Facebook and Instagram are getting a Dose of their Own Medicine

A couple of days ago, while we were setting up a Facebook account for our new healthcare site, cancerbuster.net, it demanded that we submit a photo that clearly shows our face. Facebook promised that they will delete the photos from their servers afterwards.

Snapshot of Facebook’s latest stunt.

So far, this is the most aggressive imposition of the Deep State surveillance mechanism online, and we believe that this is a desperate move to shut down all unarmed online activism around the world.

We strongly condemn this blatant attack on free speech.

It looks like we’re not the only ones being bullied by these “free speech” pretenders. They are now undergoing a wake up call from the spate of outages in their system worldwide.

FB shutdown map
FB shutdown figures

Instagram, which is now under the Facebook umbrella, is also experiencing a rather bigger problem.

For those who are incensed by this latest surveillance state offensive, start moving to other alternative social media sites.

Facebook has admitted that it is under a “growing pressure” from the Deep State regulators…

To the Deep State, continue with what you’re doing because those who will make peaceful revolution impossible will make a violent response inevitable.

18 thoughts on “Facebook and Instagram are getting a Dose of their Own Medicine”

  1. “So far, this is the most aggressive imposition of the Deep State surveillance mechanism online” – You must never have travelled via US airports then.
    As a non-yank, when i first went to US around 2006 i was SHOCKED AND APPALLED by the TSA and the ‘deep state police state’ which the likes of facebook are now following suit.
    For the first time ever i felt like i was a criminal – yet i did no crime.
    I had my photo taken twice, my fingerprints taken, my passport scanned, had a mini interrogation, was frisked and strip searched with most of my belongings dismantled and a lot of items of clothing removed like I was entering a prison…I vowed NEVER to go back to the US while this nazi TSA still exists.
    And that was over a decade ago!! From what I see online and hear from ppl, it’s gotten much worse! You have to now hold ur hands up in surrender motion while u get irradiated in a giant machine, many items banned or confiscated, the tsa agents now bark orders at you with no sense of respect or dignity, they demand you declare any “online presence” like social media accounts, etc etc.

    1. The last time I had to travel by air was when my mother died. I pray I will never have to travel by air again. Waiting and prepared for being stopped on roads for ID checks. I always carry anti VAXX documents and my instructions on what to do if stopped by police, just in case they want to steal my car or my freedom. I assume the Deep State knows everything about me, but hope they do not care. Gave up and recently purchased a new tv with all the bells and whistles. Will never use any of them, but cannot buy a tv without them anymore. They can see me now…

      1. Keep your TV unplugged when you are not “watching” it (and remember, it is “watching” you).

  2. “Facebook promises that they will delete the photos [of the members’ faces] from their servers afterwards.” Sounds like satire or stand-up comedy.

    Facebook = Farcebook = Fakebook = Universal spying device.

    Can you take Facebook’s promise to the bank, or take it to the Courthouse? Or rather, can you let a local vigilante mob handle it?

    Better yet, why not abandon Fecebook and use alternative social media that are truly independent and not shills for the Deep State.

    1. I was surprised in 1994 upon learning that NSA- BND (CIA extension in Germany) recorded telephone and internet correspondence was sent to computers in Tel Aviv, and then forwarded to other locations.
      Is there a social medium that is not hacked by operatives of the deep state ?

  3. Hacking is and was one of my recommendation to FIGHT Zionism

    MANY more need to stop the incessant talking and start DOING, just as incessantly

    Those young people among us, so qualified, can easily take out the House of Rothschild, House of Windsor and the Vatican and their WEALTH, with our keyboards

    It is much more satisfying than PLAYING :”children’s” GAMES -destruction of those 3 is the ULTIMATE GAME

    ON with the REVOLUTION

  4. The WHOLE concept of “Wireless Technology” both dangerous and doesn’t actually protect privacy and FREE Will at all.
    TSA MUST be “Terminated with Extreme Prejudice” VERY SOON…Its the biggest waste of time ever created…Because WE ALL KNOW that the REAL “Terrorist” are GOVERNMENTS…Not the people.

  5. Love all of your comments !! Glad to see i have some peeps out there to which i can depend on when the SHTF! Keep your sovereignty, dignity, and antennas up! There are things in the works to take down the deep state but it won’t be easy.
    STAY. FIERCE And relentless against the Zionists!!!

    1. THAT has been my Goal since I started my fight for our freedom in the late 1960’s and YES I am that old-78

  6. You are using the language of fear being spread by the media. Disconnect yourself from the Internet to avoid tracking. All the corporations are compiling data so they can stream advertising onto your computer and mobile device. If you use Google all your data and activity on the Internet can be downloaded. The people who pay the most get the top headlines while blogs such as this get a one time listing. The only thing that has changed over the last 30 years is the number of people using the Internet.

  7. The internet is how we the people communicate and do our own journalism and research. But fakebook and Google I have been telling others to stay off and never use. We have our own ways around the corporate satanically run data collectors.

  8. When people speak about “Israel” I hope they understand that there are effectively TWO Israels…The ORIGINAL Hebrews who were of the BLACK race…And there are the so-called ” Convert Jews…MOST of which are “Khazarians”…Completely EVIL Fakes, trying to destroy the ORIGINAL Jews existence for the Vatican’s sake.
    Revelation 2: 9 (Synagogue of Satan)…which are IMPOSTERS.
    We MUST be clear about this!
    As foretold in the scriptures the REAL Jews have been “Scattered all over the earth”…ALL of which MUST be of the BLACK race.

    1. Yes khazarians are the synagogue of Satan traced back to the old testament Baal worshippers and children and animal.sacrificers. Infiltrators and fake Jews. But still Israel is run by them… as well as the elite castle dwellers and cabal minions who also worship Satan and sacrifice children. Sick but true.

  9. If you mean that even the ORIGINAL Jews were just as bad a the current ones, YES…ALL “Religion” was created by “SET”, and religion along with government are BOTH from SET, Undertsand?
    WHAT is “Missing” is that the TRUTH about the TRUE ID of the “Original Jews” that being “Whited-Out” about
    them by the FAKE ones.
    The TRUTH about this matter will DESTROY “Racism”….Understand HOW it would ???
    Please comment.

  10. I would recommend you guys to use DTube or Steemit as YouTube and Facebook alternative.. It’s very promising and works to serve the people and remove censorship while also using P2P-torrent technology to ensure security and reliability.

  11. The central intelligence agency is the Entity in City of London.London City is part if the trinity ,with Vatican City and Washington DC. They run the world ,and yes Israel runs Washington ,and the Rothschild’s owned or controlled reserve banks and central banks and retail banks run the global economy ,so rule the world But they are a family business,and they aren’t Nationalistic. They are in league with the Vatican which houses the Catholic Church The word Catholic ,in English is universal ,and the word church mneabs really ,circle.The curclke us the basis if all occult worship ,and represented the femine force of creation via the vagina Cleopatra’s needle is the phallus ,and its all about Egyptian religion ,not Jewishness or Judaism. See her ” transgender” needle shared by the 3 initiates of the craft All religions are based on supernatural powers of creation.The Roman Empire is New Yorks Empire State Building as it’s capital originally York ,in England was the Roman capital city when England was Roman territory.A Briton means a ” slave if Rome” legally still,and after Magna Carter England was returned tovRome ,by default oif the legal coibtract preceding it implenentation Amneriuca us a colony if England ,which has an independent selkf governing Act .It is not a Sovereign nation.All together are the Roman Empire .That’s why Obama said the Pipe is the moral authority for the rule oif law.Its nothing of Khazarua or Zionists or Jews ,that’s all rubbish.

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