Tensions Cool Down, Pakistan Reopens Airports

Both India and Pakistan are not going to war anytime soon. Both leaders from two nuclear countries chose to act as adults, they are and are wise enough to not give in to provocative machination engineered by third parties from outside of the region.

Pakistan has fully reopened its airspace and resumed flights in the wake of an ease in tensions with India that had brought the nuclear-armed neighbors to the brink of war.

“All airports across Pakistan are operational and airspace reopened,” said an unnamed spokeswoman for the Civil Aviation Authority on Monday.

It was February 27 when Islamabad closed the Pakistani airspace after a rare aerial conflict with India over the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir.  Both sides claimed to have shot down each other’s warplanes. One Indian pilot was captured.

Pakistan released the pilot on Friday, which led to an ease in tensions.

Pakistan releases an Indian pilot whom it had captured after shooting down his fighter jet, in “a peace gesture” aimed at deescalating tensions with India.

The closure had disrupted major routes between Europe and South Asia over the past few days.

Aviation sources said flights from Singapore to Europe that usually cross Pakistan and Afghanistan were rerouted westwards over Oman. Iran also saw heavier use of its airspace.

The twice-weekly Samjhauta Express train service linking the Indian capital of Delhi and the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore resumed on Sunday. It had been suspended for a while.


7 thoughts on “Tensions Cool Down, Pakistan Reopens Airports”

  1. OH Dear the deep state will be upset by that ,m they were hoping to get WW3 going,

    Oh well lets try some other scheme back to Iran or NK I suppose……or how about bringing Bin Laden back, or at least his son, yes we can blow that up, SCARY stuff, a whole new War on Terror again.. fabulous… it worked well last time, the cattle will have forgotten all that by now..

  2. Seems, the Pakistani’s and Indian’s are “On-To” the FAKE Jew war plans and are NOT about to Fall for it…Laugh!!!
    All that’s left for THEM, is Exposure as the FAKES they are, and the TRUE ID of WHO the REAL JEWS ARE…As they are STILL VERY Much Alive TODAY…Just “Scattered” as foretold They would be…ALL OVER THE PLANET…BLACK PEOPLE.

      1. March is here folks and the problem is that these necrophilia will get their way as the sheep get told to battle and battle they will do.

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    Only ONE office of the Catholic/Vatican Church has made that Claim…The Pope/Montafix-Maximus.
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    Therefore ONLY the Pope’s have made that ERROR!
    That is What is talked about in the Revelation, as being the “Anti-Christ” or better yet the “Whore of Babylon” or “Babylon the Great” at chapters 17 – 18
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    Remember, Research of Ancient OUR-Story proves that so-called “Christianity” is actually LUCIFERIAN/SATANIST RELIGION.
    The Roman Catholic Church is the “Mother of ALL Corporations” and thus controls ALL Government and Religion world wide.
    As said of HER at Revelation 17: 18 “And the Woman (Vatican)whom you saw means the Great City that HAS A KINGDOM OVER THE KINGS OF THE EARTH.

    1. Many have been deceived by this occurrence and it is good to see that there are those who are awake 🙂

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