US-South Korea Alliance is Breaking Up

The US-South Korea alliance is breaking up. The idiots of the zero-sum game just don’t know when to shape up and accept geopolitical defeat gracefully.

The latter is going to get another taste of their own WTO globalist pie now that South Korean President Moon Jae-in told his cabinet to deal with US protectionist tariffs with “confidence and resolution.”

The newly imposed rates on US importation of South Korean products will go as high as 50%. The new importation rates are meant to punish the country when it decided to march along with North Korean athletes, which is of course a symbolic gesture of the peaceful desire to reunify the Korean peninsula after their Western instigated destruction in the mid-1950s.

SK President Orders Resolute Action vs. US Unfair Import Tariffs

President Moon Jae-in called on officials to deal with Washington’s unfair trade measures by considering drastic action, such as taking the matter to the WTO. His remarks come as the U.S. mulls slapping huge import tariffs on South Korean steel.

Be bold and resolute in dealing with unreasonable trade protectionism. That’s South Korean President Moon Jae-in in response to the U.S.’ plans to slap up to 50-percent import tariffs on washers and solar panels… and the Commerce Department’s latest recommendation to President Trump to impose steep curbs on all steel imports from a number of countries: On that list, South Korea.

At a weekly meeting with his top aides on Monday, the South Korean president kicked off the first work day following a long holiday weekend on a stern note against Washington’s move to protect its manufacturers.

“I want you to deal with unfair trade protectionist measures with confidence and resolution. Consider filing a complaint to the World Trade Organization and reviewing whether there are any violations to the Korea, U.S. free trade agreement. Make sure you argue its unfairness in the negotiations to revise the Korea-U.S. FTA.”

This is the strongest word yet from the South Korean president on the U.S.’ stepped up efforts to protect its industries… and it came with a prescription seeking a fundamental solution to the nation’s exports structure.

“We should take this opportunity to speed up our drive for innovative growth to increase our firms’ export competitiveness and diversify our exports market by actively pushing forward the New Northern Policy and the New Southern Policy.”

The New Northern and Southern Policies are strategies introduced by South Korea’s Moon administration aimed at expanding economic cooperation and exchanges with the nations to the north – Russia and Eurasian economies – and to the south… linking South Korea, Southeast Asian nations… all the way to India.

“The South Korean president’s unusually tough orders this week in dealing with the Trump administration’s growing appetite for trade protectionism is noteworthy as the country in question is the United States, an ally key now than ever for President Moon considering the latest change in dynamics involving North Korea.

The Blue House, however, drew a clear line between security and trade affairs, saying the president is adamant on dealing with the two separately taking different approaches for each.

This is just in line with our previous observation that Asia would rather go with the BRICS doctrine of multipolarity than stay with the self-deluded Exceptionalists.

The war economy belongs to the past. Please stand up peace-loving Americans. You deserve the $715 billion budget more than the Pentagon. Nobody is planning to attack anybody.

Make no mistake, your apathy is destroying peaceful countries around the world.

“America First” is more like Military Industrialists First.

10 thoughts on “US-South Korea Alliance is Breaking Up”

  1. I feel peace is good thing if north Korea would stop with the nuclear arsenal I do understand that nuclear is where the power is generated as in China with the nuclear power plants that can not have melt downs I am in support of the energy aspect my question is when are we going to get a full disclosure we as a lot of people do not want a partial disclosure FULL DISCLOSURE NOW stop the madness we,are all human we must unite as one to stop the hate ,wars and the unnecessary violence we all bleed red we all are human UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL.

  2. President Moon Jae-in is an honourable and brave man standing up for peace– nonetheless, without fear, exhibiting great courage, he must be on extremely high alert for his personal safety.
    God bless you Mr. President and bless South Korea! The world needs more leaders of integrity like you– sane, critical thinkers, committed to their peoples, their neighbours and the planet as a whole … Please keep us updated CG …. miracles still happen!

  3. Bullshit. How the fuck do you get to accuse another country of trade infringement when your country has a trade surplus of $2.1bn over said cuntry?? US has become an importing nation, inbound shipments of consumer goods and industrial supplies are steadily rising year after year.

