Robert Mueller’s Gathering Storm: Thieves Fall Out

Over the past few days, there have been some dramatic developments in the countercoup with Robert Mueller’s “obstruction of justice” case against Donald Trump now clearly hanging in the balance.

The testimony former FBI General Counsel James Baker to the House Judiciary and House Oversight Committees last week produced the following new developments:

(1) Baker testified that he personally met with David Sussman, the lawyer for Hillary Clinton and the DNC, to receive their British intelligence generated dirty dossier on Donald Trump, and other materials on Russiagate, and then, as FBI general counsel, shepherded through a FISA warrant on an American citizen, Carter Page which never told the court that this was the FBI acting on behalf of the Clinton campaign to spy on a U.S. citizen and a rival presidential campaign. This aspect of Baker’s role was redacted from the House Intelligence Committee’s report on Russiagate by the Justice Department on “national security grounds.” It is clear that there was no national security rationale for the redaction. Instead, the redaction was based on the job security of certain officials and the desire to cloak from the public the massive scandal now enveloping the top levels of the Department of Justice. While this aspect of Baker’s testimony has been widely reported, it is important to add that this spying was on behalf of the British and the Obama White House, in addition to the Clinton campaign.

(2) Baker also testified, according to accounts provided both by Sara Carter on Fox and by John Solomon in The Hill, that Andy McCabe and Lisa Page came to him shortly after a May 2017 meeting first reported in the New York Times. Baker’s testimony, corroborated the Times account that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was talking seriously about wearing a wire to record conversations with the President and to gather evidence against him following Trump’s firing of James Comey as FBI Director. Rosenstein, according to this account, said he was working with two members of the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove the President from office. Rosenstein has denied the Times’ report of this meeting and, clearly, Baker is pushing back on behalf of the fired Deputy Director of the FBI, McCabe and his former attorney, Page. In addition, Baker has a very close and sycophantic relationship to James Comey. Baker also testified that he told McCabe and Page that he saw nothing unethical about wearing a wire in order to set up the President.

Again, it is useful to remind the reader of the backdrop. Fired FBI Director James Comey has previously told the Congress that he choreographed every single one of his meetings with the President, contemporaneously taking notes and returning for “murder boards” with FBI lawyers concerning the next steps in this process. It is clear that Comey was operating in an entrapment operation against the President. It would not be a stretch to imagine that Comey himself was wearing a wire. As one of John Solomon’s sources summed up implication: “You walk away from the Baker interview with little doubt that the FBI leadership in that 2016-17 time frame saw itself as far more than a neutral investigative agency but actually as a force to stop Trump’s election before it happened and then maybe reversing it after the election was over.”

All of the people involved here are key witnesses concerning Mueller’s claim that Trump’s firing of Comey could represent an obstruction of the Justice Department investigation of Trump. All of the people, with the exception of Rosenstein, namely, Baker, McCabe, and Page have been fired or resigned, with Rosenstein’s concurrence, over egregious misconduct. While many have argued, correctly, that the President was lawfully using his constitutional powers to fire Comey, the case goes totally awry, in public perception, if the FBI and the Department of Justice were running a soft, illegal coup against the President and the President acted to stop it. The evidence for that assertion by the President seems slowly to be coming into view.

(3) Baker also was fed a version of the Steele dossier by reporter David Corn of Mother Jones, who was one of Steele’s journalistic contacts. Corn appears to have functioned in the same back door fashion, during the period when Steele had been fired by the FBI, as Deputy Associate Attorney General Bruce Ohr. The objective was to keep the Steele disinformation flowing into the FBI, protocols be damned. Quite an astonishing picture.

Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein, who rode with the President to Florida on Air Force 1 on Monday and provided his account of these meetings, received the President’s pass, as least temporarily. It is unclear what Rosenstein told the President about the May 2017 meetings. Rosenstein was scheduled to appear before the House Judiciary Committee in a closed door session on Thursday, but that appearance may very well be put off. The Andrew McCabe Memos which document McCabe’s account of these meetings have been subpoenaed by the House Committee, but not turned over. It is unclear whether their release to the House is being blocked by Special Counsel Robert Mueller who has copies of the McCabe memos. McCabe himself is under criminal investigation for lying about press leaks and is the target of a sitting grand jury in Washington D.C.

