US Collapse – the Spectacle of Our Time

May you live in interesting times, goes the Chinese proverb. Few can doubt that we are indeed living in such an interesting time. Big changes are afoot in the world, it seems.

None more so than the collapsing of the American Empire.

by Finian Cunningham

The US is going through an historic “correction” in the same way that the Soviet Union did some 30 years ago when the latter was confronted with the reality of its unsustainable political and economic system. (That’s not meant to imply, however, that socialism is unviable, because arguably the Soviet Union had fatally strayed from its genuine socialist project into something more akin to unwieldy state capitalism.)

In any case, all empires come to an end eventually. History is littered with the debris of countless empires. Why should the American Empire be any different? It’s not. Only arrogant “American exceptionalism” deludes itself from the reality.

The notable thing is just how in denial the political class and the US news media are about the unfolding American crisis.

This is partly where the whole “Russiagate” narrative comes into play. Blaming Russia for allegedly destabilizing US politics and society is a cover for denial over the internal rot facing the US.

Some may scoff at the very idea of an “American Empire”. That’s something Europeans did, not us, goes the apologist for US power. The quick retort to that view is to point out that the US has over 1,000 military bases in more than 100 countries around the world. If that is not a manifestation of empire then what is?

For seven decades since the Second World War, “Pax Americana” was the grandiose name given to US imperial design for the global order. The period was far from peaceful as the vainglorious name suggests. Dozens of wars, proxy conflicts and violent subversions were carried by the US on every continent in order to maintain its empire. The so-called “global policeman” was more often a “global thug”.

That US empire is now teetering at the cusp of an emerging multipolar world order led by China, Russia and other rising powers.

When US leaders complain about China and Russia “reshaping the global order” to reflect their interests what the American leaders are tacitly admitting is the coming end of Washington’s presumed hegemony.

Rather than accepting the fate of demise, the US is aggressively resisting by denigrating China and Russia’s power as somehow illegitimate. It’s the classic denial reaction of a sore loser.

So, what are the telltale signs that the US is indeed undergoing a seminal “correction” — or collapse?

The heyday of American capitalism is well passed. The once awesome productive system is a skeleton of its former self. The rise of massive social poverty alongside obscene wealth among a tiny elite is a sure sign that the once mighty American economy is chronically moribund. The country’s soaring $20 trillion national debt is another symptom of chronic atrophy.

Recent self-congratulatory whooping by President Trump of “economic recovery” is like the joy felt from looking at a mirage. The roaring stock market is an elite phenomenon which can just as easily slump over night.

What the champagne bubbles can’t disguise is the structural failing of US capitalism to reverse exploding inequality and endemic poverty across America. The national prowess of US capitalism has been superseded by global capitalism where American corporations among others scour the planet for cheap labor and tax havens. There is no going back to a supposed golden age, no matter how much Trump crows about “America First”.

The other side of the coin from historic US economic demise is the concomitant rise in its militarism as a way to compensate for its overall loss of power.

It is no coincidence that since the end of the Cold War following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, US military interventions around the world have erupted with increased frequency and duration. The US is in a veritable permanent state of war actively deploying its forces simultaneously in several countries, particularly in the oil-rich Middle East.

Washington of course gives itself a fig leaf cover by calling its surge in militarism a “war on terror” or “defending allies”. But, increasingly, US war conduct is seen for what it plainly is — violation of international law and the sovereignty of nations for the pursuit of American imperial interests.

In short, the US is patently lashing out as a rogue regime. There’s no disguising that fiendish fact.

In addition to waging wars, bombing countries, sponsoring terrorist proxies and assassinating enemies at will with drones, Washington is increasingly threatening others with military aggression. In recent months, North Korea and Iran have been openly threatened based on spurious claims. Russia and China have also been explicitly warned of American aggression in several strategic documents published by the Trump administration.

The grounds for American belligerence are baseless. As noted, the real motive is to do with compensating for its own inherent political, economic and social crises. That then amounts to American leaders inciting conflicts and wars, which is in itself a grave violation of international law — a crime against peace, according to Nuremberg principles.

The American Empire is failing and flailing. This is the spectacle of our time. The Western mainstream news media are either blind, ignorant or complicit in denying the historic collapse. Such media are indulging reckless fantasies of the US political class to distract from the potential internal implosion. Casting around for scapegoats to “explain” the deep inherent problems, the political class are using Russia and alleged Russian “interference” as a pretext.

