Cold War 2.0 Officially Accepted by the Russians

Just a few days ago, the Russian State Duma overwhelmingly passed Vladimir Putin’s resolution to withdraw Russia’s obligations from the INF Treaty that was signed between Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev on 8 December 1987, that paved the way for the reunification of Germany, and the subsequent collapse of the USSR.

With 92.7% in favor of the resolution, the Russian lawmakers voted to support a decree by President Vladimir Putin to suspend the country’s participation in the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, which eliminated an entire class of missiles.

The State Duma in Moscow overwhelmingly supported Putin’s move in a vote on June 19, with 417 deputies in favor and one abstaining.

The upper house of parliament is expected to consider the bill, which allows the president to resume the treaty’s implementation at his discretion, on June 26.

This is a tit for tat response to Trump’s unilateral withdrawal from the INF treaty and is tantamount to an official Russian acceptance of a new Cold War between America and Russia.

Although the politicians from both sides deny that this will initiate a new arms race, but it’s the most expected outcome of such a situation.

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13 thoughts on “Cold War 2.0 Officially Accepted by the Russians”

  1. OT

    Hey cov geo, no articles about the Chinese trawler shamelessly ramming Filipino fishermen then leaving them to die on open seas? Or what about the massive protests in Hong Kong virtually demanding the Chinese Communists to fuck off? Nope? Not news worthy? meh

    All governments are evil. ALL.

    1. May we know the facts that you have gathered so far? Are these facts warrant a full condemnation of the entire China? Or, would we rather allow both governments to gather all the facts first and let them talk sense about the issue.

      As far as last night’s news, the captain of the Filipino shipping vessel has already recanted his initial claim that they were deliberately rammed into by the Chinese ship, because he was only angry at the fact that they were left behind after the incident.

      The Chinese captain justified his decision to leave the victims for being afraid of the Filipino response to the incident. He was wrong, of course. Unlike most Filipinos, not all Chinese know of the proper conduct while at sea. A lot of them are still ignorant about maritime rules and proper behavior, but already drunk with economic power.

      Not to mention that, if the majority of the Filipinos are still pro-America and anti-China, so are some of the Chinese people, i.e. even 20% of them who might hate the Philippines for being a stooge for America is more than the population of the Philippines.

      Would we rather talk to them directly and condemn the Chinese population, or allow both governments to gather all the facts first and let them talk sense about the issue?

      The facts are: the Filipino vessel did not sank, has arrived at its destination, and unloaded its cargo of fish, and nobody died.

      If the intention was to decimate them, the “ramming” would have continued, or they would have been fired upon if indeed it was the Chinese militia, in much the same manner as the USS Liberty was deliberately fired upon by Israel.

      1. 1. Satellite imagery (VIIRS) belies Chinese claims that they were surrounded by Filipino fishing boats (the Chinese later on deleted that stupid claim). Me? I don’t need satellite imagery to know the Chinese claim is so stupid. Its so stupid, had there been that many Filipino boats in the vicinity, they would be the ones doing the rescuing and not the Vietnamese…meh Also, you really think those Filipino fishermen will do something violent to the Chinese crews knowing fully well that the PLA’s navy and coast guard (never mind three stolen islands armed to the teeth with radar and missile defense) are near? C’mon man, if you’re being honest, you’d know how ridiculous that claim is.

        2. Even without protocols and bs laws, normal human beings will come to aid to any human being in that situation. The Vietnamese fishermen did, they fed and took care of the hapless Filipino fishermen.

        Ngo Van Theng told VNExpress, “I believe that anyone who heads out to sea would have done the same thing, not just us.”

        3. The Filipino vessel was anchored when the incident happened. They have their lights on which is impossible to miss in the open sea. You don’t ram ships that are anchored and not moving.

        4. This is certainly not the first time that Chinese vessels have been involved in such incidents. In 2013 and 2014 Chinese vessels hit and sank Vietnamese fishing boats.

        Lastly, the Filipino captain changed his claims right after meeting Dudirty’s henchmen. I believe the fishermen now have cash, scholarships for their kids, and new fishing boats? I can’t fault them, they’re poor. Bw, half of your post is irrelevant.

      2. You conveniently forgot to mention that even the more advanced American destroyers have also been involved in multiple collisions in Japan and other places. Also, did you remember the damage done by the Americans on our precious Tubbataha Reef, years ago? Did you make some noise then?

        Now, if you think that your argument is far more relevant than mine, then why don’t you go there and wage war on the Chinese if you think that is the more sensible thing to do?

        After which, you can report to us about your patriotic accomplishment of having defeated, or intimidated the Chinese.