Two things are absolutely clear regarding these developments: Rosenstein is hopelessly legally conflicted in terms of supervising Robert Mueller’s investigation, as he is a critical witness to the very events being investigated and his job is at stake. That conflict may very well have evaporated if there, is as they say, “no there, there” with respect to Mueller’s pursuit of the obstruction charge. Whatever his role in the May, 2017 meetings, Rosenstein was present when someone proposed running a soft coup against the President of the United States in meetings which we are now hearing about for the first time. Instead of withdrawing from this conspiracy and reporting those responsible, Rosenstein decided to appoint the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, who has conducted the witch hunt against Trump. Again, the implications are relatively astounding. Yet, the fact that Trump gave Rosenstein a pass here, at least temporarily, in all probability means that something much bigger is evolving other than the linear implications of the already reported, public facts.

A second major development was reported last week which, in any normal time, would represent a complete scandal in and of itself. According to stories in both the New Yorker and the Daily Caller, a Democratic Senator on the Senate Intelligence Committee reached out and outsourced the Senate’s own investigation into Russiagate in March of 2017 to a group led by former Senate Intelligence staffer Daniel Jones. The Democratic Senator was outsourcing the Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation to a private group funded for this purpose by George Soros and a bevy of Silicon Valley billionaires. Soros, et al, funneled $50 million to Jones to continue the work of Christopher Steele of Britain’s MI6 and Fusion GPS to take out Trump. This obviously contaminates any conclusion which might be made by the Senate Intelligence Committee concerning Russiagate and the extent of the outsourcing should be the subject of a major investigation. Was the Senate Intelligence Committee entirely bought by Soros, et al.? Washington, D.C., speculation concerning the Senator involved centers on Senator Diane Feinstein who is Jones’ former boss.

As we have said before, the public needs to know all of this, most importantly the documents revealing the British role in this entire sordid mess which has torn our nation apart, and it needs to know this most urgently. Please, sign the petition demanding declassification of these documents.

40 thoughts on “Robert Mueller’s Gathering Storm: Thieves Fall Out”

  1. How these people can lead a normal life I have no idea, what must their partners be like to tolerate them, the deceit and lies they live by, the way they drag all and sundry in the muck, and for what?
    usually all cloaked in those magic words ‘National Security’, as soon as I hear that I immediately think its a cover up of the truth and someone doesn’t want the truth getting out which will end their cushy grossly overpaid job…

    1. Have you looked into the exotic properties of Han Purple? Life on Earth is going to get even stranger.
      People have the inner fractal DNA potential to be atop the food chain here on Terra but we have a 5th column hiding in plain sight.

      1. Yes Darren you are right and it is funny that you mention it here because I had the same discussion with a bloke last week about this very fact which he did not know of. The discussion started with our origins which he firmly believed were from the primates. He said it was in our DNA, but he did not know about the column that is not activated. Perhaps another awakened soul 🙂

    2. Rodney

      Have you ever seen our the wife of a gangster lives? They don’t care just as long as they have got their bucks, flash cars etc. The same with the wives of the ‘elite’ men, they do not have to ever work so do they worry? Nope. Those women in ‘high’ places are the type that are exactly like the men in the same places – they possess an evil that is incomparable to any other. The only woman that I have read about that did not stand for this was the wife of America’s ‘greatest’ serial killer ( after of course bush,clinton, obama etc etc), a man known as ‘Iceman’. Once she found out that he was a killer she left him, his daughter stayed true to him till the end.

  2. AWAKEN Folks!…ALL this Who Shot John and Where when and HOW is all Chicken-Chit…EVERYONE involved with Government has each other “Over-a-Barrel”, OK?…and is WHY don’t expect this “Barrrel-of-snakes” are going to “Arrest” ANYBODY involved in the “Control Grid” of the BIG THREE:
    Vatican; City of London; Washington DC.
    NOTHING will Change as long as people actually believe that these “SWAMP Creatures” will Actually “Drain the swamp”…GET THAT???

      1. Interesting You put THAT statement about the “Sheeple” …SOON we all will find out just WHO they are.

    1. Something ELSE to “Feed-On” about WHY they are just “Stalling for Time” dragging all this BS out…EVERYONE INVOLVED ARE JUST “BARTERING” BETWEEN EACH OTHER OVER…MONEY!…UNDERSTAND ANYONE???

      1. Yes it is the same with this so called BREXIT in the UK. Both sides trying for the biggest slice of the pie to suit themselves and not what is in the interest of the people.
        There is talk that if things do not change in Italy, then there will be a civil war within the next 5 years. Note civil war, not a revolution. They should be focused on a revolution as the rest of the world should be.

    2. Kenneth, I take it that your reference to “… EVERYONE involved with Government has each other “Over-a-Barrel”…” refers to liability for state crimes, including liability for cover-ups of financially related black operations.

