10 thoughts on “LIVE: UN Security Council Meeting on Syria”

      1. Such comments as yours are hilarious.

        What you are saying is that because someone hasn’t been vetted by tyranny, their thoughts are worth nothing and should be prevented.

        But those same comments got close enough to the truth that you advocate, like the tyranny you carry, such comments be banned. Even worse, those comments got so close to the truth that you were compelled to respond as you have.

        Your overall message then is not against the comments, or even there content, but that people had the temerity to think–Thinking being the biggest boogeyman of the Judaic virus.

        Remember, Orwell was warning the good people of the world of what you and your kind carry. He named the defector from “Big Brother” “Emmanuel Goldstein,” and had the “Inner Party” (“Big Brother”) limited to 6,000,000. Pure genius.

        One is not a true American until resident in the ADL’s database.

  1. The UN is a Bad Joke, and really works for the SAME folks backing the NWO…The FAKE JEW Bankoholics and their VATICAN SUPPORTERS.
    Just take a LOOK at WHO showed up at the SSP’s (SECRET Space Program’s) headquarters (Antartica)

    1. your post is full of misinformation -sadly you been reading to many bullshit blogs – nothing new about NWO it is the British Empire but NWO to those lacking in knowledge -then it is easy to blame the Jews they have been doing that for 100s of years and same with the Vatican “we don’t know who the problem lets just blame the Vatican.

      1. @RonalR
        I AM A REAL JEW Ronald…an ORIGINAL Jew of the “Native Jews” which once occupied that country…but have been “Scattered ALL Over the Earth” as foretold would happen to THEM.
        I KNOW all about the Vatican too as I once WAS a Catholic…Then a JW minister for more than 47 years.
        Until I learned about ALL “Religion’s” Origins….I am NOW a “Spiritual” inclined “Being” as ALL mankind REALLY is.

  2. The Jew-N is to have a meeting about the Jews’ wardogs attacking Syria in the furtherance of the Jews’ interests and Greater Israel.

    Just about sums it up.

    Not hate. Just unacceptable.

    1. thanks for showing us how little you know -those with little knowledge blame the Jews – But then let’s talk about Palestine and at least you will be in the right ballpark.

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