1,300+ Refugees Out of 40,000 Depart US Concentration Camp in Rukban Syria

Just a few weeks after we’ve posted a MintPress article on the plight of 40,000 Rukban refugees inside a US controlled concentration camp in Syria, more than 1,300 of them are being released through the humanitarian corridor facilitated by Russia.

Indeed, it is a very complicated process of sorting out which of the Rukban refugees who are not part of the CIA ISIS operation, and are merely seeking refuge as the US conduct its three-faced intervention inside the country, i.e. by injecting ISIS terrorists, inserting US Special Forces to assist those who want to topple Assad, and by establishing refugee camps that behave much like the Nazi concentration camps in WW2.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – More than 1,300 refugees have left the Rukban camp in Syria through the humanitarian corridor in the past 24 hours, according to Major General Viktor Kupchishin, the head of the Russian Centre for Syrian Reconciliation.

“1,358 refugees have left the Rukban camp through the provided humanitarian corridor in the past 24 hours,” Kupchishin said late on Sunday at a daily news briefing.

Last week, Russian Ambassador to the UN Vassily Nebenzia said at a meeting of the UN Security Council that Moscow intends to continue negotiations with the United Nations, the United States and Jordan on the issue.

Nebenzia pointed out that tens of thousands of internally displaced persons in the camp are being kept on “humanitarian drip” in unacceptable conditions and the vast majority of them wishes to leave the settlement and return to their places of origins.

Nebenzia also noted that Russia had already opened up two humanitarian corridors to allow the passage of refugees from Rukban to chosen places of residence, including Latakia, Homs, Palmyra, suburban Damascus and Aleppo, among others.

Russia and Syria have repeatedly tried to draw the attention of the international community to the deplorable conditions at the camp, which houses more than 40,000 internally displaced people, mostly women and children. Both Moscow and Damascus have criticized the United States over its reluctance to allow people to leave the camp.

The Rukban refugee camp is part of the US-controlled zone around its base in At-Tanf.


All so-called “humanitarian” refugee camps run by the West are moneymaking ventures, including that of the Red Cross. The amount of actual relief goods and medical assistance will always be just a token of what these organizations received from kindhearted individuals and governments.

This is not to mention the sordid medical practice that are being implemented inside the camps to exploit the dire conditions that the refugees are forced to accept. This includes trafficking of women and children, and worse, organ harvesting.

If the Donald Trump administration is indeed fighting alongside the Eastern-led Alliance, he should have closed down this concentration camp a long time ago. Wait, he also said last year that American boots on the ground will be coming home.

Yet, his inability to do so and his government’s latest incarceration of Bradly “Chelsea” Manning, and the impending extradition of WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange, only suggest that he is indeed working for himself and the Deep State war chickenhawks.

Too many were being duped in the last two years.

Help bring down the criminal cabal by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

6 thoughts on “1,300+ Refugees Out of 40,000 Depart US Concentration Camp in Rukban Syria”

  1. I feel that to put all this on the back of President Trump is a bit disingenuous. I don’t doubt the Red Cross has this operation going for nefarious reasons, but I believe Trump is doing all he can to remove a shadow government that imho is still holding a lot of power , and these are remnants of operations that are rooted in a century of causing war and misery.
    To say Trump is a puppet of the deep State is to deny the many things he’s doing to erratic them. Look at how many federal law enforcement officials have been fired and soon to face justice. Look at how many congressmen are resigning, etc…….
    Even as the deep state wasn’t formed in two years, it won’t dissolve in two years either.
    And, the fact that Russia is able to release these “prisoners”
    It is evident that it could not do so without President Trump. I
    Really believe your reporting is off base here and perhaps you have a stone to grind with these personal (opinion reporters)
    But, what do I know ? I’m just an observant old man.

    1. They have resigned with the golden handshake. Many and possibly all still walk freely. This by the way is not Trumps doing. The pope ‘declared’ war on the ‘cabal’ back in 2010 I believe.
      It is distractions and more distractions. They should be serving time – period.

      1. The Pope declared war on the Cabal? What are you reading for your sources? I read at least five hours of every day for a few decades now, and even more so that I just retired from our healthcare cartel here in America. The “infallible” Pope is part of the Cabal. I am aware of sources thinking President Trump is part of the theater while the Cabal is trying to phase in the NWO. Watching what he has done so far despite everything the Cabal has thrown at him and the MSM maligning him every second, is heart-wrenching. Mind you, I read everything without bias because I am trying to hone my bullshit radar, including this source, whitehats.com which has become a Trump basher more and more by the day. What is identified by many as a Trump move may actually be a Cabal move, afterall our government is heavily infiltrated by them. The execution of “ISIS” McCain and pedo GHWB via military tribunals cannot stop the Cabal dead on its track,, but Trump is trying. The Pope is too busy monitoring the “Lucifer” telescope they installed in Arizona. The pope is too busy with the Vatican Bank’s money laundering operation. The Pope is too busy paying off pedophile priest victims with billions of dollars. The Pope is too busy carrying out the demands of his Reptilian bosses. The Pope is still functioning with the idea that humanity is its indentured servant as declared by that Papal Bull. I will not be one to kiss the hand of this human abuser hiding behind his false piety.

      2. @Cecille Chan
        Indeed you are right. I was not particularly clear in my comment, but in the year mentioned the poop wrote to the white house and told obama that he must hand over his leadership to what he termed the supreme general and if her did not then him and all his kind will suffer the consequences.
        It will take me sometime to dig up that information once again( but I will try) but really, it is all about deception and they all leave with the golden handshake c/o the poop!!! …….. for now. Their time is coming to an end.

    2. Cecile Chan
      Have a read of this and follow all links that are provided:
      “Vatican: The Greatest Usurper Enslaving All of Humanity”
      It is a Covert Politics post from 2015.

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