It’s Saudi Arabia’s Turn to Feel the Heat, Here’s why

Until a few weeks ago, all eyes were set on Israel’s post-mortem diplomacy with Russia in the aftermath of its sneak attack on Syria, which resulted in the untimely deaths of 15 Russian personnel onboard a surveillance aircraft. Now, it is Saudi Arabia’s turn to formulate a good public relations plan to mitigate the effects of the Khashoggi murder fiasco.

Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi (Arabic: جمال خاشقجي‎ Jamāl Khāshuqjī, Hejazi: [ʒaˈmaːl χaːˈʃoɡʒi], born 1958[2]– disappeared 2 October 2018) was a Saudi journalist,[3] author, and the former general manager and editor-in-chief of Al-Arab News Channel.[4] He also was editor for Saudi newspaper Al Watan, turning it into a platform for Saudi progressives.[5]

Khashoggi fled Saudi Arabia in September 2017. He said that the Saudi government had banned him from Twitter[6] and later wrote newspaper articles critical of the government. Khashoggi has been sharply critical of Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, Mohammad bin Salman, and the country’s king, Salman of Saudi Arabia.[3] He also opposed the Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen.[7]

Khashoggi disappeared on 2 October 2018 and was last seen entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, by its main entrance.[8] Anonymous Turkish police sources have alleged that he was murdered and dismembered inside the consulate.[9][10] The Saudi government claims that Khashoggi left the consulate alive, through a rear entrance,[11] but Turkish police say that no CCTV recorded him exiting the consulate.[12] On 15 October, an inspection of the consulate, by both Turkish and Saudi officials, took place. His death has not been confirmed.

Khashoggi’s family is allied to the founder of Saudi Arabia, Abdulaziz Al Saud, and was a nephew to Adnan Khashoggi, a known CIA asset in arms smuggling – the same orbit where Osama bin Laden grew up and died.

Khashoggi was also the cousin to Dodi Fayed, who died with Princess Diana in an MI6 car crash in 1997.

Now, those are not the only interesting facts on the case. Recently, Donald Trump is distinctively blaming “rogue killers” as behind the Khashoggi murder, and take this, he is not expected to risk any economic war with the Saudis over the case.

Washington has threatened consequences if a Saudi link is proven, but isn’t willing to risk the consequences, some observers say.

… Mojtaba Jalalzadeh, an Iranian US watcher and international relations expert at the Islamic Azad University in Tehran, suggested that it was pretty obvious how Washington’s bluster over the Khashoggi case would end.

“Even before his election, Donald Trump promised Americans a prosperous economy and a reduction of unemployment. We remember that the first country that Trump visited as president was Saudi Arabia. At that time, the Saudis signed a very ‘generous’ contract with the United States in the amount of $400 billion, including $110 billion which they would have to pay in the first phase,” Jalalzadeh recalled.

Therefore, the analyst suggested that notwithstanding pressures from the Democrats and some Republican lawmakers, economic sanctions against Riyadh are unlikely, even if it is conclusively documented that Saudi authorities did murder Khashoggi.

What this means is that, while the intelligence section of the Deep State is twisting the arm of the Salman clan inside the House of Saud through a high profile murder done at the Saudi consulate in Turkey, the White House is also not hiding its intention to milk the latter for more of that petrodollar. The combination is called in ordinary times as extortion by way of a blackmail.

It’s not a coincidence that the Kashoggi murder inside a Saudi consulate happened at about the same time as the Bloomberg’s interview with Crown Prince Salman where he said:

Actually we will pay nothing for our security. We believe that all the armaments we have from the Untied States of America are paid for, it’s not free armament. So ever since the relationship started between Saudi Arabia and the United States of America, we’ve bought everything with money.

Before two years ago, we had a strategy to shift most of our armament to other countries, but when President Trump became president, we’ve changed our armament strategy again for the next 10 years to put more than 60 percent with the United States of America.

That’s why we’ve created the $400 billion in opportunities, armaments and investment opportunities, and other trade opportunities. So this is a good achievement for President Trump, for Saudi Arabia.

Also included in these agreements are that part of these armaments will be manufactured in Saudi Arabia, so it will create jobs in America and Saudi Arabia, good trade, good benefits for both countries and also good economic growth. Plus, it will help our security.

Saudi Arabia is one of those countries which are keeping the Deep State afloat, and this event will keep it that way. After all, no less than Trump himself has been complaining about Saudi Arabia “not paying enough for its security.”

