South Africa Overwhelmingly Votes to Return White-Occupied Lands to Africans

This should happen in Palestinian lands, too. The South African parliament voted on Tuesday in favor of a motion seeking to change the constitution to allow white-owned land expropriation without compensation.

In the case of Israel, it should compensate for the loss of lives in Gaza and within all occupied territories. That’s called social justice, not antisemitism.

Overall, there is now a growing number of patriotic leaderships around the world. This is partly due to the continuing exposure of the true nature of Western globalist leadership. The blatant lie behind the War of Terror and the constant rigging of the financial system broke the camel’s back.

“The time for reconciliation is over. Now is the time for justice,” Malema told the parliament. “We must ensure that we restore the dignity of our people without compensating the criminals who stole our land.”

South Africa has a population of over 50 million people. According to a 2017 government audit, white people own 72 percent of farmland.

Last week, South Africa’s new president, Cyril Ramaphosa, pledged to return the lands owned by white farmers since the 1600s to the black citizens of the country. He added that food production and security must be preserved.

The official opposition Democratic Alliance party (DA) has criticized the motion, saying it will undermine property rights and scare off potential investors.

72 thoughts on “South Africa Overwhelmingly Votes to Return White-Occupied Lands to Africans”

  1. LS…
    I wonder if it will help the Black Africans food production on the short term as the country is totally raped from there natural way of life…

    1. Why don,t they return the Gold Land, Diamond land & every other Fucking land that the JewScums stole in Africa back to them too ! The white man was guilty of producing in Africa, not Raping it like the Cecil Rhodes Kike SCUM !

    2. I personally think, in a really cynical way mind. That this timing of handing food production land back to the indigenous peoples, during the worst drought in SA. Is this all to blame the new land “owners” for crop failure? Whilst keeping the Afrikaans looking good, as the public will see it fail not on their watch.
      Time will tell

  2. land confiscation without compensation, further more the land in question was never occupied by black africans as the original people are KhoiSan … not black african

    1. We have a perfect example of ,”The chickens coming Home to Roost” and “cry-baby” Europeans,British and Americans cannot accept what they did to Black Africans in Africa is now being done to them, with one major EXCEPTION- So far the Black INDIGENOUS Africans are NOT slaughtering Whites as the Whites did to the Blacks

      Maybe this will start something in all of the countries where Black/Brown INDIGENOUS people have been invaded and murdered for their land and resources and kept POOR and IGNORANT, so they could never compete, by WHITE British, Europeans and Americans

      I look forward to the Palestinians doing the same to Zionist Jews

      Whites may now need to learn that their ARROGANT misplaced feelings of SUPREMACY are coming to an end and they will need to (re) negotiate with Indigenous people.

      1. Right…and non-Europeans, especially Africans and people from the Middle East should be immediately expelled to make room for the resettlement of the Boers in Europe.

      2. Aman…… Let’s hope the land still have natural resources for the Africans to trade and rebuild there way of life in an industrialized way with environmental restrictions for humanity.

      3. no fucking way man! No negotiations, no reparations. You ignorant coons do it to yourself and blame whitey for your poor life conditions. Every city in America run by blacks has become a shithole, not better but worse, and this is your educated leadership. Go burn your own house down, like you do in all your ghettos.

    2. I should have added for YOUR BENEFIT, the KHOISAN were ALSO black,hunter gatherers:

      Africa was for BLACK people and Europe was for White people-PERIOD

      Every other settlement arrangement should be up to WILLING NEGOTIATION with the INDIGENOUS, not FORCE and DECEPTION, as WAS done against Blacks and Brown people in their NATIVE lands

      Were you just mistaken or DELIBERATELY trying to mislead readers here because you are one of those SUPREMACISTS I talk about in my other comment.???

    1. it worked well. many zimbabwens have access to land. needs to be done with care and fairness to ensure the land is distributed more equally and does not disrupt food production. The white man is not needed 🙂

      1. Great reply and I would have added, “considering that the “white” man did everything he could to prevent African Blacks from being able to compete, Zimbabweans did and are doing quite well

        Does he think Blacks were given a decent wage and more importantly, did their children receive the SAME EDUCATION as White children???

        I doubt it.

