Globalists are at the Apex of Panic on the Way to Putin-Trump Summit

There’s a reason to be optimistic as the two leaders of two Cold War superpower antagonists have their leaders displaying a certain level of mutual respect, and so is the case between both peoples in matters of global concern, in spite of the wild acoustics coming from the Old Mainstream Media.

Although we’ve been very skeptical about the current US administration about its rhetoric, the events on the ground suggest that advanced information were shared prior to the actual bombings in Syria, and the purely theatrical display of US military might in Afghanistan more than a year ago, which enabled the targets to prepare.

In those instances no major civilian casualties were reported. This explains why the Deep State media are still not satisfied with Trump’s militarist action, and they want him out before they lost their privileged social standing, as covert operators are systematically exposing their darker side for everyone to see.

Here are some of the Deep State media headlines illustrating those frustrations:

Globalists Are in Panic Mode Because of ‘Putin-Trump Summit’

Judging by the reaction of the US mainstream media, the world, as we know it, will end in July when Donald Trump meets Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. Pundits fear that Putin and Trump will strike a deal that will ruin the current world order.

But why do they think that a deal between the US president and the Russian leader is a bad thing? Why do they say that leaving Putin and Trump unsupervised in the same room is a “doomsday scenario”? Their reasons have nothing to do with American interests. The US media and its “expert community” is nothing more than an external marketing and PR department for the US military-industrial complex and peace is bad for its business. The Helsinki summit is literally a chance to stop a new Cold War, and therefore is a nightmare for the “Washingtonian swamp” that Trump promised to drain.

The US media wants to portray Trump as someone too inept and too vulnerable to go toe to toe with Putin. Politico believes that “the contrast troubles Russian experts and former U.S. officials who worry the president is liable to make promises to a Russian autocrat he seems eager to please.”

The Hill is concerned that “it’s not clear Trump is looking for a confrontational summit with the Russian leader,” and quotes Nile Gardiner, director of the conservative Heritage Foundation’s Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, who believes that “there’s no point in having a summit unless you’re going to stand up to Putin.”

For Slate, the whole idea of a friendly or even neutral summit with the Russian leader is offensive: “Most U.S. allies dread the meeting because all signs suggest that Trump views it not as a session to clear misunderstandings and reduce tensions on issues where the two sides have common interests (military and intelligence officers have these sorts of discussions routinely), but rather as a summit to build trust and friendship where there is no basis for either.”

The bad news for the Russophobes is that Trump wants to meet Putin not because he likes him, but mostly because he needs Russian cooperation on a crucial issue. Namely, without Russian cooperation there is absolutely no way Trump can put an economic stranglehold on Iran and keep the oil price comfortable for the US economy.

Let’s face it, Russia is a key player in OPEC, even if Russia is not a formal member of the organization. Only OPEC (mostly Saudi Arabia) and Russia have some spare oil production capacity to cushion the price shock of Trump’s sanctions in Iran. The Trump administration insists that all US allies across the globe must reduce their oil imports from Iran to literally “zero” by November. According to Reuters, “a senior State Department official said this week that countries will need to cut their imports of Iranian oil to zero from November and exemptions are unlikely.”

Without additional production from OPEC and Russia, the sanctions will push the global oil price to new highs. Trump tried and failed to obtain a unilateral output increase from Saudi Arabia.

Because of the so-called “OPEC+Russia deal,” Riyadh can’t unilaterally increase production without breaking the newly established oil megacartel. Washington needs the Kremlin’s cooperation and judging by the statements made by John Bolton during a recent CBS interview, the so-called “Crimean issue” may be a part of a “deal” offered to Russia.

It’s important that Trump seems to know more about Crimea than the average American “expert on Russia.” For instance, he knows that Crimeans are Russian-speaking. Maybe, while preparing for the Helsinki summit he will find out that American volunteers fought for Russia against the British Empire during the Crimean War; so siding with Moscow on Crimea would be a historically justified position for the US president. According to a British historian and writer known for his works on Russian history, Orlando Figes, “a US military delegation (including George B. MacClellan, the future commander of the Northern army in the early stages of the Civil War) went to Russia. American citizens sent arms and munitions to Russia. The Americans went to the Crimea to fight or serve as engineers on the Russian side.”

