Trump’s Release of JFK Files Necessitates Another False Flag Event

The Trump government is allowing the release later this month of the JFK assassination files being marooned by the Bushes during their time in the White House. It would be a wakeup call for the mainstream non-conspiracy analysts.

US President Donald Trump says he will allow the release of classified documents relating to the assassination of President John F Kennedy, shot dead while visiting Dallas, Texas in 1963.

The documents were due to be disclosed by the National Archives later this month, however there were some media reports that Trump would not approve the publication of all of the files.

In a tweet sent early Saturday, Trump indicated he will allow the release, “subject to the receipt of further information”. It’s not clear what “further information” the president is referring to.

In 1992, then-US President George H. W. Bush signed into law the John F Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act, compelling the US National Archives to publish documents surrounding Kennedy’s death within 25 years.

However, there was a get-out clause in the act which stated public disclosure could be delayed if it threatened “military defense, intelligence operations, law enforcement, or conduct of foreign relations.”

A report by Politico Magazine, which cited Trump administration insiders, suggested the president could block some documents from seeing the light of day. A US government spokesperson reportedly told the magazine that the White House is working “to ensure the maximum amount of data can be released to the public”.

But the Deep State operatives are already hard at work in trying to prevent the problems which may arise from knowing the full story of the crime of the 20th century.

On top of the fundraising event that no less than the five living ex-presidents are in attendance, a more destructive event is already being scheduled.

Oklahoma City: Location of next False Flag?

By Ian Greenhalgh | October 20, 2017

It is well known that false flag events are usually carried out through the mechanism of organising a drill which is then suddenly turned ‘live’.

Such drills require crisis actors to play various roles, especially the ‘victims’ of the event.

Therefore, when we saw this advert calling for crisis actors for a ‘training event’ in Oklahoma City at the end of this month, our suspicions were raised:

Role-Player Registration: Oklahoma
Human Domain Solutions, LLC

Human Domain Solutions (HDS), LLC is now hiring ​Casualty Role Players (CRP)​ to participate in an Oklahoma Vigilant Guard training event October 30, 2017 thru November 2, 2017 at Warr Acres Fire Training Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. ​This exercises will be an Oklahoma emergency response to a simulated incident involving contamination elements. CRPs will be moulaged (injury makeup and fake blood) to portray various physical and emotional injuries and conditions, and will go through medical triage, decontamination, and medical treatment several times during each day of the exercises. Arrival times will be early morning, and the exercises will run between 6-8 hours each day. CRPs will wear cut-away prop clothing and will be washed in decontamination lines to simulate the cleaning off of contamination substances.

This is an excellent opportunity to show appreciation for these brave men and women of the National Guard. Those who have participated in past National Guard disaster preparedness exercises have found it very rewarding: you get to support this important state and community service–and get paid while doing so.

ELIGIBILITY:​ There is no security clearance requirement, so it is open to all, but criminal background checks and U.S. employment eligibility checks will be accomplished. All personnel must have appropriate ID and be without criminal background. IDs are scanned by security personnel and persons with felony convictions will not be allowed on site. Priority will be given to those with previous experience with role playing, acting, military, and/or first responder/disaster response experience. We also look for diversity amongst our CRPs, including gender, ethnicity, age, body type, disability, and foreign language ability – American Sign Language (ASL) and British Sign Language (BSL) speakers are also highly desired. Due to a potentially strenuous decontamination process, and varying outside temperature, CRPs may not have a life-threatening or serious medical conditions.

Here is some information on the company behind this advert:

Human Domain Solutions, LLC

A Virginia based Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and Certified HUBZone Company

HDS is a Virginia-based small business specializing in professional services, consulting, staffing, national security Role Playing, and training in the core areas of the Human Domain: Foreign Area Officer and Specialist (FAO) programs; Human-Derived Intelligence (HDI) (CI/HUMINT); Language, Region, and Culture (LRC); Security Assistance and Building Partnership Capacity (BPC); Disaster Preparedness and Response; and support to Special Operations Forces (SOF). HDS is a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB), Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), and a Historically Underutilized Business (HUBZone). The HDS founder and Managing Director is Kurt M. Marisa, Colonel, USAF (ret.), a career intelligence and international affairs officer and recognized operational and academic expert in the areas of CI/HUMINT, FAO activities, LRC, Foreign Military Sales (FMS), and Foreign Materiel Acquisition (FMA). He is a Federal Language Consultant with the National Language Service Corps (NLSC). Since 2009, he has served as President of the Foreign Area Officer Association (FAOA)–the non-profit professional association for FAOs, Defense Attachés, and other DoD international affairs specialists–and publisher of The FAOA Journal of International Affairs.