        In Canada, as another example the Indigenous farmers were, by law, NOT ALLOWED to compete with White Farmers !!!

        I could go on., but I am sure he would get my point, but would be afraid to admit it

        Keep up the fight, “Espoir……”

    2. Do you have anything to add to the conversation or are you just a TYPICAL American-Educated BIGOT, like “cc”, above

      I will say one thing for you, at least you didn’t lower yourself to caveman-style TRASH talk as he did..

  3. This is a very evil Crime Learn your history you idiots White People settled South Africa . it was in inhabited at the time .. You call changing something that happened in the 1600 justice .. Well then I guess All the white people in the Americas have to give back the land the Indians had too. In south America all the Spanish descendants have to give South America back to the Incas..
    But Wait the Incas stole it from the Carnarie .. So how far we Go back..
    South Africa Will turn into a complete Sh—-le if this happens and rightfully so

    1. Using the OP’s logic, the Filipinos must also give back the Philippine archipelago to the Aeta and Aboriginals.

  4. Imo, the Boers should have gotten out while the gettin’s good. I am by no means writing off the Boers contributions to SA but c’mon man…No fucking country can survive when an outside minority who only makes up about 9.7% of the population owns 72% of the land. It cannot work, it just won’t work with that kind of disparity.

    1. The Boers need to be repatriated back to Europe at the same time the African and Middle Eastern invaders are expelled: quid pro quid.

      1. So I take it you do not see a DIFFERENCE between, WHITES who INVADED Africa, without permission of the indigenous people, using GUNS and CONFISCATED their land, slaughtering those who resisted that land theft………. FROM Blacks and Browns who were INVITED , by your, European and American Governments, who DID NOT bring in Guns to steal your lands and shoot you when you resisted, and in fact most obtained gainful employment to look after their families to pay their own way and ALLOW them to BUY homes and land???

        Yes not all Black and Brown immigrants are nice people BUT that is the exception.What WHITES did in Africa was not an exception. It was the RULE. Whites STOLE or bought STOLEN land and MURDERED resisters.

        NOW those resisters are TAKING BACK their OWN LAND. which was stolen by DECEPTION or at the point of a GUN

        You cannot see the difference???

        Does BIGOTRY apply, by chance, as your motive for that LACK of simple LOGIC

    2. well if we look at the disparity the Zionist Jews have hold over the Western Nations and their Cabal called the UN, and its proposed population cull of 90% just so they can enrich themselves with the land grab and resource theft by vacant lands, I think the Africans are not asking much at all, and I would recommend Palestine to clear their lands of these Zionist Jews as well.

      1. Another THEFT Agenda from the…..

        Cyril Ramaphosa has Chabad backing and Chabad blessing
        Jacob Zuma the President of South Africa resigned on the night of Valentines Day 2018
        His replacement is Cyril RAMAPHOSA and he is the DARLING of “South African” joo$ So the VALENTINE$ DAY COUP is in a sense pretty appropriate

        Exit Zuma Enter Ramaphosa

        There actually was a CRAZY push to get rid of Zuma at the earliest after Ramaphosa’s elevation as ANC chief in December 2017

        [I must say, the pressure to get rid of Zuma and the articles they’re publishing shows that SOMETHING REALLY WEIRD I$ GOING ON.
        Since last year March(my note the very month Zuma replaced Gordhan with Gigaba as Finance Minister ) they’ve been working to get rid of him, but its getting weirder.

        The latest is that the JEWISH CONTROLLED DA IS WORKING with the WHITE HATING BLACK COMMUNI$T Julius Malema and THEY are PUSHING HARD to GET Zuma OUT.

        He got in to head the ANC in December 2017 and then the Elite and JEWS and Liberals nearly lost their minds from SHEER DELIGHT. They reckoned Zuma would be gone in a matter of days. The Rand has shot up through the roof as a result, showing that the GLOBALI$T Elite “APPROVE” MASSIVELY of RAMAPHO$A.
        But Ramaphosa is starting to take too long and the Jews and Liberals are getting very irritated. The latest is that the Jewish controlled DA (with the Jewess bitch Helen Zille playing a massive role) has said that if Zuma is not gone by the start of next week that they will support the EFF (Julius Malema’s communist scum) in organising a Vote of No confidence in Parliament.

