out on top of it, again. The stupid 99%ers simply can not comprehend how the evil mind works.

    1. Excellent comment Sentido, great perspective. The people that rule this planet have a firm grip on us. They always have and they always will …

    2. Does your faithless rant help anyone were Going to win this battle its to bad you cannot see the globalist are already on the ropes .. You should think before you speak all you have done is add energy to the side you despise

    3. Sentido– About the Central Banks– Because their ops have always been so secretive, I think few average people globally, have any idea what a Rottenchilds criminal rip-off they are.

      I have never come across even independent finance gurus (have done a fair bit of searching) that actually explained in simple terms, what the CB’s and the Reserve Banks they own, functions are– how they control national economies through unethical financial practices (in other words, creating money out of thin air and thievery} and stymying growth of virtually all countries throughout the world– serving only the private banks within each country and the global 1%ers– unholy profits for all, while trampling the people.

      But finance guys generally don’t realise that their lingo (terminology], cannot be understood by ordinary folks. Because I live in a country, which at this point is also under siege politically and financially, has been robbed blind– all in aid of destroying its relationship with BRICS– creating another Brazil– I thought you may enjoy the following video and others on the site, because in my country, the few people with courage to turn whistle blower, speak straight off the cuff and articulate issues very simply, enabling even the most uneducated, to understand what’s for what with global central- and reserve banks– when people understand how the global mafia is messing with their money — they generally wake up fast!

      Anyway– check it out if you’re interested. I had to search for it and was lucky to find it, because they’ve tried to shut the guest on the show down in our press. Sure you’re perhaps very learned and sophisticated and may find the interview very basic, but very few people have any understanding of how the global bankster gangsters work — so sharing it with the more financially challenged, at least could help to bring enlightenment and why they too should wake up and no longer follow the Rottenchild Pied Pipers, but along with us, buck their ungodly system!.

      1. Hi Kz,

        Its not an accident that there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors, mumbo jumbo, hocus pocus terminologies in economics, its meant to be that way so that the sheeple can never understand how they’re getting screwed. But really, does one really need a BS in economics? The banking crisis of 2009 that almost wiped out the entire planet’s monetary system, shouldn’t that have been a big fat stinking red flag for anybody anywhere with at least a decent amount of common sense left in their heads to start asking some very basic questions on what the hell is going on? Its now 2017, and what changed since then?

        We live in a tyranny of the clueless hedonistic majority. i.e. democracy. The globalist mafiosos are already grooming their next demonic magik trick – universal basic income. And the same sheeples that fell for the war on terror, the war on poverty, the war on drugs, man-made global warming etc etc are gonna vote for it hook line and sinker.

        Sometimes I just wish that some faceless agent would just come by at my door step, kidnap me, and then plug me in the matrix and be done with shit. At least I’d be dreaming a world of my creation.

      2. It was a very good interview and thank you for it. I am from Zimbabwe and still have friends and family in SA and honestly I have been telling this for a long loooong time but as soon as somebody does something underhanded they are swept right back into hate the gupta’s etc mind set. The banking cartel have made millions from the people of this planet and have wreaked untold destruction on this entire planet — THERE NEEDS TO BE A TURN AROUND!!!

      3. @Centido– You had no reply button….

        Anyway– You said, “Its not an accident that there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors, mumbo jumbo, hocus pocus terminologies in economics, its meant to be that way so that the sheeple can never understand how they’re getting screwed.”
        Exactly! — That is why one needs a financial whistle blower .. a person committed to ordinary everyday folks and getting them to understand what’s going on in our mad bloody world…. as you say with at least average intelligence and especially common sense…. Aw well, we’ll see how it all pans out… at this moment in time its beginning to look good, but these people are crazies, no talking turkey with them, so they’re going to up their spiel until the wheels fall off…

        Agree with everything else you said and you set it out real sharp! Thanks.

    4. Have been out of the cell tower grid for awhile. (Not so great to be back!) I was aware that winter is setting in more realistically there too!
      While I was “off grid” I created this while others were preparing for the Las Vegas Sacrifice for the Dark side:

      14:59 min. – Dark state side of Black state + 4 more shorter parts
      These 5 part videos are because I gave a long thought re: what someone mentioned: That you wanted to find out about the Dark state. Hope you enjoy/get-it the movie reference to Star Wars (part 4) & They Live (part 1)!

      Thank you all for your comments on this first one. That 1st 5+ min. one with these 5 more of about 48 min. total are, I believe a good attempt at condensing 8 books & more into a few short visual videos. Yes, viewers will have to do their own research afterwards, if they feel inclined. If not, that is their problem.
      I think I will not do any more, as viewership is not adding up too much. (Too many filters! in Too many secrets!)
      Oh, and I live out of my van, not out of choice, but because this is the only way I can afford to get by now, due to my having gone on a WalkAbout quest 45+ years ago to find out what in the H___ this world is all about! I did say also, that after so many years, I think I could not live long in a “house” & keep up with all the Code Enforcers. That may be by choice at this point… that is probably where you got the idea “this is by choice.” Choice, yes, I could have sold out on that quest long ago and chosen not to go… Marriage would have been nicer! But with the World the way it is, I might have made a mess out of her anyhow, with my determination on UFO research and other related matters! I was never one to stick my head-in-the-sand or look at deep things only half-assed.

