We are all liars

Propaganda is a means of spreading ideas, whether they be true or false. But lying to ourselves is nothing other than refusing to admit our faults, attempting to convince ourselves that we are perfect – running away.

Turkey illustrates the paroxysm of this attitude. It persists in denying that it tried to get rid of the non-Muslim minorities, in several waves, during the space of a generation, from 1894 to 1923.

The Israëlis are not too bad at this themselves, pretending that they created their state in order to offer a dignified life to the Jews who survived extermination by the Nazis, when in fact Woodrow Wilson agreed to found the state in 1917, and that today in their home land, more than 50,000 escapees from the death camps live miserably below the poverty line.

But the Western powers are the only ones to build consensus on their lies, claiming them to be revealed truths.

The Normandy landings

We are presently celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Normandy landings. According to the almost unanimous Press, it was here that the Allies launched the liberation of Europe from the Nazi occupation.

Yet we know this is untrue

  • The landings were not the work of the Allies, but almost exclusively that of the British Empire and the US Expeditionary Force.
  • It was not aimed at « liberating Europe », but at « marching on Berlin», in order to grab those shreds of the Third Reich which could still be poached from the victorious Soviet armies.
  • The invasion was not welcomed with joy by the French, but on the contrary, with horror. Robert Jospin (father of ex-Prime Minister Lionel Jospin) denounced, on the front page of his newspaper, the Anglo-Saxon importation of war into France. The French buried their 20,000 dead, killed by Anglo-Saxon bombings, which were only intended as a diversion. An immense demonstration gathered in Lyon around the « head of state », ex-Maréchal Philippe Petain, to refuse Anglo-Saxon domination. And never, absolutely never, did the head of La France Libre, General Charles De Gaulle, accept to participate in any commemoration of this sinister invasion.

History is more complicated than a Western movie. There are no « good guys » or « bad guys », but men who attempt to save their own with as much humanity as possible. At best, we were able to dodge the drivel of Tony Blair who, during the commemorations of the 60th anniversary, provoked the anger of the British Press by pretending in his speech that the United Kingdom had entered the war to save Jews from the « Shoah » — but not to save the gypsies from the same massacre. The destruction of the European Jews did not begin until after the Wansee Conference in 1942.

The Tienanmen massacre

We celebrate the painful anniversary of the Tienanmen massacre. We read continually that the cruel Chinese Imperial régime massacred thousands of its own citizens who were peaceably gathered in Beijing’s main square, only because they were asking for a little freedom.

Yet we know this is untrue

  • The sit-in on Tienanmen Square was not that of the Chinese among themselves, but an attempted coup d’état by partisans of ex-Premier Minister Zhao Ziyang.
  • Dozens of soldiers were lynched or burned alive on the Square by « peaceful demonstrators », and hundreds of military vehicles were destroyed, before any intervention by Den Xiaoping’s soldiers was implemented against them.
  • The US specialists of the « colour revolutions », including Gene Sharp, were present on the Square to organise Zhao Ziyang’s men.

The European Union

We have just voted to nominate our deputies in the European Parliament. For weeks now, we have been bombarded by slogans assuring us that « Europe means peace and prosperity », and that the European Union is the pinnacle of the European dream.

European Union Council President Donald Tusk leads a march celebrating Poland’s 15 years in the EU

Yet we know this is untrue

  • Europe is a continent – reaching « from Brest to Vladivostok », according to Charles De Gaulle’s phrase – and it is a culture of openness and cooperation, unlike the European Union, which is no more than an anti-Russian administration which continues the march on Berlin in the wake of the Normandy landings.
  • The European Union is not peace in Cyprus, but cowardice in face of the Turkish military occupation. It is not prosperity, but economic stagnation, while the rest of the world develops with increasing rapidity.
  • The European Union has nothing to do with the European dream that existed between the two world wars. Our ancestors harboured the ambition of uniting the political régimes which served the general interest – the Republics, in the etymological sense of the word, in conformity with the European culture, whether they were situated on the continent or elsewhere. Aristide Briand therefore spoke in favour of Argentina (a country of European culture in Latin America), but not the United Kingdom (a class-based society).

Et cetera, etc…

We stumble on like the blind

We have to distinguish truth from falsehood. We can be pleased that Hitlerism failed, but without necessarily believing that the Anglo-Saxons saved us. We can denounce the brutality of Den Xiaoping without necessarily denying that in this bloody fashion he saved his country from the return of colonialism. We can celebrate the fact that we were not dominated by the Soviet Union without necessarily boasting about being vassals of the Anglo-Saxons.

We continually lie to ourselves in order to mask our cowardice and our crimes. And then we feign surprise that we are unable to solve human problems.

Thierry Meyssan Political consultant, President-founder of the Réseau Voltaire (Voltaire Network). Latest work in English – Before Our Very Eyes, Fake Wars and Big Lies: From 9/11 to Donald Trump, Progressive Press, 2019. https://www.voltairenet.org/article206695.html

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3 thoughts on “We are all liars”

  1. No,I do not believe that we are all liars. Many of us , are unable to probe the incontrovertible facts of our subversion and oppression . I might unwittingly be disseminating false information,some of it embedded in this very article. I might believe I have stumbled upon the truth relying on passed on propaganda paraded as truth .

    My truth for now ,anyway is that all humans, except the original subverters of humanity, should really have good, self regulated automous lives without outsiders who are THE LIE , causing hatred. I myself refuse to believe that there are superior and inferior people . My prejudices are subjective hence not true but wholly dependent on a worldview that has been created through a multiplicity of subjective experience .

    So it is a lie ,a total lie that Europeans are superior and Africans are inferior.

    BTW, Baron Adolph Heidler de Rothschild had HELPED the jews to form the state of israel.
    I used to believe in the one of the biggest lies because I could not know given the propaganda one is bombarded with . Then I believed that Hitler was not as bad as he was made out to be. Then I learnt he was a jew helping other jews . Now that is the lowest of the low . Hitler was very bad man . What that meant all those gentile deaths in World War 11 was brought about by jewry ,with jewish Churchill ( Spencer) Roosevelt(vanRosenvelt),
    Stalin ( Dzhugashvili) and Heidler de Rothschild (Hitler) mass murders all. All for the sake of bringing about the state of israel.

    The containment camps were to hold the jews in relative safety until they were transferred to israel according to Haavara agreement. Hitler /Heidler did his bit for his jews .
    I am so disgusted with myself for first believing that the German people were responsible for such an awful atrocity . But felt so strange about being being lied to . The outrage at the lie. Then for a long period fairly satisfied that “gentile” Hitler was a falsely maligned leader,believing he tried to help “his people “, the Germans by extricating them from jewish usury .

    Hitler, the jew completely used the Germans for jewish domination.

    What a betrayal. So what do we believe ,when the truth can be so devastatingly painful ?

    The pure horror of staring straight at unimaginable evil and wickeness that only the original LIARS can concoct. Who can blame some of us from not wanting to stare down the abysss? We have been weakened from birth by a group who have honed their psychopathy through the millennia.

    The alternative of not staring down the abyss is infinitely much worse.

    Thankfully I am not a jew. I am human.

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