Outgoing Hegemon Clinging on Lost Glory

All throughout recorded history, empires fall by their own sheer arrogance as emperors were intoxicated with absolute power and succumbed to the whims of self-aggrandizement fed by a community of vested interests.

In today’s context, big corporate interests insulate the Oligarchy while they dictate the policies of government and the next target for plunder. The US military experience in Afghanistan and Iraq are the most notable of examples of a multifaceted attack against two countries that have not made any aggressive action against any of the Western countries, yet continue to be occupied unjustifiably.

Western populations could only pay lip service to their plight, while they too are suffering from economic insecurity and the constant two-party squabbles that have nothing to do with making their lives any better.

Now that the global threat of terrorism has been persistently traced back to the Western intelligence organizations and the MOSSAD, and exposed as nothing but an organized criminal action to keep the people on the edge and create the need for more security that only the government can provide, they now see the need to create new enemies, ideally, those who have expressed non-compliance with Western diktat.

Recently, even Donald Trump has been following the Deep State script that Venezuelan President Maduro must go for oppressing the Venezuelans, yet it’s the US that imposes sanctions after sanctions to pin down all governments not willing to work with it in equal terms. This is yet another proof that the US until now is still playing a two-faced geopolitical strategy to sustain itself.


The Deep State today is not even shy of holding up civilian targets like the Huawei CFO through the Trudeau government, and until recently, PressTV anchor Marzieh Hashemi, who has just been released after 10 days of detention without any charges filed to begin with.

In the larger schemes of things, these are just mundane expressions of desperation on the part of an outgoing hegemony that is not used to being challenged openly for all the world to see. But it chose to do it anyway if only to extract as much concession as can be made possible with whatever power it still has at this 11th hour of its reign.

Days ago, no less than the Moscow Exchange Chief is challenging the US dollar with a gold-backed Russian ruble as the next medium of currency exchange, following the accelerated dumping of the fiat dollar in its trade among China, Iran, Venezuela, Japan and even with the ASEAN countries.

The Russian financial institution has been for a few years in the process of completely shredding itself of US treasury holdings in response to the Deep State’s unilateral economic and political sanctions against it, while China is taking a carefully calculated approach to not plunge the US abruptly to chaos, but would rather help the Trump government maintain the status quo that continues to benefit the Chinese manufacturers and traders, while China continues to develop new strategic markets for its product. This means that the US could only push China that much, but it is in no way have the capability of dictating the terms in ways like it had in the past.

In order to hide its own weakness, and to continue projecting its geopolitical might abroad, it is now seeking a regime change in Venezuela by recognizing the opposition leader there as the interim president of the country. This of course will only lead to another banana republic if successful. Fortunately, the Ministry of Defense has recently issued a statement to protect Venezuelan sovereignty from “dark interests” that is now actively meddling with the country’s purely domestic affairs.

More than two centuries ago, the people of America were given the great opportunity to determine their future through industry and creativity, yet failed to sustain it by protecting their institutions from the systematic attacks made through mass media, banking and regulatory capture. America, today, is at war with itself.

It is nothing but a shadow of the republic that it was once before, and now made subservient to a much bigger hegemony that is exercising its unwarranted power through the parasitic triumvirate, i.e., Vatican, London, Washington DC.

That should be a learning experience, not just by the Americans, but for all peoples around the globe, not to rest prematurely on their laurels, but to keep the revolution against mediocrity and tyranny in perpetuity.

Today, wherever we turn our attention to, we can see multiple measures to aggressively limit the population, curtail legitimate grievances, alter weather systems, just to create a situation that will justify their own failure to provide a more conducive atmosphere for progress and development that would eventually make better lives for everyone.

Amidst the many distractions that America is being subjected to, a diabolical plan to use science and technology to gather enough DNA to analyze and protect the Empire from future dissent by actively suppressing those coming from a particular DNA class that shows a predisposition to protest, has been laid out.