World history has reached a foreboding cross-roads due to the collapsing of the American Empire. Can we navigate a safe path forward avoiding catastrophic war that often accompanies the demise of empires?

A lot, it seems, depends on ordinary American people becoming politically organized to challenge their dysfunctional system run by and for the elites. If the American people cannot hold their elites to account and break their corrupt rule, overhauling it with something more equitable and democratic, then the world is in peril of being plunged into total war. We can only but wish our American brothers and sisters solidarity and success.

32 thoughts on “US Collapse – the Spectacle of Our Time”

  1. Reblogged this on Satu Insan – Malaysia and commented:
    “In any case, all empires come to an end eventually. History is littered with the debris of countless empires. Why should the American Empire be any different? It’s not. Only arrogant “American exceptionalism” deludes itself from the reality.”

    1. The American Empire is not only collapsing, it is BEING COLLAPSED, by the NEXT empire – The Zionist Empire and it too, shall collapse in its own time, for the same reasons

      I suspect it may be the last, because It, by all indications, may be the , Longest, WORST and most Psychopathic

    1. Actually that was the case. It has been dissolved and America is sovereign once again. (Manna) This author has no idea what he is talking about. Trump haters lose their ability to see what is truly happening- a lot is not on the news.

      We are in a spiritual battle – thinking along my party lines is old business. Trump has been placed as president by God Himself! Think Q. Investigate Q for the truth.

    2. @RonaldR
      You are ALMOST dead-on…Only you left out the BIGGEST enemy of mankind of ALL…THE VATICAN!
      The so-called “Deep State” is made up of THREE components:
      1: The Vatican (Vicar of God/Christ)
      2: The City of London (The Money controllers FAKE JEWS)
      3: Washington DC (The Enforcers of the Mix 3)
      Until the HEAD is cut-off (Vatican) NO Peace can prevail
      Its been Prophecy to happen during the “End Times” at Revelation 17 – 18 chptrs…About the “Fall & Destruction” of “Babylon the Great”!
      First…THIS must happen:

      1. Yep, you are on point. Trump is a deep state diversion and nothing else. C Z Muir mentions a spiritual battle and I think to some extent you are right. The awakening must continue and the word must continue to spread. WE must all help each other see for all to be free. We will continue to full fill their prophecy if we do not stop the divisions that they have placed us into and come together in love, peace and understanding.

  2. This is God’s. Country. We may stumble but we will not fall. Just like I know that Israel will not fall. There is great love and compassion beyond the veil.

  3. War is not the answer only the control for global peace by the love of humanity and the planet is the sensible solution. As humanity awakes to the death caused by those who use war and currency to control them, peace to prevent human destruction should cause a global empire ruled by representatives from all countries for the preservation of the planet and the evolution of humanity to grow beyond it.

  4. “That’s not meant to imply, however, that socialism is unviable”
    ..Soviet union was not socialist. It was COMMUNIST. Ie TYRANNY.
    Socialism is viable if under the umbrella of paternal capitalism (bc socialism needs the money of capitalism to pay for all its social programs and cannot afford to have elites operate a double standard of not paying taxes while raising them on the peasants) – whereas ((soviet union)) was 100% communist tyranny which obama and EU took notes from.

  5. LS…

    The collapse of the Americas started when the Khazarian Columbus rediscovered America and murdered the natives !

    1. Dead-On Caesar!….This country was STOLEN from the Natives, by force!
      The idea of “Making America Great Again” is a joke as long as the people refuse to admit it and make restoration to it’s Natives…AND the “Slaves” it brought over here….which were actually HERE FIRST thousands of years BEFORE they ever landed here.

      1. Geeeee! I wonder WHY they discontinued this video???
        THAT its self is PROOF that THEY have something to HIDE!

  6. America is doing quite well. The United States on the other hand is in big trouble. When US citizens wakes up and realize that they are not American Citizens but are citizens of a corporation which is the United States then and only then will the revolution be at hand and America will be great again.