        “Time For Reconciliation Is Over” – South Africa Votes To Confiscate White-Owned Land

  5. How was the land acquired and who turned it into productive farm-land ?
    How will the “original owners” be determined ?
    Sounds like community organization initiated by the foreign alien, alias Barack Hussein Obama, with an Idi Amin type eager to carry out the expropriation.

  6. MOST people are NOT even aware of Africa’s entire history and that ALL Mankind’s existence STARTED there! The Black “Human race” was the FIRST race seeded there, and from there spread from there.
    Just do research on the subject “Origins of Mankind”…That’s IF you are ALLOWED to FIND it…Because the WHITE race is been trying to bury it from the public over the centuries to HIDE what THEY did over those centuries to other races!
    Africa BELONGS to the Black race by virtue they were THERE First…They were also the FIRST Americans, making them the REAL American Natives!
    Do RESEARCH on this subject…Its all over youtube (LOADS of Videos!)…Best yet TRY and find a copy of a DVD entitled: “Out of Darkness” on line (
    It has the BEST info about the subject in the shortest amount of time (Two and a a half hours)
    Looked up a series called “Whited Out” (Six Videos MANY hours)
    There are LOADS of info on line…WITH LOADS OF PROOF!
    MOST Black people are NOT even aware of their REAL History because it was STOLEN from them by WHITES…The very creators of what is called RACISM!

    1. Right and let us not forget as Boers are repatriated back to Europe the Africans and Middle Easterners need to be expelled: quid pro quid.

  7. To Add…Africans have the RIGHT to take back what was theirs in the FIRST place…Those “Mislead” Whites should do research on WHAT their forefathers did to GET there. From there HUMBLY Ask about making arrangements to stay there…I’m SURE most BLACK African’s would be willing to settle on some kind of compromise arrangements…After all LOOK at WHAT They had to put up with for almost 1000’s of years from WHITES!
    The SAME needs to be applied in America, IF it ever hopes the “Be GREAT Again” far NOTHING has been dealt with regarding its REAL “Natives” even though its been brought to the WHITES attention LONG AGO!!!

    1. It will be nice to see Africa in total control of their destiny. But I’m sure their glaring failures will be blamed on whites. They never so much as invented the wheel and there is very little evidence that they even bothered to explore like Asians and Europeans. The territorial size of Africa is large enough to place the land mass of China, India, the US and Western Europe in it. They have vast quantities of natural resources and farmland. If they fail with such great attributes then they can’t blame the rest of the world.

      1. @rmcnnlly
        Wow!…brother…You NEED to go and do “Deep Research” o mankind’s REAL History, because obviously you learned the WHITE man’s version of it…I’m a mixed race Being and I was SHOCKED at what I found out AFTER doing “My Own” searching…ALL MANKIND HAS BEEN LIED TO ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!
        Watch: “The LIE the Vatican Told” (All SIX of them!)

      1. Dead wrong…I also READ a LOT….But, When TRUTH comes from ANY source, it bares being listened too..DID YOU EVEN VIEW ALL 6 OF THE VIDEOS???

      2. So are you saying Ashkenazi Jews are liars?

        “youtube” is owned by Google, which is owned by Ashkenazi Jews

  8. One–
    Can anyone tell me, whether, throughout modern history– say the last 800 ears and even before– when the World was not a dog-eat-dog world? — even during the likes of the Roman and Grecian Empires– the plotting and scheming ones were always there– those with the gold and the might, ruling and dictating to weaker nations and the greater mass of humanity– left with no choice– but to tow the line and throughout, had built and established, what became the global infrastructure and helped establish the big corporations all over our planet– for the thieving few.

    With little access to a decent education, the many had to try and feed their families and serve in armed forces to conquer, colonise and destroy– But fodder, they died by the millions in strange lands far from home– hatred entrenched in many– others, sick of wars and the stench of death returning home maimed or their inner psyche’s scarred forever– all the horrors perpetrated in the name of their global masters– ensuring global division would perpetuate and reign between race, creed and culture in every corner of the world.

    It is no different today– for it continues, only that modern tech, makes it ever more deadly– lethal to the ongoing existence of both humankind and our dear old planet.

