Let’s get this party started! 49 Dead After MK-ULTRA Strikes Again

It’s not healthy to go outside when someone from the Deep State is convicted of any wrongdoing. Something somewhere can happen to arrest the headlines of the day.

Cardinal George Pell is an Australian prelate of the Catholic Church, and more significantly, the man in charge of the Vatican Bank.

Australian Cardinal George Pell, prefect of the Vatican Secretariat for the Economy, leaves the morning session of the extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the family at the Vatican Oct. 16. In an Oct. 16 interview with Catholic News Service, Cardinal Pell said the synod’s midterm report did not accurately represent the views of the synod fathers. (CNS photo/Paul Haring) See SYNOD-PELL Oct. 16, 2014.

He is the highest ranking pedophile who was just convicted of the most heinous crime of our time, i.e. raping children, a few days ago, which led to the Pope calling for a Summit of Pedophiles, as we call it, to project to the world that they are indeed atoning for their sins.

Still, somehow, the Deep State saw the need to replace the headlines because remembering Michael Jackson wasn’t good enough.

Brenton Tarrant’s justification for his highly condemnable act simply doesn’t make any sense at all, and that’s the whole idea.

Australians, or the White Man in general, and Donald Trump in particular, are now being sold as the bad guys in such a manner as to provoke a race war. Because the Deep State wants us to fight each other, rather than against them directly who specifically committed the high crimes. A very simple strategy that works for ages.

For sure, the MK-ULTRA type operation to massacre Muslim children and adults instantly grabbed the headlines right away from the convicted Vatican banker Pell, and it will occupy the global conversation for the next few months, or until a new Deep State scandal hits the headlines again.

‘Let’s get this party started’: Chilling 17-minute video showed ‘Australian white supremacist’ mosque shooter, 28, dressed in combat fatigues calmly shoot dozens of worshipers during Friday prayers

  • Shooter walked into the Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch and fired multiple shots
  • Emptied numerous magazines into worshipers as they huddled or tried to run
  • Well over 100 shots were fired in 17-minute video streamed live to Facebook
  • He drove to the mosque blaring folk music with at least six rifles in his car

A white supremacist shooter filmed himself gunning down dozens of worshipers at a mosque in New Zealand while streaming the massacre online.

The gunman, who called himself Brenton Tarrant on Twitter, entered the Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch about 1.30pm on Friday during afternoon prayers and opened fire.

The horrifying 17-minute video streamed on his Facebook shows the man, believed to be a 28-year-old Australian, firing more than 100 shots from multiple rifles at those inside.

Up to 49 people were killed and more than 20 were seriously injured during the rampage. Many were shot at point blank range in the building as they huddled together in corners while a woman was heard begging for help before he shot her in the head. – https://www.dailymail.co.uk/

The supposed 49 deaths, accurate or not, is the worst aspect of Social Engineering.

666 brenton tarrant.JPG
MK-ULTRA Brenton Tarrant proudly flashing his 666 hand signal to pay homage to his CIA handlers.

 Defund the criminal cabal and accelerate its demise by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

28 thoughts on “Let’s get this party started! 49 Dead After MK-ULTRA Strikes Again”

  1. ALL This PROVES, That What Dr. Frances Welsing’s theory about “White Supremacy” is DEAD-ON!
    Just LOOK at all the Ant-Immigrant BS being spread around the world LARGELY by people of the WHITE Race…The WALL BS being pushed in the USA.
    Pretty OBVIOUS that Whites are scared chit-less about the probability of becoming “Extinct”…and they actually “Self-Destructing” themselves over this fear.
    As More and more “Golden Race Beings” arrive HERE…THEY will be Exposed for WHAT they really ARE.
    Check out Frances Welsing’s videos on YouTube Folks.

      1. whatever the idiological background(or the motivation/trigger behind the killing) the main point for me is : all this(be it the islamic terrorism or any reaction to it) play into the globalist plan(you get the picture?)

      2. I hope you are NOT my younger brother who’s name is Mike too! Hahahahahahahahaahahahahahah..hehehehehehehehehehe=hahahahahahahaha!!!! I won’t even bother to address you comment!!! Hehehehehehehehehehe!!!!