A pro-Russian stance on Crimea has a long history in the US. Moreover, none of the Russophobes who advocate war with Russia (a cold, hot or an economic one) over Crimea can explain why and how such a confrontation would serve American national interests. Those same Russophobes also tend to misrepresent the interests of people like George Soros, who played a big role in the Ukrainian coup, as well as the interests of the American people. Trump has a unique chance to radically deescalate the relationship between Washington and Moscow. It remains to be seen whether Trump is able and willing to use that chance. However, even a small step towards deescalation is infinitely better than a small step towards conflict.

There’s also another media release from the Russian science community, on top of the previous announcement about an industrial method to transmute elements into precious metals economically.

But all of these covert anti-Deep State actions and high profile agreements cannot be used as an excuse for civilian inaction.

True freedom can never be demanded from those whom power is wielded, but by wielding one’s own power to change the trajectory of the current paradigm.

In the final analysis, we all deserve the type of leadership we have.

11 thoughts on “Globalists are at the Apex of Panic on the Way to Putin-Trump Summit”

    1. Who are the enemies of the American people? Who will take away our rights our properety? Our lives? Putin? Nope Li? nope. Kim Un? nope again..we taxpayers have lost alot of our freedom and treasure and lives to the US government.
      Who is the enemy of the Russian folk? Do we Americans want to enslave them?..nope
      Who keeps the Red Chinese people working for 30 cents an or the Chinese gvt? Friends, we US taxpayers better wake the h3!! up soon b4 we lose everything.

  1. The Way I see it! Is this following one a more realistic view of the World?

    I am saying: I used to say All major markets are manipulated. But now I say: For a year or 2 all major markets are completely controlled/fake. The price of all is also [fake]. However, I still watch the oil market ’cause it displays the truer value of a $. If the market digit of oil increases rapidly say $10 in a couple weeks [as of late]… the market value of oil has not changed, but the $ has lost a 10 digit worth. (The Petro-$ is not based on oil but thin air. ..a hot-air promise backed only by the U.S.military and a smaller extent NATO.)

    It is all relative. The market PowersThatBe put out those #’s the way they do, to make us think the $ is strength/solid/unchanging and all else is relative to it. But in fact it is the other way around. If you keep that in mind, you are ahead of the ball/crash.

    Another key point: Is this true?:
    re: video @ 15:25 If the Iranian nuclear deal was really a cover for drug-money-laundering (“money changers operating in the Temple” & controlling the markets-Citizens), what true scenario do we have in play? (Drugs & weapons are true assets and not based in the $!)
    And don’t for a minute think that Putin is not aware of which scenario is in play! Does Trump realize the extent?

    (off topic: Earlier in the above video I want to say I do not totally agree with Dave Janda re: Kim Jong Un being a puppet of China. He may dance to their tune at times, but he also dances for the Globalists when necessary… and does he do that MANIPULATION dance well!)

    1. I went to your site and read 2 sections. I may read more later. Some good stuff there, and I feel compelled to add some more so I wrote this today with your readers and these here also in mind: ‘What is a Separatist?’ You are welcome to post it on your site and comment. We might get some good points down for others and ourselves to learn more, if Time permits.

  2. On the subject about that site called “”…WHO owns that site??? So as to “Presume” that “Divine Providence” is imperfect so as to require redefining???
    Obviously!…that site doesn’t reflect ANYTHING even Close to IT!
    If anything it does reveal, is WHAT the ‘cabal” is really up too.
    The BRICS alliance must be SEEN as PART Of the NWO (Plan-B)

  3. What is a Separatist?
    (What is the opposite to a Globalist?)
    I became involved with the Separatist Movement in Texas back in the mid 1970s.
    This Movement was centered with Michigan, Texas, and California. Activity gained to a lesser degree in other States. It may be hard to believe for some to think of the Movement being so active in California if you look at the people there today; but recall that the Hippie, anti-war, and drug cultures got really underway in California in the early – mid ‘60s. As to the Separatist Move in California?… California was the draw and destination/destiny for much of the Westward Settlers Move for the American Continent by the white man.
    There is also ‘The State of Jefferson’ separatist movement that dates back decades (1941) up in northern California and Oregon that we cannot ignore as a historical trend setter.