    My point is, how can the mass of humanity, their countries invaded and decimated by the lackeys of the global bankster gangsters, faced with wholesale death and destruction, not flee en masse in fear of their lives, to find some place of harbour and peace, hoping there to build a new and more stable life.

    The Boers of SA, were a God fearing lot and when things heated up too much in the Cape, protection against livestock theft ignored– it resulted in the Great Trek. Yes, deep inland, they met up with Africans and made fair arrangements and agreeable exchanges to acquire some land and continue farming– they wanted peace and finally a safe place to call their own.

    Everyone knows the victors gave us the histories of the many colonised countries– which we sucked up as truth– proud of our heroic and powerful past– how we brought “democracy” to the ignorant. Yeah, right … but the Boers did not hunt down Africans to scalp them as their way of life prohibited such wanton slaughter of others.

    However, I am not pleading either for whites or for blacks here- but rather for what is fair and just in modern day SA– but yes, in fairness, as many farmers as there are who should have let their farms go decades ago when they were offered compensation by the ANC government– and whether offers were fair or not– still, a number of them did accept the offers and chose to leave the country and make their futures elsewhere.

    SA farmers are generally clever and enterprising people, so in their hearts they must have known that they would have to consolidate the size of their land, had recognised that the land issue was not only highly emotive, but would grow to be explosive, if not redressed.

    The past is gone, the realities of the future have to be faced– An African government in power for over two decades and even when farmers legally paid for their land and some had owned their farms for many generations– the rules of the game had changed and that too, most must have known long ago.

    That if whites wanted to remain in SA– their black compatriots, so long repressed by a cruel white regime, black resentment, often flaring up into avid hatred was natural, as their rights to a decent life had been trampled to the ground– now whites have to abide by the new rule of law– if we don’t like it, we must make another plan.

    Only recently ordinary whites came to know, that behind the scenes, the Apartheid regime had been supported by the global cabal (Israel to be precise), but what few know is that their club is multiracial– the colour of money, not skin is their credo.

  9. Two–
    By lies and deception, these banksters command a vast global network, infiltrated in all spheres of our lives, also from behind the scenes they rule the world– protect their precious assets in South Africa too– despite the resistance of peoples of all races who genuinely love South Africa, want what’s best for all her people– and whether white or black, pink or purple– they despise the traitors who are part of their club and want to sell them out to those who have deceived the world, from the outset.

    Seem many whites had little idea how blacks had suffered, their families torn apart and that at last free of Apartheid’s yoke– they would want the land– ownership of it, so long denied to them.

    Yes, since 1994 multiples of farm attacks and murders have occurred and have increased sharply, over the last few years. Is it worth suffering the loss of ones loved ones to retain a farm? — or any material asset for that matter? Even if one walks away with nothing– if one has one’s family– one has e v e r y t h i n g!

    Yet, if one takes what happened in 1994– it was but another even more wicked con– because the global cabal and their local traitor satellites, ensured that SA’s rich resources, its global big corps, its banking system and stock market, remained in the hands of those who’d forever be imperialists– However, I want to reiterate again–
    that it is not only white monopoly capital– but global monopoly capital which comes in all colours– even out of Africa, India, Saudi– you name it– local traitors everywhere, those belonging to this global club– have no loyalty and or allegiance to any nation– only to their full spectrum global dominance, one world government agenda.

  10. Three–

    Still the bulk of black folks now want both the land and the natural resources returned– and without compensation to those, who in fairness ensured our breadbasket remained full, our exports strong.

    Still why did the white owners of massive tracts of land, work in conjunction with government and traditional leaders, to share their land with their black fellows and, trained and taught them to also become skilled and proficient farmers?– which needs experience over many years. To my mind, if whites had committed to share and teach their black fellows, 23 years down the line, SA would have been a far more equal society, apartheid gone and the economy roaring. Not a dream– it could have been an all round reality, which would have stunned the world and placed SA in the position to sent the global bankster gangsters packing.

    But then, unfortunately SA was cursed with a corrupt government, which was virtually on the point of stealing away the country and bringing it to it’s knees. That’s more or less all sides of the story. The poor and loyal voters of the ANC — grossly betrayed by those they trusted.

