Roots of New Paradigm

In his Dec. 25 interview with RT, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov addressed the roots of the “multipolar world” now coming into being, as the dangerous fantasy world of the Bush/Obama years, of the U.S. as the “Only Superpower,” comes crashing down along with the western banking system.

Lavrov said: “I think that the concept of a multipolar world came into being not ten, but rather some 20 years ago. It was put forward by Yevgeny Primakov when he served as Russia’s Foreign Minister, in 1996-1998. He was also behind the initiative to set up the Russia-India-China (RIC) three-sided cooperation framework, which operates to this day…. The RIC framework paved the way to what we now call BRICS, when Brazil and later South Africa joined the Russia-India-China trio. I believe that this is indicative of the trend towards the emergence of what we call a polycentric world order.”

In December 1998, Primakov, who had become Prime Minister as of September 1998, visited India, where he called for the formation of a strategic triangle among the three giant nations of Eurasia — Russia, India, and China. Then, in March 1999, Primakov scheduled a visit to Washington to meet with President Clinton, almost certainly to discuss his strategic triangle concept and appeal to the US to support it, or even to join it. Al Gore, then the Vice President (or President of Vice, as LaRouche called him), sabotaged the meeting by calling Primakov, who was already on his plane heading to the U.S., and telling him that the U.S. would be bombing Yugoslavia during his visit.

LaRouche responded in the EIR of April 2, 1999: “The members of the Principals’ Committee, including Vice-President Al Gore, knew beforehand, that Russia’s Prime Minister would cancel his visit to Washington the instant he were informed that the bombing of Yugoslavia would begin during the period of his scheduled visit. President Clinton had signalled to all with the brains to hear a clear Presidential signal, to the effect that there would be no bombing of Yugoslavia during the period of Primakov’s visit. Gore et al. were desperate to prevent the visit from occurring. Gore, going behind the President’s back, intercepted the Russian Prime Minister, a mere two hours before his scheduled arrival in Washington, informing the Prime Minister that the bombing would probably occur during the time of the visit!”

Primakov ordered the plane to return to Moscow. LaRouche headlined his article: “Gore Provokes Total War!” That warning, regarding Gore and his fellow British assets Obama and Hillary, still stands today.

A few months later, in October 1999, Lyndon LaRouche, speaking at the Rhodes Forum, expanded on Primakov’s vision, and his probable intention, by called for a “Four Powers” consortium, with Russia, China, India and the U.S., as the necessary basis for ending the British Empire and establishing a new paradigm embracing all sovereign nations, cooperating for peace and development. LaRouche said: “Therefore, the task, as I defined it, is, if Russia, and the United States, and China, and India, agree, as a group of countries to initiate and force a reorganization of the world financial and credit system, under these conditions, with long-term agreements, of the same type that Franklin Roosevelt had uttered before his death, in 1944, under key nations, the intention of Roosevelt all these years later, could have been realized, and we could do that today.”

This is the history which Lavrov is referring to today. Lavrov added (in RT’s paraphrase): “A global financial reform that would account for new centers of economic growth and the dwindling role of the dollar is what drives the transition. The G20 format is likely to be the driving force of the reform, with roughly half of the group sharing Russia’s goal of decentralizing world finances. As for a new set of rules, they will grow organically as the world transforms.”

As we head into the New Year, bringing about LaRouche’s vision for the “Four Powers” to collaborate in creating a new world order based on the common aims of mankind is urgent, and, more than at any time in the past, totally possible.

16 thoughts on “Roots of New Paradigm”

  1. La Rouche does not have the answers.
    How did South Africa get into the BRICS.
    The Four powers consortium embracing all sovereign nations cooperating for peace and development. Are you guys trying to be funny? China is frantically buying up Australia and New Zealand and investing in Africa and elsewhere to gain control of resources.
    The new order will be no better than the old.
    Lavrov should have realised he was being duped.
    Al Gore has still not been exposed.
    Why has BRICS not exposed the fraud of Climate Change.
    Why is China building wind turbines which do not produce electricity.
    And then you quote Roosevelt the SOB who armed Bolshevik Russia against Germany, whose New Deal failed while Hitler created six million jobs in 3 years.
    Americans remained unemployed until Roosevelt employed them in the war industry.
    Read: Who Started World War II by Udo Walendy and specifically the section relating to America.
    Why doesn’t La Rouche tell us the truth about WWI & WWII. Germany did not want war. There was no holocaust. America and England bombed German cities, civilians, women, children, hospitals and even British prisoners of war.
    I expect better from CovertGeopolitics

    1. Well written,gree La rouche seems to miss quitea few things & his worship along with CEC in Aust of Roosevelt is quite alarming, are these people JEW Gate keepers ?

