Russian Scientists Discover Bacteria that Neutralize Nuclear Waste

Russia does it again! In another groundbreaking feat, Russian scientists found a way to neutralize nuclear radioactivity through bacterial intervention. This is exactly in line with their previous announcement about an industrial method pertaining to the transmutation of elements via biochemical approach.

The unique bacteria, discovered in a nuclear waste storage site in Siberia, shows promise as a tool for the creation of a natural barrier to the spread of radionuclides.

Researchers from the Moscow-based Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Federal Research Center for Biotechnology have been able to isolate microorganisms which can be used to safeguard the surrounding environment from liquid radioactive waste.

Scientists made the discovery while conducting microbiological studies of the groundwater at the Seversky deep radiation burial site in Seversk, Tomsk region, Siberia, where liquid radioactive waste from the Siberian Chemical Combine, which supplies and reprocesses low enriched uranium for nuclear fuel, is stored.

Their research, recently published in Radioactive Waste, a Russian scientific journal, suggests that the bacteria is capable of converting radionuclide ions, including those found in uranium and plutonium, into sedentary forms, thereby preventing the spread of dangerous radiation into the surrounding environment. Through lab experimentation, the scientists were able to fine tune the conditions necessary for the bacteria to carry out its useful work.

The researchers say their findings are a first step in creation a biogeochemical barrier for radionuclides for use in deep burial sites containing liquid radioactive waste.

Research into microbiological tools to limit the effects of nuclear waste have been conducted since the 1980s, with scientists from around the world saying microbial processes must be taken into account in projects to bury and store nuclear waste which can otherwise decay over a period of millions or even billions of years.

With a method that could generate nuclear power safely, the need for wars to control sources of fossil fuels are effectively curtailed.

All of these announcements about economically disruptive scientific methods are meant to inform the world that the Russians are more than ready to end the scarcity-based economic system of the West. Bear in mind, that the RIC Alliance have now officially moved away from the fiat dollar and are in fact, unloading huge amounts of US treasury bonds in breathtaking pace.

21 thoughts on “Russian Scientists Discover Bacteria that Neutralize Nuclear Waste”

  1. Geeeeee! I got a BETTER Idea! Lets STOP using Nuclear Energy in the FIRST Place (Nukes Included!!!)
    THEY Already KNOW they don’t NEED it!!!
    Then there would NEVER be Radioactive material to have to deal with AT ALL!
    How’s THAT for a better idea???

    1. I agree to that Kenneth. This post is out dated though as these findings were known last year. I spoke with a scientist a while back concerning global warming and he has invented( yet again) a machine to reduce carbon dioxide/monoxide in the atmosphere – amazing when all mankind needs to do is plant more trees. We continue to look at men in white coats for all the answers and yet lack common sense ourselves.

  2. You jump to the conclusion that the need for wars is over, but you have not proven such a thing. We will still run out of water to cool the plants and meltdowns cannot be contained by bacteria; if contamination could be cleaned up, how long would that take? No info here. It can only neutralize waste according to what is presented here, and no timeframe is presented. Nuclear power is dangerous, costly and incompatible with human and other lifespans. We don’t need it. Tesla tech properly applied can power the world.

    1. FYI ‘Thorium’ would be a non-radioactive solution, and would power a car for 100 yrs. on just 8 grams, is a non-iodizing Source of Nuclear safe Energy!

  3. Actually this planet will NEVER run out of Water, because water constantly Changes its “State of Being” and naturally Cleans its self along its cycles of Gas state back to water or Ice form.
    ONLY radiation can screw that up…..and then only for a short time.
    As far as WAR is concerned, IT too was NEVER needed, because once the powers of “Creation” (Divine Providence) returns to Wo-Manity/Man (Humans) war will become OBSOLETE.
    The creation of the MONEY System cause wars to be needed, and the “luciferian/Satanist” created THAT as a system of Control.

    1. In the UK they are starting to put on the squeeze in regards to a cashless society. They have begun closing 250 ATM’s( cash machines) monthly. It is a hard drive with the only people showing resistance to this being the poor, working class. They are in a panic to achieve full spectrum control and nobody else sees it for what it is or what it will do to them.

      1. THEY will Never achieve “Full Spectrum Dominance” as they think they will, simply because they have NO “Melanin”…and once That Returns THEY will be GONE “Forever”.

      2. I am rather hoping that you are right in this case. The thing to realise here is that they are doing it to the white race too! Is that because we are all greedy and do not care as to what is happening or what will happen to their offspring – take note here now that they have also introduced a compulsory flu vaccine for babies aged 3 – 8 months here in the UK onto of their already overdosed vaccine policy, and those young children at school will be subjected to a nasal flu spray between the ages of 3 and 5 years of age.
        Population control rings and alarm bell here.

      3. That is the main reason for the Jubilee, or what some call The Blessings, which is on the way, so we will eventually use up all the $$$ Money and change over to a Barter System to complete our living circumstances.
        FYI, We are the only Planet in the Solar System/Galaxy that uses a Money’s of Exchange System to purchase anything of value, and to also control our lives.

      4. Their PANIC belies their LOSE of Control, BUT be ASSURED They will NEVER succeed in acquiring it. Once the RETURN of “Melanin” arrives and the BE-Ings that use it to CREATE Anything they want…MONEY will become laughable.
        The really FUNNY part about this that the Luciferian’s ALREADY Know this.

      1. Guess where our Flu’s come from, they make them in their underground Labs to supplement their ‘Big Pharma’ with their debilitating Mercury Base ‘Thimerosal’ injections used to cause Autism in our little ones for Life Long RX’s, and adult Cash Cow life long prescription’s.

  4. Resonant transmutation of elements occurs in our GUT as well:

    Focused attention with intention annuals radioactivity and this has been measured. Imploding water is another quick solution to waste radioactive isotopes. Brown’s Gas or hydroxy can accomplish this objective immediately while also making that powerful energy useable. Water becomes a 4th state , ie. plasma and Dr Gerald Pollack has written about this stargate state of matter at the U of Washington. Read your Hadron Mechanics. Fire is masculine Water is feminine and Time is non linear and very quantifiably compressible under quantum mechanics.

    1. I remember learning in biology at school that vitamin B12 was manufactured in our gut. Many years later it is now learned that we cannot accomplish this at all anymore, but need to take synthetic supplements. What have our men in white coats done to our food sources, the poisons that are injected into us or the poisons that we breathe in that have made our bodies regress???
      Are we still to continue to sleep????
      An interesting article as I have read into alchemy on many occasion, but not from the point of resonance, all electrical or mind born.
      Question, why is the concluding element of want always GOLD?

      1. ONLY the Luciferian’s want GOLD because they lack the ABILITY to Create it, as “Divine Providence” CAN…It is also WHY their creation called Man-KIND must FEED off Humanity to survive…WHY do you think the “Controllers” as described at various websites like “Operation Disclosure” talk about MONEY, and Financial matters instead of ALCHEMY…and the MELANIN connection???

  5. Lasers can be used to speed the decay of radioactive waste like from Fukushima, “depleted” uranium, nuclear disasters, phosphate mining, etc. When a web search is performed of, “laser radioactive waste decay,” you can find material like U.S. Patent 6331774 ( and from Helsinki University of Technology ( Perform a web search also for, “laser radioactive waste decay water,” and you’ll find that it’s effective for use on radioactive water, too. Radioactive isotopes with half lives of millions of years can be neutralized in less than an hour with lasers.

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