      Mueller has a very unique history of being appointed special counsel. The Iran Contra scandal, Bush Seniors involvement in the collapse of the Soviet Union, WTC, etc. Have a close look at his CV and you will see a few distinct themes to his appointments.

      The ‘over-a barrel’ theme from Mueller’s CV is CIA implemented POTUS/ US Congress approved off-balance sheet financed black ops eg the Great Ruble Scam/ Collapse of Soviet Union, Iran Contra deals and other Financial cover-ups

      Which particular barrel [lie that must be covered-up] the one that is most vulnerable, it is financial crime, greed, corruption and the crass criminality that some call the spoils of War. Remember Bush senior said that if we knew what he and his cronies were actually up to, we’d lynch them!

      I suggest the last and final testimony of General Earle Cocke, former long-standing financial advisor to POTUS, will set the record straight and make it clear what everyone has each other over a barrel about. the Roger Roxas litigation will answer that question too. Better still, just consider what links the Office of Naval Intelligence to Cantor Fitzgerald brokers?

      1. When Government becomes just like “Organized Crime” (Witch it IS now!)ALL the upper tier controllers become “Untouchables”, because they rely on “Compartmentism” to keep lower tier uninformed about what really goes on.
        So HOW can anything get done when the TOP tier is so EVIL?
        For instance, can you actually BELIEVE ALL the upper tier people responsible for 9/11 will be prosecuted???
        THAT would take out ALL the Fake Jews…Every branch of the “Corporate USA” and it’s JUST-US System…BECAUSE THEY ALL CREATED THAT EVENT TO SAVE THEIR “FINANCIAL SYSTEM” FROM EXPOSURE…AND STOP NESARA!
        There were three primary countries involved: FAKE ISRAEL…SAUDI ARABIA…WASHINGTON DC.
        Can YOU imagine THAT actually happening???
        Even BOTH so-called Republican and Democratic parties KNEW what really happened on 9/11, because they were Bought off by ENRON.
        They just could NOT let That happen….so THEY conspired to FAKE a “Terrorist” attack to STOP the exposure in it’s tracks….NESARA too!
        Lets NOT Forget the VATICAN’S involvement in all this EVIL too, because it is THEIR MOTHER (Corporation)…Remember???

      2. The “City of London” is in the UK…Only Like the Vatican IT is a Private enterprise located there.

  3. VIOLENCE will Never solve Anything, and is NOT even needed by the Divine Providence to make changes…Remember ONLY Governments like to use this tactic to Keep the Sheeple from SEEING Who CREATES all the Problems.
    America’s Civil War was NEVER needed at all…The MONEY controllers created the strategy to start the war….REMEMBER???
    Divine Providence only has to ARRIVE to solve ALL Hu-Woman/Man’s (Humanity’s) problems via the RETURN of “MELANIN”.

    1. Agreed there Kenneth, but the revolution that I am talking about is a peaceful one, whereby those in positions of ‘power’ are ignored. We do not need to be lead. 🙂

      1. THAT, is Exactly what needs to happen, and I started doing it long ago by NOT participating in anything connected to Religious and Government power.
        No Voting…No Bank accounts…No buying Anything New…No Credit Cards…No Loans…and Especially staying the hell away from ANY Religions.
        The REST of the coming Changes will happen once the FEMALE “Energies” arrive in FULL FORCE…rendering the “Gangs” grid inoperable.

    1. Geeeee Depatridge…Are you a Black raced being?…Because IF you are AWARE of WHO “YOU” ARE (A MELANIN BEING)…YOU should already KNOW Everything about YOUR-Story…NOT “HIS-Story” witch is ALL LIES of Luciferian version called Man-KIND.
      Please respond Depatrdge.

  4. Brother…Just “Remember WHO You are” and Stop buying into the Fake Jew LIES, because if you are a Melaninated Being…YOU ARE OF DIVINE ORIGINS.
    Get a copy of video DVD called: “Out of Darkness” available at
    Or watch the 7 part series here:
    There you will get a Extremely Detailed account of OUR-Story, of HOW Africans are the “First Born” of ALL Creation on Planet Earth.
    MAKE TIME to watch ALL of it (7+hours)….bookmark it too.

    1. The Luciferians did a very thorough job of hiding all their BS didn’t they…They even created their own version of man and woman called Man-KIND…Only THEY don’t have a SOUL.
      SOON they will ALL be removed by Melanin based creations.

