Struggle in Haiti and Venezuela Connected

The Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) remains in steadfast solidarity with the people of Haiti, whose revolutionary spirit in 1791 showed the world what is possible when Africans organize and struggle together to remove their shackles and dispose of their oppressors.

The recent revelation that Haitian President Jovenel Moïse embezzled nearly $4 billion Venezuela had loaned the island nation a decade ago caused the popular uprising taking place in the country. And this is where we see where U.S. interventions in Venezuela and Haiti connect.

Moïse is nothing more than a puppet controlled by the U.S. government to disallow Haitian self-determination.

The Haitian people are no strangers to the tentacles of U.S. interventionism, which has been in place since the 19-year occupation commenced by President Woodrow Wilson in 1915. The occupation included the seizure and relocation of Haiti’s financial reserves to the United States, as well as a re-write of the nation’s constitution, which allowed foreign entities to enjoy land-owning rights.

Over time, the actors associated with the U.S. stranglehold on Haiti and its right to self-determination may have changed—from Wilson, to Clinton, to Obama—but the strategy and modus operandi have remained consistent. The method involves financial manipulation, election rigging and racketeering. We are witnessing a parallel between 1929—when U.S. military forces suppressed a nationwide strike in Haiti and peaceful demonstrations by firing live ammunition on 1,500 people—and recently as Haitians have protested, demanding the ouster of U.S.-backed Moïse.

Moïse’s grip on power is being pried from his fingers as police officers continue to defy his orders, stand down and refuse to fire on protesters.

Continued U.S. oppression of Haiti was most recently demonstrated when U.S. sanctions against Venezuela made it impossible for Haiti to repay their loan as part of the PetroCaribe deal, thereby ending the arrangement in 2017. Moïse further demonstrated his loyalty to the United States when he directed his ministers to support a U.S.-engineered vote at the Organization of American States (OAS) that declared the illegitimacy of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

As internationalists who understand the interconnectedness of oppressed peoples’ struggles, BAP declares its solidarity with the people of Haiti in the struggle to end U.S. imperialism in Haiti, Venezuela and all republics of the Caribbean and Latin America. The people of Haiti are once again attempting to win back their nation. All who believe in principle of self-determination should stand with them.

Copyright © Black Alliance for Peace, Black Alliance for Peace, 2019

Rage at rule of the rich and the corrupt hits Haiti

by Alistair Farrow

Huge protests and a general strike in outrage at corruption have gripped Haiti.

President Jovenel Moise’s regime has been heavily implicated in the PetroCaribe scandal. This channelled government revenues into the pockets of bosses and politicians.

The government has also come under fire for passing the costs of an economic crisis on to ordinary people in a country already devastated by imperialism and neoliberalism.

The beginning of the protests coincided with the anniversary of the country’s notorious former ruler Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier fleeing after the fall of his regime.

Banks have been attacked, petrol stations set on fire and businesses across the country have reported they can’t function.

The protests, which began on 7 February, are demanding the resignation of Moise. But they also express a much deeper dissatisfaction with the government and the political system.

Protesters have already scored victories.

On Sunday prime minister Jean-Henry Ceant announced that “unnecessary privileges for high-level government officials, like allowances for gas and ­telephones, needless trips abroad, and the amount of consultants” were to be stripped away.

Such measures may not be enough to stem the tide of protest, although mainstream media sources are keen to claim they will.

Protester Valckensy Dessin expressed the deep anger millions of Haitian people feel when he told the Miami Herald newspaper, “We have a little minority, rich people in this country, running this country, earning everything.


“And we have the mass of the ­population dying, hungry, and misery like this.”

The PetroCaribe agreement at the heart of the scandal is between the Haitian state and ­oil-producing countries in the region such as Venezuela.

It allows the Haitian state to receive oil and pay for it within 25 years, meaning it can sell it to organisations inside the country. This is designed to enable the state to use the money to fund development projects.

But this has not happened. Emergency measures introduced after successive devastating hurricanes lifted restrictions on bidding processes for the oil.

This opened the door for bosses to stick their hand in the till.

