Final Showdown: Retaking Idlib from ISIS May Involve Chinese Military, too

Right now, the Syrian Army is surrounding the last ISIS stronghold in Idlib province, where an estimated 100,000 militants are using trapped civilians as human shield. Some of the civilians have already escaped through the humanitarian corridor, while others are arming themselves to fight it out until the last terrorist is rooted out from Syria.

In more than one occasion, the Syrian government has allowed all defeated ISIS militants to find temporary shelter in Idlib as part of a reconciliatory effort to reduce civilian casualties. But as can be expected when dealing with foreign terrorism benefactors, only a few of the VIP terrorists were actually airlifted from the Syrian battlefield and moved into Canada and Europe.

Most of those terrorists who survived the Syrian Alliance counteroffensive are still holed up in Idlib to make their final stand. Trucks loaded with chemical warfare were seen entering into the last ISIS stronghold, which prompted Russian to send its largest armada ever deployed in Syrian waters.

The Russian military has received information from several sources in Idlib Province that “a large supply of poisonous agents has been brought to the city of Saraqib on two trucks from the village of Afs,” Major-General Aleksey Tsygankov, head of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the opposing sides in Syria, said in a statement.

The chemicals were delivered to an arms depot, used by the militant group Ahrar al-Sham, “accompanied by the eight members of the White Helmets organization,” Tsygankov said, adding that the cargo was met by two high-ranked Ahrar al-Sham commanders.

“Later, a part of the load was put in unmarked plastic barrels and transported to another militant base in the southern Idlib in order to stage the use of chemical weapons and subsequently blame the government forces of employing poisonous substances against civilians,” the statement read.

The only question now is, where should these terror-hardened 100,000 ISIS militants go after they are defeated in Syria?

According to high ranking intelligence sources, the Americans, Turks and Saudis are actually making plans to redeploy the surviving terrorists to Central Asia and the Xinjiang province in China.

It is for this reason that the Chinese military is also sending military personnel assistance to the Assad government and augment the Russian, Iranian and Hezbollah forces that are already on the ground.

China’s Cavalry is Finally Coming to Syria | Martin Berger

The relationship between China and Syria goes a long way back. Until the moment when the Syrian war broke out in 2011, Beijing was trying to tap into Syrian markets by becoming its largest importer. Chinese companies took part in a great many energy projects in the Syrian Arab Republic. China’s economic plans in Syria have always been more ambitious than those of Russia, and some of them have actually come to fruition. In particular, the Chinese National Oil and Gas Company invested a considerable amount of money in Syria, and was planning to invest more before the war started.

When the initial crisis was transformed in what initially looked like a civil war, Beijing did not remain indifferent, it vetoed time and time again all of the anti-Syrian initiatives proposed before the UN Security Council, effectively obstructing Washington’s armed aggression against Damascus together with Russia.

The Western proxy war against Syria has resulted in China suffering considerable financial losses. However, amid a situation Beijing didn’t want to aggravate relations with Washington, it chose not to send even a limited number of troops to Syria. However, since the Trump administration decided to start a trade war against China, Beijing is reconsidering its approach towards the Arab World in general, and toward Syria in particular.

As China transforms into an incredibly powerful geopolitical player, one that can survive a rivalry with the United States, it draws the rest of the world into cooperation with it, which will soon have global consequences. In this context, Syria can become a test of China’s resolve to more actively intervene in global events in order to promote and defends its own national interests.

Just recently, China’s ambassador to Syria, Qi Qianjin, reportedly stated that the Chinese military is willing to participate in some way alongside the Syrian army in the fight against terrorists in Idlib and in any other parts of Syria.

However, it can not be ruled out that it may be China’s intention to send its military to Syria to obtain some modern military experience, on top of the goal of providing humanitarian relief to the Syrian population and destroying terrorist forces. Just like Russia was able to test its top-notch military equipment by entering the Syrian conflict, Chinese armed forces can get a feel of how well they are prepared for actual deployment.