    Where does this leave white South Africans? Having lived as second class citizens, tasting the medicine they’d dished out to blacks, with agriculture the last bastion to fall– food security and even residential properties threatened, whites would either go with the flow, or flow with the go– to my mind a wholesale white exodus could ensue– which at this point, whites over all probably constitute about 4.5 million souls– plus or minus.

    While about 40% white South Africans are generally well skilled and hard working, they’d probably be in the position to emigrate successfully and this includes SA’s white farmers– but poor whites and old age pensioners, would perhaps have no option but to become refugees? If this land issue is not approached with sensitivity all round– with the iron will to find a workable, practical and lasting solution to the land issues, whites would feel completely disenfranchised and alienated– as if they’d been shown the door and IMO, not many would remain in South Africa, only but the extremely poor, who may relocate to Orania if this volkstaat would accept them? Just playing with possibilities here.

    Should current developments turn nasty, as possibly some whites may defend what they view as their land– I suppose the global cabal’s reaction to such a situation would be anybody’s guess. But would think the UN would probably intervene– either followed by peacekeepers and or big bad wolf NATO– my reasoning for it, is that the cabal would dig in its heels– due to the vast wealth still not even touched under SA’s soil.

    Furthermore, SA’s geographical location, reasonable proximity to Antarctica and close proximity to Gough Island– her sophisticated harbour facilities and infrastructure, banking system– all those factors would make the west ensure it continues keeping her an captive to their imperial agenda. But my thoughts anyway …

    One thing is a surety– if anarchy ensues, foreign investment would pull out and even China and Russia would be ultra cautious before investing in a country so wrought with internal conflict — brought to its knees by a government unable to think on its feet and show foresight of genuine leadership– instead, robbing the country blind. Of course agriculture would sustain a massive knock and for some years, with whites gone, blacks would have to pull SA out the cart, or she would end up another failed African state. Such a magnificent country, Gold help us this does not become a reality.

    1. Your last paragraph statement FAILS to address the FACT, that Africa was doing just FINE Before the White man arrived…There is a REAL History about Africa having a “Advanced Culture” that the WHOLE world knows almost NOTHING about…Thanks to the WHITE man’s Lies and Cover-ups of the subject.
      Africa isn’t call “The Cradle of Civilization” for Nothing friend!

      1. The truth is, expel whites – and SA turns into Zimbabwe-2.
        Remember Zimbabwe? Merely in 3 months after the whites were gone, the country was overwhelmed with hunger, and continues to starve ever since. However, Zimbabwe was relatively lucky – it had a wealthy neighbour – SA, where most of black Zimbabweans could emigrate, looking for jobs to feed their families.
        If SA collapses – where will its local blacks emigrate, for jobs and to escape starvation? Antarctica?..
        And without whites, SA will certainly collapse.

      2. I’m not arguing any points– rather trying to address where we are today, as the past is over and done with and we cannot change it… To blame each other for what our forebears did or did not do, 300 years ago, is really laughable.

        Still, what we can do and should do, is change our attitudes, sit down around a table and talk and talk and talk … LOL — until we hit on the solution, because every problem does have a solution and tongues and minds are cheaper– than weapons and the pain massive human loss brings to all– and normally does not physically kill– although murder by tongue is common …

      3. Just for the record, not all whites were involved with writing western fake history– those claiming to be the victors, mostly to their descendants, when the cabal ruling the west, will dictate the narrative– this state of affairs, have existed from the beginnings of time– but in the last few decades with the Internet available to all, people of all races have woken up to the lies and cover-ups of the bankster gangsters. This should have served to unite us all, but for some reason it did not.

        For instance few black South Africans to this day know that the government of communist Russia who supported the Black Struggle– was controlled by American Jewish bankers– and that after Israel became a state in 1948– Israel played both sides– supported the Apartheid regime and the Black Struggle — all covertly of course, while interacting with communist Russia.

        Yet to this day, Russia is blamed for the origin of communism, when it was exported and instituted in Russia as an ideology, after the Bolshevik “revolution” — which in fact was not a revolution, but a US Jewish bankers coupd’etat– and how they plundered and pillaged Russia– virtually murdered, starved multi millions of Russians– White Russians fought them tooth and nail, but the bankers had the printing press and military power.