Over £3 billion is missing. Banners on the protests include, “Give us the PetroCaribe money” and, “Where is the Petrocaribe money?”

The links between the Haitian state and those who have enriched themselves are complex but undeniable.

For instance, the firm Societe Generale d’Energie owes £134 ­million to the state.

Its chief executive founded the Haitian stock exchange. Its second in command described Haiti to French bosses as “27,750 square ­kilometres of opportunities to invest and make money”.

Haiti has been impoverished by outside powers and the local rich. This revolt gives a glimpse of the force that can bring change.

2 thoughts on “Struggle in Haiti and Venezuela Connected”

    A very interesting post from an American who lived in Venezuela
    Venezuela is more American than America , I’ll give a list , I’ve lived there for many years!

    This is part of the reason they want to end Venezuela as it is.

    Free elections

    That’s right foreign observers are not even the start of it, you can not vote if you are a not a citizen, in fact it’s impossible, Unlike in the USA

    You cannot get a job without being a citizen, that’s right the jobs are only for their people. Not so in the USA

    Mom and pop shops run everywhere, If you have a lime tree you have grandma sit in the driveway and sell limes all day, no health dept comes around and shuts you down because your not a Walmart.

    Real hardware stores where employees actually know what they are talking about. If they saw how we barricade down entire isles in home depot so they can use the fork truck they would laugh their asses off.

    Not a lawsuit culture. Not in the USA we love lawsuits that’s why we are treated like little baby girls .

    Drink and drive or speed at your own risk. Yes they don’t preemptively give you tickets. You are responsible for yourself, if you run someone over while drunk you pay a heavy price. If your in a hurry you speed and use your horn and nobody gets offended. Traffic stopped? they think for them selves and make a line like army ants through the grass and keep moving.

    Restaurants are not served by Sysco , you will often find waiters and waitresses from your favorite restaurants running a cart through the grocery store throwing everything from lettuce to fish into the cart . And then running the cart through the mall to get it to the chef in the restaurant. Not in the USA !

    Things don’t have to be labeled organic or non gmo, know why?? Cause everything is already organic and non gmo, thanks to Chavez. It in the USA you can assume quite the opposite.

    Taxes are almost non existent, 3000 to 4000 sqft home property taxes are about 6 dollars a year! Not in the USA!

    Gas is 1/10 of a penny for a gallon! That’s right since it is their gas they get it damn near free. Not in the USA

    You have a choice for healthcare, free or private pay. We used the free ones, we had a military hospital right around the corner to us, we brought our kids in a few times for stitches, they don’t even ask your name, they tie the 4 year old down with a towel and stitch up the wounds and your out the door! Not in the USA

    People say good morning and good afternoon religiously! Not in the USA!

    You can tow a car down the highway with a motorcycle! Or drive a truck without and doors! Buying long rebar? won’t fit in your car??just strap it to the axles and let it stick out five foot in front of your car and five foot behind while hanging underneath and sometimes scraping the ground. Not in the USA!

    Electric bill for our house was never over 12 bucks a month! Not in the USA!

    If a major company does not benefit the country, if they are not loyal they are shunned or kicked out. Their resources are for the benefit of the people period! Not in the USA

    They have a more free form of capitalism without all the regulation! Not in the USA !

    More then half the people carry around a copy of their constitution! Not in the USA !

    The government is not controlled by a foreign gov. As the USA is told exactly what to do and how to act from Israel.

    Venezuela does not kill their own with false flags!

    Venezuela does not invade other countries to steal their resources!

    Venezuela also has heavily armed local militias, they are there In case gov gets out of line!

    I could keep going , this is what I can think of now.

  2. The Real TRUTH about BOTH of those countries, is that Both countries are LOADED with the “Original First Born” of the “Prime Source Creator” of the Universe and Planet Earth.
    Like the AFRICANS, they can expect to benefit by the RETURN OF “THE GOLDEN RACE” BEINGS…Who are now “Arriving” here now.
    EXPECT MASSIVE CHANGES ON THIS PLANET VERY SOON….not from the NWO folks who will face Their Fate for NOT enforcing “Universal/Natural Laws”.

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