Here’s the Real Situation Inside Syria post Pentagon Missile Attack…

Here’s the real situation in Syria in the aftermath of the Pentagon bombing that the mainstream media refused to report.

In the video below, the Syrian Air Defense System that was acquired from the Soviet era has done its job gracefully.

28 thoughts on “Here’s the Real Situation Inside Syria post Pentagon Missile Attack…”

  1. Until Putin “Bitch-slaps “ back, he is enabling his being DOMINATED, by his AGREEMENT,and other very dangerous behaviour : I am disappointed but not surprised. THAT latest bombing of Syria, April 13 (Friday the 13th-take note) was a TEST of Putin and Putin FAILED, badly.MY suggestion is for Putin to go home and to stop the HYPOCRISY by stating he can only protect Russia, now, so that ASSAD at least knows exactly that he stands ……. alone, like Palestinians.

    Agreeing with TRUMP, on this bombing, is NO EXCUSE. Trump SAVED FACE, while PUTIN LOST FACE and once more ISRAEL WON..

      1. The WAR will NEVER end until that FAKE entity, occupying STOLEN Palestinian land called Israel, by KHAZARAN fake Jews, is closed down and those Europeans, calling themselves Semites, which they are NOT, are returned to Europe where they belong and the land returned to Palestinians.

        Of course that is not going to happen because, then Americans descended from Supremacist British and Europeans, would be, in effect, admitting their own guilt : They did to the Indigenous of the Americas, and other continents, what those Khazarian Psychopathic Warmongers are NOW doing to Palestinians

        “Birds of a Feather Flock together so American/British/European Psychopaths have no choice, IMMORALLY-speaking, except, to support Israel , OR deal with their own, trespassing atrocities in the Americas ( including South America), Africa, Australia and now the Middle East ( Syria,Libya,Iraq et al)

        Religion is behind the SICK behavior of mainly white people and YES those Khazarians are 90% White,but want you to believe otherwise, and that they are a SPECIAL “Chosen People”. Puritans and Mormons who invaded the Americas thought the same about themselves and that the Indigenous were only “Savages”

        “Sound” familiar?

        Until we EVOLVE from these infantile religious belief system of Gods, Demons,Satan, Devils, Ghosts, Hob Goblins, PIxies l and other such simpleton childish nonsense, we will continue with wars.

        We cannot properly evolve until we do

  2. Trump SAVED FACE he lost everything his base hates him now we all know he has been compromised by the deep state .. He is of no use to anyone now hes done and I’m was always for him but if hes so dumb as to believe this false flag I don’t stand with him anymore .. This Was Stupid beyond belief

      1. For the SHEEPLE Yes…and that’s if you still “Believe” in media’s version of ANYTHING.

  3. If you “Understand” that BOTH Trump and Putin are working for the FAKE JEW banking system, it become reasonable that these so-called attacks are more about saving the international stock market FRAUD that is STILL ongoing.
    Since NOTHING actually happened that was really destructive, saving a sinking ship stock market makes sense of it all.
    Heck, It was posted on that “Operation Disclosure” site that THIS was the case…SAVING THE MARKETS!

  4. What’s it all about?! The simple explanation: Look up a map of Greater Israel.

    Oh, but no, there’s no Khazarian fifth-column running the Western and US tyrannies?!

    Iran is next, and it will be horrible. The destruction of one of mankind’s oldest and grandest civilizations and societies.

    Not hate. Just unacceptable.

      1. Can fight back. But that is precisely why it will be very nasty.

        The Khazarians will infiltrate and cleave Iran’s society to engender chaos, strife and violence. Then military AND economic sites will be bombed, including the use of tactical nukes. Cities with one or more military or economic roles will be destroyed.

        Next will be the occupation of Iran’s oilfields in the Central-West, and the occupation by the Kurds of the Northwest.

        Iran will then be sat with a Khazarian sponsored civil war that will Balkanize the county (See the Yinon plan for the Balkanization of the Arab world.)

        Iran will be setback at least a century in development for the benefit and enjoyment of the Khazarian virus.

        One is not a true American until resident in the ADL’s database.

      1. I fear that I, and many others, are correct as well.

        An American citizen, not US subject

      1. No…u r a disinfo operation, new post from neon revolt

      2. Seems like u going for easy sound bites here instead😈 they all get the same script its amazing😂talking points delivered by clowns🐦

  5. If only they had shot back to where these missiles were fired from, and said it was returning the terrorist fire, leaving USA,UK, France, looking stupid
    I’m sure the UN would not have said a thing…other than satanic nikki and that awfull thing from the UK wobbling out her hate speech to justify their lies,
    (and where do they get these inhuman women from, they seem to appear in all parts of selling this hubris against Assad and the ME in general, is there an ZioIsraeli connection via ziorothschilds I wonder) ???

    1. Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, April 15th, 2018

      I did take a
      close look at that “missile attack” by the French, UK, and US forces
      (Which appropriately can be called “F.U.K.U.S” or just “FUKUS” for
      short) and I have to laugh at the Jew spew media and the US government
      “reports” that are still claiming that the attack was “successful”…. I
      have instead turned to other news reports from the alternative media as
      those sources are calling that “attack” an unmitigated military
      disaster…. Yes, the facts are now coming out that FUKUS has failed
      miserably and that only some 32 out of the 103 ‘Tomahawk’ cruise
      missiles actually came anywhere near their targets…. And we can thank
      the Syrian S-200 and S-300 missile defense forces for shooting down many
      of these missiles, while there appears to be some indication that the
      Russian electronic warfare countermeasures took care of the rest of the
      71 missiles that failed….. It can safely be said therefore that in
      terms of “success” that the US is claiming, they are so sadly

      * *
      I am indeed wondering like everyone else what
      what is next for FUKUS and THEIR STUPIDLY IDIOTIC PLANS for more
      “missile strikes” against the innocent nation of Syria? Apparently what
      is not being talked about, and I mentioned it in one of my articles
      yesterday, is how the US is so “quietly” moving up thousands of combat
      troops into northern Jordan as well as positioning thousands more around
      the illegal US “base” at Al Tanf in southern Syria.


  6. Arguing that the use of totally destructive violence against someone to, pre-emptively [at best] deter them from violence, is simply not going to work. Two wrongs don’t make a right. The ends should never be made to justify the means, unless you believe Machiavellian fear tactics are the currency of democracy.

    If we want peace, then Western barbarism won’t communicate such intentions and desires, will it? If we want conflict, then this is what happens.

    Trump appears to have now completely lost his independence, his will, and his gumption to do the things he claimed he would. He has “welched”, and not with mealy-mouthed weasel words, but with gormless long-range bombs.

  7. Trump gets it…most u here don’t ☻”In this country, any sort of debate back and forth, any sort of incisive editorial comment in the major newspapers, is almost completely absent… And any member of Congress who’s looking to be re-elected couldn’t possibly say that they would take a balanced position between Israel and the Palestinians, it’s very likely that they would not be re-elected,” — Jimmy Carter, 2006, 26 years after he’s been out of the White House!

  8. There is HUGE difference between a “American Citizen” (SLAVE) and the AMERICAN NATIVE (FREE)
    ALL citizens are actually Slaves of the Corporate “United States”, as for the NATIVE AMERICAN’S…THEY WERE A TRULY “FREE” PEOPLE, THAT WERE TAKEN OVER BY THE CORPORATE UNITED STATES…Which originated from Europe.
    An honest research of REAL America with PROVE this a FACT.
    The Internet is LOADED with this info on Youtube!
    The very name AMERICA was created by THEM.

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