    I sought out the Movement because I had learned too much from my Vietnam Era military Service. I knew too many pilots and others who made extra money and associations in the drug business-culture while I was stationed in Alaska. I had kept quiet but with my eyes wide open, not shut as others, for too long and got to understand first hand what was underway.
    I suppose I had an eye and mind for this because as a sophomore in High School the JFK assassination had never cleared out of my head. It stuck as this guy was proclaiming “a truth” when I heard Lee Harvey Oswald state that he “Was a patsy” and the look in his eyes that second most important day in Dallas, we all saw [hypnotically repeated] on TV, when Oswald knew he was about to Buy-the-Farm and Meet his Maker.
    After only a couple weeks of falling for the Official media story, I somehow realized even as a kid that this Bigger Picture we were given was “fake” reporting. Today, I realize “fake” main-line news reporting has always been with us to a certain extent, but not like the 95% that it is presently.
    Corruption once rooted has a way of spreading its octopus like tentacles into all matters.
    I understand that the Scotsman side of me gives me an unfair advantage over many others concerning being fooled and understanding money matters!

    The drive to separate from these trends is what caused good men and women to remove themselves from the quickening corrupted crowd. Men like Gordon Kahl of North Dakota, the Randy Weaver Family of Oregon, the Branch Davidian David Koresh community of Waco, Texas were only a few who were targeted by the enforcers of the status quo and One [New] World Order to scare others into keeping with the [Globalist’s] degenerating = incorporation process underway by what some term: Luciferians.
    The Separation process has extended far past what some claim as only fringe-nuts. Recognized experts in many fields such as Catherine Austin Fitts, former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in the first Bush Administration, have ‘come out’ and talked of The Secret Space Project, Break-Away civilizations, and other UFO-like tales! Some who have been investigating such subjects first hand for many decades, like me-self, will tell of the connections of these topics with the JFK assassination, Nixon’s down-fall, FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover outed, etc. The story goes that these, as many of those suicided, were about to tell the public about a UFO-dimensional connection with a Timely-cyclic separation process that takes place at the End of each Age. ..a kind of “Wheat from the chaff” so to speak.

    Dualism is welcomed in Nature as a healthy process. It is only when it becomes controlled-fixed-fake as a war-like creation/set-up of brother-against-brother by an Elite class motivated like Luciferians for a controlled opposition for the benefit of this Few, does it become a corrupting problem.
    When “a Fix is In” one needs to separate from that One in order to reestablish a duality/a free choice.
    Dualism has one side comprised of those who need a Big Brother to diaper them, but it also has the side who are best at caring for their selves and thereby setting “a standard” [for others to follow]. It only becomes a problem when one elite class forces these two sides to become communized-corrupted so that an Elite can rule over and above all else (with their minions and underlings to enforce via zombie multiplication; who will eventually also be “outed” when they have done their job… guaranteed far above average pensions? ha ha! CRASH!).
    A Global System has perpetuated and extended out from the City of London Inc., been backed-up by Vatican City and the U.S. military, and to a lesser extent NATO.
    ..This article gives a historical background to how it works. Don’t let the dis-information industry put you off by their claims the author has no standing because she is not a typical Judge and member of the American Bar Association, head quartered in The City of London. A Justice of the Peace, for those who know history/realize are actually “a higher order” of judges. However, that is a side-track issue to nowhere. As a JP this gave her an opportunity to study basic Law. You or I could have written and helped developed a Living Law Firm to conduct-fulfill this same work-process. Something which is true stands by what it is based on, not by what someone’s position-paper-degree says on it.
    I or anyone who is working for placing governance back into the hands of the locals is not working for the One Incorporation of all [Globalism], so that an Elite can be above the Law.
    JP Anna Von Reitz writes of counties re-establishing their own government bodies. However, the population has become weak and does not wish to handle it themselves.
    Earlier Gordon Kahl spoke of accomplishing the same [home order] one by one via Township. Many States are comprised of at least two Townships. This way those who wanted to separate themselves from the Incorporated World Governance would have a half chance at beginning this process. But he and his people were ambushed on a lonely road in North Dakota in 1983, and nearly 4 months later he was later tracked down in a back area of Arkansas and burned after a grizzly torture to death. was the Koresh community burned in 1993.

