British Counterattacked Trump-Putin-Xi Cooperation — In Their Own Name

The British tried to subvert their upstart breakaway colony in the Americas by military means a number of times. But when Lincoln mobilized the nation against the British- instigated Confederacy based on the highest moral principles embedded in our Constitution — and with help from the Russian naval fleets deployed into New York and San Francisco harbors as a warning to the Brits to stay out — London decided they had to change tactics.

Since that time, they have done all in their power to subvert those higher moral principles, and use the United States as the “dumb giant” to enforce the British economic and military domination of the globe. FDR posed a problem to them, uniting with Russia and China to defeat fascism, but the little man Harry Truman did their bidding, committing mass murder with nuclear weapons, and embracing Churchill’s Cold War, to end FDR’s US-Russia and US-China cooperation, while waging “anti-communist” population wars in Africa and Southeast Asia.

But the too-often-overlooked thrust of their subversion has been cultural. The American belief in progress, in independence for all sovereign nations, and for the Leibnizian “pursuit of happiness,” had to be snuffed out if the imperial British system were to be maintained. For that, they introduced a number of satanic campaigns: the anti-progress Green perversion launched by Prince Philip’s World Wildlife Fund; the British/CIA-funded counter-culture in Europe and the U.S., orchestrated by the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF) under the guise of anti-communism; the new Opium War against both the duped youth of the counterculture and the impoverished citizens rendered hopeless by the “post-industrial society.” Dragging the U.S. into a colonial war in Indochina (after killing off JFK) helped their cause by undermining the economy and demoralizing the once-proud citizenry of America.

Now, a President has been elected in the U.S. who is openly dedicated to destroying that British imperial ideology — to establish friendships with Russia and China, both in economic development and the war on drugs and terrorism. For this, the British and their assets in the U.S. are responding in a most hysterical way, and, for a change, are forced to do it in their own name.

Today, London Guardian reporter Luke Harding released a book aimed at resuscitating the discredited “cash for trash” dossier by MI6 agent Christopher Steele, which is at the core of the Russiagate coup attempt against Trump by Robert Mueller and the “political hacks” (as Trump called them) from the Obama intelligence team. Harding’s book, “Collusion: How Russia Helped Donald Trump Win,” praises Steele and assures us that Mueller will prove Steele’s fanciful charges. Not surprisingly, Harding is also the author of “Mafia State — How One Reporter Became an Enemy of the Brutal New Russia,” speaking about himself.

Harding also states that Steele was the primary intelligence source for the Obama Administration’s 2014 coup in Ukraine, openly backing neo-nazis while launching the campaign against Russia. EIR demonstrated in February of this year that the same British-Obama network that ran that neo-Nazi coup in Ukraine was behind the coup attempt against Trump (PDF “Obama and Soros — Nazis in Ukraine 2014, U.S. in 2017?”). Harding further confirms it.

The British Monarchy last week openly declared their central role in the phony “peace deal” in Colombia, which is in reality a legalization of the murderous narco-terrorist FARC, a campaign facilitated by Obama’s criminal role in legalizing drugs in America.

The poison of the CCF counter-culture must be exposed and eradicated, if our citizens are to rise to the level required to stop the coup, and to bring the United States into the New Paradigm which has now been placed squarely before them by Trump’s historic Asia tour. Both Trump and Xi Jinping described US-China friendship as the basis for solving the world’s profound problems. Trump overcame even those in his own camp who tried to prevent him from meeting with Putin. They instead met three times, addressing the need for friendship and cooperation in countering terrorism. Trump later repudiated the Russiagate hoax and its proponents in both parties and in the fake-news press.

A world-historic transformation, in science, art, and statecraft — like that of the Renaissance, but on a global scale — is necessary, and within our grasp, if we act with the necessary sense of moral courage.


Mike Pompeo, the Neo-cons, and the Alleged Al Qaeda-Iran Link

On Nov. 1, the CIA released a huge trove, amounting to some 470,000 files, of documentation that had been captured from Osama bin Laden’s computers during the Navy SEAL raid in May of 2011 during which he was killed. Almost immediately, in far less time than it would take to actually review the trove and separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, the neo-conservative Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD) had published one particular 19-page document in its blog The Long War Journal (LWJ), which, the authors claimed, “proved” the Iranian links to Al Qaeda. Shahir Shahidsaless, an Iranian-Canadian journalist, writing in a Nov. 8 article in the Middle East Eye, reports that FDD and its blog received favorable treatment from the CIA by getting a preview of the files before they were publicly released.