        Even the dissolution of the Soviet Union, was manipulated by the bankers ilk, because although the insider traitors still controlled the gov– they were losing their grip on an evermore restive population by the mid nineties. Then of course Putin came and changed the impossible to possible– picked up his beloved Motherland and her people and although it took time for Russians to trust the government again– Putin persevered and today most of them adore him. Yet look at Israel today– their treatment of the Palestinians are the worst apartheid the world has ever known.

        So, yes, I agree that we live in completely screwed up world, which the few brought on the many– but please understand that the cabal we’re speaking of, have no allegiance and or loyalty to any nation– only to their ungodly agenda. For instance I claim no ancestry from Europe– too African for that– would feel like a fish out of water there … just wither and die … pardon typos…

  11. Sorry error– Still why did the white owners of massive tracts of land, [NOT] work in conjunction with government and traditional leaders … is what it should read above.

  12. Final–

    So how its all going to pan out– only the good Lord knows! But for sure, if global colonisation should be redressed, it would be impossible to achieve for today’s descendants and their victims.

    As for the victims of the horrors of colonisation — long before global colonisation visited their shores, the indigenous people all over the world, also waged brutal wars upon each other– fought each other to the last man standing, the mighty, colonising and ruling the weaker tribes, such greed for power with Man, from the dawn of human existence. It’s just the way it is– only difference is the degree of sophistication.. old world versus modern world.

    But today, humanity claims to be civilised– while our purses show we’re not– greed as alive as ever, while humaneness and just a casual word of kindness even– are practically dead ducks.

    As a modern day saint stated, humankind is going through a particularly degenerate phase, where many no longer believe in the existence of a Supreme Creator and have become moral and spiritual bankrupts.

    We pick up shells, unaware we’re trampling diamonds into the ground … We need so little to live delightful, productive and contented lives– but we can’t even look past the colour of another one’s skin! Putin said. love is the meaning of life …. but then we must endeavour our damnedest to LIVE it!

    How difficult can it be to smile at another, to be friendly and or to reach out and help someone, even if its in the smallest of ways– in my humble opinion, the moment we start serving others in some or other capacity– community service– our world will change for the better– to receive is a good feeling– but to give– there is no greater joy than giving … Hope South Africans manage to work something out– we somehow always do!

    1. Just because a country may have had squables over THEIR own countries Does NOT Justify another countries “Intrusion” into their affairs…EVERY country had those throughout History…and since the “Intruders” came HERE…Just LOOK at the mess this country is NOW…Would we want to have this country invaded because we have differences among ourselves today???

      1. Agree up to a point– but where the possibility of violence is increasingly becoming apparent, heads who are not directly involved, but detached from the situation, could be of assistance, because standing away from the problem, enables clear thinking.

        Unfortunately, the intruders you speak about, intruded all over the world– just the way things were and to a great extent — still is, I mean look at the US in Afghanistan, Iraq and the hell they, along with France, foisted on Libya– and how Muammar Qaddafi’s last speech at the UN– was absolutely prophetic.

        But in Britain for instance, which virtually every nationality, race, creed or culture, call home– although there are flare ups– and racial ones too, you don’t hear a member of parliament threatening to cut the throat of an oppositions party’s candidate or threaten to kill the race he/she can’t abide or even hates? He would be asked to apologise on the spot, or be ordered to leave the house.

        No such remarks, to me are akin to the primitive speech of someone, who is either very immature, or completely unbalanced and such a person should be removed from public office, because he threatens the peace– incites war between races.

        That is plain wrong and no matter what race behaves like that, he/she should be prosecuted– then perhaps made to do community service at the very least– maybe make a person like that grow up and inculcate a bit of wisdom. If SA has a national black only referendum tomorrow, voting on whether whites should stay or leave– Yes or No … if it is is no, we won’t be able to leave, as we can’t afford it, but yes, we would make a plan and apply for asylum elsewhere. I do not condone violence of any kind– if people are not wanted– leave and accept it as God’s will and do so with good grace.

