West Still in Shock after Putin’s Declaration of A Checkmate

Russia started the move for a checkmate when its military entered the Syrian theatre on September 30, 2015. It’s been 3 days now since Grandmaster Putin executed his Avant-garde speech to tell the West about its useless pursuit of military dominance all over the globe, but the latter is undoubtedly still in shock.

Just like the typical bully that walks away from a shameful realization of its own incapacities, the Deep State media could only churn up the typical response.

The bully conveniently omitted that it is the perennial aggressor, the whole time. What a shame, indeed.

Among the weapons that Putin revealed in his annual speech are:

  1. A nuclear powered, highly evasive cruise missile with basically unlimited range;
  2. A nuclear powered unmanned submersible with intercontinental range, very high speed, silent, highly evasive propulsion and capable of moving great depths;
  3. A Mach 10 hypersonic missile with a 2,000 kilometer range (named: Kinzhal)
  4. A new strategic missile capable of Mach 20 velocities (named: Avangard)

All of which have been mass produced, and are just the few samplers in the entire Russian arsenal. In fact, their own ambassador to the UK has already concluded that “We are endgame now.”

Even The Donald is silent about it. Both, Putin and Trump, are friends supposedly.

Trump, of course, is just a Deep State’s peaceful interface towards the East, while the CIA is still the aggressive entity wherever they are in the world, effectively maintaining the Janus doctrine which makes fools out of their own taxpaying population. That is why only mixed signals can be expected from the White House.

Only a few days ago, the US Congress approved the biggest ever budget for the war profiteers, in spite of the fact that the US barely survived two shutdowns in 2 months. This is happening under Trump who, like Obama, is also aiming for your guns.

The latter, of course, is justified considering that those privately owned guns are utterly useless since nothing has happened with it even now, except for some occasional selfies and groupies.

We have yet to see the promised mass arrest, although some sectors are already celebrating the “mass arrest of the pedophiles”, while no single video about the actual arrests from their own favorite YouTube channels has emerged, but only the usual talking heads.

We want to be proven wrong in that regard.

Moving on to the bigger picture, we need to factor in China’s impending inauguration of a non-US dollar dominated oil stock exchange on March 26th , where we get a perfect storm for the Deep State, which may warrant for more false flag operations in the days ahead.

That’s where the real actions are coming from, i.e. the East. That’s because the situation is still within the acceptable threshold for the West, i.e. the economic condition is still acceptable for most. But trade wars are moving in, too.

Can you see now, which of the two sides will prevail in the end?

Meanwhile, both Koreas seem in a great hurry towards achieving peace in the Korean Peninsula. They’ve been sending envoys visibly back and forth, in the last few days, and prior to the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Trump says, North Korea must denuclearize first, but he is not forcing the issue beyond Twitter. Good Trump.

The Deep State can’t stop the peace efforts now that both Koreas and even Japan are looking up to Russia for military protection, of which the latter has recently responded positively.

We are indeed right at the endgame now.

The Iranians, however, have no right to pursue nuclear arms capability. Bad Trump. Too late for that anyway. The Iranians have already achieved nuclear capability and more, a long time ago. You see, when everyone has become superboy, nobody is. That’s from your own cartoon The Incredibles.

Mutual destruction, maybe that’s one of the options we have at this stage in order to achieve global peace. But certainly, exceptionalism has just been rendered obsolete.

But “China and Russia are mere controlled oppositions in the bigger scheme of things. They are part of the New World Order, too.”

Well, I hate bursting anyone’s bubbles, but do you really think that China and Russia have forgotten the 30 million deaths, respectively, during the Jesuit Mao reign, and the Nazi siege of Leningrad, to which the Vatican was so silent about in WW2?

Is Putin and Xi that stupid really? Can anyone show us that these two leaders have indeed acted towards that direction in some ways?

What we see instead is that both Eurasian leaders are willing to work with a reformed Vatican for peace, but they are more than ready to defy the latter’s wishes whenever necessary. The two geopolitical giants have the upper hand, so why would they do otherwise?

