Deep State on Death Throes After Massive Multi-pronged Attacks

What has been leaked 10 years ago about a global effort to establish a new financial system, i.e. global reset involving sovereign wealth based currencies for global exchange that would trim down the unwarranted power of the bankers who kept on fomenting wars everywhere, is now fast becoming a reality.

Between Iran and Iraq alone, they have stopped using the fiat US dollar in their “mutually beneficial” cooperation, and rightly so since it’s stupid enough to involve foreign powers in commerce conducted within their mutual border.

Defying Washington’s pressure to break off business ties with Iran, Tehran’s international trading partners are determined to maintain their mutually-beneficial cooperation with the Islamic Republic, some even at the expense of dumping the US dollar.

Iraqi authorities have stopped using the US dollar in trade operations with Iran in favor of national currencies and the euro, the chairman of the Iraqi-Iranian Chamber of Commerce Yahya al-Ishaq told the agency Mehr on Sunday.

“We abandoned dollar transactions, most of the trade transactions will be in euros, Iranian riyals and Iraqi dinars,” he said, pointing out that in certain cases a system of mutually beneficial exchange is envisaged. According to al-Ishaq, the average annual trade turnover between Iran and Iraq is $8 billion.

Earlier, Iraqi Prime Minister Heydar Al-Abadi confirmed that Baghdad would implement US-imposed sanctions on Iran only in the banking sector, abandoning the dollar. He added that he would send a delegation to Washington to discuss financial transactions with Iran in light of the sanctions.

“… implement US-imposed sanctions on Iran only in the banking sector, abandoning the dollar” surely, that’s one way of putting it when one start to lose respect on its erstwhile “savior from Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship.”

Turkey is also moving away from the fiat dollar in response to US sanctions targeting its financial institution to pressure it to remain within the NATO Alliance of convenience.

Earlier this week, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan lashed out at Western rating agencies, such as Moody’s and Fitch, for their negative review of Turkey’s economy, having also accused them of trying to disrupt the country’s banking sector.

Speaking at a Turkey-Kyrgyzstan Business Forum in the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek on Sunday, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that currency manipulations sought to “cast doubt on Turkey’s strong and solid economy.”

“We need to gradually end the monopoly of the dollar once and for all by using local and national currency among us,” Anadolu news agency cited him as saying.

He also vowed he would pursue non-dollar transactions in trade with Russia and other countries.

“America behaves like wild wolves. Don’t believe them. Using the dollar only damages us. We will not give up. We will be victorious,” he added.

The move to end the dollar dominance was initiated a decade ago from Asia, where most of the hard assets that formed the backbone of the world’s financial system from the very beginning. This initiative gained so much traction when Russia joined in, which subsequently resulted to the establishment of the BRICS Alliance, and the rest is history.

In the last year, the Reserve Bank of India bought 8.6 metric tons of goal, its first big purchase since 2009.

New Delhi (Sputnik): The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) purchased 8.46 metric tons of gold during the last fiscal year (April 2017 to March 2018). In its annual report, the RBI revealed that it had 566.23 metric tons of gold as of June 30, 2018, compared to 557.77 metric tons in June 30, 2017, indicating that the bank had purchased gold for the first time since 2009 when it had purchased 200 metric tons of the precious metal following America’s sub-prime crisis. India has joined the league of other BRICS countries such as China and Russia that are actively accumulating physical gold as part of their international reserve assets.

In early 2012, we saw the massive resignations of financial CEOs and high ranking bankers, which eventually led to the papal resignation of Ratzinger.

Now, Russia remains consistent in its drive against the fiat financial system.

Russia is actively working to switch over to settlements in national currencies with the countries of the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa, Russian Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov told Sputnik.

“This process is not quick [transition to national currency settlements], and we launched it not in the form of a response to sanctions. We have been systematically conducting this work for several years, accumulated practice and have experience regarding the work of commercial banks and the Central Bank in those countries where it is advantageous for us to carry out this work,” Manturov said.

“This applies less to European countries, more to the countries of the Middle East, Southeast Asia, even Latin America, Africa,” he added.