    28 U.S. Code § 3002 – Definitions
    (15) “United States” means—
    (A) a Federal corporation

    12 USC 95a paragraph 2:
    (2) Any payment, conveyance, transfer, assignment, or delivery of property or interest therein, made to or for the account of the United States,
    Everything the people acquire in the legal name they use is automatically vested as property in the State. The State owns the legal name you use, hence all property acquired in that legal name automatically vests as property in the State.

    1. Yes, Karen Hudes on FB has made this very clear. However she has also noted that many are still not aware of this fact and expresses that we need to continually spread the word. We need that tipping point for this to work.



    1. stein you are wrong what happens and reason why so many empires have come and gone is because of your satanic jewish tribe who instead of been erased from the face of planet earth is because every time they get caught destroying an empire the only thing those empires did was to kick them out of their land but after a while the khazarian jewish mafia would find their way back in and do what they are good a doing destroy what they can’t take with them. that is what they have done to America also, they came they destroyed and many of them will be forgiven that is why unless evil is totally erased from humanity the cycle will continue on.

  8. Meanwhile, Xi Xin Ping unilaterally changes the Chinese Constitution to allow himself to be Emperor of the Chinese Empire for the rest of his life, refuses to name a successor and no one on this blog even notices? Despotic Tyranny, backed by London’s Oligarchy is viewed as somehow legitimate and politically benign while the Anti-American hate speech ratchets-up a few more notches.

    When will people start seeing the forest for the trees, particularly when it is all simply hidden in plain view. This move will only bring more tyranny and much, much less equality. Remember Communism is a central bankers wet dream, that’s why Marx was inspired by Hegel and his dialectic, and financed by the bankers of the city of London.

    1. You won’t find articles here that are negative to China.

      Communism is a jooish totalitarian ideology invented by joos, funded by jooish bankers (Kuhn and Loeb), and economically manifested by jooish Bolsheviks as Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Lazar Kaganovich, and Genrikh Yagoda.

      And yes, commies luvs them fiat. Bcuz its only through magic money that these sick fucks are able to realize their utopian shit holes completely detached from reality.

      “Without big banks, socialism would be impossible.”

      – Vladimir Lenin

      1. Bless You brother!…You are SEEING the “Matrix” and how it really works…and is WHY “Goverments” in their current form will NEVER work for mankind’s best interest!

    2. This is why I have said the greatest empire that has ever been is the british and it continues to this very day. This swinging from one side to another in the global sphere’s is only used to confuse the world populace. But any country that has tried to get free and I mean properly free of the UK has suffered severely for it. The americans are only been dragged down a peg or two to knock their egos, but that is allowed to happen because most are still in their bear caves. The City of London rules the world.

    3. This poor little snowflake soils his panties like an SJW over “anti-American hate speech” (aka exposing America and its lies about Freedom and Democracy) or points his finger at China concerning the West’s latest political hobby horse (Xi’s term limits)–all in order to distract attention away from reality that his beloved Land of the Free is threatening even more wars around the world, including the risk of nuclear war, so as to maintain the American Evil Empire’s Hitlerian ambitions for US Full Spectrum Dominance of the planet, a doctrine openly espoused by the Pentagon.

      CIA-paid trolls couldn’t do any better.

  9. The FACT that China’s president wants to install himself as president for LIFE is proof he is a proponent of the NWO.

    1. Hi Kenneth,

      Its easy to see, just follow the ‘money’, everything else is just distraction.How do you cover one lie? With tons and tons of more lies…yeah, story of our lives…lies.

      Its no wonder (((they))) don’t teach ‘money’. Not the schools, tee vee, politicians (they’re all scumbags) , priests, imams, governments…nobody wants to talk about what is ‘money’. Coincidence? There are no such thing as coincidences.

      I used to be a Catholic, only time I remember anywhere in the NT where Jesus got really pissed, like really trashing and throwing tables and stuff was with the MONEY CHANGERS. Its (((them))) folks., its always been them.

      1. Yes agreed, they do not teach money, stocks and shares and your health or nutrition. They don’t teach you your rights either or common law. Instead they prepare you for the factory 🙂

      2. @Sentido
        Yep!…I used to be a “Victom of Religion” too, starting with the Catholic church ending with the Watch Tower Satanist!
        The DAY I saw what ALL religion represents I became a FREE person…Next I look forward to the DAY “Money” is no more!…and Mankind is freed to become what WE are really destined for!

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