      Feel free to pass this on,
      Perhaps, if you have been so busy keeping up with the Code Enforcers, you might like to hear about someone’s opinion who has not! ..And in case you have not yet realized about the Universities and their “Scholars:” those Professor’s opinions have only been “certified!”

    5. RE:”99%ers are just too stupid to see through the ponzi scam”

      Most ‘blue pillers’ I have encountered are (basically) smart enough – they just suffer from cognitive dissonance (ostrich syndrome).

  3. There is a covert operation, to establish a US National Bank, Citi bank get out of Russia, who also establishing national bank ? What fantasic news I Hope Australian JEW Polititions piss off our ROTTENCHILDS PRIVATE BANK, BYE BYE SCUM FU^KER!

  4. The FAKE Jews are still at it (LAUGH!!!) Trying to cover up the BIGGEST LIE in history…Things are catching up with them, and that Las Vegas FAKE event is proof it is. The biggest LIE in history is WHO the ISRAELITES ARE…BLACK PEOPLE…Making it OBVIOUS that the man we know as JESUS a Black Man!

  5. sentido kumon – I agree with a lot said in your second post and they have yes indeed started talking about a universal basic income. On top of that they are also talking about robotics and nailing the common man down to a 15 hour day. These plans are already being implemented here in the UK under the guise that it will allow both men and women to have the free time to spend with their families and find a truly loving environment.
    I guess the holidays will only be had by the rich once those hours are made law.

    1. Hi shaple,

      Oh god yes, use the ‘family’ routine to endorse UBI. The same nuclear family they’ve adamantly destroyed. Nothing is beneath these psychos. And they can do it too, the pieces of shit that they are. The joo Mark Zuckerborg will run for POTUS and I will not be surprised if UBI will be one of his main platform weapon.

      Anybody who knows anything about the human psyche knows that people are born to be free and those who exercise it by standing on their own two feet, making their way thru life, learning and making best use of their skills are always proud of their achievements. They produce sons and daughters who follow in that tradition with independent minds.

      We’re really fucked. At least for those of us who are still able to retain our sanity and our persons.

    2. Shaple– You had no reply button– not showing my side anyway– so jumped in here. Yeah remember vaguely had discovered we’re from the same neck of the woods sometime ago … share our common African heritage (he! he!). So you’re still in Zim? Jeez– take care …. but then SA seems to be biting the dust big time too. Glad you enjoyed Goodson’s talk– he’s very correct and a very keen intelligence, he’s too financially fastidious, sharp and independent for the likes of the local global cabal puppetry — but now he’s free, all false charges against him came to nothing. I remain puzzled about where the Gupta’s fit into all these mad shenanigans– ? Any thoughts?

      1. kznwatch – No not there anymore, yes they are going through hard times – it has almost come to being a cashless society( this is something that the banks have been planning a long time ago so that they can hit a reset button). But if you really do some thinking and reading ( confessions of economic hit man ) then you will also understand that for so called independent countries – the so called liberation/freedom they talk of will never be realised fully until they kick the likes of the Rothchild banks out. Also kick the IMF, WB and BIS out and form a state bank as this gentleman has said. I don’t condone Mugabe but after all he is just another african leader with a noose around his neck. You have to remember that Mugabe was knighted after it was known that he had sent the 5th brigade into parts of Matabeleland for ethnic cleaning purposes. This award comes from the top of the British empire and they will surely know about all of these facts??? It is clearly not a case of colour but one of us vs them( the ‘elite’)
        The Gupta’s yes as Goodson says are escape goats, remember these guys own the media and it can be filled with codswallop to cause anger at the wrong people so as to divert attention from the real issues and that is the removal of much needed resources at dirt cheap prices and that is why a state bank is imperative. Further into his interview he talks of the these huge loans from banking institutions that SA are paying the interest on each and every year alone. This money that is created out of thin air is being used to get your resources for nothing. This is also the same plot that is being used to extract the recently ‘liberated ‘ countries of the middle east that are rich in black gold. We are now currently benefitting from the mass murdering of the west and blaming it on Islam. We need to change this world and the direction it is going in.

      2. Hundred percent spot on and cognisant of all you said… been researching it for some years– it started off with the global warming lark. Anyway, if you like, email me to kznkid at yahoo dot com. At least it allows us to stay in touch with SA affairs and we can share thoughts on it. I will reply then with my primary email address- which is a yandex mail address– just in case I land in your spam folder. I am not concerned about the security of the kznkid address– use it only for purposes of initiating direct contact with a rare few like minded thinkers I trust. Speak again.

  6. We need to put a price on the head of the Rothschilds, Maurice Strong, George Soros and the Rockefellers – a price that will have every assassin clambering to take them out

    1. Laughing like a drain here… The cretins you speak about are like Robert Mugabe… Assassination attempts on him run in to tens of hundreds (not really. but close) and he makes the 9 lives of a cat, look pathetic– he is so well protected. As for the global mafia, I guess, their protection makes Fort Knox look like a tin shanty! But yeah, it would be nice to see them run for the money they thieved from us poor sods all over the world since the beginnings of time ……

  7. I wish I could agree but my many years of experience and knowledge gained, since the late 1960’s, tell me otherwise.

    If however they DO NOT get their WW3 happening then I will definitely be able to agree, at least somewhat, with you

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