  2. Also, there are the FAKE JEWS “Occupying” Isra-Hell who REFUSE to realize They are NOT the ORIGINAL people that lived there…THE REAL JEWS ARE BLACK RACED BEINGS.
    Most Whites already KNOW this yet SPEAK NOTHING ABOUT IT…..ASK WHY???

    1. @kennyboy,

      Guess what, you Ignorant Racist POS, White people CREATED/ BUILT/ DESIGNED the Civilized
      Western World Countries, so without WHITEY you have no one to save you. In fact without White people the Western Countries will fall apart & they will turn into a Huge Violent HellHole- Sh*THoles… And that’s a FACT!

      Also NO WHITE PERSON is SCARED OF a BUNCH of BARBARIANS! You are ONLY SCREWING YOURSELF! Anyways, that will never happen. Too many people, of ALL RACES & GROUPS, have blended together one way or another. They aren’t going to join in on bashing an entire RACE especially when they are half of one Race & half of another Race.

      You need to also be corrected… IT ISN’T JUST SOME WHITE PEOPLE THAT WANT TO KEEP EVERYONE SAFE! There’s MILLIONS++ of people of ALL RACES that AGREE with BUILDING THE WALL & not letting in hordes of Invading ILLEGALS (who are NOT IMMIGRANTS) that ruin & hurt Black Americans & Latino Americans the most! I know this for a FACT!

      Funny you BITCH about White people but yet EVERYONE & their MOTHER are trying to Break Into ALL First World WHITE Countries then, I guess White people aren’t that bad! Many know if Whites are gone then so is the MILK & HONEY!
      Asians will do well, well cetain ones, if Whites were every gone. However, they don’t care for CERTAIN RACES & they don’t care if you call them racists. They will fight back! All my Asian Friends, Family, & Neighbors voted for Trump too.

      If YOU or ANY IGNORANT ANTI-WHITE RACISTS think it is OK to STEREOTYPE an entire RACE of MAJORITY GOOD CHARITABLE PEOPLE then DON’T CRY & SCREAM RACISM when it is done to YOU! Every race has good & bad people in it. Every group has done Great things & Terrible things. No one has the monopoly on that. Would you want to be looked at like the worst of the worst of YOUR RACE/group???
      I didn’t think so. I am on board with others that we will STOP ALL RACISM! You can’t say you want NO RACISM while being a RACIST!
      How much longer do you want to POKE THE BEAR!?? You keep being Brainwashed & Spewing Anti-White Racist BS, you won’t get far in life.

      I’m mixed races & nationalities, so I don’t just get to be offended about one race or nationality, but LOTS!

      Stereotyping an entire RACE is IGNORANT & EVIL! It’s also DANGEROUS! As for Muslims, that’s not a Race, but a Religion. I know there’s many good wonderful Muslims & former Muslims , but as we all know there’s TONS of groups of Violent Racists that are taking the teachings of the Koran VERY SERIOUSLY! That’s pretty scary! Just recently Radical Muslims, in the middle east, killed 120 CHRISTIANS! The Liberal Lying Fake MSM News has been ignoring it!!!

      1. MMM so the civilised world didn’t start in the ME in Summer then, and we know Persia as it was called, was THE most civilised country ,and that was before the west was even using bricks to make homes . but i expect you went to a Murikan indoctrination centre ..
        and as for saying ISRAEL is anything but a ‘land resource’ grab by the Zionist FakeJooRothschilds, you are talking out your ass..

      2. @Gianna
        WOW!!! Obviously you have been “Brainwashed” by HIS-Story…The “INside-the-Box” version…Much like I was most of my life, Until I did my own research OUTSIDE THE BOX…The REAL-Story, witch MOST people Never SEE.
        Try Looking up “The Grigori Invasion” and Research the Very Ancient “KEMET” civilization and THERE, Outside the Box you will find out WHAT Really happened on this planet 100’s of thousands of years ago.
        The FIRST Beings created on this planet were ALL “MELANIN BEINGS”…BLACK RACED BEINGS.
        THEY were the one who brought CIVILIZATION to this planet…The GRIGORIAN’S INVADED this planet and attempted to rewrite the REAL-Story and call it “His-Story” witch is actually ALL LIES.
        YIKES!!! You NEED to get OUT OF THE BOX…Before for “The Golden Race” RETURNS HERE!
        By the way I AM MIXED RACE TOO…So I have NO prejustices…I just started going outside the box and was SHOCKED to learn about ALL THE LIES humanity have been taught…BY WHITE RACE PEOPLE.
        I have traced my story back to MY origins and learned that I am actually a INDIGENOUS American of Mixed race (Irish/Black/Native)
        You also MUST learn about MELANIN if you are Mixed race too.
        OH, and another point to make…I WAS a so-called “Christian” Minister for over 47 years, until I learned that “Christianity” is actually LUCIFERIAN/SATANISM..GETTING ALL THEIR DOCTRINE BASED ON “ANCIENT “KEMET” DOCTRINE!…ALL RELIGION IS BASED IT!