      1. This is copied and pasted from a comment of one of those videos, Now I will be damned!!!

        ‘The TRUTH is ACTUALLY right there, right in front of you – look it up on youtube.

        These folks are neanderthal, denisovan human hybrids. Their language is still embedded in modern ones and is phonetic. Once you know that, you can read a lot their old info VERY accurately. I just used it to save my own life from a related medical condition I inherited from having some of their INBRED DNA, ( ALL WHITE PEOPLE DO!!! That’s where whiteness comes from!!!) and I did it right from that information right in front of the Doctors.

        David Icke says reptilian instead of human denisovan neanderthal, but that is a perfect example of one of their BLATANT disinfo campaigns.

        It’s the DIVINE CHI code, NOT devinci code. The pope wears a MITER, why is that?
        Go god gold government. Catholic camolot caucasian carnack calanais… see?

        Let me get you started: ( note my miter comment, above)

      2. So very true, I have been reading the Forth Edition of THE TWO BABYLONS, it explains in painstaking detail the deceit these Satanic inhumans have taken over the Earth for all the wrong reasons, look at how most Central Banks and the EU main building in Brussels are all the shape of the Tower of Babel, they want to go back to that despotic degenerate satanic evil life again with their Devil as the new god for us all to worship !
        , and how the Catholic Church is such a sham with their fish hats on their heads from Pagan worship, and now the ELite they call themselves Zionists hiding behind the Jewish faith but push for blood sacrifices and blood drinking of children to keep them forever young !! !… its all such a huge set of false facts we live by and all to curb our natural good will towards others, we are set up against each other so they can control us easily by guilt or violence… I just hope we do wake up and throw this small faction that has grabbed the reigns by deception, out forever..and take their Weather Modification and Agenda 2030 BS with them.

  5. Kenneth has now proven that there is virtue in abstinence:

    “…by NOT participating in anything connected to Religious and Government power.
    No Voting…No Bank accounts…No buying Anything New…No Credit Cards…No Loans…and Especially staying the hell away from ANY Religions.”

  6. When a “System” has Proven to be so corrupt that it cannot be “Trusted”…One MUST Awaken to the FACT….THAT THEY NEVER NEEDED IT IN THE”FIRST PLACE”…Divine Providence Created PERFECTION…Lucifer CHALLENGED this so that…The DIVINE SOURCED Energy ALLOWED this action to happen for the “Purpose” of EXPOSING ITS FAILURE…FOR ALL CREATION TO “SEE”
    There is yet MORE to be SEEN about this “Divine Wisdom” in Action…RIGHT NOW.

  7. Always, REMEMBER…TRUTH is Always Simple…Only LIES make things SEEM to be Questionable…ONLY TRUTH WILL PREVAIL…DIVINE SOURCE WILL SEE TO THAT.

  8. I have just read this sentence as part of an email that was sent to me through the WSWS( World Socialist Web Site) – The number of CIA and military offices running for office as Democrats is unprecedented in American history. There is a debate on FB about this right now and it will be accepted.
    And the sheep still cannot see what is happening….?
    Yes Bernard, Kenneth has done well to survive in this world after all he is abstaining from, and hopefully experiencing true freedom. I have just come back from a trip to Italy, the poorest part of it that has suffered tremendously from the economic meltdown. They do NOT accept credit or debit cards in the ‘Ball’ and ‘Heel’ parts of that country, it mostly runs on cash. Hopefully they will wizen up to this predicament that they are in even more and go back to bartering or simply doing.

    1. First of ALL…No “Spiritual Being” would EVER run for a “Political Office” of ANY Kind, so THAT idea should be a Very Big Clue WHY Nothing the Non-Melinin creatures will never succeed in ANYTHING.
      And YES I do Feel FREE of this System, even though I have to live on a FRACTION of what I used to earn as a “Slave of the System” (About 20%!!!)
      I USED to have the HIGHEST “Credit-Rating” upper-middle-class people can achieve…even once getting VERY close to being in the Millioniare.
      Once one can SEE, HOW this System “Enslaves” you (Materialism)…One understands the DIFFERENCE…AND WHY.

      1. Very good points there Kenneth and let me tell you that I have hours( sometimes) to read of your experience.
        I have come from earning good money too to doing what you have done, however when one lives in a flat it is very hard to truly separate from the system unless alchemy is practised. And I do truly believe that this is very possible.
        Have you managed to ‘produce’ anything in that way yet?
        I am very interested in hearing your views on this Kenneth.