    “Deficits were recorded, in billions of dollars, with China ($34.0), European Union ($17.2), Mexico ($6.1), Germany ($5.7), Japan ($5.5), Italy ($3.7), South Korea ($2.1), India ($2.1), France ($2.1), Taiwan ($1.6), Canada ($1.4), …”

    There are simple as fuck economic rules. One of the rules is that you have low trade barriers internal to your country. The other rule is that you have tariffs. Tariffs are to be on those things that you can make efficiently within your borders. If your internal industry becomes monopolistic, then you lower the tariffs. The idea is to allow internal industry to grow and develop, to then create an economy.


      More Government, as Trump wants, will only make MORE Problems

      I never hear Trump talk about the Republic, only the “UNITED STATES” of America, which is a CORPORATION, not a Government.When I hear him start to say “Make the REPUBLIC great again” then I will know Life, Liberty and Property Ownership for “Americans” will start to improve.

      Until then,”America” is doomed, as right now Trump is just another Puppet for Zionist Israeli JEWS who HATE a FEAR the Republic and will never accept it

      Americans have been fooled once again. by another CORPORATE, not a Republic, PRESIDENT

      1. All governments are evil. Everything they touch turns to shit. Everything. I am so god damn tired of these corrupt lying useless mo’fos. The slaves who consent to this, rather than understanding the root of the evil: give their consent to, or believe in false authority, they defend the evil from the ones who enslave them. And most who are deceived, will give consent actually without knowing what they are doing.

        Governments DO NOT create wealth; that is a fact. Governments are a great destroyer of wealth. It purely drains the blood from the productive economy.

        Taking care of your own basic needs is your responsibility. What should not be your responsibility is paying taxes to support governments’ piggery, ridiculous salaries, pensions, healthcare and endless wars from one of the most inefficient and slovenly institutions in the world – ‘governments’.

        Thump has only one job to do, destroy the fed then resign for all I care. The same goes for every presidents, PMs, kings, imams/ayatollahs (I don’t care what you call them) of every country. Destroy central banks. Countries DO NOT need central banks!!! Its so easy even Cheetah the Chimp can do it. But of course this ain’t gonna happen bcuz they are all corrupt stupid blood sucking parasitic evil motherfuckers.

        /rant off 🙂

  4. Good for South Korea and the NEW President. North Korea is NOT going to Invade the south if the South tells US Imperialists to take ALL…and I mean ALL USA personnel are persona-non-strati. They are no longer in South Korea LEGALLY !!! Also ALL South Korean Military should REFUSE to participate in any and ALL “War Games”; in addition, any and ALL equipment still on the South Korean land is forfeit to South Korean ownership, if the USA does NOT remove them within 30 days of the President ordering their removal of military personnel, CIA operatives, and all Military Equipment which South Korea has not already paid for. If South Korea OWNS and has PAID for US military hardware; then they OWN it and the USA CANNOT remove that material, but they MUST remove the personnel tied to those purchases. The South Korean Military can operate it by themselves.
    South Korea, be proud of yourselves, you did NOT start the Korean War, you did not refute ANY peace deals, you did not make blustery attacks against the North Koreans. It was ALL American Imperialism. PERIOD !!!

  5. I wish South Korea would now slap a massive fee for having US Military on their soil, or better still tell them to get the hell out!!!

  6. I find all the anti-American hate speech I’m reading on this website’s comments page appears to ignore the possibility, as Mr Webster Tarply has suggested, that indeed it is the fact that just prior to Brexit in 2016 it was the so-called Communist Chinese leadership that met, wined and dined with HRH ER II and the rest of truly elite exceptionalists of Europe, namely the Established Guelphian Oligarchy.

    You see the deal is that the Oligarch’s and the Communists and are now effectively working together to promulgate and extend the Empire for another thousand years. If this covert and politically convenient arrangement is true, then here comes some seriously autistic asian despotism.

    As for the trade deficits, well their existence cannot be denied (unless you are completely financially illiterate) thus the US’s desire to balance its books and it’s economy is justified by tariffs, and other trade restrictions. Only a one-eyed Asian neophyte apparachik would call the US “protectionist”. Of course Seoul has had the benefit of all sorts of economic and trade protection to boost its economy, yet they cry foul. Totally disingenuous.

    The trade imbalances are just one symptom of a world run by elites for their benefit. If the CCP has done the Brexit Deal with Liz & Co it shows how the genocide by England committed against Tasmanian Aboriginies will be repeated in this Asian century, time and time again.

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