So, why can’t the Americans just bypass possible COINTELPROs saying “just stay in your homes, we got you covered”?

Or, better still, why not stop paying taxes that go mostly to the Deep State war machine?

You’ll save a lot of lives in the Middle East that way. So, you really can do something about the world and have no reason not to.

With the Deep State still in shock about the multiple moves that will conclusively diminish its influence on other leaderships around the globe, isn’t it the most opportune time for the Western population to make their moves, too?

The era of unchecked, unwarranted Western military and political interventions abroad is being confronted head on and in no uncertain terms.

What is needed now is for the Western population to reciprocate the actions of the East.

30 thoughts on “West Still in Shock after Putin’s Declaration of A Checkmate”

  1. As a NON-AMERICAN, although my Grandchildren are American, there is only one ENEMY in America and around this world and it IS what is FALSELY called GOVERNMENT, TERRORIZING this planet with WARS, which started in 1871 when the Republic was pushed aside and UNITED STATES became a Corporation controlled by Zionists and Freemasons and the ALL the MILITIAS better wake up to that FACT

    STOP worrying about ISIS, Al Qaeda and such as they are all CREATIONS of UNITED STATES, LONDON and TEL AVIV to Divide,Conquer and RULE by FEAR

    The HEAD of the SNAKE is what bites

    The “Governments” are slowly, but surely coming for all Americans except the Supremacist CONTROLLERS , in Washington, Tel Aviv and their Freemason partners In the House of Windsor and the Vatican

    1. @Freespirit
      You took the words right out of my mouth about the TRUE enemy of ALL mankind…only I would capitolize the VATICAN, as the worst of ALL, because she is the very MOTHER of ALL “Corporate Government” worldwide.
      Like You said, quote: THE HEAD OF THE SNAKE IS WHAT BITES!
      So far THEY haven’t done ANYTHING about the HEAD… YET!
      Revelation 17 – 18

      1. HI Kenneth.

        Here is how I organize the ENEMY, capitalized or not : House of Rothschild is number 1 BECAUSE they control virtually the worlds banking system and thus MONEY: Number 2 is the House of Windsor BECAUSE they control much of the Worlds LAND, more than any single entity; Number 3 is the Vatican as it controls much of the World’s MINDS, with mysticism.

        You are free to reorganize that in a way which works for you BUT we both must admit ALL THREE are the REAL problem, in this world and COLLECTIVELY represent the “HEAD of the SNAKE” !

        If we don’t deal with ALL three, in a PERMANENT manner, by at least IMPRISONING them and/or taking their Wealth and POWER away, we will be entering the worst era of SLAVERY and GENOCIDE ever, much wore than FEUDALISM or even the BOLSHEVIK Holocaust against Russian Christians

        Those will seem like a picnic in comparison to what’s coming

        Thanks for you response Kenneth and it is great to know AWARE people like you exist.

      2. @freespirit
        AGREED!..Its just that RELIGION came first during mankind’s creation and take over by “Fallen Angels/Guardians…The IT created the “Rulers/Kings/Queens/Presidents/Ect…Then came the Slave system called MONEY.
        All THREE make up the “Control grid”…The Vatican represents the most powerful, because it took complete control of ALL religions and “Corporations” by 1982…That’s why I regard IT as the Head of the Snake.
        ALL Three are the composite head.

    2. 1871, spot on fs. There’s so much we can learn from America’s history. No wonder ((they)) don’t teach this shit. Why call it “Land of the Free”? Go figure. The Republic of voluntary membership by sovereign States was dissolved and replaced by a Federal Union by force, with the Federal regime seizing sovereignty and subjugating the people and States. All thanks to Liincoln and his handlers.

      Abandon all reasons and one emotion dominates: fear. Scared ignorant people are not rational and are easily manipulated. They’ll buy virtually anything that promises to alleviate their fear. Every totalitarian, every proponent of curtailing freedom, every GOVERNMENT across the planet knows this. Fear sells government.