Here is a powerpoint presentation explaining what Vigilant Guard is:

We have no further information on this event in Oklahoma City, it is our hope by publishing what we have, in order to raise awareness, that we are making a false flag event far less likely as people will be aware beforehand that something of that nature was going to take place and that makes it far harder to get away with lying to the public that it was a real event.

11 thoughts on “Trump’s Release of JFK Files Necessitates Another False Flag Event”

  1. ONLY, the uninformed and sheeple will probably be surprised by this OBVIOUS con-game! (Laugh!)
    Beings that live OUTSIDE the box already KNOW all about MOST of the evil performed by Governments/Religion since they were “Created”.
    The REAL biggest secret in world history has yet to be disclosed, and that is the one about WHO the REAL Jews are (Black People)…The “Cradle of Civilization” on this planet…a history that was STOLEN along with ALL THE WORLD’S WEALTH…BY THE FAKE JEWS (Khazarian/Vatican Mafia) and associates.
    Until THIS truth is disclosed…along with WHAT the SSP (The Chimera group) really is NOTHING will change.
    At least it won’t change with THEM…The “Source” will arrive to EXPOSE them!

  2. Someone told me Rothschilds were the ones who organised JFK Murder, because he wanted to print greenbacks & oust the strangle hold of Rothschilds private federal reserve! Is this “TRUE” ? Another person said it was Mossad & US traitors because JFK would not allow Israel a nuclear programme, Is it fair to say either way it was the JEW ?

    1. And some say that it was the mafia in collaboration with JFK. But JFK changed his mind when he became president, so they did away with him. But yes I would go along with the green back story.
      Have you seen any of the documentaries that one of the guys posted in in yesterdays CP post? About Europe’s destruction. That covers this subject along with a list of others.

  3. Will it be the truth as knowledge of history puts a different light on why he was killed and why his brother was killed.
    We have to go back to Andrew Jackson and his Credit System also called the American System it was designed to give USA true independence from The British Empire by not using the British Empire system (created by the Venetian Bankers a system of Usury). The American System was taken down by Andrew Jackson a British Empire asset.
    Since then every American President or High level American that tried to take America back to the American System was taken down or killed.
    Franklin D. Roosevelt could not re-establish a Hamiltonian Bank = A National Bank of Public Credit as the traitors would not let that happen But he used that system under his powers using the RECONSTRUCTION FINANCE CORPORATION as a National Bank of Public Credit.
    At a meeting with Churchill FDR spelled out to the pomp’s twat Churchill what he intended to do after the war, he was going to work towards there being no more wars, He would help all countries become Free Nation States with good economies by teaching them the American System. This had Churchill frothing at the mouth and for FDR to mind his own business and stay away from the Empire British.
    Franklin D. Roosevelt died before the end of the War and so did his strong supporter Australian PM John Curtin ( pity there was not thorough autopsies done on them History might be written different) Australia had a Hamilton National Bank of Public Credit that would be ended by City of London asset Menzies) FDR was replaced by British Asset Truman.
    The Kennedy brothers were looking to follow on the work of FDR and they were spending a lot of time being tutored on FDR and the American System by Eleanor Roosevelt who had not been a wallflower first lady.
    The Kennedy Brothers were keen to go down the FDR path but this did not happen it was all the way to Vietnam with LBJ.
    The British assets in Washington & Wall Street have too much say in the Direction of the USA the British were involved in the financing of 9/11 then took the USA to Iraq and have had the USA tied down in War for 16 years

  4. CORRECTION We have to go back to ALEXANDER HAMILTON and his Credit System also called the American System it was designed to give USA true independence from The British Empire by not using the British Empire system (created by the Venetian Bankers a system of Usury). The American System was taken down by Andrew Jackson a British Empire asset.

    1. RonaldR – The reasons you stated are quite correct and the truth be known that America never escaped the clutches of Britain. You might think that you are independent but the US never was.

  5. The SAME PEOPLE who cannot be trusted with the Time or Day or the Weather, are going to provide VITAL Honest full information about the Kennedy Assassination

    That’ll work

  6. Africa is not the cradle of civilisation

    There are at least 3 races White, Black and Asian

    A black man with frizzy hair from Africa did not turn into a Nordic blond with straight hair. Get real

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