Billions Missing from Frozen Gaddafi Accounts in Belgium

Prosecutors are investigating whether Belgian banks paid out interest and dividends on accounts frozen under UN sanctions in 2011 after the ouster of the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Up to €5 billion ($5.7 billion) could have been disbursed to people controlling Libyan accounts, including militia groups in the country which stand accused of human rights abuses, according to a report by public broadcaster RTBF which cited an unidentified source.

RTBF said that when the UN agreed to freeze deposits held by Gaddafi’s administration abroad, Belgium had done so but had not halted payments of interest and dividends.

With NATO’s intervention in 2011, the UN introduced sanctions against the Libyan government’s assets, effectively seizing roughly $67 billion from the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA), held across Europe and North America. In the EU, national governments froze only the original amounts, while the interest and dividends earned after 2011 remained a liquid asset.

Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders told reporters on Tuesday he had not been involved in the decision to unblock interest on deposits.

“This [decision to unblock funds] is the responsibility of the Finance Ministry. I have not headed it since December 6, 2011, and have not made any decisions on this matter,” Reynders said, recalling that the permission to partially unfreeze Libyan accounts was issued by the kingdom’s treasury in October 2012, when the Finance Ministry was headed by Steven Vanackere.

The United Nations is also investigating the alleged embezzlement of billions of euro that disappeared from the Gaddafi accounts, according to Belgian MP Georges Gilkinet.

“UN documents confirm that Belgium failed to comply with a UN resolution on freezing Libyan assets,” Gilkinet told RTBF, adding that he had only received fragmentary information from Belgian authorities. The politician said it is necessary “to clarify the situation, which may lead to a big scandal, because hundreds of millions of euros were sent to unknown individuals in Libya.”

An investigation, by Brussels-based European affairs weekly Politico, discovered in February “big, regular outflows of stock dividends, bond income and interest payments,” from the Gaddafi-linked funds kept in Belgium, suggesting a “loophole in the sanctions regime.”

10 thoughts on “Billions Missing from Frozen Gaddafi Accounts in Belgium”

  1. 1) And of the said amount that is supposedly frozen, how much of that is just ‘sitting’ in the bank?
    2)Why hasn’t these funds being released now that the so called mad man Gaddafi has been killed.
    3) What happened to all the gold ( not oil)
    Not only have the banks as usual been at the centre of this fraud, but also the UN and I am not even going to mention the other participants in this.

    1. A light-hearted look at the “alchemy” of “banking”.

      2 minutes 35 seconds….

      Give A Man A Gun, He Can Rob A Bank

      1. I just Hope THAT info was NOTHING new to YOU, because it is certainly VERY Old to Me…The “Bankoholic’s ” have ALWAYS “Robbed” EVERYONE from the beginning… when they created a “Fractional Reserve System”…THAT WAS FRAUDULENT FROM IT’S INCEPTION.

    2. THAT..comment sheds a LOT of light about the HYPOC-CRAZY about WHAT the bankoholic’s UNDERSTAND about PM’s…Doesn’t IT???

      1. It is possibly why the Kharzarians seek ‘The Emerald Tablet’ Kenneth – perhaps why we think that invading the middle eastern countries is about oil( partly) but possibly more so about the formula if understood to even create man that is written on the said tablet.

      2. Having already mentioned the Emerald Tablet and what power it holds one wonders why man still mines and especially for GOLD. I was reading an article yesterday on Adam’s Calendar( claimed to be over 200000 years old) located in South Africa and one of the topics of interest was that those early people mined for gold which was in abundance and still is in this sacred site for worship of the Annuki gods.
        So the gods love gold then?

  2. @Shaplemau
    That would be about “Toth” the “Deceiver/Trickster”…SAME as the rest of Luciferian/Satanist variations about the growth of “Man-KIND”…Apposed to “Hu-Manity”
    Humanity was Created as “Son’s of God” (Prime Source Creator) to Become ONE with ALL Creation.
    Once HU-Manity “Ascends” they would HAVE the SAME Creative Power over “Matter” to be able to create ANYTHING.
    The Luciferian/Satanist DO NOT HAVE THAT ABILITY…and is WHY they need “SLAVES/CLONES” in a effort to CONTROL that witch was NEVER their rights to do.
    They will be Removed once “Melanin Energies” Return.

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