Russian car manufacturers are switching to national currencies in payments with Turkey for supplies of components, a number of companies have announced such plans, Denis Manturov said.

According to the minister, Turkish producers “are switching now to transactions in national currencies with great pleasure.”

In conjunction with the anti-Deep State financial offensive, a highly coordinated exposé of the false prophets in the House of Lucifer has finally hit the mainstream consciousness. No longer is the so called Vicar of Christ welcomed in Ireland, and Catholic priests everywhere are beginning to be shunned like the lepers of old.

All of the above, combined with the continued realignment of military alliances poised to provide strong deterrence against what remains of the Deep State armed mercenaries, are among the most important development right now. Along this line, another massive exposure made was about the 1960’s plan to nuke Russia and China to oblivion. This should now provide a strong impetus for the final coercive measure to end the Deep State arrogance around the world for good.

However, even when this unprecedented coordination between highly populated Eurasian and ASEAN countries to establish multipolarity succeeds, this is not yet the ideal situation that we all deserve.

For as long as the structures of governments and institutions of control are all still there, humanity is not there yet. What is lacking is the direct involvement of the common folks to assert their true place in the sun with tangible actions towards that aim. Online conversations should not be its end goal.

The shameful disparity between the rich and the poor is not something to be proud of, and should not be accepted as the paragon of civilization attributable to the present generation.

We can do better than this.

13 thoughts on “Deep State on Death Throes After Massive Multi-pronged Attacks”

  1. Its VERY good to finally see that at least ONE of the “Big Three” heads of the Snake System is being seen for WHAT it is….the LUCIFERIAN/SATANIC VATICAN…The true “Master of ALL Evil”.

    1. yes Washington DC…. DC as in. Dual Citizen…
      they have to go from ALL our institutions and local councils and take their ZioUN Agenda 21 with them..rapidly followed by HAARP CHEMTRAIL Weather Modification ”experiments /research” for the cabal to gain mental control via and including 5G neural decimation.

  2. China Will Not Attack The Dollar Directly, But Is Surrounding It For Death Knell…

    US allies would then need to choose between the two: the collapsing dollar, with no backing to shore it up, or a Gold-backed renminbi.

    Many countries outside the US see the US approach to diplomacy as: Bluster and Intimidate.
    Whilst, typically, US diplomats wear suits and appear businesslike in their manner, their message is often considerably different. If the US states what it wants from another country and that country then chooses to decline, the response by the US is often an “in your face” approach not unlike that associated with the image of a wild-West sheriff.

    The message received from the US is often along the lines of, “We’ve decided what your role in the world should be, so get with the program or you’ll feel our boot on your neck.”

    It should be said that it makes no difference to the country on the receiving end whether it is a left boot or a right boot; whether the current US president is a democrat or republican is of no consequence. The country feels the boot equally, whichever party is in power. And the message and the objectives remain the same, regardless of which party is presently in control.

    As offensive and reprehensible as this approach is, the countries of the world often simply cave in to such behavior. They understand that if a country’s leader were to decide to, say, cease to trade in US dollars, his country might be attacked for trumped-up reasons and the leader could end up in a pine box. (This approach has been employed on more than one occasion in recent years.)

    The threat from the US is therefore very real.

    But presumably, this bullying approach would be less effective if attempted against one of the world’s more powerful countries. If, for example, the US were to find itself in a situation such as the present one with China, in which the US appeared to be losing its battle over the dollar’s power as the world’s reserve currency, what would occur? Would the US attempt to bully China? And if the ploy failed, would the US draw its six-guns and fire off a few rounds in the air for emphasis?

    And if the above were to take place, what would the Chinese reaction be? Would they retaliate in a similar manner—the diplomatic equivalent of an American baseball player butting chests with an umpire—each one childishly seeking to win through sheer bluster?

    Here, it would be useful to consider Chinese culture. Traditionally, bluster and braggadocio are not consistent with Chinese behavior. The Chinese tend to take a quieter, more thoughtful approach, one that employs patience and careful timing.

    It might be useful to consider the traditional game of Wéiqí (aka Go), a board game that was first played in China thousands of years ago and is still popular to this day.