  3. They lie about everything. Why would they lie about this?!

    “Ignorance is Strength.” I’m weak.

  4. Muslims have been killing Christians and others for centuries, this is just a small pay back. No sympathy from me!

    1. And how many nations and cultures have Christians destroyed?
      In every war, conflict, there is someone pulling the strings and the wool over the eyes of the masses.
      There are several groups who have an interest in continuing to create an Armageddon type situation to fulfill their distorted teachings.

      1. Exactly that. There are certainly those that are trying to full fill the bible prophecies, but perhaps in their time zones and not the time zones of our creator.
        The ‘devil’ whispers and man obeys.

      2. Centuries before the crusades the muslins come to invade South-West Europe.Fact

      3. AMEN! to That point WELL made!!! Christians are the MOST “Blood-Guity” people on earth…WHO was it that created the Most Deadly WARS on this planet??? CHRISTIANS!!!

  5. Another atrocity-reaction-solution brought to us by the nice people at Crisis Solutions Limited. I wonder who their Employee of the Month will be?
    I wasn’t there, so I don’t know what happened; but my condolences to the loved ones of anyone who died.

    1. Indeed,whatever the idiological background(or the motivation/trigger behind the killing) the main point for me is : all this(be it the islamic terrorism or any reaction to it) play into the globalist plan(you get the picture?)

  6. This event is very similar to what happened in Australia in April 1996 at the so-called ‘Port Arthur Massacre’ in Tasmania. It has since been well argued that this was a false flag event, involving both Tavistock linked individuals, military/ paramilitary operatives, extreme media bias and well established psyop/ false flag techniques. The alleged perpetrator, Martin Bryant, managed to use a certain type of military weapon in a fashion that could only have been executed by a specialist trained to very high levels of proficiency. Bryant was described as someone with severe mental and social deficiencies, the classic looney “loner”. This event was used by the then Australian government [Liberal, PM Howard] to denude the population of law abiding citizens of their fire-arms. I’m sure that other psychological/ mind control outcomes were also achieved, especially since Howard was newly elected at that stage and then went on to be in power for over ten years [common adversity breeds trust and endearment? – as does common fears]

    This event smacks, on the surface at this stage, with much similarity. The NZ Government is already talking about gun control, but given the state of the Deep State [ie about to be run-over, especially Mueller] the theme/ meme engaged is that hackneyed and false “blame White Christian nationalism” by attempting to attribute direct causation for this event to people like Trump, Five Star, LePenne etc. Don’t want to accept this truth? Just look at the Jussie Smollett hate crimes against white Christian nationalism to demonstrate what length the Deep State Globalists will go to in order to perpetuate this obvious lie and disgusting smear and thus advance their twisted and perverse agenda of One World Government and Nations without borders.

    We all know that MSM media outlets use hysteria based on a political motivation to allow Globalists to ensure their plans of open borders and mass immigration to underpin the masters corrupt banking system and stranglehold on world trade. This NZ massacre event, along with so much of the MSM narrative on this story at the moment is premature, hopelessly prejudicial and illogical. Thus, it is more likely an attempt to use pure emotional manipulation techniques to limit free speech of White Christians [and their inherent and protected rights to their own nationhood] to advance Globalist control and maintain their power.

    Clearly the media [seemingly like this outlet] have [purposely?] taken the bait as they were supposed too. In contradistinction, I suggest that this event now requires all people to engage clear, unemotional rationality that demands an objective investigation to properly and truthfully determine who [ultimately] are the real culprits, and what their true motivations are.

    I appreciate sensible media reporting. How about you?