The statement that the Chinese ambassador made is particularly noteworthy as it was made at a time when Damascus was in need of serious assistance, as the assault of Idlib may prove to be a tough, as all of the anti-government militants have been fleeing all other parts of Syria to transform Idlib in a major stronghold. According to various estimates, the total number of militants entrenched in the Idlib Governorate reaches seventy thousand men. That is a formidable force by anyone’s standards, let alone the Syrian armed forces. On top of that, Idlib is one of the most densely populated territories in the whole of Syria, which means that skirmishes are going to lead to heavy casualties on both sides. So Damascus could benefit greatly from China’s assistance, in spite of the extensive support it has been receiving from the Russian Federation, Iran and Turkey.

As noted by Stratfor, China’s active military involvement in Syria would mark a substantial step forward in overall Chinese involvement in the Middle East and in a global sense as well. A military operation in Syria could open the door for further such Chinese involvements around the globe.

Although it is true that aside for operations under the United Nations peacekeeping mandate, China has largely avoided military operations beyond its borders, but its special forces have already visited Syria on numerous occasions to obtain info on Chinese nationals that came to Syria to join various radical militants groups and remain reluctant to surrender their weapons.

Therefore, it is safe to say that China has had a consistent military presence in Damascus, with some of its advisors deployed there being high-profile figures capable of taking matters into their own hands. Those advisers assist Damascus by providing training to Syrian soldiers, along with sharing their experience of countering Uyghur radical groups in the course of their anti-terrorist operations at home.

China has also started developing its non-military cooperation with the Syrian government, manifesting in major construction and reconstruction projects. China has also been investing into Syria’s healthcare, but officials so far have avoided mentioning large sums. According to yet another statement by China’s ambassador to Syria, Beijing is planning to increase investments in the war-ravaged Syrian economy. So it’s only logical that  visits by representatives of Chinese companies have become a common occurrence in this Middle East Republic.

In spite of the war, China remains Damascus’ largest trade partner, accounting for 80% of Syrian trade, according to the data presented by the Syrian ambassador to Beijing, Imad Mustafa. Last summer, there was a number of reports released to the general public stating that China was planning to invest 2 billion dollars in the reconstruction of Syria. To be more specific, China’s Huawei is going to be tasked with the rebuilding of destroyed Syrian telecommunications infrastructure. China’s authorities have also expressed their intention to build an industrial park in the Syrian Arab Republic, where a total of 150 Chinese companies are going to be represented.

Since wages in China have been growing steadily throughout the years, Chinese manufacturers are searching for ways to outsource jobs to overseas territories. Therefore, the state Syria is in today may become a viable opportunity for China that will also ensure industrial development of the ravaged Syrian state.

Beijing is equally interested in Syria’s natural resources, like in any other country. It’s no wonder that the largest manufacturer of all sorts of goods in the world is in urgent need of new resources. Even before the beginning of the armed conflict in Syria, China’s oil companies were acquiring shares of their Syrian counterparts at a steady rate.

But Syria is so much more than that to Beijing, since it also seeks a route to the Mediterranean that Damascus can provide it with. After all, out of all of its priorities, the One Belt, One Road initiative remains Beijing’s top priority. Within the framework of the project it is planned to build a transcontinental railway network that will connect Europe and Asia. One of the most convenient routes from a geographical point of view is through the Middle East region. In this case, a railway line can be stretched to the Mediterranean Sea through Turkey or Syria.

Among the challenges that can damage the economic and military cooperation between the two states, the most obvious one is the US. At the moment, radical militants supported by the Western coalition are occupying crucial Syrian border intersections, which are to be retaken if Damascus and Beijing are going to enjoy a steady rate of economic development. Therefore, China’s growing strength and presence in Syria will be largely directed against Washington’s regional designs.

This may be the first overt entry of the Chinese military in the Syrian theater, but it has already sent its special forces last year specifically to suppress an estimated 2,500 Islamic East Turkistan Movement militants operating in Syria.