The misuse of science continues to retard our natural progression towards shared prosperity and peace, i.e. that same set of scientific knowledge that is flooding farm lands by altering the weather can be used to turn arid lands into food forests to end global hunger and famine. Yet our leaders continue to create the need for military and governance aimed at preserving only their privileged positions of authority and that of the Imperial Power that anointed them.

Information emanating from scientists who are directly involved in various black projects worldwide suggest that we now have technologies that are 1000 years beyond those currently made accessible.

We have every right to those ultra-advanced technologies because they are not the work of the Empire, but by those people exercising their inherent resolve to improve humanity’s lot.

They keep on saying that these technologies are too dangerous to fall in the hands of the common man, yet it’s them who are evidently not capable of handling power properly. It is not only that we were prevented from enjoying the economic benefits of these technologies, but we were also robbed of a proper education through the true science of the natural world, which should lead us in recognizing our shared responsibility towards nature, and the realization of the oneness of our being.

They know that by doing so would only remove their grip from power that ultimately rest in our incapacity to think independently from the norm that has created this false sense of reality that nothing could be better.

Will we as a people exercise the same resolve to eliminate that self-centered Satanic Hegemon standing right before our common destiny to an enlightened and abundantly prosperous future?

Bear in mind, that while the Vatican Pope seems to be changing the church tune in matters of common concern, yet there’s a great body of evidence suggesting that the Jesuits are more than willing to play dead just to survive.

Whatever the case may be, let’s never allow the Deep State to have full control of the internet, and curtail the conversation on how we can truly make this world so much better than we found it, for the benefit of those we leave behind.

Otherwise, they will win again…


30 thoughts on “Outgoing Hegemon Clinging on Lost Glory”

  1. Thanks 🙂

    On Thu, Jan 24, 2019, 11:45 AM Covert Geopolitics admin posted: “All throughout recorded history, empires fall by their own > sheer arrogance as emperors were intoxicated with absolute power and > succumbed to the whims of self-aggrandizement fed by a community of vested > interests. In today’s context, big corporate inte” >

  2. YEP! The Vatican backed “Corporate USA” IS, the “EVIL-EMPIRE”…The Most Evil Ever to exist…and yet it calls itself “God-Blessed” and “CHRISTIAN”…Witch is actually Luciferian/Satanism..Nothing “Godly” about them!
    I guess the so-called “Cleaning of the Swamp” is being put on the “Back-burner” Huh?…If it Ever was a REAL promise in the Firsts place!!! (Laugh!!!)
    The USA is a Nation run by PSYCHOPATHS!
    That little “Scenario” with the Catholic School students against the Native Americans this week Proves it.
    ONLY the Return of the “MELANIN Creator’s” will Remove this “Evil Empire” and it’s NWO folks.

  3. Again theories abound that have not and cannot be proved. for example there is Melanin theory, which “is a claim in Afrocentrism that a higher level of melanin, the primary determinant of skin color in humans, is the cause of an intellectual and physical superiority of dark-skinned people and provides them with supernatural powers.”

    No rational, science based and probative evidence to support and prove such claims exists beyond reasonable doubt, do they?

    that a higher level of melanin, the primary determinant of skin color in humans, is the cause of an intellectual and physical superiority of dark-skinned people and provides them with supernatural powers.

    1. If THAT was True, then WHY do White Scholars hold SECRET annual meetings addressing MELANIN’ IF it was so unscientific???

      1. Its main element is Carbon Kennyboy. What is the main element of the Brain – Copper by any chance? What advantages/chemical reactions occur between the two elements? Could this be the ‘advantage’ that ‘melaninated’ beings have and would this improve interconnectivity between individual beings and the whole?
        Think of life being atoms, Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen. Light is made up of these atoms – think about it.

    2. YOU, Retort as someone working for one of the “Alphabet Agencies” or a “Jesuit” agent bernard…YOU will SOON find out the HARD way WHAT MELANIN is.