  13. One OTHER Huge note to SEE about “Race Relations”…WHY has the WHITE race worked so HARD at trying to HIDE the REAL history of ALL the other races…ESPECIALLY the BLACK race??? Look it Up folks…It’s OBVIOUS they have something to HIDE about THEMSELVES.
    TRY and find a copy of a DVD called: “Out of Darkness”….IF you can!

  14. A quick browsing of this site seems to reveal it as an apparent justification for hatred of white people.

    Must the hundred million Filipinos now give up their homes in the Philippines, and return it to the Aetas and Aboriginals?

    Is it a crime to be born white? What if someone was born Filipino? Or Black? History shows that assigning blame based on identity alone, regardless of the deeds of each individual and their innocence or complicity in evil, is a path that never leads to resolution.

    In the last century, the two world wars saw the deaths, rapes, starvation and suffering of tens of millions of “white” souls. Were they not victims? Russia saw the deaths of tens of millions in peacetime. China’s deaths were even greater, but perhaps we should ignore that part of history because we can’t find a “white” perpetrator behind it?

    What about the women and children, who had no part in it? What about the common men, who had no say in the affairs of their government, and more often than not suffered under their tyranny?

    Or perhaps you will say that they deserved it, because they didn’t do enough to prevent their rulers, giving yourself a mandate for genocide on any group you see fit. But then what of the Maharlikans, who had limited power to stop that same tyrannical force?

    I have been a student of geopolitics for most of my adult life, and if there is any lesson, it’s that the secret ruling body of the world carries out atrocities against the common man in every society, and then uses them as camouflage and scapegoats to be lightning rods for the aftermath of the atrocities that were carried out.

    They are the hidden hand, we are the glove.

    It has always been a tiny minority in society which directed the designs for the deaths of the masses. They are the ones who instigate wars, who finance them, who organizes industry and machinery towards the death of the mass of peoples.

    But at the same time, we are all to blame for our own actions. Even if the design for atrocities comes from higher up, every man has the ability to choose whether to pull the trigger or not, whether to steal or gamble, or carry out any evil from small to large.

    It is always easier to blame someone else for our own misfortunes. On the whites, on the muslims, on the tagals, on men. Many things are out of our control, and many times we’re placed in a predicament where the good path is fraught with danger, and the evil path promises greater material reward. Those who hold power in this world know our weaknesses, but we must all become strong and wise if we’re to overcome them.

    There is evil in this world, and if you wish to defeat it, you must correctly identify it and assign the blame where it’s due. More often than not, it does not lie with the common man in any given society, who is often only concerned with eking out a living for their family and being left alone by an often tyrannical oligarchic class.

    We all suffer under the same evil which wishes to divide us, turn us against each other, and kill each other while they profit from our suffering. Divided on nation, on race, on religion, on politics, as long as we’re focused on ripping each other apart instead of looking at the one whispering in our ears and pulling on our strings.

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    Men have forgotten God.

      1. Yes, there is a collective guilt for those who are complicit in evil. As is the case of all men everywhere, including Filipinos.

        So if you are to be consistent in your condemnation, then you should blame the race of Filipinos for the current status of Maharlika, and for all the evils carried out against them.

        Every Filipino, including those who live a quiet life of farming, who have never harmed anyone, is equally guilty as an Aquino who carries out a massacre on their indentured servants. Do you really believe this?

      2. The Philippine Revolution have already begun in 2016. All we need is to sustain it. There are already operations to recover the wealth of this country. However, the need to banish all Spanish Friars, now known as the Jesuits, from this country should be of top priority.

        For as long as the Filipino continues to knell in their churches, he will never be truly free. This website and others like it will continue to educate the masses, or those that have great influence on them.

        We cannot telegraph what we are going to do next, especially with regards to the Dengvaxia genocidal vaccinations of 830,000 children, but rest assured there will be tangible actions before the end of the year.

      3. What has happened to the Philippines is pretty much the SAME thing as Africa and ANY Nation that allows VATICAN/Roman Canon Law to control their respective Governments…RELIGION created the “Divine Right of Kings (Governments or Govern-Minds)…They created the MONEY System to Enslave US…and use LAW Enforcement agencies (Militaries) to hold on to it.
        They use their old tactics of “Divine & Conquer” and “Problem-Reaction-Solution” to hold on to Power over their respective Sheeple (Subjects/Citizens)
        Watch: “The Myth of Authority” about HOW this works:

  15. I see you’ve evaded the question, and avoided facing your doublethink. Perhaps someday you will be wise enough to see, unless you are one of the gatekeepers.

