Hope is a Scam, just like Authority

Too many today continue to rely on the authority to do the right thing. They are hoping that there are great people in the background working for their welfare and benefit. Yet, just like the hopefuls, the authority can only go so far.

“Hope is the Piper who leads us sleepy on the way to the slaughter.”

13 thoughts on “Hope is a Scam, just like Authority”

  1. Once I started learning about WHAT “Government & Religion” Really are, I stopped listening to ANY form of BOTH.
    This is WHY I have disconnected from “The System” (Banking/Corporate/politics, Etc)
    Max Igan is Dead-On about the mess the Sheeple are in!
    Ps: It was VERY refreshing to hear someone expose the “Trumpism” BS movement!!!

  2. Oooooh! I almost forgot if anyone is still trusting in such sites as “Operation Disclosure/Cosmic Disclosure” STOP following them…They ALL are controlled by the SAME Evil (Vatican Jesuits/Satan/Luciferians)
    The so-called “SECRET Space Program” (SSP) is PART of the circus too…SOON TO BE REMOVED!!!

  3. Well-stated but short of TRUTH.

    The narrator reminds me of the Medical profession which believes they can CURE CANCER by “killing” or removing the lumps, or other signs of “Cancer”. NO that only delays the inevitable.

    The TRUE CURE is to RID one of the CAUSE of the Cancer or the Cancer just returns

    The same applies to our problem of SLAVERY and GENOCIDE.

    Yes we can “walk-away” from those who are causing it, as he suggests, without fighting back with force BUT today our enemy is capable of chasing us down and catching us and putting us back into the “Cancer”. They have the WEALTH, POWER and TECHNOLOGY – WE don’t

    So as I have stated many times,WE MUST go after the CAUSE of our predicament – THOSE at the TOP of the PYRAMID of Wealth and POWER- They are the CAUSE of our “Cancer” called Slavery and Genocide and the CAUSE must be removed..

    At 78 I assume I have had much more time to think of SOLUTIONS to our problem, than he has, as a man who sounds in this 40’s at most. His method will serve our Masters very well.

    MY solution will scare the hell out of them and bring them to “heel” to be,at least arrested,tried and hopefully imprisoned upon conviction, thus removing the cause. More drastic remedies are available if they resist.

    One thing, I have learned, in my many years of dealing with them, is what they fear most. It is that we can are are willing to give them a taste of their own medicine and that is the only thing Psychopaths fear.

    In fact I used to think as he does, just as Doctors still think Cancer can be cured by, in effect, killing the patient. Cancer of the Breast and removal of same, comes to mind

    Unfortunately I believe, from my observational experience, that out of pure conditioned LAZINESS , Fear and Lack of INTEGRITY most people will go along with his type of advice, much to their detriment. We have been doing that for hundreds of years and here we are , still SLAVES again waiting for our slaughter

    I hope I am wrong and people finally realize, that “Doing the SAME THING over and over again, EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS, does not work !

    Time will tell, but I don’t see much courage out there in “Come to Jesus and you will be saved” land !

    1. VERY soon “Divine Providence/Prime Source Creator/God” will remove THESE “Causer’s” FOREVER…Mean while I Strongly suggest the taking of “Colloidal Silver” to CURE ALL forms of Cancer (And EVERYTHING Else Too!)…The BEST way to acquire some is too buy a “Silver Generator” on line for as little as $100 (USD) and then start using it DAILY!
      Its VERY easy to make it using “Distilled water” for pennies on the dollar…You can also buy it on line too…BUT, Its VERY EXPENSIVE getting it that way (About $30.oo (USD) for just FOUR ounces!!! THAT won’t even get you started RIGHT…Unless one can Afford it that way (Need about 24 ounces@ the FIRST month (3 Tspns@ day, Twice daily the first month!)
      I started using it 13 years ago and haven’t had a SICK day since then!!! Not even headaches!!! I usually catch cold or Flu at least 3 times@year BEFORE…NOTHING now!
      Everything one needs to learn about it is ALL available on line (Search eng)..WATCH out for the “Critics” who will “Condemn” ANYONE trying to use it Hurts Big Pharma’s Profits ya know!!!
      Look it up folks…PROVE it for yourself as I did.

      1. The silver works very well for some people others need to kist listen to their Intuition and the remedy they need will appear but it must come from within stop looking outside yourself .. You Body knows what it needs listen to it .

      2. Kenneth, I am a Certified Nutritional Consultant and am fully aware of the POTENTIAL of Colloidal Silver, so you are not telling me anything EXCEPT you MISSED the POINT of my comment.

        Oh and I am ATHEIST and I see you are one of those “Come to Jesus” type I talk about, who simply wishes and hopes, that your “God” will do something for you, instead of doing something yourself. NOT going to happen.

        Your “God” already did something- He/She gave you this Planet and a Brain and a Body to solve your human problems

        Our enemy loves you because you make their job VERY easy.

    1. WRONG…I am NOT “Religious” either freespirit, BUT I am aware of HOW the “Universe” works, and the “Darkness” is SOON to END.

      1. I am aware of many people who “know how the Universe works” and none of them agree with each other

        I am 78 now and although I have my THEORY, I’m still am not so arrogantly sure that I “know” how the universe works. I am betting you are much younger than I and I can remember when I thought I had the ANSWERS only to realize as time passed that I didn’t even know all the QUESTIONS, much less the answers.

        One very important FACT I did learn is that we “NEVER KNOW those things that WE DO NOT KNOW, until we discover those “things” we did not know””. Only time can teach us what we thought we knew only to find out we didn’t know after all, that there are many things we were not aware of. ONLY the Young have the ARROGANCE of IGNORANCE,by thinking they have the answers….until they don’t!

        It is like the young child looking up at his much older, wiser and experienced Parents and saying” You just don’t understand”.So I ask myself WHY are you so “gifted” that you “KNOW” how the Universe works when no one else does.

        Do you even know the DIFFERENCE between KNOWING and BELIEVING?

        I doubt it, but am sure you believe you do, in spite of the contradictions you have expressed, which proves you do not, so you and I are done now, on this topic.

        I was a teacher for 15 years and I know when it is time to let the “student” learn the hard way.

    I find it VERY interesting that you don’t allow a “Reply” icon on YOUR post AFTER accusing me of being something that is NOT “Truthful”…a dead give away that you are VERY close-minded…and OBVIOUSLY arrogant.

    1. That was a slip-up on my part. I welcome your input but calling me ARROGANT is presumptuous of you.

      “People in glass house” shouldn’t throw stones”

      Do you never allow for mistakes from others, considering you have had discussions with me in past???

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