“What gives this neoconservative advocacy organisation such a privileged status compared to the hundreds of other organisations with similar expertise that the CIA chooses to make the documents available to it in advance?” Shahidsaless asks. The LWJ had prepared a post, ready to go upon release, to provide early context to the huge cache: Iran cooperated with al-Qaeda and could now be labelled as a “state sponsor of terror” based on al-Qaeda’s internal documents, he notes. The next step is obvious: “Advocating regime change in Iran similar to that which occurred in Iraq’s case.”

Shahidsaless goes on to note the tight relationship between CIA director Mike Pompeo and the FDD, citing an Oct. 19 FDD event at which both Pompeo and National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster spoke and showered praise all over the FDD. Pompeo hinted at the time that the bin Laden release was coming soon and that it would include evidence supposedly linking Iran to Al Qaeda.

“The story is reminiscent of the claim that al-Qaeda members were trained by the secular and nationalist Baathist Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein,” Shahidsaless notes, pointing out that that earlier story proved to be a hoax.

Shahidsaless cites a 2015 article by Seymour Hersh, and a series of tweets by former CIA analyst Ed Price, who apparently angrily resigned from the agency some months back over President Trump’s attacks on former CIA director John Brennan and former FBI Director James Comey. That aside, Price wrote in a Nov. 8 column in The Atlantic that Pompeo’s release wasn’t about transparency as the CIA press release claimed.

“A close read of his statements and the CIA’s public rollout of the new documents suggests, instead, that their release is part of his ongoing campaign to link al-Qaeda to Tehran and, in so doing, undermine the Iran nuclear deal,” of which Pompeo is a fierce critic, Price wrote.

“Pompeo was said to have been a key architect behind President Trump’s announcement last month that the nuclear deal was no longer in America’s national security interest, which essentially left Congress to decide whether sanctions should be re-imposed,” Prince reports. “Pompeo is playing politics with intelligence, using these files in a ploy to bolster the case against Iran by reinvigorating the debate on its terrorist ties,” Price writes further. “This effort reeks of former vice president Dick Cheney’s consistent false allegations of links between Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and the 9/11 attacks, a nexus the Bush administration debunked only after we had lost too much in blood and treasure.”

5 thoughts on “British Counterattacked Trump-Putin-Xi Cooperation — In Their Own Name”

  1. What makes a nation great is CAPITALISM.

    Its no coincidence that when a nation loses a war (like europe did after ww2 to the jews like Churchill and Rosenfeld/roosevelt) those losing nations all suddenly become socialist! Also notice that the few remaining capitalist nations (those with an achivieing economy) are the ones being attacked: russia, china, iran, etc.

    Europe lost, and is drowning in socialist (borderline communist) sentiment.
    USA too but they have hope with Trump.
    My only hope for britain was Farage (the british Trump), yet now it seems that an even bigger socialist/closet communist will take the reigns of britain (Corbyn) and solidify the liberal multicultural socialist ghettofication of uk even further.

    POint being: How will any1 rebel or demand better or dare to achieve (or even question the status quo) if theyre all socialists dependent on the state for their every need? Which in turn justifies everything else like taxes, oppressive laws/erosion of freedoms and rights, cultural hegemony, safety, etc – all becase nobody is willing to sacrifice their handout.

  2. Excuse me?? There’s a reason why the civil war also came to be known as “The War of Northern Aggression”.

    The Constitution was breached under Lincoln and has never been followed since. The Republic of voluntary membership by sovereign States was dissolved and replaced by a Federal Union by force, with the Federal regime seizing sovereignty and subjugating the people and States.

    It was Lincoln who ushered in the Hamiltonian evil of bigger and powerful centralized government.

  3. This whole article is gobble de gook especially the second paragraph

    WWI & WWII were planned to take down Germany and Japan as up and coming superior manufacturing nations in opposition to the British

    Germany posed the greatest threat because she would be able to export manufactured goods across Europe by rail as opposed to British shipping

    FDR was a SOB slime ball. The New Deal achieved nothing

    Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda were a Jewish/Zionist/ Mossad construct

    Geo-Politics have to stop generalising and talk specifics

    It is obvious there was a connection between The City of London, British textile mills – clothing manufacture, India textile mills – manufacture of cloth, the Southern States cotton plantations and the slave trade.

    Geo-politics please cut to the chase and tell the story like it is. We want the facts.

    Be cautious about quoting EIR. La Rouche is pro SOB Roosevelt

    We could do well to get rid of our slow cumbersome – Globalist – democracies and develop a fascist type system where we get on with and make decisions.
    Leadership would have to act in the best interests of – shock horror – the Nation State

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