US Just Lost Asia to the BRICS

It was highly anticipated that the assumption of Moon Jae-in in South Korea last year, would usher in a different trajectory for Korean politics and in its relationship with Japan. True enough, the recent high-level diplomatic interaction between the two Koreas left the Deep State in further isolation.

The continued isolation of the Deep State controlled United States, Inc. is very evident with the childish reaction of VP Mike Pence and his rioters during the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony where the high profile representative of the Big Boss from the North was greeted warmly by SK President Moon Jae –in,

… and the South and North Korean athletes marching under one flag. This development is warmly welcomed by most of the people in South Korea.

In the days leading to the Winter Olympics, an unprecedented event took place when the representatives of both Koreas were seated across a table to resume talking about reunification of the entire peninsula, which has been deterred in countless occasions by elements of the Deep State in the region, including the ousted president of South Korea.

Head of the North Korean delegation, Ri Son Gwon shakes hands with South Korean counterpart Cho Myoung-gyon / Reuters
Head of the North Korean delegation, Ri Son Gwon shakes hands with South Korean counterpart Cho Myoung-gyon / Reuters

The land, sea and air routes between the two Koreas have been essentially opened for the occasion, and hopefully will continue to be the case in the long term.

That should send a strong message to the West that they are the real problem in the region.

In response, Pence issued a stark warning that,

“The United States of America will soon unveil the toughest and most aggressive round of economic sanctions on North Korea ever – and we will continue to isolate North Korea until it abandons its nuclear and ballistic missile programs once and for all,” Pence said Wednesday after meeting with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Although Pence didn’t reveal the details, the penalties are said to be put in force before the end of the Olympic Games, scheduled to take place from February 9 to 25 in South Korea.

Instead of giving in to Western pressure, SK President Moon Jae-in proceeded as planned to welcome the North Korean Winter Olympics delegation. In fact, the entire South Korea viewed this recent development as very positive in the long-term peace of the peninsula.

The level of security protocol exerted to protect Kim Yo-Jung showed the level importance this is to the South Korean people, who are longing for peace since the US-instigated war in the 1950s.

Here’s a poor taste of American diplomacy.

While everybody is in the mood for celebrating human achievements through friendly sports competitions, Mike Pence decided to play politics, in conjunction with the IOC banning of the Russian athletes. But it is very clear who’s not welcome in Asia anymore.

So, he used the “defectors” to dramatize his attendance.

Mike Pence must have been sporting a thick face when he attended that ceremony.

When the economic powerhouse South Korea and nuclear-powered North Korea reunite, that is more than enough to repel any foreign intervention of the Korean Peninsula. That’s what the Deep State could never allow to happen.

However, China is not taking any half measures against the usual spoilers in the region. While the two Koreas were talking constructively, the Chinese military sent its long range stealth fighter jets across the South China Sea and above Taiwan Strait.

China unveils its J-20 stealth fighter during an air show in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, China, November 1, 2016. Stringer/Third party / Reuters
China unveils its J-20 stealth fighter during an air show in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, China, November 1, 2016. Stringer/Third party / Reuters

It is very evident that the sheer size of the Chinese J-20 Stealth Fighter is not just designed to cover the South China Sea, but to reach the US military base in Guam with substantial firepower as well.

Russia, for its part, is warning the Deep State anew if any new sanctions are lodged against the North.

For the Deep State, both Japan and South Korea are what remain of its economic power, but now that China is standing up for its own right and that of the others in the region, the Deep State has nowhere to go but slip into oblivion, as the #1 Western financial donor Japan is slowly pivoting towards Russia.

18 thoughts on “US Just Lost Asia to the BRICS”

  1. Great news, Japan join Russia, & stop bowing to Israeli US Terrorists, as for the Olympic, IOC can get fucked to, I will be boycotting these Olympics as many many people will “NOT” even watch because of treatment directed to Russia, by the JEW owned IOC! The world is sick of murdering terrorist Rothschils, you cannot “BUY THE LAW” Sovereignty will return to “ALL” Nations and they will print thir own money, National banks for “ALL” Countries. A long jail term for “YOU” Rothschild & CO!
    Peace BRICS!