    In Wéiqí, the objective is to place the playing pieces on the board one at a time, in an effort to surround the pieces of the opponent. (Once the pieces are surrounded, they are considered taken.) Of interest is that a common tactic is to avoid being obvious in the effort to surround the opponent’s pieces. The greater the subtlety of play, the greater the likelihood of eventual success. In essence, the philosophy is the exact opposite of the US approach. It is one of surrounding the opponent, rather than meeting him head-on.

    The game of Wéiqí is of greater significance in China than, say, Monopoly is in the US. It contains a philosophy that is basic in Chinese thinking. Although this is not a game that is likely to become popular in Las Vegas, it is one that informs Chinese diplomacy.

    Aside from the occasional comment from the Xinhua News Agency suggesting building a “de-Americanized world,” the Chinese have generally kept their cards close to their vest.

    Returning to the question of the dominant currency in the world, the US is unquestionably following its wild-West sheriff approach in demanding that the dollar remain the world’s default currency: taking military action against those who move in another direction.

    Meanwhile, the Chinese have been quietly expanding the power of the renminbi, first by encouraging its use internationally, then working out currency agreements with the BRICS, ASEAN, etc. More recently, they have created agreements with Western countries like Australia and the UK to trade in the renminbi.

    As in a game of Wéiqí, China is not attacking the dollar directly. They are surrounding it, by creating relationships first with their own close allies, then with the US allies. If they continue in this tactic, it is likely that they will complete their ability to trade with all or most of the world in the renminbi, then announce to the US that, in order to continue to buy Chinese sneakers to sell in Walmart, the renminbi must be used.

    At that point, should the US refuse, China would be in a position to say, “You’re an important customer, but if we lose you as a customer, we will still be able to maintain our present relationship with the rest of the world without you.”

    The question would then be whether the US need for Chinese goods is greater than the Chinese need to sell them those goods. There can be no doubt that both countries want the relationship to continue; however, the one who could hold out the longest would be the victor—in essence, a game of economic “chicken.”

    At such a point, the US would be likely to appeal to its allies to step in and side with them. But if the event were timed by the Chinese to coincide with massive inflation of the US dollar, the US allies would then need to choose between the two: the collapsing dollar, with no backing to shore it up, or a gold-backed renminbi.

    1. The CHINESE are just SNEAKIER about “Assisting” the NWO take over…Remember?…THEY ARE THE ONE WHO WROTE THE BOOK “THE ART OF WAR”…That’s WHY the FAKE Jews support them so well.
      Make NO Mistake…China LOVES the NWO too, and is the REAL reason WHY they are NOT attacking the US currency so strongly as NOW.
      ALL GOVERNMENTS ARE IN SUPPORT OF THE NWO!…AND IS WHY THEY HOPE TO GET THEIR CRYPTO-CURRENCY (“Mark of the BEAST” currency Started)…To bad it won’t ever happen though!

      1. I agree. Everybody who knew anything about bit coin was trying to sell it as an alternative to the world and national currencies. Many were especially fooled by the lines that the rich are fearful of you purchasing this bit coin – bollocks! That is exactly what they wanted you to do. A man who is worth 500 trillion( Rothschild), does one not think that he has manufactured these and selling them at exorbitant prices – of course! Best bet is to dump money altogether!

      2. Kenneth, you are wrong about Sun Tzu (the alleged author of ‘the Art of War’) being Chinese, as this treatise on statecraft, strategy and warfare was written well before the modern communist Chinese state existed, and before any unified China had existed.

        You also appear to be confused about the essence of Sun Tzu’s work as being about sneakiness or the like. Such a statement is simply incorrect if you have actually studied the work and given it considerable contemplation.

        Many scholars and the like consider the essence of this ‘poem’ to be the art of WINNING WITHOUT FIGHTING, (to use your seemingly favourite alliteration for all caps). The trick (sneakiness?) is to use deception to achieve this outcome. I suggest reading it with this in mind will bring this to the fore of your thoughts and feelings.