      1. Your last paragraph is spot on – how many people still gobble up the fodder fed to them by controlled mass media and governments. Its like they are on remote control unable to think for themselves, completely controlled by fear of everything except that which is actually harming them. I hope everyone can learn to control themselves and change the channel!

    3. Sorry the US government is not controlled by Zionist (people love to blame the Jew for everything) But people who have not studied True History don’t know who our real enemies are, The British Empire is in Control of the US Government. Some call it the New World Order but there is nothing new about the British Empire.

      1. Theer are 200+ DUAL CITIZEN, Israeli /Americans in congress.

        Jews admit they control Hollywood and the MSM and they also control the non-education system. Together all 3 TOTALLY shape the minds of Americans

        You are either in DENIAL or a TROLL for Zionists

      2. @ronald, how wrong you are… theZionist Rothschilds moulded the ‘British Empire ‘ as you call it way back to Nepolean’s time, and they have been at it ever since infiltrating and messing with their Central Banks scam.
        Dont bother screaming jew hater, Zionists are not jews they took on a religion to hide behind and to date THAT has been used to deflect any complaint to what these zionists do, as in ILLEGAL Israel,always screaming ‘OH you are antisemetic’, ( do they not know that a semite is an Arab not a jew anyway..)
        Time they were gone and their scam Usury banks too.

      3. real zionists are those who champion freedom and justice for all, including palestinians. I agree that many are scapegoating jews when the problem is beyond that. Zionism is a problem, but so is the pentagon, european imperialists and fascists around the world. its capitalism…

      4. RonaldR
        The British Empire is the Jews. The Empire of the City is Rothschild controlled and they are Khazarian Jews. The Jews intermarried with English aristocracy and while many are Gentiles in public, they are crypto-Jews in reality. British Empire = Rothschilds.

    4. I am so pleased to see that you put the blame exactly where it belongs, I have been beating this drum for years, and have been banned from RT comments for doing so, I only hope more and more ‘honest’ people see this to be the true facts of all the destruction in the name of their UN Agenda 21(2030) with its proposed population cull and Chemtrails for all and their constant Globalism land grabs..

    5. Spot on Freespirit. The Zionists are just the Haufjuden for the Vatican Jesuits, the real controllers behind the gilt edged curtain. Gilded of course with money stolen from us. Always target the head of the snake and the cockroaches will come scurrying out from below the rocks.

  2. NanoCrystal Electricity was pioneered in Ukraine when they developed the crystal lattice capacitor in the 90’s. war is a left brain mascuLINEAR dilemma and is left in the dust by right brain femiNINE Vortex Based Math.

    Sadly schools display the flagpole topped by a sphere advertising that this institution is recruiting. Only through compassion and awareness can we realize such a deep truth. Within Russia is the Harmony Math Institute under Alexi Shipov. At some point we will have to mature from violence as a solution.

  3. Wow, interesting comment from Darren. I will look into this. Could this be why women have been excluded from math and science forever? I think so, as a woman who won all the math and science awards in her school. And because we will not, when we are right-thinking (pun intended here) consent to the fatally idiotic uses to which men have put their cock weapons derived from STEM. My comment is basically that Russia would like us to believe they are not part of the deep state operation, but we know they are active collaborators with the US and were funded by the US during the entire Cold War. This was well documented by Anthony Sutton in “National Suicide” and “The Best Enemy Money Can Buy”. So Russians, you can’t fool us here. We know you collaborate with the zionist power structure actively. How about Operation Talpiot? Sure the Russians know about that. You just get to play the good “guy” while the US is the obvious bad one. As for China, they just hired ERIK PRINCE, OK? as reported by William Engdhal. They just want in to the current system, albeit with more fairness to them, and they look frightfully naive where Prince is concerned. They will be easy to manipulate for the zio deep state. China is going nowhere fast. They may get out of using the dollar, but they won’t be out of the system. I fail to see how we are anywhere near any endgame. It looks like we’re still knee deep in deep state SHITE.