    2. South Africa has many advantages, lots of gold and more importantly located at the most southern tip of Africa. But one fact that is missed here is and you have mentioned it before is that a lot of money went missing from the US coffers. Both British and American businesses took a dive in the 2007 recession, and for me this was a premeditated move by the wealthy for more profit and geopolitical take over of China. Yes they were and still are investing in China and China is using this money to invest in the rest of the world. China is what W.D d’Arcy was. A Trojan horse.

      Brian do you remember who William Knox d’Arcy was in connection with the mineral right contracts issued by the King of Persia back in the early 1900’s, and his connection with the British secret service operative, Sigmund Georgjevich Rosenblum ( a Russian born )? Well that is how I see this all still playing out. These tosser’s are still having us round around and fight each other while they slowly move towards full spectrum world dominance. We are nearly there but it won’t happen. We are waking up quickly and we know our rights on this planet.

  2. A review of WWII indicates that Hitler´s forces invaded European nations, Russia and Africa, not the reverse. “Hitler Was a British Agent,” by Greg Hallett, reveals background that clarifies some of Hitler´s motivation. Hitler´s technique was repeated by George W. Bush to justify the attack on Iraq, 2003. Using lies associated with 9-11, amplified by the lie of “Weapons of Mass Destruction” in Sadaam Hussein´s possession, the Bush family organized US warmongers to abuse the US Military in a manner similar to Hitler´s abuse of the German military in WWII.

    As to the “Holocaust” that is alleged by zionists, the propaganda was used to distract from Judaism´s terrorist army, led by David Ben-Gurion, 1947-1948. Over 700,000 Palestinians were driven from their homes, towns and properties, many thousands murdered, Hitler-style, lined up and shot. The territory that Judaism gained via terrorism was subsequently awarded as the U.N. “Land-Grant of 1948” to Ben-Gurion and terrorist leaders. Rabbi of world-renown, Henry Siegman, and entourage acknowledge Judaism´s continued terrorism in a 2014 article_
    The territory that is fraudulently named “Israel” is neither Israel of the Old Testament nor Israel of the New Testament. The constituency consists of progeny of the Khazarian Kingdom of 900 AD, possess no Hebrew blood and are not Semites.

  3. I don’t believe Hitler was a British agent. WWI & II were planned to destroy Germany as a trade competitor. Germany intended exporting superior goods across Europe by rail hence the reason Germany was so heavily bombed during WWII.
    Hitler knew the Bolsheviks were coming. When Germany struck Russia, Barbarossa,
    thousands of tanks and planes were in place along with several million soldiers.
    Hitler did not want war.
    Greg Hallett is wrong.
    Can you clarify you comment, ‘Israel’ is neither Israel of the Old or New Testament.

    1. I do not know what Hitler wanted or did not want. I only know the historical records of what he did.

      If you read Greg Hallett´s book, you will better understand his logic and how he drew his conclusions.

      1. Haut, you obviously do not read my comments. I am not connected with either DC or Tel Aviv and support neither Judaism nor Islam. And rarely respond to fools such as you.

      2. Hitler did not want war and even after he pushed the British off the European continent he still appealed for peace. Churchill the fat fuck would not have it!! Brian is right in that Hitler knew about the Bolshevik’s invasion of Russia and so did Churchill. Germany wanted to build a railway line from the middle east to Germany to transport oil to Europe’s centre, this was because Britain being the master and commander of the high sea’s was charging heavily in taxes and insurances any country or company outside of Britain for sailing and transporting goods for trade. This is one reason why Lloyds of London became the world’s biggest insurance company.
        It was these fees that Hitler wanted to escape paying by the construction of this railway. So he asked Britain if she would go 50/50 with her( believe it or not ) to build it. British banks refused, so Germany took on the sole task of doing this much to Britain’s amazement. They had to come up with a plan to stop this from reaching completion as Germany had started construction from both the east and from Germany’s capital. Britain made Serbia an Ally whilst this construction was going on and it was Serbia that stopped the completion of the railway. Obviously this must have frustrated the Germans even more.

        Britain consistently intimidated Germany from every angle. In fact pre 1900 Britain had signed up France and Russia into agreement – it makes one wonder if the its world war was also premeditated.

  4. WWI was planned. Read: Hidden History. The Secret Origins of the First World War by Gerry Docherty & Jim Macgregor

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