What Trade War Truce? Stock Markets Crash as Canada Arrests Huawei CFO

True to its two-faced character, the Deep State controlled Canada took a bold step of arresting Chinese Huawei CFO Wanzhou Meng, while the other wing of the Deep State is supposedly suing a “trade truce” with China in the aftermath of the recently concluded G20 Summit in Argentina, that would postpone tariffs on at least $200 billion Chinese imports into the US.

Huawei Technologies Co.’s chief financial officer was arrested in Canada over potential violations of U.S. sanctions on Iran, provoking outrage from China and complicating thorny trade negotiations just as they enter a critical juncture.

Huawei Chief Financial Officer Wanzhou Meng

Wanzhou Meng — also deputy chairwoman and the daughter of Huawei’s founder — faces extradition to the U.S., said Ian McLeod, a Canada Justice Department spokesman. She was arrested Dec. 1 after the U.S. Department of Justice in April opened an investigation into whether the telecommunications giant sold gear to Iran despite sanctions on exports to the region.

News of Meng’s arrest provoked an immediate protest from the Chinese embassy in Canada, demanding the U.S. and its neighbor “rectify wrongdoings” and free Meng. Her arrest is likely to heighten tensions between Washington and Beijing days after the world’s two largest economies agreed on a truce in their growing trade conflict. Meng’s father Ren Zhengfei, a former army engineer who’s regularly named among China’s top business executives, has won acclaim at home for turning an electronics reseller into the world’s second-largest smartphone maker and a major producer of networking gear.


The West has been harping about Chinese “tech theft” all the time, when in fact, the technology transfer into China is always part of the precondition for Chinese investment in those Western companies that are barely surviving due to the one-sided policies of their own bankers, and those Western companies have the option to refuse the deal if they want to.

What this means is that, even the purveyors of unfettered capitalism are not too willing to play that same game that they have introduced into the system. The Western values of spreading democracy and free trade, mostly through strong arm policies, around the world are really just to impose their own will on weaker economies, and not about mutual respect and economic cooperation.

In short, the Western population needs to see that the root cause of all their troubles is not coming from the outside, but by the actions of their own oligarchy all around the world. The rest of the world needed to act together, and are now taking legitimate countermeasures to repel decades of Western decadence.

The problem for these Western oligarchs is that China has over the years built a coherent system that is fully insulated from the corrosive and rigged Western financial system. China has a separate financial institution for domestic needs, and another system for interfacing with the BIS.

In the event of Western financial attacks, all domestic financial activities are never affected by them. That is why whenever the stock markets in the West are already hemorrhaging, we can still read about Chinese infrastructure projects being launched and completed.

This aspect of the Chinese economy has never been discussed in mainstream media outlets because once the Western population becomes aware of it, they might also severe themselves from the BIS and IRS altogether.

The Western media will never discuss about the dizzying pace of the mega projects across the Eurasian land mass right now through the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative, because the Deep State MSM doesn’t want the population to understand that there are multiple banking institutions which act as the financial backbone for these projects.

No amount of “debt trap” fear mongering will work anymore because the whole world by now has a deeper understanding about the Western debt-based economic system for decades of experience dealing with the economic hitmen of the World Bank and IMF, to begin with.

So, with the recent aggressive action of the Deep State through the arrest of one of the most important figures in Chinese industry, we can expect that there will be a corresponding retaliation in short order and Western company executives are now wary about it.

“If I was an American tech executive, I wouldn’t travel to China this week.”

That’s what James Lewis, a former Commerce Department official and current director of technology policy at the think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies, told Axios on Wednesday after Canada arrested a top executive for China’s Huawei Technologies Co. on behalf of the U.S. government.

Lewis told Axios that “Huawei is one of the Chinese government’s pet companies,” and warned “They will retaliate and China will take hostages.”


As the global financial war rages on, we can surely expect major casualties along the way.

We cannot control how the self-appointed “authorities” would proceed from here on, but we can control our own actions to prepare for the inevitability.

We may have a decade to prepare for it, or we can change the trajectory of our own government altogether by simply removing all the parasites that are capitalizing on its vulnerabilities. Eliminating an old Scherff is not enough. We should look at the downfall of The Crown itself.

So, before we consider the situation to be insurmountable, please understand that the technologies do exist for the entire monetary-based economy to be rendered obsolete right now. But it requires action on your part.

Otherwise, this war will become messier than it should be…

6 thoughts on “What Trade War Truce? Stock Markets Crash as Canada Arrests Huawei CFO”

  1. Really, phuck the US sanctions!!! The BRICS countries operate differently to the western alliance which does not care about murder and stealing as they have often shown to recent dates( The doers of no wrong, yeah right!). This is the whole reason why the BRICS countries established themselves. I can see more ambassadors being chucked out of China now.
    But whilst all this dust is gathering and settling the game players are sitting in these very countries, their command centres intact and their puppets running around like blue arse flies creating every possible distraction. These games must come to an end, period.

  2. Huawei is a communications behemoth – a classic multi-national corporate arsenal set to sail the high seas of global capital, pirating all the way along, just like its Western counterparts. So why would a writer not recognise this obvious similarity but, instead, attempt to cast one as villain and the other as hero? Hardly unique, and in this climate of sublime bureaucracy hardly a credible narrative.

    One simply does not get any intellectual property rights under any “investment” deals with foreign companies because owning shares in a company does not mean that a shareholder owns anything other than the share itself. So the Chinese SOE’s and the Communist Party have used their own “strong-arm” tactics which are really just a case of declared possession without legal title. Of course the article does not deny China has greatly benefitted from the said intellectual property either.

    The Chinese have been throwing foreigners into their gulags for years, including Western [and Chinese] “business” people, for perceived threats to state security and “corruption” as if corruption does not exist in China, or anywhere else in Asia! Moralising to the rest of the world on this issue is about as convincing as the current Pope pontificating about the moral dilemma of Global Warming – totally fake, and about as tactful as kick in the ‘nads.

  3. Am I the ONLY one here that SEES through all the BS here???
    ALL…and EVERY, Government are playing the ‘LETS HAVE ANOTHER WAR” to solve THEIR Banking/Corporate Stock problems.


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