30 British Marines Seized Iranian Oil Tanker

On July 4, a detachment of Royal Marines and the authorities in Gibraltar seized a supertanker suspected of carrying oil to Syria on the belief it was breaching EU sanctions. 30 Royal Marines from 42 Commando were involved in the operation targeting Grace 1 that had sailed from Iran.

The operation was made upon request from the US and the UK. If the oil on board is confirmed to be Iranian, the tanker would also be violating a US ban on Iranian oil exports.

Later, Iran’s Foreign Ministry summoned the British ambassador in Tehran, Rob Macaire, over the incident describing it as an “illegal seizure”. Nonetheless, it’s unlikely that the tanker will be released soon. Such operations mark the start of a new round of pressure campaign on the government of the Bashar al-Assad as well as Iranian oil exports in the region.

On July 3 and July 4, a fighting broke out between the Turkish-backed militant group known as the National Syrian Army and joint forces of the Syrian Army and the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) near the town of Hazwan in northern Aleppo. Turkish-backed militants admitted that at least 2 of their fighters were killed.

The army and the YPG jointly control an area between Afrin and the eastern countryside of al-Bab. Some Russian Military Police units are also deployed in key positions there. Tensions at the contact line between this area and the Turkish-occupied part of Syria grow after every successful attack of Kurdish rebels on Turkish targets in Afrin.

Several senior commanders of the al-Qaeda-affiliated Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP) have inspected the frontlines with the Syrian Army in northwestern Hama. The TIP released photos of the visit on July 2. They faces of the commanders are blurred but they may have been Abu Rida al-Turkistani and Ibrahim Mansour, the top commanders of the TIP.

The interesting fact is that the visit took place in the area near to the Turkish military observation post in Shir Mughar. It confirms the freedom of movement that terrorist groups have under the nose of Turkish troops that allegedly deployed there to prevent such developments. Under the demilitarized zone agreement radicals like the TIP and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham have to be withdrawn from the contact line. Nonetheless, this has never happened.

Syrian War Report – July 5, 2019: British Marines Seized Iranian Oil Tanker

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8 thoughts on “30 British Marines Seized Iranian Oil Tanker”

  1. What on earth makes THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION think it has the right to ban the exports of another country?!
    Fortunately, the rest of the world can see the absurdity of the situation, in which THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION is progressively cutting itself off from the rest of the world. Even Europe can’t wait to escape its subjugation so that it can partner with its natural allies in Eurasia and keep warm in winter at reasonable prices.

  2. As for THE CROWN CORPORATION, I don’t know whether the Iranian tanker was boarded in international waters or not, but it sounds like the British have reverted to piracy on the high seas again!

  3. Oh, the hypocrisy is deep. So deep. The Jews will get their planned war with Iran.

    Keep your children close, and your children of gun toting age closer. They’ll have to fight and survive me to get my children.

    “Ignorance is Strength.” I’m weak.

  4. No wonder “White Supremest” are Failing at Everything they try…Their God, is actually a DOG.
    JEEPERS!!! No wonder Their god is useless…Think a GOD would come up with a BETTER title to ID himself

  5. The theat is not from Iran. The threat is from the Zionists at the presidential cabinet level in the USGov. They comprise the CIA and cooperate with the MOSSAD to pursue the goals of the Zionists of the illegal territory that is fraudulently named, “Israel”. Rabbi Henry Siegman´s article of 2014, http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2014/08/prominent-jewish-leader-israel-intentionally-killed-civillians-1948-engaged-ethnic-cleansing-ever-since.html, reveals the terrorism initiated in 1947 by David Ben-Gurion. The terrorism continues as the zionists continue to attack the leadership of Syria, demanding to expand into Syrian territory.

    1. YOU, are “Dead-On” about WHO created the very word…TERRORISM/TERRORIST….The FAKE JEWS/ZIONIST.
      BUT….Those “Creators of a FAKE “White god” hiding in the VATICAN…Got ALL FEAR of god Started when they created RELIGION Folks…witch lead to FEAR of Government also….CATCHING-ON-YET???

    1. @drbhelthi
      Yikes! That’s an old site I USED to look at BEFORE I researched the REAL-Story about HU-Manity and WHO Created them.
      What is called HIS-Story is 98% LIES!
      I suggest you research the REALStory about US Humans….There you will learn HOW “Religion” was created by the GREEKS and ROMANS…Who STOLE the REALStory from the Egyptians, then RE-WRITE it so as to REPLACE the “DIVINE COSMOS” Creators with a WHITE (False) god…THAT DOESN’T EXIST!
      The Same about his so-called “Son” who too DOES NOT EXIST.
      The ORIGINAL Hu-mans were ALL MELANIN BEINGS, SEEDED IN “AFRICA”…who were Invaded by a “Cosmic Criminal race” of “Avatar Creatures” who LOOK Human-like, but are NOT…They are the ones now called “Man-KIND”.
      THEY were “Allowed” Exclusively to serve a “Purpose” and NOW that has been ACHIEVED…SOON they will be become “Extinct”, Mostly by Their own hand.

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