“We protect Saudi Arabia. Would you say they’re rich? And I love the King, King Salman. But I said ‘King — we’re protecting you — you might not be there for two weeks without us — you have to pay for your military,” Trump said.

That’s extortion, plain and simple. The Deep State media exclusive news cycle is making sure that Saudi Arabia under King Salman must pay its regular extortion budget.

Saudis preparing to admit Khashoggi was killed

The Saudis are preparing a report that will conclude Jamal Khashoggi’s death was the result of an interrogation that went wrong, one that was intended to lead to his abduction from Turkey, according to two sources. Source: CNN

So, the Game of Thrones in the House of Saud and in general, across the entire Middle East, will continue to be played along the script prepared for them by the Deep State. This should cover those who will rise and fall in the service of the men behind the Vatican-led Corporatocracy.

12 thoughts on “It’s Saudi Arabia’s Turn to Feel the Heat, Here’s why”

  1. That country’s leaders were IN on what happened on 9/11/2001 here, and are in bed with the FAKE Jews…What else to expect huh?

  2. Adnan Kashoggi was definitely in with the HW Bush crew, including selling Marcos’ stolen gold, the same stolen wealth that Bush senior [and the Vulcans] used to collapse of the soviet union’s economy from 1988 to 1991.

    So the Kashoggi who was murdered recently was likely a relative of Adnan the arms dealer, and very likely knew the truth behind 911, including the massive amount [280,000 tons) of WWII looted gold and gemstone booty that sits ‘off balance sheet’ but has been used by US presidents and governments to finance black-Ops since then, hence the comment by Bush senior “if they knew what we were up to they’d lynch us!”

    Bush and the Vulcans are money thieves and launderers par-excellence, especially laundering this stolen gold over the last 45 years or so. Barrick Gold was Bush’s corporate vehicle to do this. 911 was primarily a cover-up of all this dodgy financing, that’s why the SEC suspended its rules in the days immediately the collapse of the buildings, and the US FED pushed around $300 Billion Us into the American financial system over the following two weeks or so when these rules were removed.

    If y’all want a serious piece of research ’bout this money laundering stuff try a search for the following pdf:


    or simply read Gold Warriors by Sterling and Peggy Seagrave or anything else about Operation Golden Lily.

    1. Looks like you’ve read and researched the SAME material I’ve looking the past 19 years…YEAH, This whole damned country (USA) is a total FRAUD!
      Remember IT was STOLEN from it’s REAL “Americans” (Indigenous African’s) once the Europeans INVADED it.
      Then when the FAKE Jews took over the Banking system after 1913…Then ALLOWING the Nazi’s to take over via “Operation-Paparclip” (The Scherf’s (Bush Family included)…ALL Vatican Jesuit backed.
      No small wonder WHY everything is catching up with them…BUT we ain’t seen Nothing YET, that’s starting to “Arrive” Now.

  3. Will the upcoming excuse by the Saudis “an interrogation went out of Hand” become the blueprint for Nine Eleven´s “explantion”, so to speak: an excercise went out of hand”?! Admittedly a joke!

  4. So today’s news is that he was murdered at the consulate, 15 toughies saw to it that he would not leave alive. But how many more civilians will become compost soon after the supply of those aircraft arrive from the states?
    On another front we have may going over to have lobsters, caviar, and champagne in her upteenth visit to Brussels and still trying to broker a Brexit deal. I guess she will come back having achieved nothing yet again for us, but buying a larger dress size for herself.
    The BRICS alliance has been smashed to pieces with it now being called RIC, with both South Africa and Brazil as obliterated partners. Because SA has not been towing the line their currency has fallen to nearly R19 – £1.
    There is NOT an honest politician in this world today and the sheeple are following in their footsteps.
    Just when is this madness going to end?

  5. Heck! The BRICS alliance was run by the SAME Fake Jew bankers too…ALL under Luciferian/Satanist and VATICAN control.

  6. Kenneth, Operation Golden Lily was the European Royalty conspiring with the US/UK installed [1850s?] Japanese Royal family to steal all the wealth in and across Asia from about the mid 1930’s. The Rape of Nanking was really the official commencement of the plan. It went on until WWII’s end.