    1. Well said and as well as what you have mentioned regarding their agendas, one of them also mentioned was the so called ‘fake’ news outlets which they want to eliminate completely whilst the media that they spew their lies from continues to gain strength.
      I have friends that live in Zimbabwe and they have now as you may already know entered into a cashless society. A few months ago, in their haste to control the ‘fake’ news from entering the country by the ways of the internet they shut it down, they shut the internet down over Zimbabwe! Not one person could contact another via even cell phone and the most frightening event also happened, not a single transaction could occur, not via smart phone, card or even Bitcoin – all were useless! They whoever ‘they’ are recognised this error and within the next two hours internet banking was back online whilst the rest of the internet remained under ‘police’ vigilance – YET, NO ONE battered an eyelid???? If they did then why can they not see the intention, this is the way of the world presently, we all are fumbling along and into the trenches they have already dug out for us. The population has been duped for so long now that the government are our best friend and they cannot see it any other way.

    2. You did not mention the name of the Port Arthur Massacre victim who was 100% sure the Shooter was not Martin Bryant and referred to skin type and freckles to distinguish the two men. Yes, Port Arthur Tasmania massacre is a blight on every Australian who knows the truth. The evidence by brave Wendy Scurr is available for All Australians on You Tube if they care to Google THE REAL TRUTH.

      The BIG Question Australians should know follows revelation Tarrant was overseas many years. Question is…Tarrant Posted he was an expert marksman and we know he played his British Grenadiers music on the way to his despicable ungodly acts. So was he a ‘Trained Mercenary’ as alluded to in his posts the Govt shut down.

      It would be most concerning to The Australian People if he was trained as a Mercenary and fought overseas for a Government where he ‘may have’ learned to kill efficiently. Was he a trained Mercenary? If so who paid him? What income did he live on ? Bank Trace all payments to bank accounts used by him. The Australian Government should STAND UP FOR TRUTH. All Australian Ministers caught lying should have a portion of Government provided Superannuation benefits removed from their accounts. 2 Strikes you’re on the unemployment line. No more jobs for the boys or girls who comply and ignoring their crimes.

      Footnote: Any Scum suggesting or alluding to, or associating Australias beloved Truth Teller Pauline Hanson with The Christchurch Massacre should be SUED FOR DEFAMATION OF CHARACHTER in a court of Law locally and Internationally. I will personally donate to any GO FUND ME campaign to raise Paulines Legal Costs. Im sure Australia will be with her at The Polls and the Australian People will see through the Brainwashing program being instigated in the banking controlled media using their Political Members of Parliament puppets. I suggest ALL Australians should consider voting INDEPENDANT and trashing BOTH MAJOR POLITICAL PARTIES. If only the Australian People read the Citizens Electoral Council Of Australia 4 March Media Release where it is reported The International Monetary Fund (IMF) wants the OZ Govt to END DEMOCRACY OF AUSTRALIAS BANKING SYSTEM to enable a Full Bail-in and remove all Superannuation Cash Deposits and Bank Deposits of every single Australian Citizen. Fringe Groups may think again when they lose their houses, their bank deposits, their superannuation, their freedom to what is effectively a NAZI Regime trying to steal Australians Freedom of Speech and steal The National Sovreignty Australian young men spilled their blood for in two World Wars. We are in the early stages of WW111 a war for our minds (free thought) is taking place.
      No-one speaks about the Heroic people of France (The Yellow Shirts) peacefully protesting against International Bank crimes which have gone on far too long. The Bankers are using French Government traitors against the French People to harm them and kill many. It seems the only thing the Banking System knows is Murder Corruption and theft and manipulation of subjugated peoples.
      Another Footnote. I abhor violence of any kind. I pray God takes that young Muslim man who died trying to tackle Tarrant , in his heavenly embrace together with the recently departed congregational members. I was raised as a Christian yet despise Catholic Church paedophilia and Satanism working the brainwashed leftists into a frenzy. Please Disagree or Agree I don’t care as long as you think for yourself not act like blind sheep readying for slaughter. And make no mistake the Agenda is to reduce World Population by any means possible.They are very sick puppies (psychopaths) at the top. They would throw anyone one of their followers ‘under the bus’ to achieve their objectives. The objective of their Master.

