Boeing 737 Crashes in Indonesia, Sheer Bad Luck or Sabotaged?

Indonesia has just been hit by a series of earthquakes and tsunami recently, and now its Boeing 737 that just started operating in August 2018 dropped into the sea with no survivor. But is there something more to the events?

We’ve pointed out in more than one occasion that Indonesia has been subjected to Deep State extortive efforts for some time. It is among the biggest stakeholders of the Collateral Accounts, which serve as the foundation of the Western controlled financial system.

Interestingly, among those who died were some officials from the country’s public assets service (KPKNL) and the treasury (KPPN). Coincidence?

There were a number of precedence about the Deep State extortion activities in the recent past.

This Indonesia plane crash should remind us of the two Malaysian flights MH-17 and MH-370, which were not purely accidental, but were deliberately targeted for multiple geopolitical movitations.

These passenger plane disasters may have also involved Rothschild controlled financial institution, when the Rothschild Group has been found in violation of anti-money laundering regulations by Switzerland financial regulators in August of this year. This violation occurred sometime in 2011, among other violations committed by Rothschild affiliated banks, which led to the mass resignations of financial CEOs worldwide in 2012.

Switzerland’s financial regulator has accused Rothschild Bank AG and its trust subsidiary of violating anti-money laundering law in relation to 1MDB, the troubled Malaysian sovereign wealth fund.

According to the regulator, both Rothschild Bank AG and Rothschild Trust AG failed to check where assets from a client came from. The firms reportedly disregarded signs that the funds could be connected to money-laundering and took the money anyway. The companies run by the Rothschild family are also accused of reporting on the issue too late.

It seems that the former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak was forced and used in the extortion effort against Saudi Arabia, which is also now being subjected to another round of extortion via Kashoggi murder.

Since three days ago, Goldman Sachs Asia Chairman, Tim Leissner, has taken a “personal leave” obviously to escape from the recent money laundering and bribery scandals involving with no less than Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak, involving Saudi royal money.

It turns out that the unexplainable disappearance of some portion of the $681 million of Saudi royal family “donation” to Razak are scattered through various bank accounts throughout Asia.

This is huge because now we can see a possible correlation of this scandal to the two Malaysian airliners’ disappearance in the Indian Ocean and false flag shot down inside Ukrainian airspace.

Returning to today’s event in Indonesia, the plane Boeing 737 MAX 8 with registration number PK-LQP had only been in operation since August 2018, and its pilot and copilot have a combined 11,000 hours of flight experience.

Boeing PR department has offered to provide any technical assistance required in the investigation of the wreckage of the plane.

The plane’s fuel tank has been recovered with an indication of a leak from its top portion.

10 thoughts on “Boeing 737 Crashes in Indonesia, Sheer Bad Luck or Sabotaged?”

  1. “Follow the Money” – All ROADS LEAD TO House of ROTHSCHILD and as I have stated in more comments than I can remember on numerous Alt sites, since 2009, and in my political emails, Jacob Rothschild,as one example to scare all those at the top of the “Pyramid of Power”, MUST be IMPRISONED or more ,at the very least.

    1. Agreed. Possibly the QRS-14, aka, the Boeing Uninterruptible Auto Pilot where HRC stole the patents, and her “name is all over it”… a must must see:
      All moving objects (auto’s, boats, planes, trains) are required to have this infernal device installed since 2007. That also includes MH-370 & MH-17.
      This is also pertinent:
      … as is this:

  2. This is pay back by upsetting the Zionist Rothschilds and chucking them out… or is it going to be sold as yet just another coincidence each ”accident” has a connection to Rothschilds web of evil greed.

    When is this redshield satanic enterty going to be eliminated from the gene pool.
    Enough is enough with these inhumans and their satanic inhuman and business ways.

  3. You know almost ALL newer airliners use what is called “Fly-by-wire” computerized aeronautics…Where someone “Outside” the aircraft can seize control of a plane and CRASH it if they so will to.
    Its been used MANY times before in OTHER strange circumstances over the years, so the FIRST thing I thought about THIS crash was Exactly THAT.
    The aircraft was MUCH to New (3Months?!) for anything else to have happened.
    Jeepers! The Luciferians are getting CRAZY the last few weeks (Laugh!!!)

  4. Having both aircraft mechanic and pilot training and experience, the service record of an airliner is very important to me. When the Boeing 737 is considered, the hundreds that have been in service and its many years of reliability place it among the most reliable airliners in service. Perhaps, the most reliable. The likelihood of a component failure that caused such a swift crash is minimal. That the 737 crashed, meaning that the pilot was unable to do a “water landing” and no further voice transmissions were made are two remarkable factors. Both of which suggest an explosion, which could have been either internal or external.

    1. Today, the NYTimes published the “possible” cause of the crash, the pitot tube, which is one device used historically to determine an aircraft´s speed. After a climb to about 5,000 feet the 737 precipitously dropped about two thousand feet, then disappeared from radar. Pilots with 5,000 flight hours do not drop 2,000 feet precipitously while climbing out of an airport unless the aircraft has been crippled. Radio transmission also stopped.

      Will a description of the fuselage breakage pattern be published ?
      Does the NYTimes still publish CIA fraudulent narratives ?

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