        To further understand the pre-Chinese communist culture, one that extended to control of state, one is well served by studying the works of the so-called Confucius, in particular the work entitled ‘The Analects’, and in particular two distinct concept therein – The Way, and Jen.

        I believe one of Anglo-European Christian background, upon contemplation and consideration, will find much solace in such ideas and more generally in these writings.

        Otherwise, Communist China should not, and does not itself, acknowledge either of these ancient treatises in its current state ideology. Accordingly, to rely on them as an argument for some absolutely stated position about China more generally (replete with all caps dialogue) is not justified by any reasonable argument, and certainly not helpful in the current context.

        With respect to the phrase “FAKE JEW”, such a statement is, prima facie, oxy-moronic, redundant and misleading. The word jew is fake itself, an creation of the English language circa. 18th century, via new English translations of the greek version of the old testament, I believe – see E. Mullins “A History of the Jews”, “A Demonology of History” and ‘The Curse of Canaan”.

        In antiquity, there were Judahites and Judeans, never jews per se, so this is a fake moniker. The german word is, remember, “Juden”. So-called jews do not speak Hebrew, they speak Yiddish, but these Khazar bandits and killers did adopt the Hebrew alphabet, but kept their secret language, much the way criminal gangs have always worked!

        Mullins also highlights the aberration and theft of the phrase semitic by these thrice (or more?) vanquished peoples. the word derives from the original name of Noah’s descendent, Shem. Accordingly, they are the true S[h]emites, and Khazars are simply not genetically related to the true S[h]emites, according to Mullins’ writings.

        Further to your suggestion that Crypto based currencies are the biblical reference to a mark of the beast, you have provided no reasonable explanation nor any evidence to support such a statement. I am in possession of much information [following a number of months of research] that would suggest otherwise.

        As for trade based relations, currency values and macro-economics, you do not appear to have provided anything to support such claims. Is this your area of professional expertise and interest, and are you otherwise published in this subject matter?

  3. One has to understand that the Khazarian grift-machine has plundered the US Tyranny/American economies to the bone.

    The Khazarians are now in the process of shifting their grift HQ back over to Europe. The American country will then be saddled with a tyrannical fascist government, a chaotic and dysfunctional society, and a very poor extraction based economy.

    It doesn’t end pretty for we Americans. We pay, are paying, for swallowing the Khazarians’ Kool-aid.

    One is not a true American until resident in the ADL’s database.

    1. They shifted way back in 2007. Whilst the rest of the world experienced chaos due to the melt down China experienced exponential growth! The money was transferred back then and now the power house of London is raking it all in again. Making more money than they ever did from the opium wars.

  4. @Bernard
    Obviously YOU don’t realize the REAL TRUTH about the OUR-STORY about and the LIES being Sold to to the MAN-Kind version of HIS-STORY…Which is being proven to be LIES.
    Ask YOURSELF…WHY are the “HIS-storians” so hell bound to THIS DAY trying to Destroy the REAL TRUTH about OUR-STORY….Even burning down an Old Museum in South American TODAY in an effort to HIDE IT???

    1. It is true and also hence why the burning of the great libraries of Alexander were necessary. Shlomo Sand writes about “The Invention Of The Jewish People” a concocted ‘race’ of demons really.
      What history do we believe if all were a lie? Barring of course the one that is screaming to get out that lays deep inside oneself.

      1. It was the “Fallen Ones” who created ALL the Religions/Governments/and Money systems…There Never was such a thing as “God’s Chosen People” because “Prime source Creator” exist in ALL there is.
        Those “Fallen Ones” invaded this planet in Rebellion to the Creator’s grand purpose for God-Woman/ God-Man to establish a Colony of Man-Kind Slaves to worship THEM…and SLAVE to them.
        The FIRST contact were in AFRICA, AND FROM There Civilizations spread out all over the planet.
        So Ask yourself WHY is ONLY the WHITE race trying to HIDE this FACT???

  5. Ooooh! I almost forgot to ADD…IF you are representing ANYTHING Close to “Divine Source Creator”…SINCE WHEN WAS “MONEY” EVER NEEDED???
    Are Ya’ Stupid Ur Somethin’???

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