        Because the thing is, historically Asians don’t resolve their conflict like that. We do it constructively. But it seems you’re not Asian anymore. You’ve been completely institutionalized that any event must be exploited to split the Asians and reconquer them once more. I wager that you were also silent about the fate of SAF44 when the Americans used them to eliminate their own terrorist asset in Mindanao.

        In simple terms, you are part of the problem.

      3. Sentido Kumon

        2. Even without protocols and bs laws, normal human beings will come to aid to any human being in that situation.
        I have had first hand experience of such acts of human hatred during my years of offshore work in the oil industry. Gunboats ‘guarding’ our rig gave chase to a passing vessel that was outside the outer perimeter of buoys that surrounded the rig. The occupants were children, mothers and I presume fathers and some other occupants, a full load of cargo going back to the islands on the other side of the rig. We were situated in an estuary off the Cameroon coast line. The boat capsized and all occupants found themselves in the river. The police in the gun boats only pointed their guns at the now drowning people, our rig manager said that we will not interfere, a decision echoed by the company man. So no revue craft were sent to help them out. A service supply vessel within the vicinity released two revue craft, by the time they had got to the scene only 3 survivors of 15 were rescued. The story did not even make the headlines, was it because all fatalities were black?
        I was disgusted at this and quit the oil industry soon afterwards. This is not the first time for me but it was the last! You only have to search a little to find out what other nonsense these industries partake in to obtain this resource.
        I do however think that this incident was not worth going to war about, but certainly a compensation for any damage should be paid and after reading your post, it was paid in many more ways than one. We now should have a happy fisherman and the two governments back at the table negotiating the islands that you talk of.
        By the way we do know of red flag incidents that could be created by groups with possible ties to the CIA, Mi6 etc etc.. We know what this stabilised region means to them too – lack of $$$$$

      4. Way to go off topic lolz. Why don’t you try refute no. 1 cuz I’m not the one bitching about “facts” then when presented with one chooses to talk about something else

        “The Chinese captain justified his decision to leave the victims…blah blah blah” lmao

        I can’t believe anybody would buy that stupid alibi, my god its so stupid. My right toe must have a higher IQ than you.

  2. This CRAP doesn’t fool me for even a moment, because BOTH Putin and Trump are “Controlled” via the Vatican through its partner the Fake Jew Zionist “Nuty-Yahoo”…They are all “Best Friends”…This is “Prep-for-War” BS folks…WITCH WILL NEVER BE ALLOWED.
    Always Remember False “Propaganda” always preceed’s a “Hot war”…The TRUTH being its FIRST “cassualty”.

  3. sentido kuno: ““The Chinese captain justified his decision to leave the victims…blah blah blah”

    The “blah blah blah” portion of my rebuttal to you is very important where I said that the Chinese captain was wrong when he decided to leave the Filipino fishermen after the incident. The position of the captain is in the news, btw, in case you care to read from your favorite local news outlets.

    That’s your way of diverting away from the challenge for you to prove your bravery against the Chinese aggressors, as you’ve projected yourself to be.

    Hanggang daldal ka lang kasi. Ikaw pa ang nag Off Topic ikaw naman ang iwas ng iwas, yet you still have the gall to say that you have a better IQ? How would you know that you’re not crazy?

    Remember, it was during your time in Malacanang that the Philippines lost the Scarborough Shoal, etc. to the Chinese.

    Aquino is the only Philippine President to have lost a territory of the country because of his bungling. At least in 1975, Marcos could not have known about the South Vietnamese plot to take over a Philippine territory.

    Tapos ngayon nagtapangtapangan pa kayo? Kapal nyo naman.

    1. Lmao..You’re the one who said “JUSTIFIED”, my god you’re stupid. Read what you write moron 🙂

      1. Your style of partially quoting my response is very characteristic of a troll.

        “The Chinese captain justified his decision to leave the victims for being afraid of the Filipino response to the incident. He was wrong, of course. ”

        That’s what I said.

        I really thought that you’re a worthy adversary, but I don’t think you deserve more space than you already have.

        Goodbye, troll!

    2. So I’m guessing no more replies? faggit..

      Just so you know, since you’re incapable of realizing your mistake, the Chinese captain dog being scared….that was the Chinese Communist insectoids official claim, not the Chinese captain dog, but the “Party”. You’re outta your fucking mind if you think the Party gives a shit much less allow their minions to express their personal views.

      1. So, it’s wrong to quote the news, and it’s right to speculate?

        But in other times, you asked for facts that you can readily verify from the news outlets.

        Then, as if the stupidity is not enough, you call your adversary names which do not help in any way your stupid position?

        So, how did you call yourself Sentido Kumon?

        Dapat siguro Sentido Loko-Loko?

        Or, to save space, Gago!

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