The Suckling ‘Boy Toys’ Who Dream of Leading the West

A generation of posturing, ridiculous metrosexual boy toys who would faint at the sight of a drop of their own blood has arisen across the Western World uttering ludicrous empty threats at Russia and trying to set off wars everywhere.

By Martin SIEFF | 26.03.2019

Where do all these ludicrous little armchair heroes come from? Are they all Marco Rubio’s clones? Does the CIA clone them at Langley?

In Paris, pretentious President Emmanuel Macron splashes out millions of euros to surround himself with a splendor more worthy of Louis XIV than a democratically elected 21st century leader. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands continue to rock the nation in Yellow Vest protests at the harsh austerity regulations he continues to impose on the French people.

In London, Secretary of Defense Gavin Williamson insults leading figures from France and Germany to Russia and China while the United Kingdom disintegrates around him.

Juan Guiado continues to farcically claim he is President of Venezuela despite the political groups he claims to represent receiving only one fifth of votes in the most recent elections.

In Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has had to take a break from lecturing the rest of the world on the supposedly democratic values they should follow because of an embarrassing and sordid political influence scandal that has led to two angry resignations from his Cabinet.

And in the United States, Senator Rubio, poster child of the Boy Toys exposed his true colors with an ugly, even obscene threat to legitimately-elected Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro threatening him with murder by the anal insertion of a broken bottle if he did not step down and make way for Guiado.

There is an astonishing element of similarity to all these figures. They are all in their forties, except for Guiado – the true child among them at only 35. They could all pass as teenagers. They all project an attempted air of wholesomeness and earnest idealism which their records reveal as utterly fraudulent.

None of the Boy Toys has any record of distinction in international affairs or in promoting constructive progress in their own nations. Yet every one of them is eager to foster civil strife around the world, or to impose policies that would tear their own countries apart (Macron, Williamson and Guiado).

Every one of them seeks to present an unconvincing image of firm, dynamic and courageous leadership yet all of them pathetically rely on the armed forces of the United States or the willingness of the US government to intervene shamelessly in their own domestic affairs to uphold their positions and policies.

It is sometimes difficult to forget that Rubio is only two years out of his freshman term in the US Senate. He already seems to have been with us forever.

Williamson in the UK, Macron in France and now Guiado outside Venezuela were all plucked from nowhere, all on the basis of nothing more profound than their willingness to swallow the same internationalist, liberal, free trade party line they were all required to.

All the Boy Toys most resemble, in the wonderful words Alice Roosevelt Longworth used to dismiss 1948 US presidential candidate Tom Dewey, the little toy man on top of a giant wedding cake.

It is this image even more than the earnest, fake sincerity all of them seek to project like the most unscrupulous second-hand auto salesman that reveals the inner emptiness of all these ludicrous-named “leaders.”

They represent the last days of the liberal consensus of the West three quarters of a century after its great moment of triumph in 1945: A victory that in reality was won through the lives, blood and sacrifice of millions of Soviet soldiers.

Is there any significance to the rapid simultaneous rise to eminence and fame of the Boy Toys across the Western world? I believe there is.

A quarter of a millennium ago, Edward Gibbon, the great historian of “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire,” noted that when ruling establishments had lost every remaining vestige of decency and confidence in public scrutiny, they turned to appointing nonentities as public figureheads, as the only figures weak enough not to threaten them with any hint of independence.

Rubio and his legion of not-quite-convincing Boy Toy contemporaries fit this requirement perfectly. They are the natural successors to Romulus Augustulanus, the ludicrous last legal emperor of Rome (for less than a year) in 475-6 AD. As Gibbon said, “Suspicious princes often promote the last of mankind.”

Defund the criminal cabal and accelerate its demise by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

13 thoughts on “The Suckling ‘Boy Toys’ Who Dream of Leading the West”

  1. As a baby boomer, I have noticed the decline of the John Wayne male figure into a Ken doll! Instead of drinking coffee it’s latte’s, which is nothing more than a drink I had as a kid of milk with Coffeetime syrup in it. I have watched out of control Feminists and the media turn young boys and men into flaming soft little he/shes instead of men! and politicians and leaders love this because it’s easier to control them then real strong thinking men with balls fulfilling the role of the alpha male. So with all these Rubio’s type of manginas running things as role models for our boys, it’s no wonder that we have the state of the country we have and the mixed message of this whole mushy gender crap that kids are now allowed to pic what they want to be and change their plumbing with weak doctors doing it for the money and idiot inept parents allowing it with the condoning of some churches to feed the insanity makes me yearn to go back to the 1950’s when there was still a degree of common sense and logic to call a duck a duck!

    1. Due to a coordinated global effort sperm counts have dropped 60% since 1970 and will reach sterile levels by 2040. The questions begs to be asked: Who and Why?
      The logical conclusion is to merge polarity consciousness into aesexual balance. The superior E-man will create life, not from instinctual drives but scientific logic. Structuralism replaces natural selection.
      Ruin your environment and drive your species into extinction. Become a light being or go somewhere where life suits your evolved condition. What are people for? To birth stars. Our sun Sol is going to have an orgasm, a massive gamma ray burst. It’s happened before, the Cambrian Event. Life will come back with renewed vigour and expanded diversity. Ultra colours.

    2. Yes, I totally agree with you. I”m a boomer, too and am used to MEN with deep voices, a willingness to fight to protect their families and communities and who don’t take any B.S. Just about every day I see these manboys and thank God for my very manly, very male husband who also knows how to be a total sweetheart and very thoughtful – but who also knows how to shoot an invader and those who would harm us. He’s 73 now but still is a MAN and he really wishes he was young enough to join Oathkeepers and go defend our southern border. Looking foward to seeing some real men back in govt and I love our alpha male President Trump and his very feminine, very ladylike wife, Melania -who lived under Communism for the first 20 yrs of her life and doesn’t want that for America!

  2. What else can one expect from a world controlled by a “Mother Corporation” (Vatican/Zionist/ Satanic System) run by Psychopaths???
    EVERYTHING about this system is EVIL…Government…Religion…Slave Money System run on Credit financing..Corrupted Business practices…GREED beyond belief by the “One percentors” .
    Their time is running OUT!

      1. Actually , its more accurately called Suicide of the so-called “White Supremacy” folks, because THEY refuse to Respect the REST of Divine Creation and a crazed about “Redefining God”…They even have a website called by that title! (Laugh!!!)

    1. Its VERY SAD that This woman has been assigned as being a Joke to the rest of our “Roman empire” style government here in the usa
      The so-called “Elites” are actually Scared Shitless of this woman!
      Its no secret that the usa has become a FASCIST GOVERNMENT…JUST LIKE THEIR MOTHER…THE VATICAN…The Originator of “Fascism”.


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