Mike Pence Plans to Bribe Venezuelan Military Generals to Turn Against Maduro

In a continuing effort to destabilize the Maduro government and the entire country of Venezuela, Deep State operative Mike Pence has been reported to have plans of acquiring the services of the military hierarchy including bribery, in order to topple Maduro from power.

US Vice President Mike Pence plans to offer new incentives to Venezuela’s military to turn against President Nicolas Maduro, part of a plan by President Donald Trump’s administration to topple the South American country’s legitimate government.

In a speech to the Americas Society at the State Department scheduled on Tuesday, Pence will warn that the US will soon move to sanction 25 additional magistrates on Venezuela’s supreme court, a senior Trump administration official told Reuters.

Pence will offer new “carrots” to the Venezuelan military, as well as an economic aid package contingent on a political transition, according to the official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Pence’s speech will be the first look at the Trump administration’s recalibrated strategy following street protests last week led by Juan Guaido, the opposition figure backed by the United States and most other Western countries.


The Trump government has been trying to launch multiple initiatives aimed at keeping the Alliance preoccupied:

  • Sending aircraft carrier group near Iranian waters;
  • Deployment of 4 B-52 bombers to counter Iran “attack plan”;
  • Naval strike group to South China Sea;
  • Tweeting about a bigger tariff increase in Chinese product imports, which by the way, will be paid ultimately by American importers;
  • Continuing NATO preparations near the Russian border;
  • Calling Putin for exploiting “tremendous potential” in US-Russia relations;

People would love to romanticize the supposed 90-minute talk between the two leaders, but what can they possibly talk about in a phone line that the NSA and the CIA are monitoring on a perpetual basis?

In short, it’s a lot wiser to stop expecting something positive from the CEOs managing the various sections of the DC swamp. It’s been operating that way for more than 200 hundred years.

In fact,  theTrump administration’s clear interest in the privatization and exploitation of Venezuela’s oil reserves, the largest in the world, by American oil giants like Chevron and ExxonMobil does not end there, but also extends to serving the vested interest of Bayer-Monsanto.

Help bring down the criminal cabal by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

3 thoughts on “Mike Pence Plans to Bribe Venezuelan Military Generals to Turn Against Maduro”

  1. why is Pence BRIBING their military? This is disgusting behaviour!!! This has a ring to it from the past as removing leaders of other countries to gain something for a small group of elites here in America – Gaddafi and many others! I didn’t vote for him to bribe people!!! And what is the REAL TRUTH – is American trying to steal their oil???? This whole thing stinks out loud.

  2. How would Americans like it if a foreign country like China bribes our military to throw out President Trump, a duly elected president, in favor of someone they want to put in there?

  3. Its REAL Simple Folks…The “Corporate United States” IS the MOST EVIL Empire in the REAL-Story about this planet…ALL controlled via a Luciferian “Alliance” (Cosmic Criminal Renegade Pleiadian’s)…Base of course at the VATICAN, on Earth.
    And YES, there is the old saying, Quote: WHAT GOES, AROUND…COMES AROUND….About HOW “Bribes” can work.

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