      2. Although there are people who have “Toyed” with Alchemy on this planet with only partial success the FULL power to use won’t come through Humanity until the Luciferian/Satanist are removed forever.
        And even then ONLY Beings containing “Melanin” will ever realize it.

      3. ‘And even then ONLY Beings containing “Melanin” will ever realise it’
        That would mean most of us then that still have the ability to tan Kenneth especially if we have all ‘sprung’ out of Africa.

        I am especially interested to find out exactly how all of man-kind came off the path of truth. All of man-kind here, as there is bad and good in all colours of people.

        Some interesting stories(mythology) pertaining to the fight between Cupid and Pan, whereby Pan( Representing nature/world) was defeated by Cupid( representing man-kind). There is also the belief( again mythology) in the Philippines of two gods who fought each other, one again representing man, and the other this world and nature, again here the one representing mankind won. Darren posted something very interesting the other day regarding Russian history. It is very fragmented and well hidden, however there was mention of a cataclysmic battle between forces of the cosmos and humans. The humans have won this round, but what really gives?

        The truth is unfolding, and certainly something very evil has happened many years ago and continued to grow, however I do believe that there is stagnation. This will be rectified though, but it will need the coming together of humanity as a whole.


  9. Once the Invasion of the Luciferian’s took place Everything got out of whack from the ORIGINAL creation Divine Source willed to BE…Even The Melanin beings, and the Luciferians are just trying desperately to HIDE the Truth about WHO was created FIRST.
    There is LOADS of truthful information about Africa being the FIRST…Its the LIES of the Luciferian’s that are STILL to this day trying to Cover it up.
    That recent Burning down of a Famous Musium in south America a few weeks ago contains LOADS of proof about this subject…Just proves HOW Desperate THEY are about Hiding the TRUTH.

    1. I also wonder Kenneth if all these wars in the middle east are actually for oil or is it to desecrate any evidence that you talk of? I am starting to think that it is of the latter here and hence why they are driving so hard and demolishing all evidence.
      For sure something is terribly amiss here and the burning of great libraries in the past and present is done to erase this evidence.
      Eyes are opening though. Do you have any links to that luciferian invasion that happened because history becomes very obscure as we dig deeper.
      I remember scoffing at George Orwells 1984 after reading it at school for literature. He was bang on target.

  10. You Hit the Other “Nail on the Head” I’ve always thought about the real reasons for all this middle-eastern warfare…To try and bury the TRUTH about the Past over there which actually backs up what’s being uncovered all over this planet.
    Did you watch that 7 part series called “From Indigenous American to African American”???
    You will find that MOST of the recorded info was done by White people…proving beyond all doubt that when European’s started coming to (Invading actually) the Americas they kept finding LOADS of evidence showing the entire continents were inhabited by “Negroid People” (Black/Copper-colored people)..BOTH North and South America!
    But this KIND of evidence is being found ALL OVER THIS PLANET…Just keep researching this subject and ALL THE LIES WHITE HISTORIANS WILL BECOME VERY EVIDENT….THEY ARE ALL LIES.
    Even that “Face on Mars” is known to be of a Negroid woman…The corps of a Negroid woman is THE OLDEST ONE HUMAN BODY EVER DISCOVERED!
    It was one of the artifacts located in the burned down Museum!
    The Luciferians are still at IT TODAY!
    George Orwell was an M16 agent…BIG Clue Huh?….about WHY he wrote that book 1984

    1. I watched part one Kenneth but I cannot seem to get the other parts. According to youtube they have removed them from viewing.
      The searching continues, wouldn’t it be just fantastic if the ‘monkey effect’ would happen, surely conditions cannot get any worse before the divine interferes or does it require that it happens at a certain time/age? Even interplanetary vehicles(UFO’s) are doing nothing about this enslavement.
      Back to the books then 🙂

      1. THAT…Doesn’t Surprise ME at all, Even though I still have access to them.
        Of course “Whitey” is going to HIDE them from viewers..Its what he does Best…LIES and Cover-Ups.
        The funny part is that MOST of the info WRITTEN by Them, therefore hangs himself by his own words.
        Check out TIM WISE videos (Also a FAKE JEW himself) Who explains VERY well HOW the White Race is “Socialpathic” in nature.

        Don’t be surprised if you can’t SEE this too (Laugh)

  11. To Add…Even WHAT is being discovered in Antartica is showing the SAME Truth an dis WHY secrecy surrounds what’s going on there.

  12. OoooH and Yes MOST of the so-called UFO’s are Luciferian made too..The “Arriving” Energy Change is what will Change things HERE.

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