    In 1798 the English [so-called] economist Adam Smith wrote a book called “The Wealth of Nations”. In it, he detailed how the vast majority of known gold and other wealth (85%) resided in Asia, with only about 15% in Europe. The 19th century iteration of Khazar Mafia colluded with the Japanese Royals to rape, pillage and steal all that wealth.

    The wars of the world thereafter, whether civil or international, were essentially the instruments used to perpetrate this scam. Remember the Boer War in South Africa (1898) was over gold the British just could not resist, and mounds of it too – some of it was, reportedly, Ancient Gold! Kruger allegedly put most of it on a train and ran the tracks around the less inhabited areas of the place to keep it away from the English army, which numbered almost 500,000, the largest army ever sent on mission OHMS.

    The US knew about Operation Golden Lily from the start, more than likely, but general MacArthur was certainly ALL OVER IT. So was the OSS, forerunner to the CIA. Indeed it appears that the CIA has been covertly and overtly financed since inception by this stolen loot

    The booty is immense beyond normal peoples experience and imagination – Imelda Marcos’ thousands of shoes were merely a bit of gold dust compared to what Ferdinand had “discovered”. When Bush Senior stole this lot, it is suggested he wanted to use part [if not all] to financially collapse the Soviet Union and steal its oil and mineral wealth for his and his pal’s benefit.

    Keeping this secret is likely the number one priority of the Khazar mafia & Co., and in 2001 several federal and military US agencies had fully investigated this stuff, and had already begun a number of prosecutions and court actions. The ONI, the target of the Pentagon hit, was the chief/ leader of this charge for righteousness. Bush and the Vulcans need to get rid of all the damning evidence, and in one massive dumb-founding hit. Enter 911…

    Like I said, money laundering is the modus operandi of these characters, and the twin towers presented “a great opportunity”, to quote Henry Kissinger!

    1. Yes, I already know all about this info too, BUT it is NOTHING compared to the OUR-Story version of what is now called “History (HIS-Story???)
      The biggest LIE in “HIS-Story” is ALL LIES, because it doesn’t even Identify WHO the “Original Creations” Divine Providence’s Woman/Man Beings ARE.
      I’m Certain if you are proponent of History, YOU already KNOW all about this subject (Right?)…MOST “Learned White people” KNOW.
      Just research the RECORD of Your OWN Race’s version of this subject and you find out that this TRUTH was written BY YOUR OWN RACE.
      7 part series (7 hours worth):
      Right in their own writings THEY Admit The FACT that EVERYWHERE they landed (Invaded actually!)…BLACK BEINGS/OR COPPER COLORED BEINGS HAD ALREADY RESIDED “BEFORE” THEY ARRIVED.
      Recent proof they are STILL attempting to HIDE this TRUTH, was the recent destruction of a Musium in south America that contained SOME of this proof.
      The word RACISM was created by White people, and IF you LOVE TRUTH and desire to “Solve” the so-called “Race Relations” wouldn’t THE REAL TRUTH Solve this problem???
      I await your response.
      The MONEY problem would also be EASILY resolved by recognition of this TRUTH….UNDERSTAND???

      1. Kenneth, the academic approach to History is that it takes the view that it is “accidental” ie that whatever has been reported in the annuls of academia about a certain event in ‘history’ has no [or little] correlative links nor relationship to other previous, contemporaneous or future events. It purports to isolate all phenomena from all others. This, as anyone would agree, is simply not a credible account of history, nor indeed human experience.

        One alternative view is that history is not accidental, but deeply intertwined and related, just like existence as humans is with our sense of being – ergo, why we are self-referentially human-beings.

        Perhaps a better question to pose is what is the history of money [and coins], who are the “monetarists” and why does that matter, if at all? The monetarist emperor has always been wearing new clothes that none of us can really see, we’ve just been conned into believing this scam at the loss of faith in common truth and reality.

  7. @Bernard
    Gee Berny, I guess you THINK you are dealing with some that is un-informed about WHAT has been happening on this planet since Creation.
    Let me ASK you, WHY does the HIS-Story (White version) continue to THIS day, trying to HIDE the TRUTH about HU-Man Origins…Even though They already KNOW what it was???
    How Much do you know about the Luciferians (Satanist) and THEIR origins???
    You ALREADY Know that the TRUTH about WHO the Real Israelites ARE…Yet Your race is Stilling Selling these Fake Jews as if they are the Original ones.
    Please address these questions
    Because it just so happens, these FAKE Jews have control over the entire banking business…FOR NOW.

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