Most recently, China is also establishing military bases in Afghanistan to protect its mining interests in the country. Afghanistan is home to a large deposit of rare earth metals that the Chinese electronics, optics, and military arms industry badly needed, and for which the Western Deep State is actually rooting for beyond opium. That’s the primordial reason why they simply cannot leave the Afghans on their own.

13 thoughts on “Final Showdown: Retaking Idlib from ISIS May Involve Chinese Military, too”

  1. This planet’s so-called leaders love “Perpetual War” because its so PROFITABLE to them, and will go to ANY lengths to achieve it.
    WAKE-UP SHEEPLE…DON’T JOIN IN ANY BRANCH OF ANY COUNTRY’S MILITARY!!!I once heard in a movie about wars, where Ernest Borgnine posed a statement: SUPPOSED “THEY” GAVE A WAR, BUY NOBODY SHOWED UP???
    The “Psychopathic” world leaders CONTROLLED by a Satanic Corporate VATICAN/BANKER want only to Destroy Humanity because they HATE Divine Sources Creation of HU-WO-MANITY and wish to enslave US and FEED OFF OF US.
    WARS are their most effective tools for this MADNESS!

    1. Agreed there Kenneth.
      If one reads what happened Christmas day during the second world war when part of the allied troops and the German troops put down their guns and had a game of football. They shook hands and then were forced back to the trenches by their respective captains. Those that wouldn’t were shot.
      I have never liked the military for the reasons that we don’t need it, but so many of our citizenry believe we do and that is why it still exists( brainwashed to the hilt). Speaking to another man yesterday in fact( ex royal airforce) he said to me that they should make national service mandatory again in the UK. Of course his only argument was that it would straighten up a lot of the delinquents( which he was once) that we have in society! Not a good reason!
      So what happened to proper parenting? What happened to proper teaching and love?

  2. China has always been in the region and will always… years ago when China acquired the richest vein of copper on earth in Afghanistan it was only a matter of time that they would naturally protect their resource and seek other resources…after all being the mega manufacturing presence they are… all resources are needed.. ‘‘tis not a matter of war mongering… ‘‘tis a matter of industrialization… and who better to rebuild Syria… look at what they’ve done in their own country… cities appearing out of nowhere seemingly instantaneously! Sure war is money… but industry is money begettin money… here’s to the proletariat…

    1. Before the economic crash of 2007-2008 our top knobs moved a great deal of cash eastwards to set up industry there and to maximise their profits and that is also why the rothschilds have real estate in the region so that at anytime they can go and rub their hands together and watch gleefully as they rake it all in. They were not the only ones who have invested in China as you know. So now we have an eastern block country doing what was being done first hand by the west. It will give us an excuse to go to war with them too one day.

  3. The Khazarians’ ISIS proxy murderers and the Khazarians’ Yinon Plan further held up in Syria by the entrance of China.

    Which path to Persia will the Khazarians now take? Skip over Syria and go with the Brookings Instituion’s plan? Do something desperate in Syria? We’ll have to wait, but it won’t be long now.

    “Keep your friends close, and your conscription aged children closer.”

    One is not a true American until resident in the ADL’s database.

  4. I think the best place to send the 100.000 or so ISIS members is back to where they originated from ISRAEL and their Isreali Intel Secret Services.

    1. Brother…YOU just described Exactly how “DIVIDE & CONQUER” works, because the Vatican’s ultimate goal IS….A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT…Best know as “The New World Order”
      Remember Religion was Always a FRAUD, in the first place.
      The NWO is a Luciferian/Satanist “Pipe Dream” Now being run by a so-called SECRET Space Program and AI (Artificial Intelligence)Technology in Hopes to achieve using their so-called “Quantum Financial System” (Mark-0f-The-Beast) Currencies and the NWO.
      NOT GUNNA’ HAPPIN’ Folks

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