    1. I hope you really enjoy the work of Dr. Robert Moon on a 3D periodic table too! Another wonderful math teacher is http://www.jain108.com and Michael Schneider too. Sadly the majority of the world has been mired in flatland since the jesuits force the magic mirror 0 cantered numberline wherever they go. They’re big papa is $$$aturn which governs the 7th seal chakra and our physical body computer control system. 7 is the inverse of 1
      We have the potential for 108 chakras in a 12D model ( 108=12×9 ). Chakras 8 and 9 are outside the physical body Uranus and Neptune . Uranus governs the Age of Aquarius – a feminine water sign. Water conducts the magnetic field again feminine not the Saturn EL of electricity connected to the nonfractal 60hz frequency the west uses. Europe uses 50hz again not fractal. 55 hz is! Masons do their ritual magic on an 8×8 checkerboard as the vacuum of space is a 64 tetrahedral lattice. They have 32 degrees as that is 1/2. There are 32 edges in a hypercube too and hypercube holographic AI processors govern the world financial system. Regarding who is running Mother Earth from this mafiosa perspective please Google “ Han Purple” and pay attention to its exotic characteristics! What a whirled! Take care!

    2. a long post but the problem is most of it is shit – wonder what he was smoking when reading articles in those Conspiracy Blogs.

      1. The 0 centered numberline is the mirror in smoke and mirrors. I have 2 engineering shingles for my wall but I am naturally right brain dominant . Look at the flagpole in front of a school’s main entrance. There is a sphere atop it which according to a military styles manual advertises they are recruiting into hierarchical thinking. Then google around hypercube algorithm programming. It’s not a conspiratorial way of thinking if the Roman Civil Law system really egotistically operates as though they own people. Research cestui que trusts. Then Google Motu Proprio.

      2. Darren is spot on regarding the trust’s and Moth Proprio. No one is above the law Francis said. He was serious. The fraudsters will be taken down and are being taken down. All the fake “Statutes” will disappear along with the fake debt and a digital money system is coming soon but not by the banksters.

    1. ANYTHING, that requires a GOVERN-Mind (Government)/Religion (Same thing) does NOT represent true FREEDOM for mankind because ALL mankind are the providence of GOD…EVERYTHING created are providence of God, therefore MUST be set FREE of ANY form of control.
      Darkness was only ALLOWED as an experiment that no longer is needed after “Ascension”…Which is ALL Mankind’s ultimate destiny…to be ONENESS with ALL creation.

    2. Russia and China and giants. Some groups within these countries are part of NWO, others are not. Just like some sections of western governments are not part of NWO. Also, NWO for me is about maintaining global capitalism and white male supremacy. On that front, even the so called Alliance needs to stop working with oligarchs and commit to democratic socialism, the ONLY alternative to satanic capitalism. I challenge anyone on here to explain to me how capitalism, in russia or the US, is NOT part of the NWO 🙂

      1. YES…There are MANY “Awakened” Beings that are NOT part of “The System”…But THEY are NOT “Voters” in it, because they realize that GOVERNMENTS/Religion are NOT mankind’s “Saviors”.
        LOOK at WHAT “Trumpism” just created just yesterday when he signed into MORE US Debt ($1.6 TRILLION dollars!?!?)…MOSTLY for the “Military Industrial Complex!!!
        Religion and Governments are just MORE of “SAME BS…Different Day”
        Trump also just re-hired one of the world’s WORST “War Mongerors” to his cabinet…John Bolten!

  4. The world has already spoken; nukes are illegal under international law. We will eliminate them in the Americas. We expect the same in Eurasia. We all need to stop the threats that generate fear. Focus on peace and development.

  5. For those familiar with Scalar Technology the following presentation is very clear and educational:

    Especially wrt “VITROPERM” which is a nano magnetic foil already used in Formula1 and Formula R electric motor coils. Never gets hot no matter how much voltage! No heat! No hysteresis ie. interference.

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