  2. People NEED to Understand that the BRICS alliance is “Plan-B” of the NWO
    Here is Proof:
    It IS Refreshing though to see the two Korea’s reuniting as THEY should have LONG ago if they would have SEEN how the FAKE Jews were misleading them.
    VERY Soon ALL TRUTH will expose ALL THE LIES the Vatican has told humanity about EVERYTHING!

    1. Yes Follow the Money, equates to Rothschilds, usurpation of the Brit, Empire through, the East India Company, see if you can find that link I was interested in having a look,I think you lay to much on the Vatican, which has also been Usurped!

  3. I just checked the link I posted here and the Three part “Deep State” just removed it…The one about China and the BRICS alliance??? GEEEEE! I wonder WHY???
    ALWAYS Remember LIES are what the VATICAN is all about, because THEY are from the “Father of the LIE”…Lucifer/Satan!
    Just research China’s banking history folks…”Follow-the-Money”.

      1. WHICH, makes me wonder WHY so MANY so-called “Light-workers” sites still use Google and Gmail to connect to…I WONDER about THAT?

  4. We must ALL start talking FLAT FACTS about USA Imperialism and Jewish Zionists which have taken over top echelon’s within our OWN government. The Deep State in the USA is a ZIONISTS and Imperial Neo-Com Masonic EVIL that must be rooted out. The FLAT FACTS about 911 and it’s USA DOD, CIA, FBI, FEMA, Israeli Mossad and others actually ‘did’ 911. Was pre-planned for at least a decade before the Bush illegal government set it in motion. ALL BRICS Nations and ALL European nations; and ALL people MUST start talking about 911 as the FALSE FLAG it was. From the halls of the UN to the individual meetings between countries that MUST tell others around the world that 911 was an “INSIDE JOB” and USA and Israel are the MOST culpable in starting this terror war. Obama WAS born in Kenya, Bush did NOT actually ‘win’ the election of 2000, and Bill Clinton reneged on deal made with Moscow that NATO would NOT expand Eastward to Russian border with a CIA ‘coup’ in Kiev. There’s famous ‘fuck the EU’ from Victoria Nuland tape when they took over Kiev and handed it to NAZI party. Also US was NOT invited into Syria and is there illegally same with Israel occupying Golan Heights.
    The time of lies is OVER.
    Countries of the world be not afraid of big bad USA, Russia China and many other countries can now BEAT US Air force, CIA skullduggery, by RESISTING and calling out the 911 LIE.
    The sooner countries Like South Korea tell the US to take a hike OUT of their country the better chance we have for PEACE on this planet and put the USA DOD Spec Ops back within borders of USA; and Israel MUST follow ALL UN resolutions and other countries should SANCTION Israel for Genocide of Palestinians. For annexing land not belonging to them and also the WAR CRIMES both USA Imperialism and Israeli Zionism has been doing for far too long.

    1. I agree, 🙂 Its Happening, Russia as Iceland have Done are as we write, shutting down, Rothschild private banks, deny this scum, their ill gotten usurpation is the answer. & good people like yourself, tell your local MP, Ring your local Media tell them you are sick of their Propaganda BS, Boycott watching Corrupt IOC Olympics, the way they treat Russia! Spread the word.
      Peace Go BRICS ! 🙂

    2. What you say makes pure common sense. However, adding to what you said … and in my humble opinion, people amongst us, in the position to do so, should perhaps also consider setting up a 100% independent, shall we say, “home grown, grass roots” petition calling for the truth– demanding exposure of all the horrific stuff you mentioned– also the USS Liberty– but make it our own petition of the peoples, not petition under the cloak of any formal petition organisations– as many of their credentials/funding etc may be suspect?

      How to make people aware of it? — via good old email etc– it will spread like a wildfire all over the world. I did not mention western social networks, because I don’t trust or subscribe to any. Perhaps you may consider, I am a bit behind it all, but what you said above is a powerful avenue to unite people globally and we should use whatever tech we still have freely available, before that is also taken away. God bless.

  5. My only fear is that they cause a false flag of ginormous proportions– blame it on NK or China. Because for sure, they have no allegiance and or loyalty to any country, only to their own godless agenda.

      1. Yes– over and over, but what I mean it will be false flag of global proportions– worse even than 9/11– if anything could even be worse….

  6. I wonder if people fully understand that “Communism” (China/Russia) and western “Fascism” (USA/UK/France/Germany/EU) are just TWO sides of the SAME coin??? = NWO!

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