    The City of London, as the Admiralty ruler of commerce (a business that rejects all competition; declaring any challenges as Terrorists), is merely a Service provider who has been contracted by each County, Municipality, State to provide care services to it citizens. This contract has long gotten totally out-of-control due to a minion growing-multiplication process. It truly only benefits those elite who run [own] the scam.
    By un-incorporating yourself or County and placing yourselves back ‘onto the land’ and no longer under Maritime rule-ship (From the days of Sea commerce) you are separating from the Titanic. There is no reason to rearrange the deck chairs on your Ship-of-State.
    Any new currency—or reset—that is based on ANY interest charges/rent for using it is a scheme that will only benefit the elite who created it only out of thin air.
    I have written before on how drugs and weapons are a hard currency = some product based on an asset. Children are also an asset. Girls especially are disappearing from border holding cells or are sold while yet at home leaving to be staged with adult-sponsors as “their own.” This proceeded in earnest during the Obama days! “It is only business,” as many Hollywood movies portray-quietly-disclose, as in series “Taken” 2008 staring Liam Neeson.
    So, precious metals, Bitcoins, food, water, and oil are not the only form of asset.
    Take this as an “out of the blue” example of how it should be done:
    “The town of Cherán, Mexico was once plagued by people claiming the right to rule over them and now they live peaceful lives free of violence. After the town of 20,000 people in Mexico decided to take matters into their own hands by kicking out politicians, cops, and criminals, the now completely voluntary society is running great and the people finally have freedom and peace.”
    This sounds so good that I wonder if it is a fake [made up] story!
    Check it out!
    It matters not if it already happened in 2011 or is yet to play out. The idea is true.
    In this country 150+ years ago you could pay for your city-village service by working for the city for a couple days or up to a week or pay for someone to take your place? Your taxes were paid in full for a year! If you came into town and wanted to stay—become a resident—a few days work did the trick/sealed-the-contract.
    Fast forward to today. What has happened? It now takes taxes-work for 4 – 5 (longer?) months to pay for said services. And then you are made aware of a tax you missed! ..delinquent with outrageous penalties. I was busted on the eve of Christmas Eve in 2008 for not paying 35% taxes on only below average independent turn-around $. Yes, I could have paid off a lawyer and pled guilty to something I had not done, and gotten out of it. So I am penalized to the point I cannot earn anything.
    An IRS agent I treated kindly, told me when I asked where I had gone wrong, replied: “You should have picked the largest corporation and worked for them.”
    What is wrong with this Big picture?
    How many have had similar experiences like me, and realize there is no point in building anything or they have been shut down so completely that it is impossible for them to start up again? This System is such an evil empire, that I wonder how long it will take for a majority to see who the terrorists actually are? People in other countries are more aware of the facts than those currently fooled and contracted to U.S.Inc. and western Europe.
    About the only things that are profitable today is Government, the Mafia, thievery, market manipulation, and corruption. Attempt to explain to us the difference, if you can.

    1. When one considers How Long Humanity has been “Enslaved” by the “Fallen Ones” its much easier to understand WHY Governments & Religion are such a miserable Failure…And we will always able to look at the “Ackashic Records” to draw from in future to show just bad they are.
      Those “Fallen Ones” just PROVED how Bad they are…They will NOT prove to be as “Profitable” as one may THINK they are.
      If you take a look at the material Larken Rose present on this subject it becomes MUCH easier to SEE Why they FAIL so miserably.

      This mess WILL be Removed by “Divine Providence” once the Correct forms of “Energies” are applied.
      IT will removed Those who are still attempting to “Redefine God” (

      1. Also to add, a VERY good way to get CLOSER to the REAL Truth about OUR History, I would suggest finding a copy of a DVD entitled “Out Of Darkness”
        And that’s even if you can FIND one still available!

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