  4. Notions of superiority by white over black skinned people got the heave-ho in the social sciences almost 40 years ago when Sir Cyril Burt, a scientist researching whether genetic make-up influences IQ, got caught manipulating the data to try and make it appear as if white skinned people were smarter due to genetics and not education/ environmental factors. Burt was BRITISH.

    1. Explain WHY the White Race has been HIDING and REMOVING Much of African Story from his version now called HiS-Story.
      The Calculated destruction of the Black Race:

      This VERY detailed info is 3.7 hours long…Make time to SEE it.

      1. As USUAL “They” are trying to HIDE THIS VIDEO…GEE, I WONDER “WHY”???
        Try doing a SEARCH via the Tytle…..IF YOU WANT “TRUTH”.

    2. Racism is actually defined as a “System of White Supremacy” …STILL Very Much “Alive and Working” at the MOMENT.
      Have you ever heard Dr. Francis Welsing DETAILED account of HOW it was “Created” and HOW it STILL works…ITS AMAZING…Even I hadn’t Understood HOW “Simple” it is!…Look up ALL her material on YouTube, and SEE for yourself.
      It will ENLIGHTEN You about WHO “YOU ARE”.

  5. It was Charles Darwin that tried to make genes and the right to rule a ‘scientific’ argument back when he proposed his ‘Theory of Evolution’ TM. Anyone who understands the strict use and application of the Scientific Method knows that Darwinism does not even meet the first two elements of the method, nor any others including peer reviewable repeatable results.

    Independently, it is pejorative to suggest that a particular genotype/ phenotype is more predisposed to do “evil”. and such claims may simply be racism and a type of hate speech, and therefore unlawful.

    I do not have to disprove the Theory of Melanin, but you have the onus to prove it with peer reviewed experiments that show the same results [and thus conclusions]..

    The failure by the above posts to even approach this threshold, and instead attempt to ask others to disprove the Melanin Theory, is weak sophistry and avoidance of a system of erroneous and ethically questionable beliefs by those who argue things that cannot withstand reasoned and reasonable analysis of some fairly dubious claims.

  6. Malthusianism is alive and well here on the Covert Geopolitics blog-site, and takes the form of a totally unsubstantiated and racist so-called theory of Melanin. please be aware that the quoted description provided in my previous posts is not my work, but that of others. note the inclusion by them of the word “theory”.

    I note that it is illogical, irrational and ridiculous to ask a person why they don’t know about alleged “secret meetings”! How can one know about something when it is secret? Such statements reflect a desperation on the part of the person issuing them, a desperation to believe at all costs that which is not believable, or indeed knowable.

    1. The TRUTH Always has a WAY of getting OUT….It “FLOATS” like Oil over Water…Understand bernard (Might be too Simple for ya!)

  7. I have been accused of “waffle”, although this remains undefined and unexplained by my accuser. that same person now offers [as proof?] a 3.7 hour video as evidence in support of their numerous claims about Melanin Theory. Looks like someone else is seriously distracted [by 3.7 hours of] “waffle”. why doesn’t that person simply summarise the essential proofs contained therein? is it because there is only “waffle” but no maple syrup?

  8. “As USUAL “They” are trying to HIDE THIS VIDEO…GEE, I WONDER “WHY”???”

    Mabye “They’ [whoever this refers to?] think its a load of “waffle” too, unworthy of serious consideration and basically offensive hate speech?

    1. THANKS, FOR MAKING IT “OBVIOUS” THAT YOU ARE A “RACIST” bernard (Laugh!!!) Your HYPOC-CRAZY is being Exposed by the HOUR.

  9. The US military experience in Afghanistan and Iraq are the most notable of examples of a multifaceted attack against two countries that have not made any aggressive action against any of the Western countries, yet continue to be occupied unjustifiably.

    To conquer a populace wholly the children need to be indoctrinated, so the next generation are educated in western values and western ways. Once this generation has gone through the brainwash then their task is complete.