  7. So facebook was connected before, during, and after the act? Facebook was sending and recieving electronic signals to and from the communication device on this person before, during, and after this act? The communication device had audio and video monitoring active along with real time gps location tracking during the act (while uplinked to facebook’s communication hardware and software network)? Afterwards, the subject’s explanation for the act was jibberish that made no sense? This act made the news on every single network, to include television/radio/internet, at the same time? …

  8. I have read the comments and it saddens me to see so much hate. Hate comes from fear, ultimately from not knowing the nature of things. We are all souls, imprisoned on this planet and we are milked for the emotion energy we produce. The favorite emo-energy of those who feed on us is fear. You may have started to hear of the adenochrome hormone which the human vampires (pedophiles) harvest when they brutally rape children. Now the pedophiles are those who work on behalf of the real masters. These human rapists create the situations most favorable for the production of the emoenergy. Which is why you see everybody republicans, democrats, communists, capitalists, christianity, islam judaism all favor wars. make no mistakes all religions are control tools, none better than the other.
    sometime it was the blacks who rule earth and the same things happening now occurred then. in one lifetime one may be white, in the next one may be black or yellow or whatever. so do not play into the hands of those who want us to fear one another. don’t give the vampires what they want us to produce. recognise that we are all souls and try not to play their game. humanity has been losing for so long. let’s try to stop. become aware of our common humanity

    1. John Mark,

      Please identify, with specificity, where in my statement “so much hate” is evident?

      I reiterate what I concluded upon: “I suggest that this event now requires ALL PEOPLE [my emphasis now added] to engage clear, unemotional rationality that demands an objective investigation to properly and truthfully determine who [ultimately] are the real culprits, and what their true motivations are.”



      1. @John Mark
        That video of that FAKE JEW female does NOT reflect the FACT that the REAL JEWS are BLACK BEINGS! I guess You just revealed that YOU believe in LIES too.
        Understanding from you other post made by you earlier, You are NOT a Real TRUTH seeker. Explain HOW a WHITE woman can represent a BLACK Race people???
        Its OBVIOUS See is a “Relative” of those “Grigorian (Kharzarian) Race Creatures” who INVADED this planet…AFTER the Original “Melaninated Beings” were Created and Place here.
        Explain THAT???

    2. @John Mark
      At least You “Touched” on one aspect about the Black Race existing on this planet, witch is good.
      BUT…You left Out the REASON Why the White Race has been attempting to “Exterminate” the ENTIRE Story of the Black race, when in FACT are the “First-Born” of the “Original Creators” (Prime Source)
      Information is coming Out Now about the FACT that That race FOUNDED what is called “Civilization” Because They are the ones “Gifted” to be able to accomplish things witch are IMPOSSIBLE today even with their so-called “Advanced Technologies”.
      And yet here WE are with One group (White Race) attempting to WHITE-OUT the REAL-Story about What actually Happen throughout Time since Earth’s Birth.
      I used to believe as You do about the “Races” on this planet, BUT, Once I started “learning” about the REAL-Story of US (Black Race Beings) I uncovered MASSIVE LIES about EVERYTHING…Mostly by White “His-Story”!
      Especially the one You call “Energy-Vampires” AND Who They are down till this day.
      Then there is the “Melanin” Factor witch Must be considered…That ALL “Original Creation” have MASSIVE Melanin content, and was WHY the Original WO-MAN/GOD Only gave birth to Melanin Beings (GOD-MEN)
      The ENTIRE Universe is largely made up of DARK MATTER…witch gave Birth to what is called “The Light” Actually The SUN (Son).
      A Complete research of Ancient AFRICA reveals VERY MUCH about OUR Original Existence…Have YOU done such research???
      Do Know about WHO the “Gigorian Invaders” Are, and HOW they took over this Planet (VIOLENTLY) ???
      There is a HUGE difference between Hu-Manity and Man-Kind…Do You know that difference???
      I welcome your responce!

      1. OH! I almost forgot to add…NOT All so-called HU-Man and Man-KIND people have SOULS…Not so With those of the “Original Creation”….Understand?

  9. For those that don’t KNOW what the “REAL-Story” is about WHO was THE “First-Born” of Divine God/WoMan=Man on this planet…I Challenge ANY so-called WHITE Contractor to make an EXACT copy of the Pyramids of Giza…in EVERY detail of their ORIGINAL status…ANY TAKERS???
    Should be a “Piece of Cake” given all YOUR so-called “Advanced Technologies, RIGHT???

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