    As for the Jesuits, where did they originate, and which group comprised most of their early membership? What was the controversy with Ignatius of Loyala and his ties to the Alumbrados? What did they have in common with the Templars? What was the order of the temple named after? Who built the order of the temple? Where was Hiram abiff said to be from? What was Tyre known for? What were the Phoenicians known for?

  16. White supremacy is done. ALL land needs to be reallocated to those in need. compensation based on demonstrated need. Rich white people do not need any compensation. They can just go back to europe if they dont like DEMOCRACY

  17. @Stela
    Geeeeee Stela….You haven’t done your REAL research about Africa…HOW DID THE PEOPLE THERE SURVIVE “BEFORE” THE WHITE MAN CAN???
    Remember THEY are the OLDEST civilization on earth!

    1. Then we will watch them “sink or swim”. Only one problem the size of the population now of Africa makes them highly dependent on the products of advance civilization; engineering, logistics, architecture, manufacturing, distribution, etc. Honestly, I have my doubts. Blacks are free in Haiti, but they rank dead last among the nations of the earth. You can’t escape the cold hard facts.

      1. You’ve got everything Bass-Ackwards about Africa’s REAL History, and as much as the WHITE race has been trying to HIDE the TRUTH…In the end TRUTH is winning!

      2. Ya, right…………zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…Here is one of your great engineers with his flying contraption 115 years after the Wright Brothers successfully flew a simple aircraft in 1903. Meanwhile we have been to the moon and back several times and have created unmanned landings on Mars controlling exploratory vehicles remotely. I find reading the nonsense posted here quite funny and entertaining.

  18. The problem I see that most WHITE raced people have is an “Addiction” to “Power & Control” of what THEY deem as “Inferior” races…After all it was THEY who created “Racism” in the first place.
    For anyone to really address an addiction, THEY first have to REALIZE that THEY Have a problem.
    It appears THEY refuse to FACE what they did, and THEY still to the moment are trying to HIDE what they did, and make excuses for it.
    They are as the CURRENT situation proves they STILL want to KEEP control via Control of THEIR “Babylonian Slave Money System”.
    The latest post on their so-called “Light-worker” sites prove this to be the case!
    They SMACK of “Polarity” (US and THEM)…THERE IS NO US AND THEM…WAKE UP!!!
    They are desperately trying to “WHITE OUT” the problems THEY created!
    Go watch the DVD entitled; “Out of Darkness” at:….IF you can FIND it!
    They trying to “Delete” ANYTHING that exposes THEIR Lies they have been selling humanity for centuries.

  19. To ADD…I believe that to really CHANGE racial relations for the better the WHITE race NEEDS to ADMIT What YOU did that was WRONG…NOT HIDE IT by deleting anything that exposes your wrongs!
    Confession is GOOD for the Soul….REMEMBER???

    1. Don’t YOU remember WHO it was that CREATED “Racism” in the first place???
      The WHITE race created it, and that is the principle reason WHY they trying to HIDE all the info that is coming out about OUR Real History.
      They just came into Africa and used their old tried and true method of “Divide & Conquer” to make it happen there.
      THINK folks…WHAT race is it today that creates WEAPONS on a Massive scale Today???…and STILL ARE??? They even BRAG about them over the media when they make them.
      In the cosmos they are called the “FIRE Race” because of this…NOW is the time for LOVE and PEACE…NOT PERPETUAL WAR!!!

      1. You sound like a total cry-baby. Maybe separation is the ONLY answer. Once you are in total control of your African Continent I’m wondering how many more centuries your group will still whine?? I’m betting it will never end and despite all your failures you will play the blame game of victimization by European Racism until you are blue in the face. I’ve heard it so often “the record is broken”. You’ll NEVER be HAPPY NOR SATISFIED. You’d persecute the bones of dead Europeans if you could.

  20. Oooooh! I almost forgot…THEY also like to use the other old trick: “Problem-Reaction-Solution” to FIX the problems THEY CREATE!

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