    1. In Your LAST paragraph you brought the MAIN reason WHY the White Race wants to dominate the planet and destroy the OUR-Story version of the BLACK race beings…THAT is the Main point discussed in that Video that I tried to post.
      THAT is the Reason Why “Someone” wouldn’t ALLOW that post to function!
      So You HIT-IT Big-time about HOW the white race INVADED AFRICA…and to THIS Hour is STILL trying to destroy THE BLACK RACE “STORY”
      Enslave the Race…Brainwash its newborn Children, by Brainwashing them to the White mans culture…and THIS is what they are STILL attempting to do.

  10. I confirm that you acknowledge that Melanin is an unproven theory. I suggest the unavailability of the said video reflects, inter alia, the fact that it is unreflective of the average person [regardless of race] and is provocatively divisive and destructive. Its a mind fu–er for the unwitting…

    Africa was invaded by elitist privileged Western European in the 18th, 19th and 20th century, with Cecil Rhodes [and the Anglo-Saxons] being the worst offenders. These do not represent all so-called white people eg north asiatics, central and southern Europeans etc. None of these people were responsible for said invasions.

    So your theory that “the white race has stolen everything” is untrue, and is, therefore, itself, a form of racist hate speech on its face.

    1. Everybody is a part of the invasion of their countries into others if they did not protest against this said barbarity. They all stood to gain from it. Look how the UK has consistently prospered in the EU – why? Could it have anything to do with the fact that all taxes paid by the citizens of the USA come to the crown of England first? Money for nothing hey. Do we in england know this fact – no we don’t and why? Because our forefathers could not be bothered to have done anything about this long time ago and hence why the fight has landed in our court, on our watch.

      The wealthy also keep us busy as they have done so in the past and not many of us even worry about what is going on elsewhere – those few that have made a difference in protesting against these invasions are the ones that are countering what the other devils are doing.

      But having mentioned that, not all white people are evil, not all black people are good. It is this LIE that needs to be stopped and that comes from the ‘top’ of the human chain.

    2. YOU NEED to SEE Dr. Francis Wellsing’s material BADLY…You Obviously “Miss-Out” in ALL your EGO building education…Also watch the Movie “Goodwill Hunting” about HOW Most so-called “Educated” Fools get “Smoked”…By what THEY would call “Trash”! Laugh!!!!…YOU ARE ONE OF THEM!

  11. What Estulin is suggesting in this interview appears to be that the Vatican is owned by the wealthy. It is all the ‘royal’ bloodlines worldwide( the takers of all land) that own it. The Vatican manages these land areas under the pre-tense of christianity unless I have misunderstood the ‘true’ meaning of that word. This has been the biggest lie in history – THE LIE WE LIVE IN. Phuck!!

    1. About you comment about Melanin being a chemical…Its actually a “Frequency” that ONLY exist in and with “Divine Source” energies given ONLY to it’s “First-born” Beings “Out of Africa”…MUCH more can be found about it Largely by ONLY Black Raced people….White raced People ALREADY Know what it IS and are “Scared-Shitless” about IT…FOR NO “VALID REASON”.
      It Explains WHY the reason for “Whiting-Out” Their version of HIS-Story…Understand?
      BEST…Find a copy of a documentary called: “Out of Darkness” (IF you can)…There MAY be a Few available at Ebey.

      1. Correct there Kennyboy as is the same for light. Hawah said ‘let there be light’ and there was light – a frequency.
        I will look for that again. Cheers.

  12. YOU would enjoy considering Dr. Francis Wellsing’s Videos on You tube because Her research is NOTHING Short of AMAZING, about What and HOW Racism (White Supremacy) got started an dis STILL “Maintianed” by the White-race (Satanist Version)
    Also find a copy of the Movie: “Out of Darkness” (Outofdarknessmovie.com)….It shed more “Light” on this subject…LIGHT CAME FROM MELANIN…DARKNESS.

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